List of Bobby The Blue Monster episodes.

Series 1

  • Go Kart Bobby - Bobby gets himself into a Go Karting race.
  • The Fallout - After accidently breaking each other's possessions, Bobby and Daniel JR stop being best friends.
  • Cat Fashion - Catty tries to get into a fashion show.
  • Bobby's Amnesia - After a roller skating accident, Bobby gets amnesia.
  • Honey, I Shrunk The Bobby - Bobby and friends accidently get into a shrinking machine.
  • The Bird Who Could Fly - Bobby tries to teach Birdy how to fly.
  • Catty's Date - Catty tries to take Rocky on a date.
  • Worst Fears, Come to Life - Something scary is going on in town, everyone's fears are coming to life!
  • School Fight - Bobby accidently spills some water on the school's bully and gets into a fight.
  • The Epic Season Finale - A new threat has come to town! So it's up to Bobby and pals to save thier town and the world!
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