These are the episodes of Archie Detective Agency.

Season 1

  1. Welcome Back to Riverdale High - It is junior year as Archie and his friends begin to learn that Riverdale has weird creatures and beings as Archie decides to form a company to hunt down the weird stuff, with first being some sort of gnome that Moose decided to keep as a pet.
  2. Jughead the Hearthrob - Jughead finds a potion that, he learns after drinking it, causes every single teenage girl in Riverdale High to fall desperately in love with him. As a result, Jughead along with Archie must find a cure while trying to keep Jughead hidden from the horde of girls after him.
  3. Josie and the Werecats - When a werecat bites Josie, she turns into a werecat, immediately turning her band mates into them. As a result, Archie and his friends try to find a way to cure them from their condition.
  4. The Witch from Greendale - A teenage witch from the neighboring city of Greendale named Sabrina Spellman goes in a vacation to Riverdale as Archie tries to be sure that she isn't plotting something evil, even if she is not that bad and she just wants to have fun.
  5. Devoted LARPing - After being forced to LARP as servants for Cheryl, Betty and Veronica oddly feel loyal to her. While investigating, Archie figures out that Cheryl used some spell she found online to make Betty and Veronica act like the characters they played forever. So, Archie and Jughead must convince her to let them free.
  6. My Gym Teacher is a Fish Monster - Archie learns that the new gym teacher is a fish-like monster as he tries to find out what it is planning.
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  9. Betty's Popularity Charm - Betty finds a necklace that would make her popular and change her personality to be fitting of one. Unfortunately, that causes her to be meaner and hang out more with Reggie and Cheryl than Archie and Veronica. As a result, Archie, Veronica and Jughead decide to investigate and find a way to bring Betty back to her nice and ditzy self.
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  12. Veronica the Divine - A divine deity ends up taking control of Veronica as she begins to cause as much discord as the gang tries to free her.
  13. Beach Day of Terror - The gang head to the beach as it turns south when a hypnotic mutant octopus captures TBD.
  14. TBD - TBD
  15. Body Swapped - After an accident with an invention Dilton made, Archie, Betty, Veronica and Jughead all switch bodies and have to live "their" lives for a day before their bodies swap back.
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  21. TBD - TBD
  22. The Exorcism of Archie Andrews - When a demon possesses Archie, Betty, Veronica and Jughead must find a way to free the demon from his body.

Season 2

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