Here are the episodes of Anna's Adventures. It consists of 3 seasons.

Season 1

  1. Anna's Big Beginning - Anna has always wanted to become a magical girl, because her sister, Sky, was once a magical girl herself. One day, she finds a magical bracelet. Upon putting it on, she experiences the magic like she's always wanted to.
  2. Mixing With Magic - Anna begins learning the basics of using the Magical Mix Wand properly.
  3. Match Maker - Anna has a crush on a nerdy boy named Cody, and tries to win her heart over him using magic.
  4. School Spirit
  5. When Aliens Attack! - The Vulture Cops are finally catching onto Anna's gimmicks. Thus, Anna must stop them from stealing both the Power Mix Bracelet and the Magical Mix Wand.
  6. Your Quest
  7. Serious Business
  8. Daytona's Secret - Anna learns about Daytona's past, and how she was chosen to operate the Power Mix Bracelet and the Magical Mix Wand.
  9. Beach Party
  10. Fair Trade
  11. Just Joking Around
  12. Monster Jam - Anna accidentally unleashes a monster and attempts to tame its wild, violent instincts.
  13. Race Around Laputa Island
  14. The Magical Test
  15. Machine Madness
  16. Read It And Weep
  17. Story for Anna - Sky tells Anna the full story on how she became a magical girl.
  18. Power Up! - Anna powers up for the first time.
  19. Return of The Vulture Cops - The Vulture Cops return, and Anna must put together everything that she has learned to fight them.

Season 2

  1. Go, Anna!
  2. Stormy Weather
  3. The Impostor
  4. Pixel Panic!
  5. Partners in Crime
  6. Anna's Ally
  7. An Unexpected Find
  8. Trouble in Store
  9. Seeing is Believing
  10. The Mysterious Painting
  11. Anna's Rival
  12. Power Ploy
  13. Anna and Devon's Big Fight
  14. The Cave
  15. A Fair to Remember
  16. Nothing to Report
  17. The New Rival
  18. Practice Makes Perfect
  19. No Way Out
  20. Double Take
  21. The Race
  22. Ice Breakers
  23. The Show Must Go On
  24. A Strange Intermission
  25. Friend or Faux
  26. The Sweetest Thing
  27. Game On
  28. Gone Bowlin'
  29. The Great Skate Mistake
  30. Lights! Camera! Anna!

Season 3

  1. Unlocking the Key
  2. Trouble at the Park
  3. Running Out of Time
  4. Anna in Wonderland
  5. Double Trouble
  6. Anna's Strange Fortune
  7. Slippery Slope
  8. Terrible Things
  9. The Party
  10. Magic Showdown
  11. Dummy for Love
  12. The Great Mistake
  13. Suspicious Minds
  14. Anna's Pen Pal
  15. Jealousy
  16. Double Time
  17. The Competition
  18. Picture Perfect
  19. Paint Story
  20. Anna on Wheels
  21. Fetch
  22. Wand to Wand
  23. Starstruck
  24. Camping Trip
  25. On the Job
  26. By the Book
  27. New Trickster in Town
  28. Adventures in Babysitting
  29. Dream Date
  30. Citizen Anna
  31. Anna's Day Off
  32. The Color of Happiness
  33. A Dog for a Day
  34. Knight of the Woods
  35. It's Supposed to Be Ironic
  36. Anna and the Phoenix
  37. The Quest for The Wand

Season 4

  1. Truth or Dare
  2. Anna's Hoodie
  3. Time Travel
  4. The Wand and The Tiara
  5. Quest for Gold
  6. One Crazy Night
  7. Stray Cat
  8. Of Magical Wands and Safety Helmets
  9. Unexpected Journey
  10. The Genie or The Lamp?
  11. The Monster in the Basement
  12. The Question
  13. You've Got A Message
  14. Drawing Skills
  15. Meet and Greet
  16. Runaway Anna
  17. Anna the Trickster
  18. Temporary Fairy
  19. Mathematical Magic
  20. The Hard Way
  21. Just Friends
  22. Face The Music
  23. Shimmering Haze
  24. Video Game Adventure
  25. Prank Day
  26. Her Favorite Thing
  27. A Bet Is A Bet

Season 5

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