The following is a list of episodes for Animaniacs (2017 TV series). The show ran for one season and 26 episodes.


# Title Original Air Date
1 Kitchen Chaos July 6, 2017
Yakko, Wakko, and Dot go on Kitchen Chaos (a parody of Hell's Kitchen) and drive Chef Ramsey crazy. They also get the contestants crazy.
Note: This episode aired as a sneak peek.
2 Survive It July 6, 2017
The Warners end up on a Survivor spoof. Which of the contestants can withstand their wackiness?
Note: This episode aired as a sneak peek.
3 Idol Insanity / Dancing With The Warners / So You Think You Can Warner? September 4, 2017
Idol Insanity: The Warners go on a American Idol parody to audition and drive the judges crazy.
Dancing With The Warners: The Warners cause havoc with their performance.
So You Think You Can Warner? The Warners go on a parody of So You Think You Can Dance and cause trouble.
4 Wheel Of Wackiness / Everybody Loves Yakko September 5, 2017
Wheel Of Wackiness: The Warners go on a Wheel Of Fortune spoof and cause chaos.
Everybody Loves Yakko: A play on Everybody Loves Raymond and the Baroness guest star with others from the show. Yakko, Wakko, and Dot drive them crazy.
5 The Warner Bunch / I Love Dottie September 6, 2017
The Warner Bunch: A parody of "The Brady Bunch".
I Love Dottie A parody of "I Love Lucy". In it, Dot keeps getting called Dottie, which, of course, angers her.
6 Warner Days September 7, 2017
Parody of Happy Days, with Dot probably oogling over Arthur "The Fonz" Fonzarelli.
7 Wakko Rides Again / Pokemaniacs September 8, 2017
Wakko Rides Again: Scratchansniff tries to teach Wakko on how to ride a bike.
Pokemaniacs: The Warners do a parody of Pokemon.
8 Mr. Plotz Goes to Washington October 5, 2017
Plotz is called to testify before Congress. The Warners' offer of assistance is refused, so they run amok throughout the nation's capital.
9 Warners & Grace / Yakko Potter October 12, 2017
Warners & Grace: Parody of Will & Grace.
Yakko Potter: Parody of Harry Potter:.
10 The Warner Nanny October 19, 2017
Scratchansniff gives up on the Warners and the CEO hires a nanny to deal with the Warners. At the end it turns out that the nanny has a harder time with the Warners than Scratchansniff.
11 Out From Timmy's Brain / Warner Spears January 1, 2018
Out From Timmy's Brain: A parody of Out of Jimmy's Head. A random live action kid named Timmy has a new brain that makes him able to see cartoons and Yakko, Wakko and Dot end up becoming Timmy's friends so they have to help him with School and such every day and they aren't happy with it and they don't even like the live action world that they are in so they keep making bad things happen to Timmy.
Warner Spears: The Warners meet a parody of Brittany Spears and Yakko and Wakko keep annoying her since they are in love with her just like any other hot girl they meet. Finally at the end, she goes psycho and shaves her head and she loses all her fans.
12 The Squirrel and a Baby Mouse / Hong Kong is so Long January 2, 2018
The Squirrel and a Baby Mouse: Slappy adopts a baby mouse
Hong Kong is so Long: The trio goes to Hong Kong to have adventures, like Yakko goes to the Avenue of Stars to find himself, Wakko goes to Ocean Park to free all the animals from a corrupt new owner, and Dot goes to Nathan Road to find a Hong Kong boyfriend.
13 Dot Power January 3, 2018
Pinky & the Brain try to take over the world by using a diamond to control a robot that can do the job. The only problem is they don't have access to it with it being in the Warner Bros. Museum. So they go inside & take over Dot's Brain and use her cuteness to get to the diamond.
14 Hellooo, Lawsuit! / Government Note: Don't Air This / Freakier Friday January 4, 2018
Hellooo, Lawsuit!: The Warners jump on another girl, but this time they unexpectedly get convicted of sexual harassment.
Government Note: Don't Air This: The Warners go to Iraq.
Freakier Friday: In a classic Freaky Friday parody of clich'd proportions, all of the characters in Animaniacs switch bodies.
15 TV-Tubbies / It's a Pixar World Now / Convention Critic January 5, 2018
TV-Tubbies: While attempting to find their way to Disneyland, the Warners end up in a land similar to that of the one found in Teletubbies. There, they meet characters similar to the ones in the show.
It's a Pixar World Now: CGI animation and untalented movie star voices threaten to hit Animaniacs after an exec suggests that 2-D animation and traditional voice actors are no longer "hip." The Warners and others attempt to save themselves from this dramatic change by stopping animators from changing things around and preventing various movie stars from taking over their roles on the show.
Convention Critic: At a cartoon convention, the Warners meet John K., the creator of Ren and Stimpy and one of the biggest haters of Animaniacs. After he criticizes them with extreme harshness, they seek to make him their "special friend" and annoy the living daylights out of him.
16 Toon for President / Whatever Happened to Master Godpigeon? / Meet the Squirrels January 25, 2018
Toon for President: After every member in the White House mysteriously disappears, there is no one to take over as President of the United States of America. A quickie election is held. Slappy the Squirrel, who hates everything about modern America, runs for office and somehow wins. At the end of the skit, the members of Congress return from the alien space ship from which they were abducted. Everybody who is currently in office is replaced by the old members. There is one twist, however. The aliens have made Congress reasonable, less greedy, and more concerned about the needs of average Americans. Everybody is happy until the aliens come back and fix their little "oopsy."
Whatever Happened to Master Godpigeon?: The Godpigeon is kidnapped, so it's up to the Goodfeathers to save him.
Meet the Squirrels: After Child Protective Services deems Mindy's parents to be unfit, she is taken into foster care and is soon adopted by Slappy. She begins to miss Buttons and her parents. Luckily, her mom and dad take parenting classes and qualify to get Mindy back. They're still not that great of parents in terms of monitoring their child, but Mindy is glad to be back home with the family that she loves.
17 Fraudulent Nurse / Man-imaniacs February 1, 2018
Fraudulent Nurse: The Warners discover that Hello Nurse is not a real nurse at all- just a mental patient at the clinic who thinks she is one. They vow to keep it a secret, but accidentally spill the secret to Burbank police, who arrest Hello Nurse for fraud and Scratchy for perjury.
Whatever Happened to Master Godpigeon?: The Godpigeon is kidnapped, so it's up to the Goodfeathers to save him.
Man-imaniacs: Brain creates a machine that can turn any animal into a human, and plans to use it on himself and Pinky so that he has an easier chance of taking over the world. Unfortunately, Snowball steals it and starts turning a lot of animals into humans, including the entire cast of Animaniacs.
18 I Now Pronounce You Pinky and the Brain February 8, 2018
In a strange turn of events, Pinky and the Brain, posing as a gay couple, become President (Brain) and Vice President (Pinky) of GLAD: Gay and Lesbian Advocates and Defenders. The Brain plans a massive international gay pride rally, where gays, lesbians, bisexuals, transgenderists, supporters, and other members of the LGBT community all across the globe will gather together and march. According to Brain's plan, the marchers will stop at a certain point, and look up to see Brain speak. There, he will use his hypnotic statue to take control of the minds of every marcher, and he will command them to do his bidding, causing a massive global takeover. During the parade, however, Pinky, gaining a newfound respect for the LGBT community, points out that the two have been lying to these people the entire time. These people have come to respect Pinky and the Brain greatly, so it has caused a lot of problems within Pinky's conscience. Eventually, Pinky convinces Brain to admit the truth to the millions of people in front of him. He does this in a way as to admit his mistake, yet inform the people of his newfound respect for the LGBT community because of his experience. Fortunately, the people respect Brain for his honesty, and he seeks to find a new plan for taking over the world.
19 CSI: Burbank / Junkyard Birds July 5, 2018
CSI Burbank: The Warners do a parody of CSI.
Junkyard Birds: Sleeping for the night at a junkyard, the Goodfeathers find out that there are some junkyard items that could be used for a junkyard band. which gains the unwanted attention of the Godpigeon...
20 Clash of the Cousins / Hunt for the Mink July 5, 2018
Clash of the Cousins: Minerva's city cousin Miranda come for a vist and discovers that all of the male Animals (even Newt) are interested in her and Minerva tries to get rid of Miranda
Hunt for the Mink: After numerous failures on capturing Minerva, Newt hires Yakko and Wakko into founding her and bring him her fur.
21 Animanaics Big Adventure - Part 1 December 24, 2018
When an rival studio (can't say who) created a virus that have the effect to harm cartoon characters and plans to unleash it into the Warner's studios, there all the cartoon characters were effected (except the warners who escape from the tower again) now all the characters are about to die, and it up to the warners,scratchansniff and plotz to save the studio and find the cure.
Note: This was originally a fake episode that was shown in the episode "Deduces Wild"
22 Animanaics Big Adventure - Part 2 December 24, 2018
After Wakko is effected by the virus. Yakko, Dot and Scratchansniff are off to found the cure. while someone had planted false evidence on Plotz and was called to court. Meanwhile, under the effect of the virus, Wakko began seeing/dream of hallucinations.
23 Animanaics Big Adventure - Part 3 December 24, 2018
After finding the cure, Yakko,Wakko,Dot and Scratchansniff head towards the north pole to found the forumla for the virus and then began to free Plots and give the cure to the other characters before it's too late. Meanwhile the head of the rivial studio begins is master plan; to effect all other studio in the world so his studio will be #1.
24 Wakko's Great December 25, 2018
25 Pop Princess / Escape from Zanz-atraz / The Pop Princess Strike Back December 26, 2018
Pop Princess: Yakko and Wakko disguse themselves as girls to get Princess to change her mind about forceing Yokko into her party(without anything cartoon violent) ,but it backfires and they get "inveted" too.So they come up with a back-up plan which involves cartoon violence and Dot.
Escape from Zanz-atraz: After Mr. Plotz accidently sends the Warners to a maxumin securtiy detention center for insane people insted of a boarding school it's up to The Varners to bust them out.
The Pop Princess Strike Back: Wokka is offered into Princess' clique ,but unfourtanley the Initiation is to get the Warners out of their water tower so she struggles with "peer" pressure.
26 The Quantum of Rhythm December 26, 2018
After being kidnapped and tortured by Russian spies Yokko tells then The Rhythm key the kids and the C.I.A (and later Pinky & the Brain) unite to stop the Chief's evil plan to get children and teens to overthrow their parents and take over the world.

Season 2

Episode 1: The Guard Dogs/Rita's Big Day/Look out for the Stork

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