List of all Adventure Time: Mathematical Adventures

  1. Come Back With Me - After the events of the Season 11 comics, The candy kingdom decided it's time to remodel their home.
  2. Mathematical Adventure! - BMO and Jake spends their time being a father & son.
  3. Human's Society - Finn and the other humans wanted to have a reunion party after seventeen years.
  4. Eighteen - Finn's eighteenth birthday party gets crazy when a lot of Humans skipped his party and hanged out with Gunther.
  5. Tiffany's Different - Tiffany comes back to Ooo to tell his friends about his experience after the events of "Preboot"
  6. Simon & Marcy: The Sequel - TBD
  7. Dectictive Son - TBD
  8. Future Gunther - TBD
  9. Princess Marcy - After Princess Bubblegum takes the week off, Marceline takes her role.
  10. Shermy and Beth: The Adventure Begins! - After a day of beginning their adventures. Shermy and Beth wanted a adventure.
  11. Fern's Legacy - TBD.
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