Here are a list of episodes in a 2014 comedy series, A Not-So-Ordinary Family.

Season 1

No. in Series No. in Season Title Original air date Summary
1 1 "Pilot" August 14, 2014 Cass is so excited to meet her new family. Meanwhile, Amy exercises with Courtney.

NOTE: This is the first episode focusing on Cass.

2 2 "New Neighbors" August 21, 2014 Dave befriends her new neighbor, Elizabeth, but Cass gets a little jealous.

Guest Stars: Jessica Chastain as Elizabeth Middleton

Tom Hiddleston as Garrett Middleton

Darcy Rose Byrnes as Jessica Middleton

Isabelle Allen as Myra Middleton

Tate Berney as Kyle Middleton

3 3 "Adventures in Babysitting" August 28, 2014 Cass and Dave forces Chris and Amy to take care of Courtney when they are away.
4 4 "Soccer Practice" September 4, 2014 Chris joins the soccer team, but gets a little worried when Cass needs a little help from him to practice his skills. Courtney goes on a dance practice with her mother.

NOTE: This is the first episode focusing on Chris.

5 5 "The Big Race" September 11, 2014 Cass and her family goes on a race to avoid obstacle courses.
6 6 "Jealous, Much?" September 18, 2014

Alice, the new girl, has befriended Courtney, Natalie and Michelle but Joshua gets a little jealous when he's around.

NOTE: This is the first episode focusing on Courtney.

7 7 "Krazy Karaoke" September 25, 2014 Cass takes Amy to a karaoke station. But, when Chris and Amy argue over the station, Cass try to bring karaoke back into the station.
8 8 "Truth or Whateves" October 2, 2014

During the game of Truth or Dare, Amy reveals that she doesn't use public toilets.

NOTE: This is the first episode focusing on Amy.

9 9 "Doggy Dad" October 9, 2014

Amy and her friend Gerty's secret was revealed that Dave was hypnotized by Chris and was forced to act like a dog.

NOTE: This is the first episode focusing on Dave.

10 10 "The Mystery Meal" October 16, 2014 Cass creates a strange dish for the siblings, forcing them to eat it.
11 11 "Secret Keepers" October 23, 2014 The secret of Amy's diary was revealed. Later, Chris and Spencer cause mischief in the Middleton household.
12 12 "All Hallows' Dweeb" October 30, 2014 Amy and Chris throw a Halloween party while Courtney goes trick-or-treating with her friends, even thought Amy and Chris were to old to go with Courtney.
13 13 "Crush Life" November 6, 2014

Gertie must find out that Amy has a crush on Daniel.

'Guest Stars:' Nick Robinson as Daniel Trainor

14 14 "Chain Mail" November 13, 2014 Amy decides to avoid the chain mail Spencer "accidentally" sent this to her as a "prank".
15 15 "Meet Ivy!" November 20, 2014 Spencer's sister, Ivy comes a visit to the Smith household.

Guest Stars: Lyndsey Bloise as Ivy

16 16 "Thanksgiving Everyday" November 27, 2014 Michelle, Joshua, Natalie, Gerty, Spencer and the Middleton family come to visit on Thanksgiving for a feast but things went awry.
17 17 "Ice Skaters Gonna Skate" December 4, 2014 Courtney, Amy and Chris hang out with their friends on an ice-skating championship.
18 18 "The Prom Night" December 11, 2014 Amy goes to the prom with Gerty to confess with her crush, Daniel.

NOTE: This is a half-hour special.

19 19 "A Tragic Babysitting Day" December 20, 2014 Amy and Chris are forced to babysit Spencer's sister, Ivy.
20 20 "Santa's Not-So-Little Helpers" December 25, 2014 Courtney and her friends dress up like elves so they can be Santa's helpers.

NOTE: This is the season finale.

Season 2

No. in Series No. in Season Title Original air date Summary
1 1 "Diarrhea Debbie" February 5, 2015 Amy meets a new girl named Debbie who have an abillity to make people to have diarrhea.
2 2 "Love at First Sight" February 12, 2015
3 3 "" February 19, 2015
4 4 "" February 26, 2015
5 5 "" March 5, 2015
6 6 "St. Patrick's" March 12, 2015
7 7 "" March 19, 2015
8 8 "Revenge of the Neighbors" March 26, 2015 Cass' new neighbor, Elizabeth strikes back and comes face-to-face with the Smith family. As Cass' husband, Dave wants to be Elizabeth's love interest, Cass and her children has to get to the bottom of this!

NOTE: This is a half-hour special.

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