Here is the list of the 2015 TV Show Bestie's episodes. (Each episode is rated PG-13 or sometimes TV-PG for Some activity, Some Drug use, Rude Humor, and Some Language or bad Language)

Season 1

1. Welcome To Our World (1 hour Series Premiere, Plot)

2. Roasted In Boy Sauce

3. My Favorite Person

4. To My "Pet" Pal

5. Too Good To Be True!

6. Zoe And Her Bitchy Friend

7. My Rude Humor

8. Too Many Words!

9. Sunil And Pepper sitting in a Tree!

10. Zoe And Her Ex, Yeah Right!

11. The Bestie's Ball

12. Zoe Gets Drunk

13. The Bad Bestie's War

14. Minka, The Party Blower

15. Zoe's Diva World Part 1 (Note: This is the 2nd before the last episode in Season 1)

16. Zoe's Diva World Part 2 (2 hour Season 1 Finale)

Season 2

Season 2 is supposed to be heading to TV Fall, 2016. :)

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