Genre Space Opera
Based on Characters and Concepts created by Pixar Animation Studios
Created by
Starring John Cena
Lucie Pohl
Andy Samburg
Kevin James
Composer "Weird" Al Yankovic
Country of origin United States
Language English
Executive producers Andrew Stanton
Producers J.J Abrams
Location(s) of Filming Vancouver, British Columbia
Production Companies Bad Robot
Network(s) Netflix

Lightyear is a 2020 science fiction series based off the metafictional series Buzz Lightyear of Star Command, itself based upon the character of the same name of the Toy Story franchise.


On the


  • John Cena as Zergos "Buzz" Lightyear
  • Lucie Pohl as Princess Mira Nova
  • Andy Samburg as XR
  • TBD as Munchapper
  • Tom Hanks as

Zurg Empere

  • Kevin James as Emperor Zurg
  • TBD as Warp Darkmatter/Agent Zeeded
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