Life in France: On the Run is an American-French 3D computer-animated action-adventure comedy-drama film produced by DreamWorks Animation and distributed by Pathé. It's a sequel to Life in France. It stars Charlotte HopeChloe BennetBen StillerDavid SchwimmerEric DarnellJessica ChastainAlex WyndhamKristen BellChris RockJada Pinkett SmithMartin ShortBryan CranstonTony Robinow, David Tennant, and Omid Djalili.


3 years after the events of the first film, Claudia and her friends are excited about the crew are coming to Seattle, Washington. But the problem is the Scottish bounty hunter goes after her friends in different countries.






The Lighten-Up Crew


Returning characters

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Life in France: On the Run/Trailer Transcript

Life in France: On the Run/Transcript


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Songs heard in the film

  •  ??? by ???
  •  ??? by ???
  • J'envoie valser - Zazie (in the scene where Joy has a flashback about her mother used to have a fun with her)
  •  ??? by ???
  •  ??? by ???
  •  ??? by ???
  •  ??? by ???

Original songs

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  •  ??? by ???
  •  ??? by ???
  •  ??? by ???
  •  ??? by ???

Songs heard in the trailers

  •  ??? by ??? (Teaser trailer)
  •  ??? by ??? (First trailer)
  •  ??? by ??? (Second trailer)
  •  ??? by ??? (Final trailer)


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Similarities to other films

  • The scene where Claudia plays the violin while at the Tower of London is similar to the scene where Yi plays her violin
  • The scene where Joy and Louis look for her mother at the streets of Madagascar is similar to the scene where Tip and Oh look for her mother around the park.
  • The scene where Malcolm calls on the phone about Claudia and her friends is similar to the scene where Chantel calls on the phone about Alex and his friends.
  • The scene where Thomas and Eva are worried about



Sally: Long ago, we were at the top of the rank of best bands in the world tour. Each performance, we would do different kinds of tricks. Everyone loved us, mostly Juliana. Juliana was known for her ballet performance. She boosted our reputation and lives. Each trick she does was the jump of life! Because of this, Juliana can also play the flute and whenever she heard songs, she would change the style and use it to perform on stage. I would assist her with music and dance so we

(Joy holds the tickles to show her friends.)

Joy: Guys! I have some great news! We're going to Madagascar!

Louis: And make sure that you have water and hat because it's hot in Madagascar. Oh, by the way, don't forget this.

Claudia: What's that, Louis?

(Louis gives her some tulips and ruby.)

Claudia: Whoa... This is so... beautiful. What you get that from?

Louis: I got this from the store. When I saw some tulips at the store and thinks that they are perfect for your mother.

(Claudia and Maddison saw Joy crying while holding a sea lion plush and at Roman Forum.)

Claudia: (to Maddison) Why Joy is crying? It's because someone hurt her feelings? Or something?

(The first policeman comes to Claudia and Maddison.)

Policeman #1: It's because her mother has been missing for years.

Joy: (sadly) I remember she used to take me to Rome when I was 9 years old. Now, she's gone and I'll never see or heard her again...

(Joy takes her necklace out and opens it which reveals a picture of her mother and her together. The flashback begins where they used to play together. Young Joy touches her nose from Chantel, who then put her down and grabs her hand and walk through the streets. She points at Colosseum and pulls Chantel's hand while runs. She was surprised that someone is coming closer to them. Chantel then see someone who was turned out to be the circus master while holding a sea lion plush





Spin-off film

This film will get a spin-off called ???.



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