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Act One:

(The scene cuts to a flashback where a young girl named Claudia who dreams about flying to the sky until her best friends, Maddison and Joy, comes to her. Joy holds a dog while Maddison holds a toy spaceship. Claudia sees them and pats the dog.)

  • Young Claudia: (heartwarming) Awww... that puppy is so cute.
  • Young Maddison: I know. By the way, my parents want me to go to the museums where they see airplanes, spaceships, and even jets. I wish I will become an engineer just like my daddy.
  • Young Joy: Any kind of animals is something that is cute and kind, Claudia. My dad was a zookeeper at San Diego Zoo while my mom is a... Umm...
  • Young Claudia: What is it, Joy? Tell us!
  • Young Joy: Well, she was a nurse before she becomes an animal control officer.
  • Young Claudia: Oh. Your mom is used to be a nurse before becoming an animal control officer. My dad was also an engineer and works with your dad, Claudia. You know what? I made a picture of my parents visited the space museum with me.
  • Joe: (off-screen) Claudia. It's time to go.
  • Young Claudia: Coming!

(Claudia running away as Joy and Maddison wave goodbye at her.)

  • Young Joy: Goodbye, Claudia.
  • Young Maddison: Good luck at that.
  • Young Claudia: Dad, I met two girls. They have such a nice stuffs just like mine. Also, where are you going?
  • Joe: We're going to see Professor Pierce at Museum of Space.
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