Life of Dennis

life of dennis is a new movie all about dennis (mavis and johnny's son) and how his grandfather (dracula) helped him become a vampire

it was released in my world march 4th but it will be released in the real world on august 11th 2020

i hope that idea wiki helps me makes this a reality

link to teaser trailer here


it begins with mavis looking at her pregnant stomach in the mirror during a baby shower, wanda asks mavis what her baby will look like mavis dosen't know but she does know she'll be a great mom, 9 months later mavis then goes through labour and gives birth to her new son dennis, johnny thinks he's handsome, mavis thinks he's a little bundle of joy as she hugs him.

while dennis grows up dracula always checked for fangs (he even checked for fangs while mavis was changing dennis) in a later scene mavis giving dennis a bath as he asks his mother what he will be when grows up, mavis then tells him whatever he wants to be then she tickles dennis's belly button in the bath making him giggle

dracula is worrided that his grandson won't become a vampire so he tricks mavis into going to johnny's family in california as he tries to turn dennis into a vampire, mavis then figures it out and tells dracula that he can't change him.

in the next scene mavis puts dennis on his bed and tells him that she will always be there to protect him, at dennis's party winnie and dennis get in trouble by cound vlad's bat but then dennis gets his fangs and charges at the bat then the family comes in and fight along with him as well.

everyone congruatlates dennis for being so brave, then everyone goes back to the hotel to celebrate dennis's birthday as the screen then fades to the credits



dennis-asher blinkoff

baby dennis-sunny sandler

mavis-selena gomez

johnny-andy samberg

dracula-adam sandler

winnie-sadie sandler

frank-kevin james

wanda-molly shannon

wayne-steve buscemi

griffin-david spade

vlad-mel brooks

bela-rob riggle

mike-nick offerman

linda-megan mullally


Life Of Dennis

Home Media

the movie will be released on digital, itunes, blu-ray, and DVD a month later september the 1st 2020

Run Time

the run time will be 1 hour and 45 minutes

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