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Let's Go Luna!: The Great Jakarta Adventure is an upcoming 4D simulator ride attraction that will be at Dollywood in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee and Canada's Wonderland in Vaughan, Ontario, Canada. The attraction is based on the TV show Let's Go Luna!. In this attraction, the destination of Let's Go Luna! was Jakarta, Indonesia.

Ride experience


While in the queue line, there were TV screens that played various videos that the guests could watch. These included various clips from PBS Kids shows (only in Dollywood in TN), and TVOKids shows (only in Canada's Wonderland in Canada).

Pre-Show 1:

After the door opens, guest are entered a room with outside painting of Jakarta, Indonesia. On the left side, there is the first pre-show with Señor Moncarlo Fabuloso, Leo Chockers, Andy Hopper, Carmen Mariposa, and The Magic Globe. After the first pre-show, guests entered the Circo tent.

Queue 2:

Inside the tent, there are 2 lines. From the left, you see characters like Honey and Bon Jour and Au Revior. From the right, you see Wolfgang Chockers. On Honey's side, she tells the audience jokes. On Bon Jour and Au Revior's side, they both tell the audience how to speak different languages. On Wolfgang Chockers' side, he tells the audience how to cook any food.

Pre-Show 2

The next pre-show is located in two rooms with a left side and a right side screen of the city of Jakarta. Señor Moncarlo Fabuloso and the kids were in that city on what is their mission. Suddenly, Luna appears in a motorcycle around Jakarta. Luna stops her motorcycle to see Señor Moncarlo Fabuloso and the kids by telling them Hi. After the "Luna, Come and Play!" song, Luna says "Welcome to Jakarta, Indonesia, you guys!" and she looks at the guests and says "Oh!" and she runs up to the screen and said "Hi Everyone!" and she asks, "Have you been to Jakarta, Indoensia?" and then, "Are you all having fun at Jakarta, Indoensia?" But Leo says to her that the guests just got here. Luna runs back to the crew and tells them what is going on. Señor Moncarlo Fabuloso tells her they are on a mission. Luna suggests herself that she will come on a mission too, because she has a friend in Jakarta who has boats to ride. So Luna leads Señor Moncarlo Fabuloso and the kids to a place to go on a mission. After the second pre-show was over, guests head on over to the next pre-show room.

Pre-Show 3






Post-Show 2


PBS Kids Stuff Store (Dollywood) / TVOKids Stuff Store (Canada's Wonderland)

After the post-shows, the guests leave as they go to the gift shop for PBS Kids merchandise in Dollywood and TVOKids in Canada's Wonderland.

Cast and characters

  • Judy Greer as Luna The Moon
  • Jackson Reid as Leo Chockers
  • Evan O'Donnell as Andy Hopper
  • Saara Chaudry as Carmen Mariposa
  • Miku Graham as Magic Globe
  • Paul Braunstein as Señor Moncarlo Fabuloso
  • Paul Braunstein as Wolfgang Chockers (queue line 2)
  • Zoe Hatz as Honey (queue line 2)
  • Peter Cugno as Bon Jour and Au Revior (queue line 2)


This ride in both Dollywood and Canada's Wonderland contains a 4 x 20 seat "Boat" themed dynamic 3DOF motion simulators with lap bars, 4K 3D projection system, water spray, wind, and special effects lighting by the manufacturer Simworx.