Let's Get Dangerous is a Comedy-Action-Adventure series developed by Matt Youngberg and Francisco Angones. It's a reboot to Darkwing Duck.


After the events of the Duck Knight Returns, Drake Mallard is now a superhero and protects St. Canard from the forces of evil.



  • Drake Mallard/Darkwing Duck (voiced by Chris Diamantopoulos) - A heroic duck who once an actor yet now fights against the forces of evil.
  • Morganna McCawber (voiced by [flamboyant]) - a stage magician who was initially a villainess until Drake convinced her to turn good as she tries to use her "magic" for good.
  • Gosalyn Mallard (voiced by Elizabeth Daily) - Drake's daughter who is rather friendly and


  • Honker Muddlefoot (voiced by Yuri Lowenthal) - Gosalyn's best friend


  • Jim Starling/Negaduck (voiced by Jim Cummings) - A former 'hero' who is now a psychopathic supervillain out
  • Rachel Ann Dahl/Cutey Dolly (voiced by Sarah Stiles) - A former child actress who was in a show called (???) as
  • Bud Spud/Liquidator (voiced by TBD) - A criminal capable of turning his body in many ways due to being pure water and is
  • Taurus Bulba (voiced by Mark Hamill) - A mob boss who is a cyborg and commits
  • Quackerjack (voiced by Alex Brightman) - A mentally insane jester themed criminal who is out to make St. Canard his own playground.
  • Elmo Sputterspark/Megavolt (voiced by TBD) - A former electrician who uses
  • Bushroot (voiced by Matthew Mercer) - A sinister scientist who mutates into a plant-like creature to
  • Marley
  • Antolin Duck/Darkblast (voiced by TBD) - a mentally-broken
  • Splatter Phoenix (voiced by Barrett Wilbert Weed) - a rebellious punk who uses art to her own personal gain and due to her beliefs, clashes with both the authorities and Darkwing Duck.
  • The Musical Captain (voiced by Leslie Odom Jr) - a musically obsessed duck who learns he can control people with his voice and


Season 1

  1. The Terror That Flaps in the Night! - Drake Mallard is officially a hero as he combats the villainous Taurus Bulba who is doing a weapon running scheme.
  2. Just Smile - A jester-like criminal known as Quackerjack has
  3. The Magic Machinations of Morganna McCawber - Drake visits a magic show until the
  4. Little Miss Cutie! - Several actors were mysteriously disappeared as Darkwing Duck investigates the kidnapper. Soon he learns that the kidnapper is none other than Rachel Ann Dahl, former actress of ???.
  5. Paint Show - A painter villainess has been causing chaos as Darkwing Duck races to
  6. ???
  7. Here Comes the Fearsome Five! - NegaDuck breaks Quackerjack, Megavolt, Liquidator, and Bushroot out of St. Canard Penitentiary as they head to hunt down Darkwing Duck as he tries to fight off these five villains.

Season 2

  1.  ??? -
  2.  ???
  3. The Ultimate Musical - A villain named the Musical Captain breaks several criminals out of St. Canard Penitentiary and controls them using his musical
  4.  ??? -


  • This series is set in a parallel universe to the new DuckTales though borrowing elements from it, mainly to separate it.
  • Some characters are original while others are updated versions of classic Darkwing Duck villains.
  • This series will feature several new
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