Lego Rock Band 2 is the upcoming music video game published by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and developed by TT Fusion and Harmonix. It will be released Holiday season 2019 for Xbox One and Playstation 4.


Same as both Rock Band 4 and Lego Rock Band. The player or group of players use special instrument-based controllers or microphones to mimic playing the instruments by following scrolling cues on screen and attempt to play through a song and score points. Players score points for successfully hitting notes, earning a scoring multiplier for hitting a continuous series of notes without making mistakes, while failure to hit the right notes can penalize the players' performance and could end the song prematurely. During the song, certain phrases are marked with specially colored notes, which if played correctly, fills the player's Overdrive meter. Once sufficiently filled, the player is able to trigger "Overdrive" through various means depending on instrument, which doubles their scoring multiplier as well as boosting the band's overall performance meter. Players are rated using a five-star system based on their score, and possibly earning a gold star rating if playing on Expert difficult with a high score. It is also impossible to fail a song when a player is performing poorly; instead, poor performances consume studs that have already been earned for the song, although the player will have a chance to recover lost studs before the end of the song. Short Song Mode returns in the game as well.


Lego Rock Band contains a massive list of Family-Friendly songs for the game. It'll also allow you to play DLC from every Rock Band game in the series including Rock Band 4 as long as they are rated Family-Friendly. In addition, the game also features songs from numerous family-frendly franchises.


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