Lego Racers: Remastered (stylized as LEGO Racers: Remastered) is a remake of Lego Racers except it has more playable characters, locations, cars and new elements such as voice acting.


The plot will be the same as the original game, except it has characters from Lego's past and present franchises.

Differences between the Original

  • It has open world similar to Midnight Club and Need For Speed.
  • It has voice acting.
  • Character Customization is much more advanced and it has select your age and gender mode. 
  • Music has been changed like the Main Menu Theme being Weekend Whip (Rebooted Remix) from Ninjago. 
  • Many Past and Present themes will appear in the remake. 

Voice Cast

  • Yuri Lowenthal, Jesse McCartney and Johnny Yong Bosch as Custom Male Character (Teenager)
  • Colleen Villard as Custom Male Character (Young) 
  • Kate Higgins, Tara Strong and Michelle Ruff as Custom Female Character (depends on the age)
  • Clancy Brown as Captain Rebeard and Lex Luthor
  • Travis Willingham as Clark Kent/Superman  
  • Tom Kenny as The Brickster and Ice King
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