• Lego JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure is an upcoming action-adventure collectathon platformer. It is set to be released at an unknown point of Summer of 2019 by WB Games and Traveller’s Tales.


  • It plays the same as other lego games,explore grand levels,collect studs,beat bosses and solves puzzles plus unlock all the characters. There is also a character and stand maker in the hub world of Morioh-Cho.


Part 1:Phantom Blood
Level Playable Characters: Boss Battle
Prologue:Dio The Invader Dio Brando,Jonathan Joestar,Danny.
Chapter 1:A Letter From The Past. Speedwagon,Jonathan Joestar.
Chapter 2:Youth With Dio Jonathan Joestar. Dio Brando.
Chapter 3:Jack The Ripper and William A.Zeppeli William A.Zeppeli,Robert E.O Speedwagon,JonathanJoestar Jack The Ripper.
Chapter 4:Bruford and Tarkus,The Dark Knights Jonathan Joestar,William A.Zeppeli. Bruford,Tarkus.
Final Chapter:Jonathan and Dio,Fire And Ice. Jonathan Joestar. Dio Brando.
Part 2:Battle Tendency
Level Playable Characters: Boss Battles:
JoJo in New York


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