Lego Back to the Future is an upcoming 2020 Lego-themed action-adventure video game developed by Colin Entertainment, Ltd., TT Fusion and published by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment who also made Lego Jurassic World and Lego Star Wars: The Force Awakens, it was been based on the science fiction–comedy film series of the same name by Robert Zemeckis and Bob Gale.


The chapter selection is like Lego Star Wars: The Video Game with three chapters.

Plot summary

Back to the Future

Marty McFly, a typical American teenager of the Eighties, is accidentally sent back to 1955 in a plutonium-powered DeLorean "time machine" invented by a slightly mad scientist. During his often hysterical, always amazing trip back in time, Marty must make certain his teenage parents-to-be meet and fall in love - so he can get back to the future.

Back to the Future II

Marty McFly has only just gotten back from the past, when he is once again picked up by Dr. Emmett Brown and sent through time to the future. Marty's job in the future is to pose as his own son to prevent him from being thrown in prison. Unfortunately, things get worse when the future changes the present.

Back to the Future III

Stranded in 1955, Marty McFly receives written word from his friend, Doctor Emmett Brown, as to where can be found the DeLorean time machine. However, an unfortunate discovery prompts Marty to go to his friend's aid. Using the time machine, Marty travels to the old west where his friend has run afoul of a gang of thugs and has fallen in love with a local schoolteacher. Using the technology from the time, Marty and Emmett devise one last chance to send the two of them back to the future.




  • Starter: Marty McFly and Emmett "Doc" Brown




  • TBA.
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