Legion (Godzilla: New Age of Monsters)
Homeworld Space
Species Sillicon based alien organism

The Legion are a race of silicon based extraterrestrial Kaiju that made their first appearance in Godzilla: New Age of Monsters Season 5. The Legion is one of the most feared space monsters in the galaxy.


Not much is known about the Legion. According to the Shobijin, these creatures come from the far reaches of space and invade other planets as a form of colonization and create pods to suck up oxygen to ignite an explosion to spread their species across the galaxy.


The Symbotic Legion began attacking people in the subway while guarding a giant flower the Queen planted under Sapporo to suck up the oxygen as it was destroyed by Godzilla Junior, but they got on to his body as he manages to blow them off with a Nuclear pulse.
Legion Flight

The Queen Legion flying

After that, the Queen rose up from the ground and flies in the skies with wings. The Military shoot missile to take her down as she crashed into the ocean, but survives while burrowing through the Earth.

The Legion planted another pod in Sendai as Mothra Leo fights the Queen at the Sendai Airport and lose, When the Queen was going to kill Leo, Godzilla Junior arrives and fights the alien insect, but loses too. The Gammas and Ultaman manage to destroy the second pod as Ultraman throws it into space as the pod exploded into space.

The Queen Legion as she appears in Tokyo.

The Gammas, the Zone Family, Ultraman, Mothra Leo, Litra, Unicorn, and the entire defense force were getting ready to defeat the Legion. Godzilla Junior battles the Legion in Tokyo as the symbotic Legion came to aid their queen, but they were attracted to a tranformer in which the Gammas and Zone Fighter had killed them all at once  Godzilla Junior was being injured by the Queen as he easily recovers and creates a Spiral heat ray to cmpletely obilterate the Queen, ending the threat of the Legion once and for all.

Powers and Abilities



  • The Legion are Kaiju from the Gamera series. 
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