Legendary Warrior Ace (伝説の戦士エース) (Densetsu no senshi ēsu) is a Anime Series based off the Manga by Tategami Makoto (I made it up)


Haruno Junichi is a Normal 14 year old Boy but one day the Brooch his Mom gave him before She Died transforma him into the Legendary Warrior Ace. There appears to be something evin going on in Junichi's Small Town and he must stop it


Haruno Junichi

The Protagonist of the Series. He is very sporty loving to play soccer and Volleyball. His Older Sister Ichigo likes to call him "Juni"

Haruno Ichigo

Ichigo is Junichi's Older Sister. She Is very Mature and Elegant but loves her Brother anyway.

Tategami Ryota

Ryoya is Junichi': Best Friend. Before he found out Junichi's Secret. He always wondered why Junichi went to every once and a while.


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