Legacy of the Monkey King is an American action-adventure comic book series serving as a sequel to Myth of the Monkey King, being published by Marvel Comics since March 30th, 2020.


A now 17-year-old Lotus leaves Vyden in search of new adventure as she meets new allies and faces new villains.



  • Lotus - the daughter of two of Vyden's most powerful heroes who moves to Valgone to get her own legacy and not to be known only for being her parents' child.


  • Claus - a chill and pacific bear who helps Lotus to explore the lands although he prefers not to fight TBD.
  • Winona - a rowdy mountain hare who loves to fight anyone, joining Lotus due to learning that wherever she goes, violence follows.
  • Montana - an intelligent goat who is one of Lotus' helpful allies as he runs a library full of historical books integral to Valgone's history.
  • The Diamond Weaver - a mysterious yet flamboyant feminine peacock who is a fashion designer as she loves diamonds and often weaves them into her clothes.
  • Lucas - TBD
  • Wu and Lena - Lotus' parents who opted to stay in Vyden due to preferring to live in their home and not a new world.


  • Gunnar - a feared bison warlord who is obsessed with gaining power any way possible.


  1. The Daughter of the Monkey King - A now 17-year-old Lotus decide to leave Vyden to find new adventures to embark, arriving to the region known as Valgone.
  2. Montana - Lotus TBD.
  3. Dragons and Dinosaurs - Lotus discovers a popular tabletop game named Dragons and Dinosaurs as she TBD.
  4. Conquest - Lotus has to stop a bison warlord from invading a village and taking control of it.


  • As Vyden was primarily inspired by Japan, China and Korea, Valgorne is inspired by several European countries including Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Russia, the United Kingdom and Ireland.
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