Legacy of Gravity Falls, alternately known as Disney's Legacy of Gravity Falls, is an American supernatural-mystery-comedy comic book series, serving as a sequel to Gravity Falls by Alex Hirsch, being published by Marvel Comics since May 3rd, 2020.


Set seven years into the future, Dipper and Mabel return to Gravity Falls in order to investigate new monsters and to also attend Gravity Falls College.



  • Dipper Pines - a TBD young adult who hunts down any type of supernatural monsters, no matter how dangerous or bizarre it is, while also dealing with TBD.
  • Mabel Pines - Dipper's friendly and energetic twin sister who TBD.


  • Pacifica Northwest - Mabel's TBD former rival turned friend and ally who is out to help her and Dipper to solve their newest mysteries while trying to gain confidence to tell Dipper she finds him rather cute, even if Mabel isn't exactly fond of that and she also has competition from Wendy for his affections.
  • Wendy Corduroy - Dipper's tomboyish old friend who he still has a thing for as she now seems to return his feelings as she now works as a mechanic and provides some aid to him, although she's rather jealous of Pacifica due to her becoming closer to him.
  • Soos Ramirez - the new head of the Mystery Shack who is very TBD.
  • Candy Chiu - TBD
  • Grenda Grendinator - TBD
  • Robbie Valentino - TBD
  • Lee - TBD
  • Nate - TBD
  • Tambry - TBD
  • Thompson - TBD
  • Toby Determined - TBD
  • [Get Em' Guy]
  • Sheriff Blubs - TBD
    • Deputy Durland - Sheriff Blubs' rather idiotic partner who TBD.
  • Crystal Dog - a dog made out of crystals.
  • The Mirror Man - a mysterious man who resides in a mirror dimension and speaks in complete riddles and is shrouded in mystery.


  • The Axolotl - a powerful interdimensional being who is capable of converting dimensions and people to its will as it has two forms its true form and a masculine human-like form.
  • Gideon Gleeful - TBD
  • Carly - an offputting teenage girl who is revealed to be a vampire.
  • Ivan the Imp - TBD
  • Charlotte Creek - a young adult woman who is revealed to be a centuries-year-old witch who turns normal people into her slaves and slowly feeds off of their youth for her to stay young.
  • Shard - a terrifying glass demon who is the Mirror Man's arch-enemy TBD.
  • The Five Emotional Dippers, consisting of:
    • Flirtatious Dipper - TBD
    • Angry Dipper - TBD
    • [emotions]
    • [emotions]
    • [emotions]
  • Phobis Thra - a mummy of an ancient pharaoh who is obsessed with power and is hunting for a rare diamond hidden underneath the town.
  • Casey - a siren who has arrived to Gravity Falls as she is hunting for a mysterious tool that is connected to the strangeness in Gravity Falls.


  1. Return to Gravity Falls - Dipper and Mabel return to Gravity Falls as they soon learn that the supernatural peaked, especially with an imp on the loose.
  2. The Mentis Imperium - Pacifica finds a medallion that when she puts it on, is slowly controlling her, as Dipper tries to TBD.
  3. Vampire Slumber Party - Mabel decides to host a massive slumber party as suddenly a strange teenage girl TBD.
  4. The Rise of Phobis Thra
  5. The Black Box - Mabel finds a strange black box as she soon learns that the box holds a sinister creature inside of it.
  6. The Crystal Dog - Dipper and Mabel find a mysterious crystal dog, and befriends it. However, he has some key within to solve a problem they are in connected to the mysterious creature named the Axolotl.
  7. Personality Split - Dipper finds a strange shard that ends up splitting his personality into five different halves who all end up causing mayhem.


  • The series adds to the lore.
  • Like the main series, this sequel series has nods to other famous works, including:
    • Vampires are a spoof of classic vampires.
  • The comic ignores the actual comics and is immediately set after the events of Weirdmageddon.
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