Leah and Zac (formally Leah's Life in its first season) is a 2021 American-Canadian animated television series created by Farnaz Esnaashari-Charmatz. This series will serve as a spin-off to Shimmer and Shine, which originally ran from August 24, 2015 to February 9, 2020. It is the third Shimmer and Shine spin-off overall. The series is set to premiere on Nickelodeon on January 10, 2021, and on Del Mar Network on January 14, 2021.


This series follows the misadventures of a little girl named Leah hanging out with her friend and next door neighbor, Zac in a little town called Greenwood. Each day, Leah takes on exciting new challenges, even if they are a little hard and tricky to get through, but luckily, she pulls through and get it together with the help of her best friends as they work together.

The first season was known as Leah's Life and focused primarily on Leah as the main character, with recurring appearances by Zac, facing many different challenges to build teamwork and friendship after moving to her new house with her parents.

After the first season ended, the production team decided to focus on more than just Leah, but Zac in the mix, thus the show was retooled into Leah and Zac which was originally scrapped mid-way during production of the first season, but was brought back for the second season, and featured a new intro with a new theme song describing the titular characters. Plus, the show shifted from being a Shimmer and Shine prequel to another slice-of-life spin-off series like its main Genie Tales spin-off.

While the first season focused on Leah moving into the suburbs and meeting some new friends while making a somewhat enemy to her life, the second season saw additional stories centering not only Leah, but Zac as well as some new characters being introduced.



  • Alina Foley as Leah Anne Marie Thompson, a happy-go-lucky blonde-headed girl who is optimistic enough to help her friends in need.
  • Ethan Jones as Zac Molloy, Leah's neighbor and best friend. He also has a habit of telling his humorous experiences to Leah. He was formally a recurring character during the first season, but now is a main character starting in season 2.
  • Kitana Turnbull as
    • Jaqueline Mitchell, Leah's best friend who loves feeling the adrenaline every day when outdoors. She tends to take on some dangerous stunts. However, with Leah's help of taking safety procedures, Jaqueline tones down her adrenaline a little bit to help protect herself in the near future.
    • June Robinson, Leah's other best friend who is sweet, smart, and loves to dance (like Samantha Hughes). Sometimes, if Leah and her friends finds themselves in a pickle, June will usually say something random out of the blue that will give Leah and idea. Despite her high knowledge from her science class, she can be a bit clumsy at times when dancing.
  • Candace Kozak as Samantha Hughes, a sometimes ditzy, yet smart dancer of the bunch. As one of Leah's best friends, she adores a combination of ribbon dancing and ballerina dancing. Despite her absent mindedness, she is actually knowledgeable about different dancing routines, and gets her knowledge from her science and math classes.
  • Ian Armitage as Michel Anderson, Leah’s more comedic friend from across the playground. He tends to be goofy since part of his character would be the clown of the group as he likes to one day grow up to being a comedian. But whenever something important goes down and a friend is in need of help, Michael knows when to get serious and go all out in helping a friend. Even if sometimes it could lead to a goofy result.


  • Tabayana Ali as Susan Madison, Leah's rival who she first met during her first day at Greenwood Elementary, and was the main antagonist for the show's first season. She is more the self-centered type and always claims that she is the most popular student at school, but soon became jealous of Leah after she lost to her at a baking contest. Since then, she vowed to ruin Leah's reputation both in and out of school in order to maintain her popularity. Unfortunately for her, it doesn't go as planned, as sometimes even her ignorance can foil her plans. But sometimes, she even shows a good side to her personality, as she feels that she has taken her plans a little too far. However, Leah is kind enough to forgive her for her actions. At the end of the first season, she and her family moved out of the neighborhood after her parents got accepted into a country club.
  • Candi Milo as Jane Thompson, Leah's mother and is known as the brains of the outfit, always thinking of ideas how to take care of a situation. She is also a good cook and at times works as a dress designer. But she is always there to provide support for Leah if ever need of motherly love.
  • Jeff Glenn Bennett as John Thompson, Leah's father and is best known for being a creative inventor as he works as a mechanic at a local factory in town. He knows many things about different gizmos and gadgets, though sometimes can be a bit silly, especially when creating possible inventions that would one day help the town. But when not working the tools, sometimes he would be there to help or on occasion tag along with Leah on one of her adventures for a little Father/Daughter bonding along the way.
  • Raegan Revord as Bianca Cooper, Leah’s cowardly BFF who lives an hour away. Even before she met Leah and the others, she grew up mostly lonely due to her being timid and shy.. never knowing how others would react and think of her. Which also doesn't help matters since she tends to get scared pretty easily, especially from the scariest of things. But after meeting Leah and friends, each day she learns to make progress among herself and have the courage and bravery to face her fears and overcome obstacles alongside close friends.
  • Amanda Leighton as Annie Baxter, The main antagonist starting with season 2. Like Leah's former rival Susan Madison, Annie Baxter is considered the popular girl at the School. But is jealous of Leah since she started to get the attention of others more than ever since she started going to school. Since then, Annie has vowed to ruin Leah's reputation both in or out of school in order to maintain her popularity among others. Unfortunately for her, it doesn’t go as planned. But she will sometimes show that she has a good side to her, as she sometimes feels terrible for taking her tricks a little too far. Leah is of course kind enough to forgive her like with Susan's actions made towards her.
  • Claire Corlett as Christine Thompson, Leah's hyped up slightly annoying cousin who tends to get over-excited about a lot of things.. even if she's just playing with her dolls. As a minor character, whenever she would be involved, it would sometimes involve her and Leah building their bonds as cousins.. ‘cause while at first Leah tends to get a bit bothered by her over-hype in her.. as time slowly grows, she starts to mellow over it a little while learning to help Christine learn the means of self-control. Because while it is nice to be excited about something.. sometimes getting over-excited on everything is not a good thing, considering it drives people away more.. But despite getting on her nerves slightly, she is still Leah's cousin and Leah is always there to help family in need.. including her cousin Christine.
  • Lacey Chabert as Ms. Amber, the Teacher of Greenwood Elementary. She could be known for being stern with what she teaches and is not a fan of students misbehaving very much.. but even so, she tends to teach hard to provide the students proper knowledge and hopes of providing them educational experiences. She also has a crush on the Principal, though is a little shy about sharing those feelings, not knowing how he would react to them.
  • Jim Cummings as Principal Mitchell, the principal of the school who always looks to maintain balance and order all year long, always tends to have a lot going on... and usually gets a semi-regular visit by Zac whom he finds as one of his most... Interesting students. Strangely, he has a crush on one of the teachers of the school, Ms. Amber, but he is not sure how to show his feelings properly to her without accidentally making him feel silly.


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Season Episodes First aired Last aired
1 20 January 10, 2021 May 16, 2021
2 20 August 29, 2021



  • This spin-off is the third in the Shimmer and Shine spin-off trilogy.
  • This show takes place way before the events of the first Shimmer and Shine episode entitled "My Secret Genies". It also gives the viewers an idea of what Leah and Zac were like before the twin Genies-in-Training came into their lives. But the show's focus following the retooling in Season 2 shifted from Leah before her genies coming into her life, to after Shimmer and Shine became her genies.
  • Originally, the show was going to be called Leah and Zac and it was going to be involving around the titular characters, but the idea was scrapped half-way through production. However, the show's original name made a comeback in its second season with some new characters introduced.
  • Much like Shimmer and Shine: Genie Tales, Leah and Zac also features the reveal of Leah's parents as they were also never seen in the main show.
  • Leah and Zac contains some slapstick material much like its other spin-off, Shimmer and Shine: Genie Tales.
  • Leah's last name as confirmed is Thompson. So therefore, her full name is Leah Anne Marie Thompson.
  • Zac's last name as also confirmed is Molloy.
  • On special rare occasions, Shimmer and Shine makes special guest appearances.
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