Le Toriyama, Nevada is a City that exists in Nevada within the Prime Powerstorm universe.


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  • The Strip/Downtown Le Toriyama
    • Banks
    • Hotels
    • Apartments
    • Restaurants
    • Cafes
  • Gipsy Theater
  • Toriyama Theater
  • Zama Broadway
  • Bulma Mall
  • Runo Mall
  • Le Toriyama Airport
  • Le Toriyama Stadium
  • Le Toriyama Temple


  • Le Toriyama Police Department
  • Le Toriyama Fire Department
  • Le Toriyama Medical and Rescue Services



  • The City is named after Akira Toriyama, the Creator of well known Japanese titles such as Dragon Ball and Dr. Slump in which served as a large influence to many kinds of People worldwide.
  • The City uses elements from different cities such as Osaka, Tokyo and Yokohama, Japan, Paris, France and others (particularly with those from Europe and Asia), through some real-life cities like New York City (the Broadway stuff in place of Casinos in the Miss Philippines Universe, for obvious reasons to differentiate with it's inspiration) are used as the inspiration for there.
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