Las Aventuras de Hijitus (roughly The Adventures of Hijitus) is an Argentine animated series created in 1967 by Spanish cartoonist Manuel García Ferré. It was the first animated series in Latin America made for television, and has been considered the most successful series in the history of Latin American cartoons.

The series focuses on Hijitus, a poor, but good-hearted, kid who fights aganist Professor Neurus (a mad scientist)' evil plans, transforming into a superhero named Super Hijitus and acts to save the day. A recurring theme is Neurus and his two henchmen Pucho and Serrucho trying to steal Hijitus' magic hat for possessing his powers, only to falling and ending on jail.

Turner Entertainment now owns the international broadcasting rights for Las Aventuras de Hijitus and made an English dub of the series, airing on Cartoon Network, Boomerang and WB Kids as The Adventures of Hijitus in the English dub. It will also be dubbed by Bang Zoom! Entertainment.

Names in the English dub

English Spanish
Hijitus Hijitus
Whooper Pichichus
Lanky Mouse Larguirucho
Pete Silver Oaky Silver
Gold Silver Gold Silver
Chief Argento El Comisario de Trulala
Professor Neurus El Profesor Neurus
Pucho Gopher Pucho
Serrucho Mole Serrucho
Witch Hilda and Jolson the Owl La Bruja Cachavacha y Pajarraco



  • Néstor D'Alessandro - Hijitus, Pichichus, la Bruja Cachavacha
  • Pelusa Suero - Larguirucho, Profesor Neurus, Pucho, Serrucho, el Comisario de Trulala, Gold Silver, Gutierrez, Pajarraco
  • Marion Tiffemberg - Oaky Silver



Las Aventuras de Hijitus (animated series)/Episodes

Diferrences between the dubs

  • In the original dub, Lanky, Pucho and Serrucho are mice, while in the English dub, Pucho is refered as a gopher and Serrucho is refered as a mole.
  • In the series' Argentine dub, Lanky is usually manipuled by Neurus into helping him in his plans. In the English dub, this not happens. Episodes where Lanky works for Neurus are reedited to making Lanky as a ally to Hijitus like most episodes, being replaced by two cat siblings named Patty and Bobo as henchmen for Neurus.
  • (reserved for Bricky Blocks)
  • Some scenes are cutted (example: the ones where characters drink mate due to the dub, with the except when Cheif Argento since he remains as a Argentine in the dub) from the dub.
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