Lady and the Tramp 3: Cats VS Dogs is a 2006 American/Australian computer/traditional animated film directed by Carlos Saldahna, A sequel to 2001's Lady and The Tramp II: Scamp's Adventure and 1955's Lady and The Tramp and was distributed by Walt Disney Pictures.


Scamp and his family joing The eternal rivalry of the Cats and Dogs. Participants compete in triathlon. Scamp makes an accidental mistake in consequence of which the Cats won and the Dogs forced to leave their homes and go in the trash. But in the end cats still allow dogs to live in the city on the Rights of the freeloaders. At the end all celebrating - and cats and dogs and even humans.

Cast and characters

Jesse Eisenberg as Scamp - young Metis dog and the protagonist of film. He's resolute and indomitable.

Anne Hathaway as Angel - Scamp' s wife. Do not let her pretty looks fool you! She is very spirited and lively.

Nicolas Cage as Tramp - middle-aged Mongrel dog and Scamp's father.

Jennifer Lopez as Lady - cocker-spaniel female, Tramp's wife and Scamp's mom.

Andy Garcia as William - old wild Mongrel dog, Tramp's father, Scamp, Mila, Mongrel and Red's grandfather.

Rita Moreno as Lilia - old Mongrel dog, William's wife, Tramp's mom, Scamp, Mila, Mongrel and Red's granny.

Mark Ronson as Lord - handsome Busset-Hound male and Lady's admirer, object of Tramp's jealousy.

Philip Lawrence as Buster - evil doberman, Scamp's enemy who pretended dogs' ally in the war on cats.

Keke Palmer as Ember - matriarch of cats' tribe. She loves to tease dogs. After all this, she forgave them.

Eddy Murphy and Malia Hendersonas Si and Am - siamese cats, turncoats of Ember's side to William's side.


In February 2004, 3 years after Scamp's Adventure, they announced a third film. They started production in July 2004 and ended in August 2005. It was originally intended to be released on November 4, 2005, then on October 11, 2005, it was pushed back to January 2006, then on December 13, 2005, it was pushed back to May 2006, then on March 2, 2006, it a It was pushed back to June 20, 2006.

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