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LT Colonel Dukan Frazer
Background information
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Portrayed by
Portrayed by
Performance model
Inspiration Bucky Barnes from Marvel Comics

Walter Skinner from The X-Files Franchise

Private James Frazer From Dads Army by David Croft and Jimmy Perry

James Pattern from Medal of Honor Franchise

Kylo Ren from Star Wars Franchise

Ernst Blofeld from James Bond Franchise

Big Boss from Metal Gear from Franchise by Konami

President Donald Trump

Lord Herbert Kitchener

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Character information
Full name Dukan Thompson Frazer
Other names
Personality Heroic Persona (Teenager/Young Adult): Heroic, Kind, Confident, Intelligent.

Villainous Persona: Strict, Self-Discipline, Following Orders, Espionage, Violent, Aggressive, Resourceful, Jealous, Rebellious, Sexist, Wicked, Torturous, Serious, Brutal, Dark, Tyrannical, Cruel, Hatred.

Birthday 19th September 1973
Occupation Soldier


Alignment Good, Bad (Under a possession of Satan)
GarForce Special Forces
Goal Seek revenge on the school bullies whom intend to beat him up when he was attend for college from decades earlier.
Allies Demonic Snake, Major Elvis Spencer, Captain Lauren Starkiller, Shogun Koji Genji, Sergent Chloe Palpatine, Lisa ASMR, Lizzie Asmr, Scottish Murmurs ASMR, ASMR Miss.
Minions Gar-Force Special Forces Troops
Enemies Ellen Finn, Ryan Sheridan, Jack Watt, Ryan Dunkley(Enemy/Victim), Astro Leitch, Ryan Murton, Chris Kovacs, Ryan Goggin, Thomas Mair, Ryan Herbert, Brendan Harris, Sharlotte Louise Johnson, Emma Cordrey, Michelle Brickwood, North Korean Troopers, Kim Jong Un
Likes Protect Asmrtists from cyber harassment by criminals,
Dislikes Bisexual Citizens, Terrorism, Disorders, Pornography, Marriage, Lies, North Korea, School Bullies
Powers and abilities Interrogation


Martial Arts

Weapons M-16


M1911 Colt Pistol

Quote Mission Accomplished, Soldier. You deserve an medal for your duty during the cooperation.

Dukan Fraser is one of the intelligent commanding officers whom was been served his position in Gar-Forces Special Forces in which is sought against the prospects of sexual relationships amongst the following individuals but not likely back in his school days. Due to pornophobia when he is deliberately afraid of pornography over across the country through local communities including the globe.

He entirely attempts to identify the targets movement on whom were also responsible for their social behaviour so often being occurred across the world through modern day.

Some hundreds of troops were been deployed to investigate by destroy pornographic materials, and vandalised many of those adult stores awhile the streets along with nearby villages were strictly sealed off to restrict access from civilian causalities.


He actually does have some cultural similarities to real life historical figures, and also those related fictional characters from Video Games, Movies, Television Series, Anime and Novels:

  • His Surname Frazer is named after one of characters from BBC's Classic Comedy Dad's Army was been created by David Croft and Jimmy Perry.
  • Dukan was quite strong similar to Buxton The Blue Cat from Animated Classic Dougal and the blue cat has their evil schemes to destroy pornography along with controversial fashion trends especially thong and G String underwear worn by those women during demonstrations or either nightclubs whom severely intend to commit their sexual addiction for causing exposure to the public but they would otherwise end up get arrested, and then taken prisoners in high security dungeons beneath the headquarters especially whoever involves in their sexual scheme through modern day atmosphere.
  • Unlike buxton had became the king in old treacle factory within the villainous plot to rule the blue kingdom with madam blue by taking over the magic garden whose were not blue.
  • According to Dukan that he has shown off a dislike of women whom wearing thong panties in which was a definitely meant to be a result of pornography.
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