LEGO Steven Universe: The Videogame
IMG 20160929 172600 105.jpg
Developers Rockstar North
Traveller's Tales
Publishers Cartoon Network Games
Modes Single-Player, Multiplayer (both Offline and Online)
Genre Action-Adventure, Role-playing
Rating E10+ (ESRB), 12 (PEGI), A (CERO), PG (ACB)
Platforms PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Android, iOS, Microsoft Phone, Microsoft Windows, Mac
Media DVD-Rom

LEGO Steven Universe: The Videogame is a LEGO Videogame based on Steven Universe.




This game will return all of the gameplay elements from Traveller's Tales' LEGO Videogame library. The game also includes new mechanics such as Fusion.


  • Beach City (main hub)

Playable Characters

Note: Steven and an unknown character are playable at the start.


Name Weapon Abilities Image
Steven Quartz Universe
  • Rose's Shield
  • Deflect Laser
  • Super Speed
  • Super Strength
  • Jump
  • Healing
  • Intelligence
  • Fusion

Unlocked in Story Mode

These characters can be unlocked in Story Mode.

Name Weapons Abilities Image

Unlocked in TBA


In this story mode, You and your 3 friends play as Steven and the Crystal Gems in following fan-favorite places like Beach City, Kindergarten, the Desert, etc.

Name Playable Locations Enemies Bosses
Prologue: Steven's Beginning
  • Rose Quartz (Chapter 1)
  • Steven Universe (Chapter 2)
Gem Glow
  • Steven 
  • Garnet (Season 1)
  • Amethyst (Season 1)
  • Jasper



Rated E10+ for Cartoon Violence, Comic Mischief, Mild Lyrics and Mild Suggestive Themes. In Europe it's rated PEGI 12 due to the mild profanity on the lyrics and some dark violence.

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