Story Mode Transcripts

Level 1 (Marvel Story)

Level 2 (Marvel Story)

Level 3 (Marvel Story)

  • Spider-Man: Where are we.
  • Human Torch: Got no idea with your dealing with!

Level 4 (Marvel Story)

Level 5 (Marvel Story)

Level 6 (Marvel Story)

Level 7 (Marvel Story)

  • Spider-Phin: Come one, come all, your friendly little neighborhood Spider-Phin is ready to save everybody!!!
  • Spider-Jake
  • Spider-Man/Bruce Banner: Hey Guys.
  • Spider-Gwen: Bruce Banner as Spider-Man! Wow, how original!

Level 8 (Marvel Story)

Level 9 (Marvel Story)

Level 10 (Marvel Story)

Level 11 (Marvel Story)

Level 12 (Marvel Story)

Level 13 (Marvel Story)

Level 14 (Marvel Story)

Level 15 (Marvel Story)

Level 16 (Marvel Story)

Level 17 (Marvel Story)

Level 18 (Marvel Story)

Level 19 (Marvel Story)

Level 20 (Marvel Story)

Level 21 (Marvel Story)

Level 22 (Marvel Story)

Level 23 (Marvel Story)

Level 24 (Marvel Story)

Level 25 (Marvel Story)

  • Doctor Doom: No, this cannot be. How did you beat me, I am Doctor Doom?
  • Captain America: Too late, Doom. You Conquered the world for for a while, it's over.
  • Thing: That's it, and you know what time it is?
  • Doctor Doom: Oh no, not that clobberin thing again.
  • Doctor Doom: Aaaaaaaaaaagh.

Level 1 (DC Story)

  • Robin: Oh my goodness, what's happening to him?
  • Medusa: My Husband Black Bolt, lost his mind.
  • Robin: Losing my mind, OK! TITANS GO!
  • Raven: Good, Black Bolt is down.
  • Karnak: Cousin.
  • Crystal: Is he okay.
  • Cyborg: Give up Black Bolt, you need to come down.
  • Black Bolt: Silence. ROOOAAR-!
  • (But Suddenly, Black Bolt was hit by Maximus the Mad behind him with the bottle, Black bolt has been knocked)
  • Maximus the Mad: What, I'm on your side!
  • Triton: Maximus the Mad, what are you doing here!
  • Maximus the Mad: Well, I was drag down from that stupid teleporter thing, right!
  • Starfire: Who are you supposed to be.
  • Maximus the Mad: I'm his brother, he is the King of Inhumans.
  • Robin: Your brother.
  • Maximus the Mad: That's right.
  • (All of the Justice League and Marvel characters arrives at the batcave with devastating)
  • Batman: Robin, are you Okay?
  • Robin: I'm fine. This Black Bolt is some kind of, mad.
  • Medusa: I do apologize Robin...
  • Captain America: Yes, but what is Maximus the Mad doing here!

Level 2 (DC Story)

Level 3 (DC Story)

Level 4 (DC Story)

Level 5 (DC Story)

Level 6 (DC Story)

Level 7 (DC Story)

Level 8 (DC Story)

Level 9 (DC Story)

  • Ronan the Accuser: Insolent Pests. You cannot stop me, Justice League.
  • (After Justice League defeated Ronan the Accuser, Supreme Intelligence blast out the Justice League, Inhumans an the Guaridans replying)
  • Supreme Intelligence: Silence fools, you dare to attack me and my personal Supreme Intelligence. you cannot stop me! I, am powerful!
  • Martian Manhutner: No, eat this!
  • (Martian uses heat ray on Supreme Intelligence)
  • Supreme Intelligence: No, you fools, you don't understand what I saying, I get you for this!
  • Medusa: Mission Accomplished!
  • Flash: Hey, That's my line!
  • Medusa: My Apologizes!
  • (Black Bolt sighs himself)

Side Missions Transcripts

Side Mission 9 (Marvel)

Side Mission 10 (Marvel)

Side Mission 11 (Marvel)

  • Adolf Hitler: Sieg Heil, Captain America! You want stand a chance.
  • Captain America: Bring It, it's been a long time waiting.

Side Mission 12 (Marvel)

Side Mission 13 (Marvel)

Side Mission 14 (Marvel)

Side Mission 15 (Marvel)

  • Hulk: Why is Wreck-It-Ralph as Hulk! Hulk is the one, not you?
  • Wreck-It-Hulk: WRECK-IT-HULK, SMASH!
  • Hulk: Whatever, it's SMASH TIME!

Free Play

Random Crimes

  • Agent Phil Coulson: Spoiler Alert, there is some criminal activity around this area, this time, a bank robbery.
  • Agent Phil Coulson: Sorry to spoiled your exploreing around the city, but more criminals it's stealing someone's purse.
  • Male Civilian: Why thank you so much. And oh, please don't tell my wife for what I did this!
  • Female Civilian: Thanks Superhero.

Celebrity in Peril (in archive recording)

  • Stan Lee: Help!
  • Stan Lee: Hey! Give me a hand, will ya!
  • Stan Lee: I could use a Super Hero right now!
  • Stan Lee: I did it! I made another cameo! Gotta add this one to my list at home!
  • Stan Lee: I'm all over this game! At what point do I stop being a cameo and start being a Star?
  • Stan Lee: Thanks for getting me out of that jam, true believers.
  • Stan Lee: Adam West! No way, that can be happen!
  • Stan Lee: Excelsior.
  • Adam West: Help!
  • Adam West: Hello, I'm TV's Adam West... Don't suppose you could lend me a hand?
  • Adam West: Thank goodness you came by! This situation is most unpleasant to say at least!
  • Adam West: Excellent rescuing work, back there! One day you might even become as great a legend as me: ADAM WEST!
  • Adam West: da-da-da-da-da-da-da-da... Adam Weh-hest...!!!
  • Adam West: Good job, fellow crime-fighter! Now, I really, must be going! Adam West; AWAY!
  • Adam West: Thank you, citizen! Time to hit the beach! Better take some Shark Repellent Bat-Spray just in case.
  • Adam West: I just can't seem to get a break today.
  • Adam West: I just walking along minding my business and then this happened!
  • Adam West: Great work, citizen but don't stay up saving the world too late. Even crime-fighters need their sleep!
  • Adam West: I'm sure I had everything under control, but thank you for your assistance anyway.
  • Adam West: Thank you for saving me from that vicious ensnarement, fellow crime-fighter!

Minikits/Character & Vehicle Tokens

  • Black Panther: Ah, an interesting Item. It must not be allowed to fall into the wrong hands.
  • Black Widow
  • Captain America: Okay. Now we're getting somewhere.
  • Captain Marvel: Unless someone objects in the next few seconds, I'm keeping this! ...Anyone? ... Nice?
  • Daredevil
  • Deadpool: Hey, where is my Red Brick, I WANT A RED BRICK!
  • Dormammu: Ah, the Perfect gift for Satana. I hope she likes it!
  • Iron Fist: Such a valuable item, I must protect It at all cost!
  • Iron Man: Yay! Oh, sorry... That didn't sound dignfied. I meant "YAY"!
  • Mordo: Good! I've wanted something like this for quite some time.
  • Ms. Marvel: Nice! But I guess it's be worth
  • Mysterio: An award, for me!
  • Ravonna: It appears to be a most useful trinket!
  • Ravonna: What a strange and unique-looking object!
  • Silver Surfer
  • Star-Lord
  • Wasp
  • Wolverine: I'll take this, bub!
  • Wong

Character Speechs


Batman: I'm Batman!

Black Panther: I must proect my people in the strange, new world!

Doctor Octopus: My Genius must be celebrated!

Dormmanu: Just another realm for me to rule!

Drax the Destroyer: Nothing shall stand in my way!


Spider-Phin: Your friendly little neighborhood Spider-Phin, at your service.

Star-Lord: Star Lord... Legendary Outlaw!

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