The first spin off the LEGO Marvel Series series. LEGO Marvel: Super Hero Sqaud is based on the Cartoon Network show of the of the same name .


^ Boss of the Level

{Sample} A diffrent part of the mission



Playable Characters


Other Characters

And Lo.....A Pilot Shall Come Mole Man fights the Super Hero Squad for a fractal Thor, Iron Man, Wolverine, Hulk, Storm, Silver Surfer, Ms.Marvel Mole Man^, Fin Fang Foom, Megataur, Tricepahlous Doctor Doom, Abomination, Captain America, Falcon, Fantastic Four, Mayor of Superhero City
To Err is Superhuman Wolverine is assigned to train Reptile, they fight Abomination and Wrecking Crew Reptile, Wolverine Abomination^, Wrecking Crew Doctor Doom, MODOK, Iron Man, Hawkeye, Captain America
This Surfer, This Surfer Doctor Doom sets out to capture Silver Surfer Wolverine, Falcon, Iron Man, Hulk, Thing, Thor Doctor Doom^, MODOK, Abomination Silver Surfer, Ms.Marvel
Hulk Talk Smack Hulk becomes intelligent after comming in contact with a fractal Hulk, Falcon, Wasp, Thor, Iron Man, Wolverine Klaw, Screaming Mimi, Toad, Melter, Abomination^ Hulk (Grey), Doctor Doom
Enter: Dormammu Dormammu enter the Earth-616 Universe Doctor Strange, Thor, Hulk, Falcon, Wolverine, Iron Man Dormammu^, Mindless Ones Human Torch, Doctor Doom
A Brat Walks Among Us After a 3-year-old puts on a tiara with a fractal in it, she is a threat to heros and villians Heros for Hire, Fantastic Four, Colossus, Doctor Strange, Ms.Marvel, Strom, Super Hero Sqaud, Wasp Doctor Doom, MODOK, Screaming Mimi, Melter, Abomination, Sabretooth, Toad, Juggernaut, Zzzax, Whirlwind, Pyro Brynnie Bratton^
Oh Brother! The squad tries to stop Loki's plan Hulk, Iron Man, Reptile, Wolverine, Thor, Sif, Silver Surfer Loki^, Abomination, MODOK, Sabretooth Heimdall, Doctor Doom
From the Atom...It Rises Nick Fury disguises himself as Scorpio Nick Fury, Iron Man, Hulk, Thor, Reptile, Falcon, Wolverine, Silver Surfer Doctor Doom^, Mole Man, MODOK, Abomination, Nick Fury (Scorpio) Ms.Marvel
Night In the Sactorum Super Hero Sqaud stay the night in the Sanctom Sanctorum Thor, Silver Surfer, Doctor Strange, Falcon, Hulk, Iron Man, Wolverine Baron Mordo, MODOK, Enchantress^, Monkeys Punisher, Reptile, Reptile's Parents
This Forrest Green Egghead tries to sneak on to the Heilcarrier Ant-Man, Wolverine, Iron Man, Falcon, Silver Surfer Egghead^, MODOK, Abomination Doctor Doom, Ms.Marvel, Reptile, Hulk
O, Captain, My Captain Wolverine joins the All-Captains Squad Wolverine (Captain Canada), Captain America, Captain Britain, Captain Brazil, Captain Leichenstein Ringmaster, Plantman^ Reptile, Thor
If This Be My Thanos A Srull con-man pretends to be Thanos Fantastic Four, Hulk, Iron Man Paste Pot Pete, MODOK, Abomination, Skrulls, Super Skrull, Thanos (Skrull Con Man)^, Doctor Doom HERBIE
Deadly is the Black Widow Black Widow joins the team Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, Wolverine, Falcon, Black Widow(Mystique) Mystique(Hulk, Black Widow, Iron Man, Captain America)^, MODOK, Klaw, Toad, Screaming Mimi, Abomination Doctor Doom
Tremble at the Might of MODOK MODOK tries to overthrow Doom Iron Man(Hulkbuster), Iron Man, Thor, Falcon, Wolverine, Silver Surfer, Doctor Doom, Storm, Black Panther MODOK^, Loki Abomination ,Hulk(Minifig), Thor(No Helmet), Oatu the Watcher, Impossible Man, Leader
Metal Organism Designed Only for Kissing Ms.Marvel falls in love with MODOK Iron Man, Thor, Valkyie, Hawkeye Exicutioner^, Enchantress Odin, Doctor Doom, MODOK, Ms.Marvel
Invader from the Dark Dimension Baron Mordo rises from the Dark Dimension Doctor Stange, Silver Surfer, Falcon, Thor Iron Menace^, Baron Mordo Wong
Tales of Suspense! War Machine is here! War Machine, Iron Man, Wolverine, Reptile Melter, Crimson Dynamo^, Melter, Abomination, MODOK Mayor of Superhero City
Stranger from a Savage Land As Ka-Zar meets the SHS, Toad and a few others attack. Ka-Zar, Wolverine, Reptil, Iron Man, Falcon Toad^, Sabretooth, Thunderball, Batroc the Leaper Doctor Doom
Mysterious Mayham at Mutant High As Wolverine goes back to school to get his diploma, a threat lurks the halls. Wolverine, Reptil, Ice-Man, Cyclops, Storm, Colossus, Jean Grey Ringmaster^ Captain America, Professor X
Election of Evil After Heroes and Villians alike are taken over by Egghead, Wolverine and the Mayor of Superhero City team up to stop him. Wolverine, Mayor of Superhero City (Armor) Egghead^, Iron Man, Captain America, Melter, Ms.Marvel, Wrecking Crew MODOK, Doctor Doom
Hexed, Vexed, and Perplexed Magneto and kids now work for Doom. Iron Man, Falcon, Scarlet Witch, Wolverine, Captain America, Hulk, Thor, Silver Surfer Magneto, Quicksilver, MODOK, Abomination Doctor Doom
The Ice Melt Cometh Doom sends Team Toxic to melt the polor icecaps. Wolverine, Thor, Wolverine Team Toxic^ (Trickster, Zzzax, Pyro) Doctor Doom, Ms.Marvel, Reptil, Falcon, Strom, Ice-Man, Flatman
Wrath of the Red Skull Doom reveals his hero, Red Skull. Iron Man, Nick Fury, Thor, Silver Surfer, Hulk Red Skull^, Doctor Doom, MODOK, Abomination, Doombots (Big) Ms.Marvel, Mole Man
Mother of Doom Coco von Doom, Doctor Doom's mother is here. Iron Man, Doctor Doom, Silver Surfer, Thor Doctor Doom^, Chthonions, Chthon Galactus' Mom, Baron Mordo, Don Heck, Coco von Doom , MODOK, Abomination, Hulk, Captain America, Odin
Last Exit Before Doomsday Galactus approaches Earth. Fantastic Four, Iron Man, Silver Surfer Heralds of Galactus^ (Stardust, Firelord, Terrax) Ms.Marvel, Hulk, Doctor Doom, Thor, Wolverine
This Al Dante Earth Galctus is here. The SUS assembles the Infinity Sword to take him down, as it turns out that only the one who yeilds the Infinity Gauntlet can use its power. Super Hero Squad, Ant-Man, Wasp, Fantastic Four, Dr.Doom, Dr.Strange, Wrecking Crew, Team oxin Galactus^ Oatu the Watcher
Another Order of Evil SHS get locked away by the Skrulls. Iron Man, Falcon, Hulk, Ms.Marvel, Wolverine, Thor Super Skrull, Skrulls Anelle, Thanos, Captain Mar-Vel, Scarlet Witch
World War Witch Thanos sends the Scarlet Witch back in time to World War 2. Scarlet Witch, Captain America, Bucky, Human Torch (Invaders), Toro Red Skull, German Soldiers Thanos, Iron Man, Ms.Marvel
Villiany Redux Syndrome Doctor Doom and his minions (MODOK & Abomination) try to escape from prison. Captain America, Ms.Marvel Molecule Man, Volcanna, Doctor Doom^, MODOK, Abomination Thanos
Support Your Local Skyfather Hercules and Thor battle it out in a compition. Hercules, Thor Loki^ Zeus, Odin, Eros, Power Pack, Invisble Woman, Mayor of Superhero City
Whom Continuity Would Destroy Thanos sets up the SHS against another team of heros from another universe. Iron Man, Hulk, Scarlet Witch Squadron Supreme^ (Nighthawk, Power Princess, Hyperion) Thanos, Gandmaster
Double Negotiation at the Worlds End Nebula fights Thanos over the Infinity Stones. SHS, HERBIE Annihilus Nebula, Thanos
Alienating with the Surfer SHS must fight Galactus. Silver Sufer attacks Ronan the Accuser. (Thor, Silver Sufer- Infinity Sword, Scarlet Witch), Hulk, Iron Man, Wolverine, Falcon {Ronan the Accuser^}, Galactus^ Anelle
Blind Rage Knows No Color Thanos sends Hulk on a sleep walking rampage. Thor, Thing, Iron Man, Wolverine, Falcon, (Iron Man, Thor, Wolverine) Hulk, {Nightmare} Thanos
Lo, How the Mighty Hath Abdicated Enchsntress tricks Odin into marrage, Thor must take over as king of Asgard. Iron Man, Hulk, Scarlet Witch, (Thor, Loki) Quicksliver, Magneto^, (Odin-Under Enchantress' control, Enchantress) Figga, HERBIE, Heimdall
So Pretty When They Explode Thanos tries to gain controll of the Power Stone. Nova, She-Hulk, Iron Man, Hercules, Thor, Hulk Thanos^, Thano-Bots Ultron, HERBIE, Holoball
Too Many Wolverines Egghead tries to make Wolverine clones. Firestar, Reptil, Wolverine Egghead, Wolverine Clones Amadeus Cho, X-23, Thor, Iron Man, Falcon, Scarlet Witch
Pedicure and Facial of Doom Coco von Doom turns her son's Latverian Castle into a spa. Wolverine, Ms.Marvel, Dr.Doom, Scarlet Witch, Iron Man Coco von Doom^, Cthon MODOK, Abomination
Fate of Destiny Thanos gains control of all the Infinity Stones, Dark Surfer (Whom yeilds the Infinity Gauntlet with all stones and Infinity Sword) sends all squadies to diffrent dimensions. Falcon, Wolverine, Iron Man, Scarlet Witch, Thor, Hulk Thanos^, Dark Surfer^ Nebula, Dr.Doom, MODOK, Abomination, HERBIE
Saga of Beta Ray Bill Thor is sent to a diffrent dimension were he meets a horse version of him self, Beta Ray Bill. Thor, Beta Ray Bill Stranger^, Korbinities Ms.Marvel, Anelle
Days, Nights, and Weekends of Future Past Falcon is sent to a dark future. Falcon, HERBIE, Reptile (The Man), Magneto (Old) Scarlet Empress^, Sentinels Ms.Marvel, Captain America, Reptil
This Man-Thing, This Monster Iron Man is sent to a horror land. Warewolf by Night/Jack Russel, Man-Thing, Iron Man Dracula^, Living Mummies Doc Sampson, Captain America
Devil Dinosaur You Say Wolverine is sent to Dinosaur World. Wolverine, Moon-Boy, Devil Dinosaur High Evolutionary^, Mayor of Superhero City, Dark Sufer, Captain America, Ms.Marvel
Planet Hulk Hulk is sent to far planet Hulk (Gladiator), Miek, Korg {Korg^}, Red King^, Big Bertha Mole Man, Firestar, Human Torch, Reptil
1602 Scarlet witch is sent to the year 1602. Scarlet Witch, Thor(1602), Ms.Marvel(1602) Doctor Doom (1602), Abomiantion (1602), MODOK(1602) Mayor of Superhero City (1602), Villagers
Brouhaha at World's Bottum Reed Richards tries to get the SHS back to Earth-616 Mr.Fantastic, Ms.Marvel, Iron Man, Thor, Hulk (Gladiator), Scarlet Witch, Falcon, Captain America, Ka-Zar, Wolverine Baron Strucker^, HYDRA Agents HERBIE
Missing: Impossible Impossible Man crashes with the SHS. SHS, {Impossible Man, Dr.Doom, Abomination, MODOK} {Dark Surfer^}, Impossible Man^, Helicarrier Computers Impossible Woman, HERBIE
Revenge of the Baby Sat Dark Surfer turns Iron Man, Scarlet Witch, and Falcon into babies. Thor, Ms.Marvel, HERBIE Doctor Doom^, MODOK, Abomination, Space Phantoms Wolverine, Iron Man(Baby), Falcon(Baby), Scarlet Witch(Baby), Dr.Doom(Baby), Hulk
Soul Stone Panic SHS try to rescue Capatin Mar-Vel. Captain Mar-Vel, Ms.Marvel, Iron Man, Thor Dark Surfer^ Adam Warlock, Thanos
Final Battle Doctor Doom forms his own team to take down the Dark Surfer, and SHS must Hero Up for one last time to save the universe. [Dr.Doom, MODOK, Abomination, Molocule Man, Volcana], SHS, Ronan the Accuser Dark Surfer^, Multi Coloured Surfers Adam Warlock, Thanos


Main Roster
Character Team Affiliation(s) Alternate Version(s) Method of Unlocking
Iron Man Superhero Squad Iron Man (Bathing Suit) Story: Level 1
Hulk Superhero Squad

Hulk (Grey)

Hulk (Gladiator)

Story: Level 1
Wolverine Superhero Squad/X-Men/All Captains Squad Captain Canada Story: Level 1
Falcon Superhero Squad Story: Level 4
Thor Superhero Squad

Thor (King of Asgard)

Thor (No Helmet)

Thor (Frog)

Thor (1602)

Story: Level 1
Silver Surfer Superhero Squad

Dark Surfer

Dark Surfer (Yellow)

Dark Surfer (Red)

Dark Surfer (Orange)

Dark Surfer (Blue)

Dark Surfer (Green)

Dark Surfer (Purple)

Story: Level 7
Ms.Marvel Superhero Squad Ms.Marvel (1602) Found at SHIELD Helicarrier
Captain America Superhero Squad/Invaders/All Captains Squad Found at SHEILD Vault
Reptil Superhero Squad Reptil (The Man) Story: Level 2
Doctor Doom Lethal Legion Doctor Doom (1602) Found at his throne in Villianville
MODOK Lethal Legion MODOK (1602) Found in Extraction Room in Villianville
Abomination Lethal Legion Abomination (1602) Found in Computer Room in Villainville
Mole Man Lethal Legion Found inside the hole ouside Superhero City
Doombots Lethal Legion Doombots (Hotel Employees) Story: Level 8
Klaw Lethal Legion Story: Level 4
Screaming Mimi Lethal Legion Songbird Found at Library
Toad Lethal Legion Found in Sewer
Melter Lethal Legion Complete Melter's Challenges
Juggernaut Lethal Legion Complete Melter's Challenges
Sabretooth Lethal Legion Complete Melter's Challenges
Whirlwind Lethal Legion Found at Park
Egghead Lethal Legion Complete Egghead's Challenges
Paste Pot Pete Lethal Legion Complete Egghead's Challenges
Batroc the Leaper Lethal Legion Complete Ka-Zar's Challenges
Crimson Dynamo Lethal Legion Found at Bank
Leader Lethal Legion Complete Impossible Man's Challenges
Tana Nile Lethal Legion Complete Impossible Man's Challenges
Molecule Man Found at SHIELD Prison
Volcanna Found at SHIELD Prison
Pyro Team Toxin Complete Team Toxin's Challenges
Zzzax Team Toxin Complete Team Toxin's Challenges
Trickster Team Toxin Complete Team Toxin's Challenges
Wrecker Wrecking Crew Found at Dam
Piledriver Wrecking Crew Found at Dam
Thunderball Wrecking Crew Found at Dam
Bulldozer Wrecking Crew Found at Dam
Ringmaster Found at Circus
Plantman Found in Green House
Loki Complete Loki's Challenges
Dormammu Complete Dr.Strange's Challenges
Galactus Heralds of Galactus Complete Heralds of Galactus Quest
Stardust Heralds of Galactus Complete Heralds of Galactus Quest
Firelord Heralds of Galactus  Complete Heralds of Galactus Quest
Terrax Heralds of Galactus Complete Heralds of Galactus Quest
Nighthawk Squadron Supreme Complete Grandmaster's Battle Request
Power Princess Squadron Supreme Complete Grandmaster's Battle Request
Hyperion Squadron Supreme Complete Grandmaster's Battle Request
Grandmaster Complete Grandmaster's Battle Request
Captain Mar-Vel Kree Empire Complete Kree Quest
Ronan the Accuser Kree Empire Complete Kree Quest
Kree Warrior Kree Empire Complete Kree Quest
Anelle Skrull Empire Complete Skrull Battles
Super Srull Skrull Empire Complete Skrull Battles
Skrull Skrull Empire Complete Skrull Battles
Beta Ray Bill Korbenites Complete Thor's Errands
Korbenite Warrior Korbenites Complete Thor's Errands
Stranger Complete Thor's Errands
Odin Odin (Underwear) Found at his throne in Asgard
Heimdall Found at Biöfrost
Frigga Found next to Odin
Executioner Complete Loki's Errands

Chicken Farm

Adam Warlock Chicken Farm
Bucky Invaders Complete Captain America's Backstory
Toro Invaders Complete Captain America's Backstory
Human Torch (Invaders) Invaders Complete Captain America's Backstory
Human Torch Fantastic Four Found at Baxter Building
Mr.Fantastic Fantastic Four Found at Baxter Building
The Thing Fantastic Four The Thing (Suit) Found at Baxter Building
Invisible Woman Fantastic Four Found at Baxter Building
Franklin Richards Must Have 200 Gold Bricks
Red Skull HYDRA HYDRA Undercover Missions
Baron Strucker HYRDA Baron Strucker (Captain America Suit) HYDRA Undercover Missions
HYDRA Agent HYDRA  HYDRA Undercover Missions
Jean Grey X-Men Found at X School
Colossus X-Men Found at X School
Proffeser X X-Men Mutant Hunter Missions
Cyclops X-Men Mutant Hunter Missions
Shadowcat X-Men Mutant Hunter Missions
Kitty Pride X-Men Mutant Hunter Missions
Storm X-Men Found at X School Training Room
Magneto Brotherhood of Evil Mutants Story: Level 17
Scarlet Witch Brotherhood of Evil Mutants/SHS Scarlet Emperroress Story: Level 17
Quicksilver Brotherhood of Evil Mutants Story: Level 17
Firestar Angelica Jones Reptil Missions
Amadeus Cho Reptil Missions
Moon-Boy Wolverine Quest
High Evolutionary Wolverine Quest
Man-Thing Supernatural Squad Iron Man Team Ups
Warewolf by Night Supernatural Squad Jack Russle Iron Man Team Ups
Ellen Supernatural Squad Iron Man Team Ups
War Machine Iron Man Team Ups
Dracula Found at Graveyard
N'Kantu Found in Graveyard
She-Hulk Hulk Thinkers
Red King Hulk Thinkers
Miek Hulk Thinkers
Korg Hulk Thinkers
HERBIE SHIELD/Fantastic Four SHIELD Helicarrier
Nick Fury Howling Commandos Scorpio Nick Fury's Backstory
Dum Dum Dugan Howling Commandos Nick Fury's Backstory
Gabe Jones Howling Commandos Nick Fury's Backstory
Izzy Cohen Howling Commandos Nick Fury's Backstory
Space Phantom Nightmare's Nightmare
Ultron Completed Story Mode
Doctor Strange Dr. Strange Challenges
Baron Mordo Dr.Strange Challenges
Nova Nova Cops Nova Cops Mssion
Nebula The Infinity Gauntlet Challenges
Annihilus The Infinity Gauntlet Challenges
Impossible Woman Shapeshifter's Paradise
Impossible Man Shapeshifter's Paradise
Mystique Shapeshifter's Paradise
Black Widow Unlock Once Mystique is Unlocked
Wasp Story: Level 4
Hercules Olympus Quest
Zeus Olympus Quest
Eros Olympus Quest
Coco von Doom Moms Rule Mission
Galactus' Mom Moms Rule Mission
Chthon Found at Laviteria Castle
Nightmare Nightmare's Nightmares
Captain Britain All Captains Squad Captain Quest
Captain Brazil All Captains Squad Captain Quest
Captain Australia All Captains Squad Captain Quest
Captain Liechtenstein All Captains Squad Captain Quest
Mayor of Superhero City Mayor of Superhero City (1602) Found at Town Hall
Flatman Once you have Completed 99.9% of the Game
Jack Power Power Pack Complete Story
Alex Power Power Pack Complete Story 
Julie Power Power Pack Complete Story
Katie Power Power Pack Complete Story
Alicia Masters Egghead's Challenges
Brynnie Bratton Story: Level 5
Enchantriss Story: Level 15
Mindless Ones Found at Sanctum Santorum
Sif Warriors 3 Mission
Fandral Warriors 3 Warriors 3 Mission
Volstagg Warriors 3 Warriors 3 Mission
Hogun Warriors 3 Warriors 3 Mission
Morgan le Fay Requires 210 Gold Bricks
X-23  Egghead's Challenges
Spider-Man DLC
Squirrell Girl DLC
Whizzer DLC
Black Bolt Inhumans DLC
Star-Lord Gardians of the Galexy DLC
Brother Voodoo DLC
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