LEGO Island: The Series is an American computer-animated comedy adventure television series to air on Cartoon Network and also on WB Kids as the first LEGO IP to be an original series so it's both an adaption and a reboot to the LEGO Island trilogy.

Rated TV-Y7 for mild slapstick humor and some cartoonish action and peril.


The show retells the entire LEGO Island trilogy but it's set in the 21st Century. 

Voice Cast

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Episode List

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Differences between the original trilogy and LEGO Island: The Series 

  • Pepper is more smarter than his original counterpart.
  • The Island is much bigger and have got many differences:
    • The Brickolini Pizzeria is expanded.
    • The homes were expanded.
    • The Police Station is expanded up to 3 floors.
  • The bad ending of the 1st game is included in Pepper's Dream.
  • The good ending from the 1st game is extended.
  • Unlike the games, it uses the same animation style from LEGO DC Comics films.
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