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Wave Two
Based on Lego Construction Toys
Produced by Dan Lin
Roy Lee
Phil Lord (TLNM2 & WS)
Christopher Miller (TLNM2 & WS)
Jinko Gotoh (TLM3)
Production company LEGO System A / S

Warner Animation Group (2024 - 2029) Universal Animation Studios (2024 - 2029)

Distributed by Warner Bros. Pictures

Universal Pictures (2024-2029)

Release date 2024–2029
Country United States


Language English
Budget Total (6 films):


Box office Preliminary (6 films 25/9/21):

$ 3,622,434,017

Wave Two of the LEGO Extended Universe (LEU) is a series of computer-animated and comedy films produced by Warner Animation Group and Universal Animation Studios, based on LEGO construction toys. The wave began in 2024 with the release of The Lego Movie 3 and concluded in 2029 with the release of The Lego Dimensions Movie: Episode II which together with Episode I released in 2028 are the main crossover films. Dan Lin and Roy Lee returns again as lead producers for all films along with Phill Lord and Christopher Miller for Ninjago - The Movie and Wyldstyle, and Jinko Gotoh for The Lego Movie 3. All eleven films of the wave grossed over $5.6 billion at the global box office and received critical response and Generally positive public, with some getting a mixed reception. The Lego Dimensions Movie: Episode II managed to enter the top 50 of the highest grossing films of all time at position 39, as well as becoming the eighth highest grossing animated film of all time and in the highest grossing film of the entire LEU and any other LEGO film.

Will Arnett appeared most on stage, starring in or making cameos in seven of the eleven Wave Two films. Along with Wave One, make up The Dimensions Series.


On October 2, 2022, the full list of films that Warner Animation Group planned to produce as part of Wave Two of the LEGO Extended Universe was announced at that time in association with Universal Animation Studios and LEGO System A / S: The Lego Movie. 3: The Third Part (2024), The Lego Batman movie '2': Villains (2025), The Lego 'Chima' Movie (2025), The Lego Dimensions Movie II (2026) and Wyldstyle (2027), as well as the release of two more films, signed for 2026 and 2027 respectively, which would later be released as The Lego Ninjago Movie 2 and The Lego Hary Potter Movie. Several series such as LEGO's Joke, LEGO's Lord of the Rings: Series and LEGO Undercover Episodes were also revealed. This announcement was made during New York Comic-Con 2022, along with previews of the Girls Rule series, due to premiere that same October.

The LEGO Extended Universe Release Schedule, New York Comic-Con, October 2nd 2022

On May 3, 2024, the already known The Lego Dimensions Movie II, would be officially canceled, to make way a year later for The Lego Dimensions Movie: Episode I (2028) and The Lego Dimensions Movie: Episode II (2029) that they announce during the San Diego Comic-Con signing their dates around September 2028 and 2029 respectively, as well as The Lego Monkie Kit Movie for April of the same year. After both films were announced, Phill Lord and Christopher Miller, having positioned themselves as directors and writers of both films, declared that finally "Dimensions - Year 2" did not materialize due to the structure that the story of the extended universe would take during the Wave. Two and due to the presence of more planned projects that led to its definitive cancellation leaving The Lego Nexo Knight Movie as its replacement in the list of release dates.

Dimensions Movie Revelation.jpg

Also in May 2024, LEGO's Joke was removed from the series launch schedule, being officially canceled. By 2025, the addition of the "Original Cut" from The Lego Dimensions Movie would cause Wyldstyle to have a date change, around December 2028. In June, it was announced that The Lego Nexo Knights Movie was already in post-production, scheduling its premiere for November 16, 2026 (It was also stated that the tape had been in development since 2023).

By April 2027, the final wave schedule, including The Lego Dimensions Movie: Episode I and Episode II, as well as Wyldstyle for December 2028, was released online. Additionally, it was integrated into The Lego Dimensions Movie: Original Cut by mid-2027 and The Lego Monkie Kit Movie for 2029.


Year Film Distributor
2024 The Lego Movie 3: The Third Part Warner Bros. Pictures

Universal Pictures

2025 The Lego Batman Movie 2
The Lego Chima Movie
2026 Ninjago - The Movie
The Lego Nexo Knight Movie
2027 The Lego Harry Potter Movie
The Lego Dimensions Movie: Original Cut
2028 The Lego Dimensions Movie: Episode I
2029 The Lego Monkie Kit Movie
The Lego Dimensions Movie: Episode II

(ignore as much as possible)

Box Office Preliminary

lego 3 $505,701,598

Batman 2 $401,322,159

Original Cut $405,123,113

Episode 1 $991,656,315

wyldstyle $ 652,274,694

chima $279,885,924

ninjago $ 267,347,101

MK $ 667,522,03   

Episode 2 $ 1,044,422,302

total 30/9/21: $ 5,620,378,349