Kyou is Hina's "love interest" in Magical Idol Love!


Kyou is a quick-tempered and honest 17-year-old blue-haired tomboy who is Hina's "crush".


  • Hina - Hina has a "crush" on Kyou, which she does not like, despite her being a girl.
  • Mari - Kyou and Mari don't get along well.
  • Kasumi - Kasumi is afraid of Kyou, because she has Androgynophobia (fear of tomboys).
  • Hotaru - Same with Mari.
  • Kaede - Kyou and Kaede get along very well.


Kyou - It can mean "unite, cooperate", "capital city", "village", or "apricot", in her case, it means "village".

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