Kyle William Johnson 2:Rise of the Dragon Knights of Time and Space

Kyle William Johnson 2:Rise of the Dragon Knights of Time and Space is the sequal of Kyle William Johnson from Walt Disney Pictures and 20th Century Fox. Kyle and the Angel Squads are back and ready for action,he and his friends and family are going to Sydeny for vacation. Everything is perfect until two dragon digimon came to battle,there are three new digimon thier names are TimeKnightdramon,SpaceKnightdramon,and MegaImperialdramon. Can Kyle and Angel Squads stop two Dragon Knights of Time and Space from destorying Sydney?



  • Kyle William Johnson as himself/Ingrammon/MasterIngrammon/MegaPaildramon/MegaImperialdramon/Ssj4Kyle/Kygeen
  • Becky Flansburg as Fairamon/MagnaFairamon/Sailor Sun/Mistressmon
  • Keegan Bradley as himself/Bluedramon/ShineBludramon/Ssj4Keegan/Kygeen
  • Jake Bartalo as himself/Ssj4Jake/Metaldonmon/Tristeelmon
  • Markus Wing as himself/Fangarumon/Saberinemon
  • Courtney Sullivan as herself/AirBirdramon/Falconmon
  • Michelle Sullivan as herself/Sunfloramon/Daisymon
  • Isaac Bradley as himself/Kuwagamon/MegaKuwagamon
  • Brandon Goshay as himself/Stonedramon/Magmadramon/Garulumon/Mechagarumon
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