kome is another earth with talking animal alien and new life live in peace but jurita repuhan with her mans take 

File:622px-Kome lost world.jpg

over land world and galaxy so only one hero to stop her queen side with her friends.


n year 2000 city new las in usa people live in happy peace and good but evil queen take for over 104 cop and soilder cant stop her evil plan and now new hero to save everyone of queen.


  • cloushin is is the main protagonist and titular character he is was born in the mountain city of calilight and was neighbors with Athena li His father leave when he was 5 and he was raised by his mother had no close friends he other village children and so didn't care for their company but he meet athema-li and He had a crush on her both start childhood friends 18 year later he join s.f.w.f.g fight jurita repulsa army and monsters
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