Kitrina: Future Princess is a Japanese adventure-comedy cyberpunk anime loosely based on The Dinosaur Princess by María Alejandra Botín and Lawrence Christensen, being created by TBD. It is produced by Madhouse and Warner Bros. Animation Japan and airs on Fuji Television on February 14th, 2020.

An English dub is produced by Viz Media and it airs on WB Kids since June 18th, 2020.


Set in the year 2156, the princess of Neo Saurus Kingdom is thrust into a series of events that might change her life as she explores the wonders of the TBD.



  • Kitrina (voiced by Caitlin Glass) - the adventurous princess of the Neo Saurus Kingdom who is out to solve the mysteries that surround her TBD.
    • T.E.R.R.Y. (vocal effects by Wally Wingert) - a TBD robotic triceratops created to assist Kitrina in her adventures, being able to fuse itself with her to form battle armor.
  • Gayle (voiced by Cassandra Lee Morris) - Kitrina's rather bubbly but caring adoptive older sister who is her closest ally as she helps her out to fight the TBD.


  • King Tronus and Queen Victoria (voiced by Christopher Corey Smith and Laura Bailey, respectively) - Kitrina's caring parents who often worry about her safety as TBD.
  • Tristan (voiced by Quinton Flynn) - Kitrina's friendly childhood friend who she has a crush on as TBD.
  • Duke Ronald "Ron" (voiced by Max Mittelman) - a TBD duke from a neighboring region who Gayle became enamored with as TBD.
  • The Shaman (voiced by Keith Silverstein) - a TBD artificial intelligence who TBD.
  • Jewel (voiced by Kate Higgins) - a TBD artificial intelligence who is able to grant TBD.
  • Feist and Shady (voiced by TBD) - an intelligent robotic velociraptor and dimetrodon duo who are created to attack villains.


  • Lilia (voiced by Erica Lindbeck) - a beautiful but rather menacing cyborg who is known for her ability to manipulate technology and uses it to take down the TBD.
  • Isiah the Energy King (voiced by Yuri Lowenthal) - the mysterious and arrogant ruler of the Energy Kingdom who has a grudge against the Neo Saurus Kingdom as he is TBD.
    • Anna the Energy Queen (voiced by Tara Platt) - Isiah's TBD wife who TBD.
  • [main villain of Meteoroid arc]


  • It is set in the future and most references to dinosaurs are removed.
  • Jungle-like clothing is replaced by spandex clothing with neon lights.
  • Kitrina starts out as a 16-year-old.
  • Terry is reimagined as a robot and is able to change into armor worn by Kitrina.
  • Gayle is an orphan and raised by Kitrina's parents.
  • Lilia is a sentient cyborg who was created through TBD.
  • Isiah never redeemed and is capable to control electricity through his special gloves.
  • Energy Kingdom inhabitants wear outfits made out of metal.


See List of Kitrina: Future Princess episodes.


  1. Neo Saurus Wonders Arc (Eps. 1-TBD) - Kitrina becomes the outright heiress to the Neo Saurus throne as she combats TBD.
  2. Meteroid Arc (Eps. TBD-TBD) - Kitrina and the rest of the Neo Saurus Kingdom citizens encounter a robot meteor that crashes near them as it ends up hatching evil droids.


  • This series invokes manga/anime tropes related to mecha and cyberpunk genres.
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