Kirara Amanogawa (Kira Brightfield in Glitter Princesses) is one of the main Cures in Go! Princess Pretty Cure.


Kirara has long brown hair tied into two low pigtails. She wears a purple headband and yellow star earrings. Her eye color is purple. She wears a yellow off the shoulder shirt that has a frilly front and sleeves with the hem of her shirt tying into a bow. She wears teal and turquoise striped shorts and cream-colored wedged sandals. In the summer, she wears a ruffly sleeveless top that ties in the back with the layered frills colored a different shade of yellow and some blue denim jorts and yellow sandals. She also wears a yellow headband. In the winter, she wears a yellow long-sleeve sweater with holes in the shoulders along with blue shorts, orange stockings and brown chunky-heeled boots.

As Cure Twinkle, her hair grows longer and turns orange, with a darker orange ombre along the top with two red streaks on the sides of her bangs, and light yellow pom-poms tied around the middle of the pigtails. She also wears a gold and cream-colored tiara. Her dress is yellow with light yellow and white accents, an orange belt with a star in front and purple frills in the skirt. Along her chest is a purple bow with a gold brooch and there looks to be a light yellow bow in the back. Her accessories include a light yellow frilly choker and cream-colored armbands, short cream-colored gloves with orange bands around the wrist, thigh-length cream and yellow-colored boots and yellow star-shaped earrings. When she changes into her Mode Elegant form, her skirt lengthens to the floor and it is yellow with purple, light purple and white layers inside and star-shaped beading on each side.

As an adult shown in episode 50, she achieved becoming a top model in Paris. She's shown wearing a yellow outfit with small star earrings, a gold bracelet, a navy blue purse, and a white headband. Her hair is now cut short, reaching past her shoulders.


Kirara is a freshman at Noble Academy who is a "my pace" sort of girl and is very fashionable. She is active as a model every day, appearing in magazines and fashion shows. Her dream is to be a top model, and she has the strength to pursue it head on.


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