Kingdom Hearts Warriors (キングダムハーツ無双 Kingudamu Hātsu Musō, Kingdom Hearts Musou), or Disney Warriors (ディズニー無双 Dizunī Musō, Disney Warriors Musou), is an upcoming action hack-and-slash game in 2025 along with the upcoming shows and movies with Square Enix's Kingdom Hearts. The game will feature the largest roster in Disney's Video Game history, including guest characters from other properties for Fan service.


Title Screen Concept


The game is a hack-and-slash game where you play as any character in the series.


Sora, Riku, and the other heroes must defeat Xehanort's daughter and the other villains who terrorized the dimensions of elements with the characters trapped and need to be rescued. Sora and the team separates in each of the worlds to rescue the characters from the dimensions.

Difficulty Levels

  • Beginner - Beginner players will take small damage. Enemies and bosses are very weak.
  • Easy - A difficulty step by step. Enemies and bosses are weak.
  • Normal - Normal default setting. Enemies and bosses are equally leveled to the players. Players take normal damage.
  • Hard - A harder difficulty with stronger enemies and bosses.
  • Chaos - Hardest difficulty with even strongest enemies and bosses. Players will get 3x damage.

Roster (Characters)

These characters with this symbol (*) is unlockable. The list will show massive number of characters from each series of the movies, Pixar, Final Fantasy, and television series.

  • Maximum of TBA characters
  • TBA heroes
  • TBA villains


Characters Weapon/Abilities Attributes/Elements Ability Types Series English Voice Actor Japanese Voice Actor
Sora Keyblade Fire Speed Kingdom Hearts Haley Joel Osment Miyu Irino
Riku Keyblade (from Kingdom Hearts 3) Darkness Power Kingdom Hearts David Gallagher Mamoru Miyano
Kairi Keyblade (Destiny's Embrace) Light All Around Kingdom Hearts Alyson Stoner Risa Uchida
Roxas Keyblade Light Speed Kingdom Hearts Jesse McCartney Kōki Uchiyama
Terra* Keyblade (Ends of the Earth) Wind Technique Kingdom Hearts Jason Dohring Ryōtarō Okiayu
Aqua* Keyblade (Rainfall) Water Technique Kingdom Hearts Willa Holand Megumi Toyoguchi
King Mickey/Mickey Mouse* Keyblade Light All Around Kingdom Hearts Bret Iwan Takashi Aoyagi
Donald Duck His magic rod Lighting Speed Kingdom Hearts Tony Anselmo Koichi Yamadera
Goofy His shield Earth Technique Kingdom Hearts Bill Farmer Chō
Jack Sparrow Sword and pistol Water Technique Pirates of the Caribbean Jared Butler Hiroaki Hirata
Merida* Her bow Wind All Around Brave Kelly Macdonald Yuko Oshima
Rapunzel Her hair Light All Around Tangled Kelsey Landsdowne Shoko Nakagawa
Eugene Rapunzel's pan Wind Speed Tangled Zachary Levi Hiroshi Hatanaka
Hiro Hamada Equipped with his suit Lighting Technique Big Hero 6 Ryan Potter Yutaro Honjo
Baymax Equipped with his suit Lightning Power Big Hero 6 Scott Adsit Tokuyoshi Kawashima
Go Go Tomago Her feet and her suit Lighting Speed Big Hero 6 Jamie Chung Masumi Asano
Honey Lemon* Chem Balls and her equipment Ice All Around Big Hero 6 Genesis Rodriguez Mai Yamane
Wasabi* Plasma Blades and his equipment Wind Technique Big Hero 6 Khary Payton Koji Takeda
Fred* His suit Fire Power Big Hero 6 Brooks Wheelan Hideto Nitta
Judy Hopps Her equipment Wind Speed Zootopia Ginnifer Goodwin Aya Ueto
Nick Wilde* TBA Wind All Around Zootopia Jason Bateman Toshiyuki Morikawa
Moana* Oar Water All Around Moana Auli'i Cravalho Tomona Yabiku
Mau'i Magical fish hook Wind Technique Moana Dwayne Johnson Matsuya Onoe
Phineas Flynn TBA Wind Technique Phineas and Ferb Vincent Martella TBA
Ferb Fletcher TBA Wind Power Phineas and Ferb TBA TBA
Perry the Platypus TBA Metal Speed Phineas and Ferb Dee Bradley Baker N/A
Elena Scepter of Light Light Technique Elena of Avalor Aimee Carrero Ai Maeda
Star Butterfly Her magic wand Astral All Around Star vs. the Forces of Evil Eden Sher Kana Ueda
Marco Diaz His karate skills Wind Speed Star vs. the Forces of Evil Adam McArthur Kazuyuki Okitsu]]
Anne and Sprig* Their magic powers Water Technique Amphibia Brenda Song and Justin Felbinger
Luz* Her staff Astral All Around The Owl House TBA TBA
Eda* Her dark powers Darkness Technique The Owl House TBA TBA
Sprucia Salvaje Her fists, strength, cat-like powers, and earth-related powers Earth Power Sprucia and Gilli series Amanda C. Miller Marina Inoue
Gilli Salvaje Her claws, agility, speed, cat-like powers and wind-related powers Wind Speed Sprucia and Gilli series Lauren Landa Aimi Tanaka
Isaak Salvaje* His spear, cyrokinesis, cat-like powers, and water-related powers Water Technique Sprucia and Gilli series Matt Ellis Eiji Takemoto
Prince Charles Magical rapier Light Speed Sprucia and Gilli series Aaron Taylor-Johnson Kenji Nojima
Prince Arthur Magical paintbrush Astral All Around Sprucia and Gilli series Lucien Dodge Umeka Shōji
Princess Bridget* Warrior Halberd Ice Technique Sprucia and Gilli series Abby Trott TBA
Viola Miller/Vivid Heart Her microphone Astral All Around Viola the Approved Pop Star Bella Thorne Kanae Itō
Monique Wilson/Techno Girl Meditating Gyro Gears Lighting Technique Viola the Approved Pop Star Cree Summer Fumie Mizusawa
Claire Thompson/Crimson Rose* Her guitar Fire Power Viola the Approved Pop Star Isabela Moner Nana Mizuki
Liam Davis/DJ K-4* Spinner Metal Speed Viola the Approved Pop Star Justin Timberlake Chihiro Suzuki
Ming-Yu Ping/Maiden Blossom* Her dual dancing fans Wind All Around Viola the Approved Pop Star Apollo Smile Ai Nagano


Characters Weapons/Abilities Attributes/Elements Ability Types Series English Voice Actor Japanese Voice Actor
Xerestia Keyblade Darkness Technique Kingdom Hearts K'Maya Smith Kaori Ishihara
Pete His fists (formerly), Bombs Metal Power Kingdom Hearts Jim Cummings Tōru Ōhira
Maleficent Her staff Darkness Technique Sleeping Beauty Susanne Blakeslee Toshiko Sawada
Hades His dark and fire powers Fire All Around Hercules James Woods Kyusaku Shimada
Ansem* Keyblade Wind Technique Kingdom Hearts Richard Epcar Akio Otsuka
Xemnas* Keyblade Fire Technique Kingdom Hearts Paul St. Peter Norio Wakamoto
Evil Queen Her staff and magic Darkness
Hector Barbossa His sword and gun Metal Pirates of the Caribbean
Davy Jones His sword and gun, immortality Water Pirates of the Caribbean
Lord Draven His orb Darkness Power Sprucia and Gilli Ray Chase Rikiya Koyama
Captain Hook His pirate sword Metal Power Peter Pan Corey Burton Naoya Uchida



Characters Weapon/Abilites


Ability Type Series English Voice Actor Japanese Voice Actor
Ventus Keyblade Wind All Around Kingdom Hearts Jesse McCartney Kōki Uchiyama
Axel Keyblade Fire Technique Kingdom Hearts Quinton Flynn Keiji Fujiwara
Master Eraqus Keyblade Astral Power Kingdom Hearts Mark Hammil Makio Inoue
Stitch Laser gun Metal Speed Lilo and Stitch
Miguel Rivera Guitar Light Technique Coco Anthony Gonzalez Akiko Kimura
Ezra Bridger Laser sword Metal All Around Star Wars Rebels Taylor Gray Kenji Nojima
Eclipsa Her magic powers Astral All Around Star vs. the Forces of Evil
Gamora Guardians of the Galaxy Vanessa Marshall
Rocket Racoon Guardians of the Galaxy Trevor Devall
Groot Guardians of the Galaxy Kevin Michael Richardson
Sam Flynn Tron: Legacy Ross Thomas
Quorra Tron: Legacy Erin Cottrell
Neku Sakuraba Pyschs/Psychomancy and fusion attacks Lighting Speed The World Ends With You Jesse David Corti Kōki Uchiyama
Shiki Misaki ESP Cards Astral Technique The World Ends With You Heather Hogan Anna Hachimine
Cloud Strife Buster sword Metal All Around Final Fantasy series TBA TBA


Characters Weapon/Abilities Attributes/Elements Ability Types Series English Voice Actor Japanese Voice Actor
Master Xehanort Keyblade Darkness Technique Kingdom Hearts Chikao Ōtsuka
Xigbar Keyblade Kingdom Hearts James Patrick Stuart Hochu Otsuka
Draven Jr. His puppet car Darkness All Aroumd Sprucia and Gilli/Three Lionhearted Kats Benjamin Diskin
Riku Replica Keyblade Darkness Power




Leisure Mode

In Leisure Mode, the player can feel free to interact with any hero or villain and make friendship with them (leveling them up too) by chatting and doing activities.


Kingdom Hearts Warriors/Soundtrack


  • This game is similar to the Samurai Warriors and Dynasty Warriors series.
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