Quotes from Hades of Kingdom Hearts Warriors

Chapter Start Quotes

  • I have to fight, no matter what!
  • This is the end of the battle, but I won't lose! (Final Chapter)
  • Let's go, everyone!

Combo Quotes

  • Ha ha! Look's like I'm doing great!
  • I must keep on fighting!
  • I slayed the enemy! (enemy officer defeated)
  • The Keyblade will be on my guard! (reaching to 1000 combo)

To player

  • Awesome moves!
  • Hey, that's cool!
  • Nice skills, Riku! (to Riku)
  • Kairi, I like your skills! (to Kairi)
  • King Mickey, you're doing great! (to Mickey)

Super Attacks

  • The path of the Keyblade!


  • (grunts) I can't lose yet!
  • I've gotta bad feeling about this....
  • I need help, guys! (in danger)

When player assists or heal the ally

  • Thanks, let's team up together!


  • I think I should go for now....

Encounter an Enemy (The player)

  • Get ready!
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