Quotes from King Mickey/Mickey Mouse of Kingdom Hearts Warriors

Chapter Start Quotes

  • We will triumph!
  • The Keyblade shall lead the way! (Final Chapter)
  • We can't let any villain take our glory!

Combo Quotes

  • I won't accept mercy from an enemy.
  • Enemies like you need to rest.
  • Enemy officer is defeated! (enemy officer defeated)
  • I am merely the warrior king of the battlefield! (reaching to 1000 combo)

To player

  • Wonderful!
  • That's the spirit, mantain that courage!
  • Sora, show them how the Keyblade fits! (to Sora)
  • Riku, you sure know how to become very worthy! (to Riku)

Super Attacks

  • Here goes!


  • Are things getting desperate right now?
  • I can't endure this!
  • Someone, dispatch reinforcements immediately! (in danger)

When player assists or heal the ally

  • Thank you, let's work together to overcome the enemies!


  • I have no choice but to withdraw, I'll leave it up to you guys.

Encounter an Enemy (The player)

  • You shall spare me no quarter!

Free Time/Leisure Mode

Greeting the player

  • What's up?
  • Hey, how's it going?
  • Happy birthday, buddy! (if it's the player's birthday)
  • Not surprised to see you, friend! (when leveled up to 50)

Maxed up Friendship

  • Sometimes I actually become independent, but sometimes I can have you by side. I'll protect you with all my might!

Chatting with the player

  • Wanna chat?

Interacting with the character

  • Hmm....
  • You're really gentle.
  • I may not be ticklish that much.
  • Why are you patting me on the head.
  • *laughs*

Wanting to play a game

  • A challenge, are you up to it?
  • Alright, bring it on! (when the player accepts)
  • Not yet, alright? (when the player declines)
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