Quotes from Gilli Salvaje of Kingdom Hearts Warriors

Chapter Start Quotes

  • The wind will guide our path!
  • I cannot lose at the end! (Final Chapter)
  • Just count on me!

Combo Quotes

  • Hraaaah! Take that!
  • Okay! Who's next?!
  • Otro arañó! (enemy officer defeated)
  • I'm a heroine, am I? (reaching to 1000 combo)

To player

  • Hey! I like your skills!
  • I'm impressed! When did you learn to do that?
  • Hermana, I wish I would fight with you. (to Sprucia)
  • Go go, Isaak! (to Isaak)
  • Charles, do you always give your enemies a good musician beating? (to Prince Charles)
  • (giggles) I'm in love with you, Arthur! (to Prince Arthur)
  • Bridget, Isaak would be proud of you! (to Princess Bridget)

Super Attacks

  • I'll scratch you to shreds!


  • Ugh! I should've payed more attention!
  • This isn't going good to me right now....
  • Hey, ayuadame! There's a stressing girl here! (in danger)

When player assists or heal the ally

  • I thought I was gonna be a goner, but thanks anyway!


  • Now I have to leave right now! Sorry, everyone....

 Encounter an Enemy (The player)

  • Lemme scratch your ugly face real quick!

Free Time/Leisure Mode

Greeting the player

  • Hi!
  • Que pasa, how's it going?
  • Happy birthday! Hoy es tu cumpleaños! (if it's the player's birthday)
  • My best amigo! (when leveled up to 50)

Maxed up Friendship

  • You're are always so warm and nice, I wish I would be by your side forever as a friend like you are!

Chatting with the player

  • Let's have a chat!

Interacting with the character

  • *giggles*
  • Meow....
  • *purrs*
  • Hey, that tickles!
  • You're a funny person!

Wanting to play a game

  • You wanna play with me?
  • Bring it on! Vamonos! (when the player accepts)
  • Meow.... I see.... (when the player declines)
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