Kingdom Hearts IV

Rated: (E+10)

It's an upcoming action role-playing game developed by Square Enix and published by Disney Interactive Studios for the PS4, PS5 & Xbox One. It takes place nearly 1 year after 'Kingdom Hearts III: ReMind' & 'Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory' in the Keyblade Foretellers Saga with Sora & Kairi as the Main Protagonists, and their quest is to defeat the 5 Foretellers including Xigbar/Luxu from using the Black Box that the Master of Masters gave him and he plans to control Kingdom Hearts.

About the Game

Kingdom Hearts IV takes place about nearly 1 Year after the Dark Seekers Saga and the events during Kingdom Hearts III: ReMind & Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory. Xigbar (Now as the Reincarnated Luxu) is planning to control Kingdom Hearts by using the Black Box that the Master of Masters (MoM) gave him with help from the 4 Keyblade Foretellers including Pete & Maleficent while at the same time, Kairi was consumed with guilt since Sora faded by abusing the Power of Waking to save her, she decides to rescue him. So she completes her Power of Revival training and becomes a Keyblade Master as she saves Sora who is at the Final World Realm after he got revived by Luxord's Wild Card and the spirit of Kairi's Grandmother, then they both begin their Adventure with Donald Duck & Goofy by traveling new worlds with a little help from Ava, plus Riku, Terra & King Mickey trains Namine & Xion to become new Keyblade Wielders of Light for a epic duel of 13 Light Keyblade Wielders and 7 Princesses of Heart against 7 Keyblade Dark Foretellers all leading up to a final battle between Sora, Kairi & Yozora VS Xigbar/Luxu that will determine the Fate of Kingdom Hearts.


Sora (The Main Protagonist) (He lost his heart by rescuing Kairi and defeating Master Xehanort with the Power of Waking during the event of Kingdom Hearts III: ReMind, but got revived by the spirit of Kairi's Grandmother including Luxord's Wild Card & becomes reunited by Kairi)

Kairi (2nd Main Protagonist) (She becomes a Keyblade Master as she passes her Rank of Mastery Exam with Aqua, then she completes her Power of Revival training and finding the revived Sora in Final World Realm, she teams up with him in a Journey to duel against the 5 Keyblade Foretellers)

Riku (3rd Main Protagonist) (He is Sora and Kairi's best friend, he goes on a mission with King Mickey to know about the Foretellers and later teams up with Sora, Kairi, Namine, Xion & Yozora in battle at Twilight Town)

Xigbar/Luxu (Main Villain) (Xigbar is the Reincarnated Luxu and he plans to use the Black Box so he can control Kingdom Hearts)- He uses the Dark Keyblade with a symbol of the Snake and causes lust.

Donald Duck (One of Sora's Friends and Kairi's Alley) (He is an assistant to King Mickey at Disney Castle)

Goofy (One of Sora's Friends and Kairi's 2nd Alley) (He is an assistant to King Mickey at Disney Castle)

King Mickey (Keyblade Master & pairs up with Riku to know about the 5 Keyblade Foretellers and the 'Heart Keyblade')

Aqua (Keyblade Master) (She trains Kairi to learn the Power of Revival and becomes Kairi's partner)

Axle/Lea (Keyblade Master) (Trained Kairi during Kingdom Hearts III, and now he teams up with Sora, Kairi and the others)

Namine (New Keyblade Wielder of Light and Kairi's Nobody. She was revived by Ansem the Wise after Kairi got hurt by Master Xehanort during the battle at the Keyblade Graveyard during Kingdom Hearts III, and now she teams up with Kairi)

Xion (A Keyblade Wielder of Light. She is revived during the battle of the Keyblade Graveyard in Kingdom Hearts III, and she teams up with Kairi)

Yozora (A Keyblade Wielder of Light from Verum Rex World who balances his powers of Light & Darkness, and he becomes Sora, Riku & Kairi's new Alley)

Terra (Keyblade Master) (He was freed from Master Xehanort's control during Kingdom Hearts III and now, he trains Namine & Xion to become new Keyblade Wielders)

Roxas (Keyblade Welder) (A Keyblade Wielder and Sora's Nobody, he is freed & revived from Sora during Kingdom Hearts III)

Ventus (Keyblade Master) (He was awaken & reunited by Sora, Riku & Aqua during Kingdom Hearts III, and teams up with the others)

Master Yen Sid (He helps Kairi train with Aqua to learn the Power of Revival so Sora can be brought back)

Ansem the Wise (Kairi's Uncle & Researcher who studies Kingdom Hearts)

Isa/Saix (He was once a former member of the Organization 13 as Saix, now an alley to Sora, Kairi, Roxas, Xion and Axle/Lea)

Ienzo/Zexion (Sora & Kairi's alley) (He was once a former member of the Organization 13 as Zexion, now he makes Replicas for people with lost Hearts)

Ephemer (Keyblade Researcher from Kingdom Hearts X, and he teams up with Sora, Kairi, Riku and Yozora)

Chirithy (A Dream Eater who Teams up with Kairi in the Final World Realm by finding the revived Sora, then later Teams up with the others)

Dilan (A Keyblade Bodyguard and Alley who protects the 13 Keyblade Guardians of Light)

Even (Another Keyblade Bodyguard and Alley who protects the 13 Guardians of Light)

Kairi's Grandmother (Kairi's Grand-Parent who saves Sora by reviving him after he used the Power of Waking to rescue Kairi and he got sent to 'Verum Rex' World)

Master of Masters (Unown Keyblade Master) (He helps Kairi in the Station of Awakening and made her unlock the Power of Revival at Scala Ad Caelum, then he asks Xigbar/Luxu and the 4 Keyblade Foretellers to battle against Sora and Kairi's Team, plus he plans to let Xigbar/Luxu create the 'Heart-Blade')- He uses his 'No Name' Keyblade with the symbol of the Phoenix.

Pete (Xigbar/Luxu's Alley) (King Mickey's enemy) (He confronts Sora, Kairi, Goofy and Donald Duck in Disney Worlds to prevent them from defeating the 5 Keyblade Foretellers)

Maleficent (Xigbar/Luxu's Alley) (Enemy to Sora's Team) (She teams up with Pete, Xigbar/Luxu and 4 of the 5 Keyblade Foretellers to prevent Sora & the others from saving Kingdom Hearts)

Ava (Keyblade Foreteller) (Agrabah World) (Teams up with Sora & Kairi after being free from dark control during the Agrabah World mission)- She uses the Keyblade symbol of a Frog and she causes Greed.

Aced (Keyblade Foreteller) (Hawaii World) (Partner with Gantu)- He uses the Keyblade symbol of a Goat and he causes Sloth.

Ira (Keyblade Foreteller) (Metroville/Island World) (Partner to Syndrome)- He uses the Keyblade symbol of a Bear and he causes Wrath.

Invi (Keyblade Foreteller) (Pridelands/Outlands World) (Partner to Zira)- He uses the Keyblade symbol of a Dog and he causes Envy.

Gula (Keyblade Foreteller) (Atlantica/Iceberg World) (Partner to Morgana)- He uses the Keyblade symbol of a Pig and he causes Gluttony.

Disney Characters

Queen Minnie (Queen of Disney Castle) (King Mickey's Love Interest)

Daisy Duck (Donald Duck's Love Interest)

Chip & Dale (2 Chipmunks to guide Sora, Kairi, Donald Duck & Goofy with the Gummiship)

Jimmy Cricket (He helps Sora & Kairi keep track of the Journal through the Adventure)

Scrooge Mcduck (Huey, Dewey & Louie's Uncle) (He assist Sora, Kairi, Goofy & Donald Duck)

Pluto (King Mickey's pet dog)

Huey, Dewey and Louie (Donald Duck & Scrooge Mcduck's Nephews) (They assist Sora's Team by running a Gummi Shop)

Agrabah World Characters

Aladdin (Sora & Kairi's Alley) (A Street Rat from Agrabah and an Alley to Sora, Kairi, Goofy, Donald Duck and Ava)

Jasmine (Aladdin's girlfriend/Wife & Princess of Heart)

Casiem (Aladdin's father and the King of Thieves) (He helps Aladdin, Sora, Kairi, Ava, Goofy and Donald Duck find the Hand of Midas on the Vanishing Isle before Sa'luk' does)

Abu (Aladdin's pet monkey & friend)

Iago (Parrot) (A talking Parrot who assists Aladdin & the others)

Genie (Aladdin's alley) (Teams up with Sora & Kairi, and preps for Aladdin & Jasmine's Wedding)

Carpet (A flying Rug and Aladdin's friend)

The Sultan (The ruler of Agrabah) (He makes sure that his kingdom doesn't fall and he is also Jasmine's Father)

The Oracle (She is an Ancient Guardian who can tell anyone if they ask 1 question)

Sa'luk (Enemy of the 40 thieves) (His goal is to find the Ultimate Treasure)

Rasoul (The Captain of the Palace Guards)


Lilo (Nani's little Sister & Princess of Heart) (She assists Sora, Kairi, Goofy, Donald Duck and Stitch to find the Keyblade Foreteller)

Stitch (Sora & Kairi's Alley) (He pairs up with Sora & Kairi, then decides to live with Lilo & Nani after Gantu is defeated)

Nani (Lilo's big Sister) (She helps Sora, Kairi, Lilo & Stitch in situations, plus she does surfing)

Jumba (A Alien who created Stitch and he assist Sora, Kairi & the others)

Pleakley (A Alien and Jumba's Friend)

David (Lilo & Nani's friend) (He teaches Sora & Kairi surfing)

Gantu (Enemy) (A large Alien who plans to capture Stitch with help from Aced, a Keyblade Foreteller)

Grand Councilwomen (An Alien who is the leader of the Galatic Federation)

Cobra Bubbles (Social Worker and alley) (He gives information about the 5 Keyblade Foretellers to Sora & Kairi)


Mr. Incredible/Bob Parr (Sora's Alley) (A Superhero with Strength and powerful attacks)

Elastigirl/Helen Parr (Kairi's Alley) (A Superhero with flexible skills and can stretch her arms & legs)

Violet Parr (Daughter of Mr. Incredible & Elastigirl/Princess of Heart) (She can turn invisible and use her Force Attacks)

Dash Parr (Son of Mr. Incredibles & Elastigirl) (He uses his Super Speed to run fast)

Jack-Jack (Youngest Son of Mr. Incredible & Elastigirl)

Frozone (Mr. Incredible & Elastigirl's friend) (He can use Freeze Attacks)

Syndrome (Enemy) (An enemy who wants to prove himself as a Super)

Mirage (Mr. Incredible's alley) (She assist Mr. Incredible to missions)


Simba (Sora's Alley) (The King of Pride Rock and a Lion) (He teams up with Sora, Kairi, Goofy and Donald Duck to protect the Pridelands from Zira)

Nala (Simba's wife, a Lioness and Queen of Pride Rock)

Kira (Simba and Nala's Daughter & Kairi's Alley/Princess of Heart) (She helps Sora & Kairi while bonding with Kovu)

Kovu (Zira's Son/Later became Simba's Alley)

Timon & Pumbaa (A talking Meerkat and a Warthog)

Rafiki (A Baboon who guides Simba to protect Pride Rock)

Zazu (Simba's Adviser)

Zira (Enemy) (Leader of the Outlands) (Her goal is to take over Pride Rock and have revenge on Simba for destroying Scar)

Nuka (Zira's older son & Kovu's Brother)

Vitani (Zira's Daughter & Kovu's young Sister)


Ariel (Sora's Alley) (She is Melody's Mother and also a Mermaid) (She helps Sora & Kairi protect Melody from Morgana)

Melody (Kairi's Alley & Ariel's Daughter/Princess of Heart) (She wants to bring Atlantica and the surface world together)

Sebastian (A talking Crab , King Triton's Advisor & Ariel's Friend)

Flounder (Ariel's Friend)

Tip (Melody's Friend) (He's a talking Walrus and assist Melody)

Dash (Melody's Friend) (He's a fast Penguin who swims and also assist Melody)

King Triton (Ruler of Atlantica and Ariel's Father)

Prince Eric (Ariel's Husband & Melody's Father)

Morgana (Enemy) (Ursula's older Sister)

Undertow (Morgana's alley) (He is a Shark and also Morgana's alley)

Game Central Station

Wreck-It-Ralph (Sora's Alley) (He plays in an Arcade game called 'Fix-it Felix')

Fix-It-Felix (Wreck-it-Ralph's friend) (He plays in an Arcade game called 'Fix-it-Felix')

Vanellope (Wreck-It-Ralph's friend/Princess of Heart) (She plays in an Arcade game called 'Sugar Rush')

Sergeant Calhoun (Kairi's Alley) (She plays in an Arcade game called 'Hero's Duty')

King Candy/Turbo (Enemy) (Ruler of 'Sugar Rush') (He rules 'Sugar Rush' Arcade and let Racers play their Racing Game)

Twilight Town

Hayner (Friend of Roxas)

Pence (Friend of Roxas)

Olette (Friend to Hayner & Pence)

Verum Rex World

Noctis (Sora's Alley) (He pairs up with Yozora)

Ignis (Yozora's Friend) (He does Research on the 'Heart Keyblade')

Stella (Yozora's Girlfriend/Princess of Heart) (She is Yozora's love interest & the Nameless Star)

Ardyn (Yozora's Friend) (He learns about the Keyblade Foretellers)

Heartless Dragon (Enemy Boss)


Station of Awakening Area (Tutorial)- Kairi must pass 4 Tests and defeat a large Heartless to become a stronger Keyblade Wilder of Light with advice from the Master of Masters.

Destiny Islands- Sora, Kairi & Riku's home where they enjoy Beach Activities and a large Village next to the Beach.

Twilight Town- A beautiful city with a Train Station, a Clock Tower and the Mansion.

Disney Castle- King Mickey & Queen Minnie's Kingdom.

Scala Ad Caelum (Mini-World)- An Ancient City of Islands where the Keyblade Masters including Young Eraqus & Young Xehanort once ruled there, Kairi explores the area with the Master of Masters (MoM) and confront a large Heartless to open a portal to the Final World Realm.

Keyblade Graveyard- A large desert area with many Keyblades from the masters where the battle between Sora's Team and Master Xehanort fought nearly 1 year ago.

The Mysterious Tower- Master Yen Sid's place where he trains Keyblade Wielders of Light

Land of Departure- A world where Master Eraqus trained Aqua, Terra and Ventus. Now Aqua trains Kairi to master the Power of Revival.

Daybreak Town- An Abandoned Ancient City near the Ancient Keyblade Temple on the shoreline, and it's where the 5 Keyblade Foretellers balance Light & Darkness.

Realm of Darkness- A Dark Realm of Heartless ruled the place and has a Ancient Temple about the First Keyblade War.

Agrabah/The King Of Thieves Hideout/The Vanishing Isle (Aladdin and the King of Thieves)- Homeworld of Aladdin, a hideout of the 40 Thieves & an island on a Giant Turtle.

Hawaii (Lilo and Stitch)- Homeworld to Lilo, Nani & Stitch. It has a Village, Lilo's House, a Beach and Gantu's Spaceship hideout.

Metroville/Island (The Incredibles)- Homeworld of the Incredibles including a few Supers. It has Parr's Family house, a Financial Area and the Island is home to Syndrome's Lair.

Atlantica/Iceberg (The Little Mermaid II: Return to the Sea)- Homeworld of The Little Mermaid & an Iceberg of Morgana's Hideout.

Pridelands/Outlands (The Lion King II: Simba's Pride)- A large landscape of Simba's kingdom and another landscape to Zira's kingdom.

Game Central Station (Wreck-It-Ralph) (Mini-World)- A Game area with 4 Arcade places to explore.

Verum Rex World- A large area of Tokyo where Sora got sent there after being revived by the spirit of Kairi's Grandmother after helping Kairi defeat Armored Xehanort 1 year ago, and Yozora must help Sora get to a portal on top of the '104 Skyscraper' that'll take him to the Final World Realm where Kairi can rescue him.

The Final World Realm (Tutorial World)- A Realm where the Dream Eaters ruled there, and Kairi must find the revived Sora with help from Chirithy, a Dream Eater.

Ancient Keyblade Temple- A huge Temple on the Island near Daybreak Town where the Keyblade Masters guard the place.

Kingdom Hearts/Palace (Final World)- A massive world where the Hearts are gathered to form the Light and a Palace where it stands across the Kingdom.

Prologue/Kairi masters the Power of Revival

The Story begins nearly 1 year after the events of Kingdom Hearts III at Daybreak Town where Xigbar/Luxu, a surviving member of the Organization 13 talking with the Master of Masters about the Prophecy of a Sora & Kairi lookalike who will set 'Queen Solerra' free, become the new King & Queen of Kingdom Hearts and bring Peace. He asks Xigbar/Luxu to gather the 4 Keyblade Foretellers for a meeting at the Ancient Keyblade Temple so they can prepare to collect Yozora as the 7th Foreteller & open the Black Box.

At Radiant Garden in the Lab, Kairi wakes up from her 1 year sleep and she learns that she's the one who can unlock the Power of Revival so she can bring Sora back to the Realm of Light. Ansem the Wise and Zexion learned about a world called 'Verum Rex' & Yozora, a Keyblade Master. Kairi thinks that Sora is there with Yozora, then she decides to head to Destiny Islands.

Later that night at a house in Destiny Islands, Kairi is sleeping with Namine as she started dreaming where she speaks with Sora and he tells her that he's returning sooner. Then she appears in the Station of Awakening seeing 4 mirrors of herself throughout her adventures with Sora & Riku. After passing 4 important Tests, she confronts a large Heartless and succeeds, then she sees the Master of Masters (MoM) meeting her and he asked about a plan for her to save Sora by mastering the Power of Revival. She will do it since she cannot wait any longer for Sora to return, then he teleports Kairi to the real world.

Before Kairi woke up, she saw a view of the 104 Skyscraper in 'Verum Rex' World with Sora seeing it, then she sees a vision of Master Xehanort turning her into a Keyblade to complete the X-Keyblade with Xigbar/Luxu watching at a safe distance in the Keyblade Graveyard with the Black Box nearly 3 weeks ago, then she sees in horror of Destiny Islands got destroyed by the Dandelions Union and she wakes up crying in her bedroom as Aqua, Xion & Riku shows up to comfort her.

She decides not to wait any longer for Sora to return and the next morning, she talks to King Mickey & Master Yen Sid at the Mysterious Tower that she wants to learn the Power of Revival, he agrees to let Aqua train Kairi plus she'll take the Rank of Mastery Exam by dueling with Ventus so she can bring back Sora while Riku goes with King Mickey to find Sora in the Realm of Light & Terra trains Namine, Isa & Xion to become new Keyblade Welders.

Riku tells Kairi that learning the Power of Revival with help from the Master of Masters isn't a good idea, but Kairi won't accept losing Sora and she can't wait for 1 more second, King Mickey agrees with her and she asks Aqua to train Kairi. At the same time, Aqua also tells the others that Xigbar/Luxu has survived the Final Battle against Master Xehanort and is planning to use the Black Box to control Kingdom Hearts. So King Mickey and Riku head for the Darkness Realm to know the secret of the Keyblade Foretellers.

Riku and King Mickey enters the Darkness Realm to discover an Ancient Temple that shows the History of the First Keyblade War, they were shocked to know that the 5 Keyblade Foretellers were making Peace until Luxu, one of the surviving members of the Organization 13 triggered the War by battling Ava, plus they are shocked when they know about the Master of Masters (MoM) who is planning to create the 'Heart-Blade' for Xigbar's Team called the Dandelions Union. Then they were ambushed by the 'Dark Heart' Heartless blocking the Exit as they both prepare to attack.

Kairi reunites with Sora/New Journey

Sora is at the new world called 'Verum Rex' that reveals a Tokyo area and he met up with Yozora, a Keyblade Wielder who wants to get him to the Final World Realm within 24 hours so he can reunite with Kairi, so they got settled at Yozora's House for the night as Sora records a message to Kairi with his Gummiphone. The next evening, they both took out a few Heartless along the way to the Skyscraper where the Portal is at, but then a large Heartless Dragon appears as Stella, Noctis, Ignis and Ardyn team up with Sora & Yozora, they work together and destroyed the enemy. The Portal is activated and Sora enters it heading for the Final World as Yozora agrees to join up shortly.

At the same time in the Mysterious Tower, Kairi passes her Rank of Mastery Exam and enters a large Chamber with Aqua as she learned on how to control the Power of Revival, then she begins her mission when the Master of Masters took her to Scala Ad Caelum by defeating a few Heartless. When the Heartless create a Master Xehanort Clone and as he attacks the Master of Masters, Kairi realized that if she's going to have any chance of rescuing the revived Sora & defeating the 5 Keyblade Foretellers, she must confront her worst fear or she'll lose everyone. After she unleash her full potential of a Keyblade Warrior and transform into her Master Form, she destroys the Master Xehanort Clone on top of the Tower and also unlocks the Revival Power by opening a portal to the Final World Realm as she enters & teams up with Chirithy as she finally found Sora, (Now revived by the Wild Card he had from Luxord and also got help from the Spirit of Kairi's Grandmother), and they embrace with a hug & a kiss now that they're finally reunited together. Then they head back to the Mysterious Tower with their friends seeing Sora's return as he bring Yozora for extra help, and Kairi & Sora earned themselves the Rank of Keyblade Master.

Master Yen Sid announced that Xigbar/Luxu is going to use the Black Box that was sent by the Master of Masters for an epic battle between the 13 Keyblade Wielders of Light and the 7 Wielders of Dark, plus Riku & King Mickey were looking at an Ancient Temple in the Darkness Realm knowing about the Foretellers battling against Luxu and his team the Dandelions Union including the 'Heart-Blade' and the 4 other Unions who defended the Light from Luxu's Darkness. Aqua learns from Eraqus's Book about the 7 Guardians will open the door of Kingdom Hearts and save the Realm of Light. So he asks Sora & Kairi to begin their new Adventure by dueling the 5 Keyblade Foretellers with help from Donald Duck & Goofy.

At the Ancient Keyblade Temple near Daybreak Town, the Master of Masters held a meeting with Xigbar/Luxu, Pete, Maleficent, Aced, Invi, Ira and Gula where he asks Xigbar/Luxu to learn the 7 New Princesses of Heart while the 4 Keyblade Foretellers must help a villain in all 4 worlds to defend themselves and collect Yozora so the Black Box will be ready when Sora & Kairi confronts him.

Sora and Kairi VS the 5 Keyblade Foretellers

Sora & Kairi traveled into Hawaii World where they learned Surfing by Lilo, Nani and Stitch. But then Cobra Bubbles appears and asks the pair for help on defeating this Foreteller and they agreed. When Gantu captures Lilo, Sora's gang rescued her and defeated Gantu & Pete including the 1st Keyblade Foreteller Aced with Teamwork & Ohana, the Grand Councilwoman made a decision to let Stitch stay with Lilo's Family.

Next they travel into Agrabah World to see Aladdin & Jasmine's Wedding, but the 40 thieves crashed the Party and knows that Aladdin has a father named Casiem who was trapped by the 40 Thieves. So Sora, Kairi, Goofy, Donald Duck and Aladdin entered the King of Thieves Lair where they find Casiem including a Keyblade Foreteller Ava (Kairi's Bodyguard) are about to be attacked by Sa'luk, but with Aladdin's help, Kairi defeat the enemy in the Challenge, but he survived the fall as he meets Xigbar/Luxu and made a deal.

Casiem explain about the Hand of Midas and wants to share it with Aladdin, they travel back to Agrabah to introduce him to Jasmine & the Sultan as they accept him. But shortly before the Wedding, Rasoul captures Casiem & Iago revealing that he was after the Oracle Staff and the Sultan decides to send them both to the Dungeon. Later that night, Kairi helps Aladdin break Casiem & Iago out while Sora, Goofy & Donald Duck defeats Pete & Rasoul giving them enough time to escape, but Aladdin made a decision not to follow his father and he, Kairi, Sora, Goofy & Donald Duck plans to turn themselves in while Ava goes with Casiem to get the Hand of Midas.

At the King of Thieves hideout, Casiem, Iago and Ava is caught by Sa'luk & the 7 Thieves, then they travel for the location of the Vanishing Isle as Iago escapes and heads for the Palace. At the Palace, Aladdin explained that he saved Casiem because he want to see the Wedding, the Sultan accepts their Apology. Then Iago shows up worried to tell them that Sa'luk has captured Casiem, so Aladdin, Jasmine, Sora, Kairi and the others head for the Vanishing Isle.

When they arrived to the Vanishing Isle that is on a giant Turtle, Sora, Kairi, Aladdin and the others rescue Casiem as they free Ava from Dark Control, plus they defeat the 7 Thieves and Sa'luk including Pete. Then after Ava left, Aladdin, Casiem, Sora & Kairi enter the Chamber as the water starts flooding, then Aladdin collect the Hand of Midas with Kairi's help and tosses it to Casiem as he uses this Ultimate Weapon by turning the chamber into gold. Sa'luk appears and demands to hand over the Hand of Midas, and as Casiem tosses it, Sa'luk accidently touched it with his hand and he turns into a Gold Statue. Then Aladdin, Casiem, Sora and Kairi got to the rooftop and Casiem decides to give up the Hand of Midas thanks to Kairi's advice and understands that Aladdin is his Ultimate Treasure.

They escape the Vanishing Isle and arrived to Agrabah so Aladdin and Jasmine can get married. Then after the Wedding, Sora, Kairi, Goofy and Donald Duck depart for the next world. At Disney Castle, Queen Minnie and the others learn about Xigbar/Luxu's plan to recreate the X-Keyblade with the Black Box and only Sora & Kairi is the hope they have to save Kingdom Hearts. At the same time, Terra train Namine & Xion to become Keyblade Wielders of Light for the upcoming battle against Xigbar/Luxu.

Sora & Kairi team up with the Incredibles

Sora, Kairi, Donald Duck and Goofy arrived to Metroville World where they meet Elastigirl, Violet, Dash and Jack-Jack, she asks them to watch the kids while she goes on a mission to rescue Mr. Incredible. After she left, Sora asks that they should help her, and they hired a Babysitter to watch Jack-Jack while Sora, Kairi, Goofy, Donald Duck, Dash and Violet snuck into Elastigirl's small Airplane for the Island.

Elastigirl sees Sora, Kairi, Violet, Dash, Goofy and Donald Duck on the airplane and they should help her save Mr. Incredible, but then the Missiles chased the Airplane across the sky and as it locks on the plane, Elastigirl, Sora and Kairi use their super powers to land into the water with Violet, Dash, Goofy and Donald Duck as they take out 2 Heartless Sharks. Then they arrived to the Island where Elastigirl & Sora enter the Base to find Mr. Incredible while Kairi protects Violet & Dash.

Sora, Donald Duck, Goofy, Mr. Incredible, and Elastigirl reunite with Kairi, Violet and Dash as they took on Ira, a Keyblade Foreteller and Pete. They succeed as Syndrome captures the Team and reveals his plan to take over the city of Metroville, then he left with Ira as Pete escapes by taking the portal to another world. Violet & Kairi got the team out as they take the Rocket connected with the Van for the city.

When they got there, the Team took on Ira and the Omnidroid V10, then they succeed by destroying the robot as Ira escapes by portal. When they got the Parrs Home, Syndrome has Jack-Jack with him. But then the Baby uses his Superpowers to overbeat him, then Elastigirl rescues Jack-Jack as Mr. Incredible throws his Sports Car at Syndrome destroying him. After succeeding, Sora & Kairi use their Keyblade to seal the Keyhole unlocking a new world, then they left.

Helping Ariel & Melody

Sora, Kairi. Goofy and Donald Duck arrive to Atlantica World where they meet Ariel, Flounder, Sebastian and King Triton. She informs them that her daughter Melody is gone missing since her 12th Birthday got ruined and they agree to help her.

Kairi finds Melody who became a Mermaid and asks her that Ariel is looking for her, she explains to Kairi that she needs the Trident and hand it to Morgana (Ursula's sister) so she can remain a Mermaid, but Kairi warns Melody that if Morgana gets the weapon, she'll rule the 7 Seas. But Melody refuses to listen and she swims off with her friends Tip (Walrus) & Dash (Penguin) to collect the Trident.

When Sora, Ariel, King Triton, Flounder, Sebastian, Goofy and Donald Duck saw the Trident got stolen, Kairi rushes to the others that Melody took it. King Triton is worried that Morgana is planning to get that weapon, so Ariel, Sora, Kairi, Goofy, Donald Duck & Flounder followed the 2 Mantel Rays for the Iceberg.

Melody arrived to Morgana's Lair in the Iceberg where a Keyblade Foreteller Gula is with Morgana and a small shark Undertow. But then Sora, Kairi, Ariel, Flounder, Goofy & Donald Duck arrived to stop Melody when she & Ariel looked at each other that they're both Mermaids. Sora demands Gula to back off & Ariel tries to explain that she could start over, but Melody refuses to explain and she gives the Trident to Morgana that gives her powers, then Morgana captures Ariel & traps Melody, Sora & Flounder in a Ice Cave as she starts her rampage.

But Kairi frees Melody, Sora and Flounder with her Keyblade and they rushed to the surface as Melody, Sora & Kairi turns back to human form. King Triton, Sebastian & Prince Eric arrives to confront Morgana, Gula & Undertow (Now became a Shark-size). Tip & Dash have helped Sora defeat Undertow, but Morgana uses the Trident to have the Upperhand, then Melody & Kairi managed to stop Morgana & Gula as Melody tosses the Trident to King Triton and he delivered Morgana a finishing blow securing their victory.

Ariel apologized to Melody and she lets her know that she's perfect whatever she's a human or a mermaid, then Sora & Kairi sealed the Keyhole with their Keyblade. Melody made a decision to have the Human World and Atlantica together as she uses the Trident to remove the Wall, then Sora, Kairi, Goofy & Donald Duck did their Swim Activity before heading for another World.

The Pridelands/Simba VS Zira

When Sora, Kairi, Donald Duck and Goofy arrived to the Pridelands World, they transformed into animal forms. (Sora & Kairi as Lion, Goofy as a Turtle, and Donald Duck as a Bird) They meet Simba, Nala & the others when they get assigned to watch Simba's daughter Kiara & also protect her from Zira, leader of the Outlands. They met up with Kiara as she introduces them to Kovu, Zira's son.

Later that night, they saw the stars in the night sky as Kiara explain about 'The Great Kings of the Past' and explains to Kovu that he's not like Scar. The next morning, Simba talks to Kovu about Scar's Past and knowing that recovering can regrow Life. But then Zira, Nuka, Vitani and the Outline Lioness ambushed Simba because of Kovu's plan to lure Simba into a trap. Luckily, Sora, Kairi, Donald & Goofy rescue Simba, but Nuka got killed while trying to stop them. Then Zira blamed Kovu for not helping her stop the others, he storms off because he's not like Scar.

After the others got Simba to Pride Rock, Kovu shows up trying to explain that he's not betraying the others, but Simba blamed him and he sentenced him to exile as Kovu runs away with Sora, Kairi, Goofy & Donald Duck following him to explain the situation. Kiara is upset that Simba will never be like Mufasa and she runs off to find Kovu, then later that night, she finds him and they are united as one.

They saw a massive battle in the Pridelands near the River Gorge between Simba and Zira, then they stop the attack with Kiara & Kovu blocking them both. She explains to Simba about Mufasa's advice 'We are One' and reveals that the Lionesses of the Pride Lands & Outlands are together, then Simba accepted his daughter's advice as Vitani & the Outlands Lionesses joined her on Simba's side. As Zira leaps to attack, Kiara & Kairi tackle her towards the River Gorge's rocky platiform as Simba & Sora rushes to them.

On the rocky Platiform, Sora, Kairi, Simba & Kiara took on a Keyblade Foreteller Invi and Zira as the tree branches collapses on the River unleashing a wall of water. After Invi got defeated and as he escapes by portal, Zira gets killed as she falls off the platiform then Simba, Kiara, Sora and Kairi makes it back to the top where Nala, Kovu & others are glad that they're safe. Then Sora & Kairi sealed the Keyhole with their Keyblade as they depart for another adventure.

Riku escapes from the Dark Realm and arrives to Verum Rex World where Yozora's Friends inform him that Sora has made it back to Kairi & the others, so he finds a portal and enters it. He makes it to Disney Castle to inform King Mickey that Xigbar/Luxu is planning to use the Black Box so the enemy can control Kingdom Hearts, they agreed to help but must wait until Sora, Kairi, Goofy & Donald Duck return from their mission to defeat the Keyblade Foretellers.

Game Central Station

Sora, Kairi, Goofy & Donald Duck arrived into Game Central Station in 'Hero's Duty' where they see Wreck-it-Ralph & Sergeant Calhoun including some soldiers take on Cy-Bugs while getting the First-Player Shooter to the top of the Tower, but a Cy-Bug Heartless ended the game as they know that Ralph has messed up.

While Ralph finds a Medal and accidently awaken a Cy-Bug Heartless from mini-Eggs, he enters a Mini-Plane and flew out of 'Hero's Duty as he enters 'Sugar Rush' and lands into a pool of Taffy where he meets Vanellope who wants to be a Racer. Sora, Donald Duck and Goofy meet Wreck-it-Ralph & Vanellope, plus they volunteer to build a Race Car for the upcoming race.

Kairi teams up with Sergeant Calhoun and Fix-it-Felix as they enter 'Sugar Rush' to find & destroy a Cy-Bug Heartless before it uses the Virus to spread across the Game. They gone through the Nesquik-Sand with the Taffy Vine as Sergeant Calhoun and Fix-it-Felix become bonded, but as they flew on the Mini-Jet and when Felix said 'Dynamite Gal' to Calhoun, she freaks out and lands near King Candy's Castle ordering Kairi & Felix to leave as they both head for the Castle.

When Sora, Wreck-it-Ralph, Goofy & Donald Duck completed the Race Car for Vanellope, she became surprised and she quickly heads to a small area to get something, then Pete and King Candy appear to ask them a favor by not letting Vanellope win the race because of her Glitching, or 'Sugar Rush' will be unplugged. He also hands Ralph a Medal as he & Pete left. As Vanellope arrives to hand Ralph a Mini-Heart, he explains everything about preventing her from racing or 'Sugar Rush' will be done for. Then he destroys the Race Car leaving her sad.

Kairi and Sergeant Calhoun found the massive Cy-Bug Heartless nest egg as the Eggs begin hatching, so they both head for Sora & the others. At King Candy's Castle, Sora, Goofy, Donald Duck & Wreck-it-Ralph rescues Fix-it-Felix and Vanellope. He apologizes about ruining her Race Car, plus Sora has repaired it for her so she can race. They head to the Race Track as Vanellope starts racing against King Candy, then Sergeant Calhoun & Kairi shows up to warn them that the Cy-Bug Heartless has multiplied as the attack begins.

Sora and Wreck-it-Ralph enter the Beacon on top of Soda Mountain where they battle King Candy/Turbo in his Cy-Bug Heartless form, they succeed by activating the Beacon Beam destroying King Candy/Turbo and all of the Cy-Bug Heartless saving 'Sugar Rush' as Sergeant Calhoun kiss Fix-it-Felix and the Team sealed the Keyhole with their Keyblade as they depart to tell King Mickey that all 5 Keyblade Foretellers are defeated.

Attack at Twilight Town/Sora & the others know that Xigbar/Luxu will recreate the X-Keyblade/Sora & Kairi's Date

Xigbar/Luxu has his Dark Keyblade at Full Power as the 4 Keyblade Foretellers warns him that Sora & Kairi has defeated them. Xigbar/Luxu launches a large Heartless attack towards Twilight Town in order to lure Sora & Kairi towards him.

At Disney Castle, Sora, Kairi, Donald Duck and Goofy arrived to tell Riku, Aqua, Ava, King Mickey and the others that the 5 Keyblade Foretellers are defeated but escaped. Then Queen Minnie shows up worried that a massive Heartless attack is at Twilight Town, then Sora, Kairi, Goofy and Donald head for Twilight Town to save the city from destruction before Riku tries to stop them since Xigbar/Luxu is strong.

At Twilight Town, Sora, Kairi, Goofy and Donald Duck arrived to attack the 1,000 Heartless, then Namine, Isa & Xion including Yozora shows up and together, the 7 Keyblade Wielders of Light defeated all 1,000 Heartless. After the attack, Riku scolds Kairi on training the Power of Revival without his permission, but he apologizes to her, Sora & Aqua. Then Ienzo, Isa & Ephemer arrived with the others to let them know that Xigbar/Lulu is planning to control Kingdom Hearts by gathering 7 Princesses of Heart and 13 Keyblade Wielders of Light so he can recreate the X-Keyblade to open the Black Box & perform the Dark-Keyblade Apocalypse Ritual. Sora, Kairi and the others will save their worlds together, then they took the rest of the day off for relaxation so they can prepare for tomorrow's Final Battle.

Throughout the afternoon, Sora & Kairi fell in love as they plan for tomorrow's battle against Xigbar/Luxu and the 4 Keyblade Foretellers. Later that night, Ava took Kairi to the Memory Pond and saw Kairi's Grandmother. She asked Kairi that she's the one who saved Sora and sent him to the 'Verum Rex' World. Plus she explains that Kairi & Sora are the ones who can defeat Xigbar/Luxu together plus they're the future rulers of Kingdom Hearts, then she disappears as Kairi is determined to protect Sora and her friends.

At the Ancient Keyblade Temple, Xigbar/Luxu informs the Master of Masters, Pete and Maleficent that his project is ready to go for tomorrow's Battle against the 13 Keyblade Wielders of Light & Sora and Kairi is in for a big surprise when they collect Yozora. Then he gives the 4 Keyblade Foretellers a Dark Keyblade to battle against the 13 Wielders of Light in a last defense attempt.

13 Keyblade Wielders of Light VS Luxu

The next morning, Sora, Kairi, Riku, Ava, Yozora, Donald Duck, Goofy, King Mickey, Aqua, Terra, Ventus, Roxas, Namine, Xion, Axle/Lea, Isa/Saix, Dilan and Even arrived to the Ancient Keyblade Temple in Daybreak Town so they can confront the 4 Keyblade Foretellers, Pete & Maleficent, and they succeed. The 4 Keyblade Foretellers are freed form Dark Control and thanked the others, plus they give information about the Dandelions Union & 'Queen Solerra' before they left.

When they got to the top of the Temple, they saw Xigbar/Luxu chained Jasmine, Violet Parr, Kiara, Melody, Lilo, Vanellope and Stella. He reveals his plan to control Kingdom Hearts by recreating the X-Keyblade. Then he chained Riku, King Mickey, Goofy, Donald Duck, Yozora, Ava, Aqua, Terra, Ventus, Namine, Roxas, Xion, and Axle/Lea. He perform the Dark-Keyblade Apocalypse Ritual by absorbed energy from the 13 Keyblade Wielders of Light including the 7 Princesses of Heart and the X-Keyblade is formed, then he opens the portal to Kingdom Hearts and enters it.

Sora, Kairi, Riku, Yozora, King Mickey, Goofy and Donald Duck made a decision to enter Kingdom Hearts and defeat Xigbar/Luxu before the Ritual is complete. They combine their Keyblade Power to open a portal, then they entered it for the Final Battle.

The Final Battle

Sora & his Team arrived to Kingdom Hearts and see a large Palace where Xigbar/Luxu is inside, so they enter and find him at the huge Throne Room. Xigbar/Luxu plans to rule Kingdom Hearts with the X-Keyblade and spread the Darkness across the Worlds, but the 7 Keyblade Wielders of Light refused to let this happen and they begin the battle. With Sora, Kairi, Riku & Yozora's combined skill, they win the match.

As Riku, King Mickey, Donald Duck & Goofy enter the portal to head back for the Ancient Keyblade Temple in Daybreak Town, Xigbar/Luxu closes it as he demands Sora, Kairi and Yozora to finish the battle against him on the roof of the Palace. Then on the Roof Battle Area, Xigbar/Luxu uses the X-Keyblade to absorb energy from Kingdom Hearts and gain Dark Powers, but then Sora, Kairi & Yozora received Light Energy from the others that gives the 3 of them Keyblade Master Armor as they begin the Final Battle.

Sora and Kairi deliver the Final Attack with the fused Ultima Keyblade defeating Xigbar/Luxu and they restored Kingdom Hearts to the Light as the enemy retreats into his portal for a different world & he will battle one day soon once the 'Heart Keyblade' is formed, then Sora, Kairi & Yozora enter a Light Portal returning to their Friends at the Keyblade Temple.

The Ending shows the 13 Keyblade Wielders of Light and people enjoying the Victory Party celebrating Kairi's 17th Birthday in Twilight Town as Sora & Kairi kiss with the beautiful bond united.


(The Opening Scene before the logos & the Main Title shows a view of Daybreak Town at sunrise, then it cuts to Xigbar/Luxu meeting the Master of Masters)

Xigbar/Luxu: 'Master...the Black Box is ready'

Master of Masters: 'You have done well, Luxu. But it is time for Kairi to bring back the revived Sora so he can be reunited with her...Then you can face them both'

Xigbar/Luxu: 'But he used the Power of Waking to revived her. Young Xehanort's clone once told Sora that it has major consequences for overusing it'

Master of Masters: 'Perhaps I must help Kairi unlock the Power of Revival, then she can bring Sora back to her...they have a very strong connection'

Xigbar/Luxu: 'So what have you been learning the Prophecy on the Book?'

Master of Masters: 'I have read the Prophecy that those 2 are the future King & Queen of Kingdom Hearts, now it has to be fulfilled by freeing Queen I can have my mind be freed from Dark Control'

Xigbar/Luxu: 'But without Ava, we won't have all 5 Foretellers to assist us on performing the Dark-Keyblade Apocalypse Ritual'

Master of Masters: 'There's a Keyblade Master who can help, and his name is Yozora. He's in the 'Verum Rex' World, we have to bring him to us. But first, I must assist Kairi to bring back Sora with the Power of Revival'

Xigbar/Luxu: 'Fine...I shall see to it that we'll create the Heart-Blade, but we'll need all 7 Heart Keyblades if I'm going to conquer Kingdom Hearts'

Master of Masters: 'First, gather the 4 Keyblade Foretellers. We must have a Meeting at the Keyblade Temple near Daybreak Town to discuss your plan...time is short'

Xigbar/Luxu: 'Yes, Master.' (Then he left)

Master of Masters: (He looks at the Ancient Picture of a Sora & Kairi lookalike and Queen Solerra as he smiled) 'Once you save Sora and be together, 2 'Chosen Ones' will free me from Dark Control, be reunited with Queen Solerra and become the new King & Queen by fulfilling your Destiny'

(The scene shows the Sunrise of an opened Ocean)

(Disney Logo)

(Square Enix Logo)

(Then the Main Title appears...'Kingdom Hearts IV')

Kairi: (Narrating) (Opening Lines) 'Sora...ever since you used the Power of Waking to bring me back and finished off had problems to reconnect Hearts...But if you become lost...then I will be your Guiding Key home'

(The song begins showing events of Kingdom Hearts III, ReMind & Melody of Memory nearly 1 Year ago)

(Sora traveled across the Dark Realm and frees & saves Aqua with Riku & King Mickey's help)

(Aqua defeats Vanitas in the Land of Departure and Sora uses the Power of Waking to awaken Ventus from his sleep)

(Terra in his Lingering Will Armor form attacks Terra-Nort while protecting Sora, Kairi, Aqua, King Mickey, Riku, Ventus, Axle/Lea, Goofy & Donald Duck in the Keyblade Graveyard)

(Some Princesses of Heart such as Alice, Snow White, Cinderella, Aurora, Jasmine, Ariel, Belle, Rapunzel, Elsa, Anna and Kairi appear in a line to form the White Light against the Darkness with the other Princesses of Light to be revealed)

(Kairi rescues Sora in the dark tunnel as they head towards the light)

(The Lingering Will battled against Terra-Nort)

(Sora, Aqua, Ventus and Terra defeats Vanitas & Terra-Nort)

(Sora, King Mickey and Riku defeats Riku-Nort, Xigbar/Luxu & Luxord as he hands Sora a Wild Card)

(Sora, Kairi and Axle/Lea defeat Saix as they revived Xion and Roxas)

(Xigbar/Luxu got to safety with the Black Box)

(Sora battles Xemnas, Dark Ansem and Young Xehanort)

(Master Xehanort battles against Kairi as he completes the X-Keyblade and opens the portal to Kingdom Hearts)

(Sora, Goofy and Donald Duck defeat Master Xehanort in Scala Ad Caelum)

(Master Eraqus takes the X-Keyblade from Master Xehanort and hands it to Sora)

(Namine meets Sora, Kairi and Riku after being revived)

(Sora rescues Kairi with the Power of Waking in Final World and together, they defeat the Armor Master Xehanort)

(At Destiny Islands, Sora fades as Kairi drops a sad tear)

(Then Kairi drops and glides into the Station of Awakening as the Game begins)

(At Destiny Islands during nightfall, Kairi is dreaming while sleeping with Namine, then she sees Sora)

Sora: 'It's ok, Kairi. everything's alright'

Kairi: 'Sora? Is this a Dream?

Sora: 'Yeah...just like all the rest'

Kairi: 'Sora...please tell me where you are. How do we find you?'

Sora: 'If I knew, I'd tell ya in a Heartbeat. But don't worry, I'm going to be back a lot sooner before you know it'

Kairi: 'How can you be so sure?'

Sora: 'I made you a promise, Kairi'

Kairi: (She relaxes on Sora's shoulder) 'You'll always keep your Promise, won't you?'

Sora: 'Of course. I'll do...Whatever it takes'

Kairi: (Thinking while sleeping) 'Sora...if you're out there and if you're trying to reach me... I'm listening'

(Then Kairi appears in the Station of Awakening)

Kairi: 'This must be the Station of Awakening... (She sees 4 Mirrors of her reflection self, a 4 year-old in the north, a 14 year-old in the south, and a 15 year-old at both sides) I see 4 of my reflections from the I must face them so I can become a stronger Keyblade Master'

'To become a Keyblade Master, you must pass 4 important Tests...Courage, Wisdom, Honor and Strength...'

(She begins her 4 Tests...Courage, Wisdom, Honor and Strength of a Keyblade Wielder)

Kairi: (She pulls out her Oathkeeper Keyblade to battle the Water Heartless) 'I will get stronger so I can find Sora and bring him back to me, no matter what happens'

(After passing all 4 Tests and defeating a large Water Heartless, she sees an Unown person with a hood he's wearing)

Kairi: 'Who are you?'

Master of Masters: 'I can sense your skills have grown for nearly 1 year, Kairi. Allow me to introduce myself...I am the Master of Masters, or in short...MoM'

Kairi: 'The Master of Masters...there's something important about your Origin'

Master of Masters: 'Since you & Sora defeated Master Xehanort in the Final World after he found you with the Power of Waking, I sent him to 'Verum Rex' so he can play the Game with an alley, but you hold Luxord's Wild Card he gave to you'

Kairi: (She sees the Wild Card in her hand) 'Sora gave it to me before you sent him to 'Verum Rex'.'

Master of Masters: 'I can sense that Xigbar is the Reincarnation of Luxu, he was working with Master Xehanort all along until Sora defeated the enemy in Scala Ad Caelum 3 Weeks ago. Right now, he's planning to control Kingdom Hearts by using his evil power and he wants to use 5 Heart Keyblades from the 5 Keyblade Foretellers including mine and his to create the 'Heart-Blade'.

Kairi: 'The Heart-Blade? What does it do?'

Master of Masters: 'It can restore people's Hearts with someone who is the Guardian of Light, and that's you. So your only hope to save the worlds is must gather the 13 Keyblade Wielders of Light including the 7 Princesses of Heart if you want to defeat him and secure the Future'

Kairi: (Sad) 'But without Sora...we have no chance of protecting Kingdom Hearts...he used the Power of Waking to revived me, but at a terrible price...and I am alone.'

Master of Masters: 'You're not alone, Kairi...Your Light is more stronger than the 7 Princesses of Heart combined. If you master the Power of Revival, you can bring Sora home...And if you work together as a Team, you 2 Keyblade Wielders can succeed by freeing my mind from Dark Control. But only use this Advice...Follow your Heart, and you'll find the way'

Kairi: (Surprised) 'Then there is Hope'

Master of Masters: 'I can sense Sora's energy, he has been revived and located in a new world. But you must travel to the Land of Departure & complete your Power of Revival Training with Aqua, and only can rescue him'

Kairi: 'I'll do whatever I can...Master'

Master of Masters: 'It's time for you to begin your quest. I will meet you at the Ancient city of Scala Ad Caelum once you complete your Power of Revival Training, but don't tell Riku that I've helped you. Good luck and always remember...May your Heart be your Guiding Key'

(Then Kairi is transported to a view of Tokyo in a world called Verum Rex)

Kairi: 'What is this place? I need to collect information' (She uses her Gummiphone and collect notes such as the 104 Building, Sora & Water Puddles)

(Then she gets teleported to a nightmare at the Keyblade Graveyard where she sees Xigbar/Luxu with the Black Box in his possession watching at a safe distance seeing Master Xehanort struck down the passed-out Kairi as he completes the X-Keyblade nearly 1 Year ago)

Kairi: 'No...It's Xigbar. He's the reincarnated Luxu, he faked his death...and he has the Black Box!'

(Then Master Xehanort opens the portal to Kingdom Hearts and enters it as he plans to spread the Darkness)

Kairi: 'Sora!' (She tries to run towards Sora before he entered the portal)

(But then Kairi falls into a dark portal as she sees Destiny Islands in ruins by the Dandelions Union and Xigbar/Luxu)

Kairi: (Gasp!) 'My's wiped out by Luxu and his Union.!' (Screaming in fear)

(Then Kairi wakes up from her Bad Dream)

Kairi: 'Aah!!' (Pants)

Namine: 'Karai, what happened?'

Aqua: (She, Xion and Riku shows up worried) 'Kairi, what's wrong?'

Xion: 'I think Kairi has a nightmare'

Namine: 'What seems to be the problem?'

Kairi: (Her sad tear begin to form) 'I just had a nightmare of Master Xehanort injuring me to complete the X-Keyblade, and Xigbar was watching him while he has the Black Box. But his real name is Luxu...and our home got destroyed by his dark power! (Soft Crying) If only Sora was here, he'll know what he and I should do to save Kingdom Hearts' (She feels her minor scar on her back)

Aqua: (She comforts Kairi) 'I know you miss Sora, but we'll still find a way to bring him home'

Namine: 'If only Riku took his place instead of Sora to revived you'

Kairi: 'I'll never forget that moment, the scar has made me lose confident...and I'm not strong enough'

Riku: 'Even if I use the Power of Waking to find him, the chances of rescuing Sora are low'

Kairi: (Then she dries her Tear and makes a tough decision) 'I will wait no longer, not even for 1 more second...I'm going to bring Sora back, it's time for me to do the Revival Training'

Riku: 'Sora said the same thing before he revived you...but I have a solution...the Power of Revival'

Kairi: 'When I was dreaming, I met this Master of Masters and he asked me about how to use the Power of Revival...but I have no idea how it works and even if I did, then I have to learn on how to control it...I need to learn so I can get Sora back. I also was in a strange world that has the 104 building near where I'm standing'

Riku: 'You should go talk with Master Yen Sid, he'll help you out'

Aqua: 'He can teach you how to control the Power of Revival, and you might master it'

Kairi: 'It's a chance I have to take...but I gotta bring Sora home. I remember something in my Dream...'Follow the Heart, and you'll find the way'.'

Namine: 'I think it can work if the 2 of them become very connected with the Light Heart'

Riku: (He knows the idea) 'That's it. You're the one who can use your Heart of Light to unlock your Revival Powers and find Sora because you both have a very strong Connection'

Kairi: 'Then I should start my Master Training...If I have to get Sora back, then I must'

Riku: 'I'll ask Master Yen Sid that he'll let you train the Power of Revival with Aqua, she'll help you out. While you do that, I'm going to find Sora and bring him home this time, he's in a world where the 104 Building is near him'

Kairi: 'I know you will...because I'm going to find Sora also'

Namine: 'While you do that, Xion, Isa and I should become new Keyblade Wielders of Light'

Aqua: 'You can begin training tomorrow morning, but for now, just get some rest'

Kairi: 'Whatever you say, Aqua' (Then she went to sleep)

(Master Yen Sid asks Kairi how to learn the Power of Revival)

Master Yen Sid: 'Sora has vanished after bringing you back, Kairi. But he cannot control the Power of Waking, since he used too much. Now it's time for you to learn the Power of Revival. If you can do that and if you pass the Master Exam, you'll become a Keyblade Master.'

Kairi: 'Then teach me, I am ready'

King Mickey: 'I did research on the Power of Revival and if you can master it, you'll be able to handle its kind of energy'

Jimmy Cricket: 'With the determination, I'm sure you'll be able to find Sora'

Master Yen Sid: 'Aqua will teach you how to unlock its power'

Kairi: 'When I return, we'll start the Journey on stopping the 5 Keyblade Foretellers'

Aqua: 'If you want to be the reborn Keyblade Wielder of Light and gain the rank of Master, you must learn the Power of Revival, pass the Mark of Mastery and travel to the Final World Realm so you can find Sora...but you must conquer no Fear'

Riku: 'While you do that, I'll head to the Darkness Realm with Mickey and find this Ancient Temple about how the first Keyblade War was started, maybe I can find a portal that'll take me to the world where Sora is located'

Aqua: 'The Revival Power is gonna work, Kairi'

Kairi: 'And I know it will...because I don't know what I'm gonna do if it doesn't'

Namine: 'I want to wish you good luck, Riku'

Master Yen Sid: 'Just stay safe through your Journey'

Riku: 'And one other thing, Kairi...just promise me that you'll bring Sora home, and be wary of the Master of Masters when you see him...he can't be trusted'

Kairi: 'I promise, Riku. (After Riku left for his mission, Kairi has the idea to master Power of Revival) No Fear'

Aqua: 'I'll train Kairi as fast as I can before she heads to Scala Ad Caelum'

Riku: 'Are you sure about this?'

Aqua: 'Yes...but don't worry. I'm not alone this time'

(Riku, Goofy & Donald Duck walked to Kairi standing next to a Palm Tree in Destiny Islands on a sunny day before heading to the Mysterious Tower for the Power of Revival Training & Mastery Exam with Aqua)

Kairi: 'It's strange. No matter how much things change, the Sun remains the same'

Goofy: 'We're ready to go now, Kairi'

Donald Duck: 'You look...Determined'

Kairi: (She smiled) 'Waiting...just isn't good enough for me anymore. (Donald Duck hands her a briefcase as he and Goofy sees her with a Hair Ponytail she's wearing) Now let's get Sora back'

(At the rooftop of the Ancient Keyblade Temple, the stage is set)

Xigbar/Luxu: 'We're ready to start the epic battle against the 13 Keyblade Wielders of Light, once the Black Box is activated to control Kingdom Hearts'

Pete: 'I hope so, Luxu. We won't accept failure because the 5 Keyblade Foretellers lost to Sora & Kairi'

Xigbar/Luxu: 'Don't worry, those 2 lovebirds are going to battle me once I create the X-Keyblade'

Pete: 'How are the Foretellers going to know the truth that Sora and Kairi are the 'Chosen Ones'?.'

Master of Masters: 'In time, Sora and Kairi will face me & the Dandelions Union to free my mind from Dark Control once the 'Heart Keyblade' is created for the Future of Kingdom Hearts, and they will reawaken Queen Solerra'

Pete: 'Queen Solerra? Who is she?'

Master of Masters: 'I will tell Sora about it...after they save Kingdom Hearts from the Foretellers'

Xigbar/Luxu: 'With your help, I will succeed and no one can stop us'

Pete: 'Let's just hope that the Black Box does not get taken'

Xigbar/Luxu: 'I can sense Sora & the others...It's time'

Master of Masters: 'They're heading this way, I must unleash your Dark Power' (Then he left by the portal)

Kairi: (Before she & Sora battle against Xigbar/Luxu) 'This time, we'll defeat Xigbar together'

Sora: 'And we will'

(At the Dark Realm, Riku & King Mickey find an small Temple)

King Mickey: 'I found something that hasn't appeared in the Dark Realm...until now'

Riku: 'This must be a Temple that haven't been discovered for a while'

King Mickey: 'We should check this place out'

(They enter and find a large picture of the Dandelions Union Team battling against the 5 Keyblade Foretellers and the Master of Masters in Daybreak Town)

King Mickey: 'The 5 Keyblade Foretellers are the Light Seekers, but the Dandelions Union Team forced four of them to betray Ava including 4 Unions and caused the first Keyblade War by Luxu...but he got destroyed and his Spirit is sent to Braig so he got renamed as Xigbar'

Riku: 'He's the Reincarnation of Luxu and Braig combined. Now he wants to use the Black Box by recreating the X-Keyblade. We better head back to Master Yen Sid and tell him about this new Threat'

King Mickey: 'But you still need to bring Sora home in a new World, the portal can't be far'

(Riku & King Mickey confront 4 Heartless Wolfs)

Riku: (He sees a Light Portal open up) 'I'll hold off the Heartless, you get to the others and tell them about the threat of the Keyblade Foretellers'

King Mickey: 'Just be careful, Riku.'

(Then King Mickey rushed to the Light Portal and enters it)

(Master Yen Sid talks to Sora, Kairi, Aqua, Namine, Xion, Yozora, King Mickey, Donald Duck & Goofy about the new Journey)

Master Yen Sid: 'Well done, Kairi. You have completed your Power of Revival Training, passed the Mastery Exam with Aqua, and brought Sora back to us. Plus Sora has did some new training with Yozora and destroyed the Heartless Dragon as a Team. Sora and Kairi, you have both earned the rank of Keyblade Master'

Sora: 'I can't believe this is happening'

Kairi: 'Thank you, Master Sid. It's an honor for me...and Sora'

Master Yen Sid: 'Now we must face a new threat that I remembered Xigbar who have faked his demise during the showdown with Master Xehanort at the Keyblade Graveyard?'

Xion: 'He wasn't that smart to fool us'

Sora: 'But how did he escaped?'

Master Yen Sid: 'Well...he survived and he has the Black Box with him, plus he is the Reincarnated Luxu.'

Sora: 'What?!'

King Mickey: 'It's true, Sora...He's a surviving member of the Organization 13'

Isa/Saix: 'And right now, he is planning to control all the Worlds in the Realm of Light'

Aqua: 'I think it's time you know the truth of the Keyblade Foretellers'

(A flashback shows Brag working on Research of the Heart-Blade)

(King Mickey): 'About many years ago before you & Kairi were born, Brag was researching on a new Keyblade called the 'Heart-Blade'. He learns that it can unlock & reawaken people's Hearts by anyone who wants to balance the Light & Darkness without destruction.'

(Another flashback shows the Master of Masters destroy Luxu)

(King Mickey): 'But on 1 terrible night, the Master of Masters has wiped out Luxu by his dark control, then Luxu's spirit entered Brag's body giving him the new name...Xigbar'

(Present Day)

Yozora: 'He is working with the Master of Masters all along...I can sense him'

Master Yen Sid: 'Right now, both of them have paired up with the Keyblade Foretellers and now Luxu is planning to use the Black Box by reopening the gateway to Kingdom Hearts. I fear that he is going to help the Master of Masters finish what Master Xehanort has started'

Sora: 'So we can't let him open the Black Box, it can unleash the Darkness'

Kairi: 'Riku went to the Darkness Realm to know about the ancient Painting of the first Keyblade War against a team called the Dandelions Union, and they discovered that Luxu betrayed the 4 Keyblade Foretellers including 4 Unions & also battled Ava...He's the one who started this'

Sora: 'Who are the Dandelions?'

King Mickey: 'It's a group of Union Team who wants to create the 'Heart-Blade' so they can spread Darkness across Kingdom Hearts and complete Master Xehanort's work'

Donald Duck: 'This is bad'

Aqua: 'We need to know more about the Foretellers. This might give us information about Xigbar's plan to use the Black Box'

Master Yen Sid: 'I have this Book from Master Eraqus library, he gave it to me just before Master Xehanort destroyed him. So you should look on information of the 5 Foretellers, it might shine some light on our current situation' (He hands the Book to Aqua)

Sora: 'Now we can know about the Black Box and learn how it works'

Aqua: (She reads the Book) “Long ago, people lived in peace & freedom, bathed in the warmth of light. Everyone loved the light. But people began to fight over the light. They wanted it for themselves. And so darkness was born inside their hearts. The darkness spread, swallowing the light and many people’s hearts. It nearly covered everything, and the world disappeared. But small fragments of light survived in the hearts of children. With these fragments, children rebuilt the lost world. It’s the world we live in now. But the true light sleeps, deep within the darkness. That’s why the worlds are still scattered, divided from each other. But someday, a door to the innermost darkness will open. And the true light will return.”

Kairi: 'I know that story. It's about many worlds, but it never mention why the Darkness came'

Aqua: (She continues Reading) “In that time of fairytales, the great light was protected by the X-Blade. In order to protect their world, men crafted blades in the likeness of the X-Blade and christened them Keyblades. Of them all, 5 Keyblade Foretellers stood above as their leaders: Master Ira of the Unicornis Union, Master Aced of the Ursas Union, Master Invi of the Anguis Union, Master Gula of the Leopardus Union, and Master Ava of the Vulpes Union. Together, they protected the light. But in time, men grew jealous and began to fight over the precious light. They raised their Keyblades against one another. Brother striking down brother, friend betraying friend. This calamity was forever immortalized as the Keyblade War. In its wake, the world was left fractured and the true light retreated into the depths of the darkness. But legend claims that the true light sleeps in the innermost darkness. And only when the worlds have been steeped into darkness will the foretellers return.”

Xion: 'But the Worlds aren't in Darkness now'

Kairi: 'Maybe there's something that can save Kingdom Hearts'

Aqua: (She finishes reading) “Only with the power of the Keyblade Foretellers can the door be opened. When all six are gathered, the Master will appear with Solerra awaken from her sleep alongside the true door. And in that place where time does not tick, where only darkness and light are eternal, will Kingdom Hearts be saved.” (Then she closes the Book) 'So that's our Key of defeating Xigbar'

King Mickey: 'And now Xigbar wants to create the 'Heart-Blade' for the Dandelions Team in order to control Kingdom Hearts consumed in Darkness, but to do this, he needs all 7 Heart Keyblades from the Foretellers including the Master of Masters, and himself'

Kairi: 'Who is this Solerra?'

King Mickey: 'She's a young legend of the Keyblade Masters and the strongest that protects the Light from the Darkness...until Xehanort puts her to sleep after you & Sora were born'

Sora: 'But how can we find her?'

Riku: 'We can...but only if we get the 7 Heart Keyblades before Xigbar does'

Aqua: 'If we're going to have any chance of beating the Keyblade Foretellers including Xigbar, we're gonna need all the help we can, or we won't save the Realm of Light'

Master Yen Sid: 'There is one Keyblade Foreteller who can team up with you. Ava will help you confront the 4 Foretellers. She also wanted to give this Journal to Kairi, now that she has become a Keyblade Master' (He hands Kairi a small Journal)

Kairi: 'It's Ava's Journal. This could be the key to find Solerra, the Black Box and defeat the Keyblade Foretellers including Xigbar'

Jimmy Cricket: 'It's the same size of the Journal I gave to Sora before starting his Adventure'

Master Yen Sid: 'And that's where you & Sora will succeed. (He also shows them the Upgraded Gummiship) It's all been arranged for your Adventure on protecting Kingdom Hearts from the Foretellers'

Sora: 'Just leave that to us'

Master Yen Sid: 'It is now time to begin your Adventure, Sora & Kairi. Although your Journey is to defeat the Keyblade Foretellers and assemble the 7 Princesses of Heart, but it won't be have to work together as 2 hearts united as one. Donald and Goofy will assist you both through this quest with protection. While you do that, Terra will train Namine, Isa & Xion to become new Guardians of Light'

Terra: 'Once Namine, Isa & Xion complete their Training, Kairi...they will team up with you'

Kairi: 'That's excellent news, Terra. I won't let you down'

Yozora: 'It looks like we're gonna need all 13 Keyblade Guardians of Light to battle against the Keyblade Foretellers including Xigbar'

Master Yen Sid: 'But remember, we're in a Time-Table. You have exactly 5 days to defeat the 5 Keyblade Foretellers, or Xigbar will open the Black Box to unleash the Darkness that will spread across worlds and he'll gain control of the Realm of Light with his Darkness'

Kairi: 'It's not gonna be easy, but that's a chance Sora and I will take'

Master Yen Sid: 'And I also want to give you a new Battle gear' (He uses his powers to give Sora & Kairi a new battle gear)

Sora: 'This is breathtaking'

Kairi: 'I look amazing, thanks'

Terra: 'It's time for you both to begin the Journey. Just stay safe...and work together'

Aqua: 'I'll ask Axle, Ventus & Roxas to assist me on finding Riku'

Kairi: 'I may have been held back before, and I'm not about to make the same mistake again. I will do everything in my power to protect Sora. When we're done defeating the Foretellers, we'll go on a vacation together'

Goofy: 'Don't worry, Kairi. We'll be both your new half-pints'

Donald Duck: 'Yeah'

Aqua: 'You'll do great with Sora, now that you both earned the Rank of Keyblade Master. And I'll be your partner'

Sora: 'Then let's do this, guys'

Master Yen Sid: 'Good luck, and always remember...May your Heart be your Guiding Key' (Then Sora, Kairi, Goofy and Donald Duck left to start their new Journey)

(Kairi is piloting the Gummiship across the star-sky)

Kairi: 'This is...the same sky. The same sky that Sora used to it's my turn. (Then she smiled) Just hold on, Sora...I'm coming for you' (She pulls out her Destiny Embrace Keyblade and opens a portal for Scala Ad Caelum)

(Then the title 'Kingdom Hearts IV' appears)

(Kairi arrives to Scala Ad Caelum and sees the view of the Ancient City with a few Mini-Islands)

(Then the title 'Scala Ad Caelum' appears)

Kairi: 'This must be Scala Ad Caelum, the city of the 'Lost Keyblade Masters'...this is where Sora fought against Master Xehanort to save Kingdom Hearts from spreading the Darkness. Now I must unlock my Revival Power by traveling to the Tower'

Master of Masters: (He arrives by portal) 'Kairi, you finally arrived'

Kairi: 'It's you. So what are you doing here?'

Master of Masters: 'I came here in Scala Ad Caelum to help you unlock the Power of Revival. This ancient city is built on top of a town that was destroyed during the First Keyblade War. Master Eraqus and Master Xehanort grew up here when they were Teenagers...But with your help, the rest of the world can be repaired. All we need is your Light'

Kairi: 'I understand. Now we should head to the Tower, I might be able to find out some information of the 'Heart-Blade'.'

(Kairi and the Master of Masters walk towards the Tower)

(Kairi and the Master of Masters enters the large room with a Chess Game set)

Master of Masters: 'I've never seen a Chessboard that looks ancient'

Kairi: 'This is where Master Xehanort and Master Eraqus played Chess... (Then she sees 7 Dark Chess Pieces on one side and the 13 Light Chess Pieces) I can sense a prediction of Sora confronting the 5 Keyblade Foretellers including Xigbar aka Luxu, and the Master of Masters.'

Master of Masters: 'Luxu needed the 7 Foretellers Heart Keyblades to create the 'Heart-Blade' and spread Darkness across Kingdom Hearts'

Kairi: (She picks up Sora's Chess Piece and her Chess Piece, then it fuses together) 'What is this?'

(She sees a Fusion Chess Piece of Sora and her together)

Master of Masters: 'It's a Fusion Chess Piece of you & Sora teaming up, that is why you both are strongly connected'

Kairi: 'Master Yen Sid wanted me to bring Sora home so I can defeat the Foretellers as a Team... (Then a loud noise is coming upstairs) There's trouble, we better check it out' (Then they both runs upstairs for the rooftop)

(The Heartless combine themselves into a Xehanort Clone)

Kairi: ''s Master Xehanort!'

Master of Masters: 'That's not real, Kairi. The Heartless created it so you can face your worst Fear' (He pulls out his Keyblade)

Master Xehanort's Clone: 'I have waited a while to face this Kairi, and her time has finally come'

(The Master of Masters attack as his Keyblade clash with Xehanort Clone's Keyblade, but then enemy gains the Upperhand injuring him)

Master Xehanort's Clone: 'And now,'re next'

Kairi: (Before battling the Master Xehanort Clone that the Heartless created) 'There's no way you're stopping me from rescuing Sora!'

(Master Xehanort Clone's fires a large Dark Sphere of Energy at Kairi as she struggles to deflect it with her Keyblade)

Kairi: (Thinking) 'I gotta get stronger! Everyone is counting on me to bring back Sora with the Power of Revival, I cannot let them down! Whenever my friends needed me the most, I was always too weak, I've been letting them down my whole life'

(A Flashback shows 14 year-old Sora using the other Keyblade to give his Heart to 14 year-old Kairi after beating Ansem-Riku)

(Kairi): 'Every time I get captured, passed out or even held Prisoner, I've been held back and I wasn't ready. If only I had more Training...'

(A 2nd Flashback shows 15 year-old Kairi kidnapped by Saix as Pluto followed her through the portal)

(Kairi): 'And ever since then, I became a Keyblade Wielder of Light and completed my Skills...but not strong enough. When my friends come up a plan, I thought I could succeed. But when the situation gets reversed, I don't have what it takes'

(A 3rd Flashback shows 16 year-old Kairi got injured with a scar on her back after she got struck down by Master Xehanort)

(Kairi): 'When Master Xehanort struck me down, everyone was shocked that I didn't trained harder and when Sora used the Power of Waking to rescue me after defeating Xehanort at Scala Ad Caelum, I was too guilty & also afraid for me become a Keyblade Master'

(A 4th & Final Flashback shows Sora disappearing leaving Kairi sad)

(Kairi): 'NO! I have to unlock the Power of Revival and bring back Sora for the upcoming battle against the 5 Keyblade Foretellers & Xigbar, because if I don't do this now, then Namine, Riku, Aqua, Xion, including everyone...I'm going to lose them ALL!'

(Present Day)

Kairi: (She snaps out of Flashbacks and unlocked her Master Form) 'AAH!' (Then she deflects Master Xehanort Clone's attack upwards)

Master of Masters: (He sees Kairi in her Master Form) 'She finally did it...She is now a Keyblade Master'

Kairi: 'Now it's my turn to succeed by defeating the Dark' (Then she attacks Xehanort's Clone)

(After destroying the Master Xehanort's Clone on the rooftop Tower in Scala Ad Caelum)

Master of Masters: 'Well done, Kairi. Your Keyblade Skills are growing'

Kairi: (She transform back to her normal form as she catches her breath) 'It was tough, but I handled it. Now I must unlock the Power of Revival so I can find the revived Sora'

Master of Masters: 'I'll help you...but just this once' (He pulls out his Keyblade)

(She uses her Focus to increase her power as the Master of Masters did the same, then she unlocks the Power of Revival as her heart glowed pink)

Kairi: (A portal open up for the Final World Realm) 'This is the entrance to the Final World Realm'

Master of Masters: 'You have unlocked the Power of Revival, now it is time for you to rescue Sora. I must go' (Then he left by a light portal)

Kairi: 'Sora is waiting for me...Here goes nothing' (Then she enters the portal)

(In the Verum Rex World at Tokyo, Sora is seeing the city skyline)

Sora: 'What is this place?'

Yozora: (He appears) 'If you're looking for help, maybe I can get you to the Final World Realm'

Sora: 'Who are you?'

Yozora: 'I am Yozora, the protector of Tokyo...and I am also a Keyblade Wielder. (He reveals his Keyblade) I also Balance my power of Light and Darkness'

Sora: 'Wow, I've never seen you use a Keyblade before'

Yozora: 'You'll know about my skills later, but now I have to get you to the large Portal on top of the 104 Building so you'll head to the Final World Realm...Kairi is on her way there to find you'

Sora: 'So will you help me get to the Portal?'

Yozora: 'I can get you there, but you gotta trust me'

Sora: (He checks on his hand and it shows a Timer set at 60:00) 'It's a Timer on my hand, a friend had it on him when Riku & saw him. He was playing a game and I'm doing the same'

Yozora: 'The game won't start until we get to the 104 Building'

Sora: 'Then let's go' (He and Yozora head for the 104 Skyscraper where the portal is at)

(Then the title 'Verum Rex' appears)

(Sora and Yozora see the Heartless Dragon appear on the rooftop of the 104 Skyscraper)

Yozora: 'What is that?'

Sora: 'It's a Heartless, but in the form of a Dragon'

Yozora: 'We better outrun it' (Then the Heartless Dragon starts flying towards them)

Sora: 'Let's use this Keyblade Gliders' (He & Yozora turn their Keyblade into a Glider)

(Then they both flew to outsmart the Heartless Dragon)

(Sora & Yozora got settled at a house near the Skyscraper after the Heartless Dragon attacked them)

Sora: 'Thanks for covering me, Yozora'

Yozora: 'I'm glad I met you.'

(Then Sarah appears)

Sarah: 'Yozora, who is this guy?'

Yozora: 'I want you to meet Sora, he came to me when the Heartless Dragon attacked us'

Sora: 'You must be Sarah, Yozora's Girlfriend'

Sarah: 'It's nice to meet you. He told me about your Adventure with Kairi & Riku'

Sora: 'You know about Kairi & Riku?'

Yozora: 'Sarah also told me about you defeating Xehanort and you got revived by Luxord's Wild Card including the Spirit of Kairi's Grandmother'

Sora: 'At least I was lucky so far. So tomorrow night, we'll destroy the Heartless Dragon and get to the Portal on the I can get rescued by Kairi'

Sarah: 'I'll make Dinner for the both of you' (She starts making Dinner)

Yozora: 'How about tomorrow afternoon, I'll train you before we confront the Heartless Dragon'

Sora: 'Great idea. I can learn a few new moves'

Yozora: 'But we must make haste, once you reach the 104 have 1 hour to destroy the Heartless Dragon or you'll fail'

Sora: 'It's a risk, but let's do this'

Yozora: 'Take this' (Then he fires a laser attack with his advanced Keyblade)

(The next evening, Sora & Yozora plan to destroy the Heartless Dragon)

Yozora: 'If I can distract the Dragon long enough, you might destroy it with your Keyblade'

Sora: 'It's the only way to activate the Portal to Final World Realm, but it's our only shot we got'

Yozora: 'Then let's do it' (They head into Downtown)

(As Sora and Yozora close in towards the 104 Skyscraper, the timer starts ticking down on Sora's left hand)

Sora: 'Yozora, the countdown has started'

Yozora: 'We better hurry, there's no time to lose'

(They reached the 104 Skyscraper's entrance)

(Sora and Yozora see the Heartless Dragon fly to the 104 Skyscraper's Rooftop)

Yozora: 'The Dragon is on top of the Skyscraper. If we can take it out, we'll activate the Portal'

Sora: 'I'm gonna need your help also...It's the only way for me to get reunited with Kairi'

Yozora: 'Now let's do this' (They start walking fast on the Skyscraper's wall)

Yozora: (He sees Sora's time at 31:15 remaining) 'Just don't let your guard down, Sora.'

Sora: 'Here goes' (Then he & Yozora pull out their Keyblade as they begin the battle against the Heartless Dragon)

Stella: 'We'll give you some time to destroy the Heartless Dragon'

Noctis: 'Just leave that to us, and go for it' (Then Yozora's Team open fire at the Heartless Dragon)

Sora: 'Now let's finish off the Dragon'

(After destroying the Heartless Dragon on top of the skyscraper, Sora's timer stops at 10:20 remaining, then it disappears)

Sora: 'I did it. I won the game'

Stella: 'Well done, Sora'

Yozora: 'I gotta hand it to you. The Wild Card you kept from Luxord combined with Kairi's Grandmother has revived your heart, and using your Power of Waking to bring back Kairi was epic'

Sora: 'Before that, when I used the Power of Waking to rescue Kairi, defeating Master Xehanort and heading to Destiny was too much for me to handle'

Stella: 'You really wanted to be with her'

Sora: 'I'll never forget the promise that Kairi made'

(A Flashback shows Kairi and Sora at Destiny Islands near sunset during the victory party of defeating Master Xehanort)

Sora: 'Kairi...there's not much time. (Then he hands Kairi his Lucky Charm the shape of an Paopu Fruit but with 6 colors of the rainbow) I want you to have my Lucky Charm I made, and I want you to promise me you'll bring me home by learning the Power of Revival, no matter what'

Kairi: (She starts to form tears) 'Yes, Sora... (Then she starts Crying as she hugs him) I'm gonna miss you'

Sora: 'Don't worry, I'll be back sooner than later, and we'll go on a Date. But always remember this, Kairi... (He wipe Kairi's tear from her eye and tells her an Advice) They can take your Heart, they can take your World, cut you loose from all you know. But if it's your Fate, then every step forward will always be a step closer to Home.'

Kairi: 'I will bring you home...I promise'

Sora: (He smiled) 'I know you will!'

(Then the Flashback ends)

Sora: 'Kairi is going to bring me home, then I can tell her about you helping me destroy the Heartless Dragon'

Noctis: 'The Portal is ready. Kairi is gonna be happy when you reunite with her'

Ardyn: 'It's time, Sora'

Sora: 'Well,'s nice meeting you'

Yozora: 'I might join up with you later on, but I want you to give Kairi a message. Just tell her...I'm coming to team up with the Keyblade Wielders of Light to defeat Xigbar aka Luxu before he uses the Black Box'

Sora: (Then the Portal to the Realm of Light is activated) 'I'll tell her that...I better go, we'll see you again'

(Sora enters the portal as Yozora sees the view of the Tokyo Skyline, then he makes a heart symbol with his hands)

Yozora: 'Don't worry, Sora. We will help you protect Kingdom Hearts from the Keyblade Foretellers'

(A Flashback shows Sora being revived by Kairi's Grandmother as he flies in the void)

Sora: (Nervous) 'Who are you?'

Kairi's Grandmother: 'Don't be frighten. I am Kairi's Grandmother who has revived you to life'

Sora: 'You did this to save me?'

Kairi's Grandmother: 'Yes. My Granddaughter needs you more than anyone because you 2 are the ones who can defeat the 5 Keyblade Foretellers'

Sora: 'The Keyblade Foretellers...'

Kairi's Grandmother: 'Only you and Kairi can save Kingdom Hearts from the 4 Unions including the Master of Masters and reawaken Solerra so you both can become the new King & Queen to secure a bright Future. You 2 have a very strong Connection'

Sora: 'Who is Solerra and why am I heading towards the Light?' (He is approaching the White Light)

Kairi's Grandmother: 'I must sent you to a World now, so good luck, Sora. And remember...May your Heart be your Guiding Key'

(Then Sora enters the White Light as the Flashback ends)

(At the top of the Clock Tower in Twilight Town, Kairi had a dream where she is with Sora seeing the view)

Kairi: 'You know, it feels like I've seen this view hundreds of times...but...I've never actually been up here for myself' (She feels Sora's hand)

Sora: 'Thanks for showing it to me, Kairi'

Kairi: 'Sure. Olette and the others brought me up here the first time I visited. The sunset always reminds me of home'

Sora: 'Kairi, listen...I-'

(Then Kairi woke up from her dream and she sees Namine & Xion appear)

Xion: 'Kairi...we got the Ice Cream' (She & Xion revealed Sea-Salt Ice Cream)

Namine: 'Kairi, is everything all right? Did something happened?'

Kairi: (She smiled) 'No...It's fine. I'm okay'

(At the huge Battle Area in the Ancient Keyblade Temple on a clear day in the large Island, the Master of Masters appears by holding a meeting with Xigbar/Luxu, 4 Keyblade Foretellers, Pete and Maleficent)

Master of Masters: (He appears with his hood on) 'Welcome, my Team. I have chosen you to help me handle this situation...I have sense that Kairi & Sora has earned themselves the Rank of Keyblade Master and she also unlocked her Power of Revival to bring Sora home'

Xigbar/Luxu: 'She really wants to be with him more than anyone else, and they're both connected with an amazing power beyond our normal standards. I have already sense a feeling that those two are planning to defeat us including the Dandelions Team'

Ira: 'Without Ava, we won't help you gain control'

Aced: 'We need to prepare the Black Box so that Kingdom Hearts will be ours'

Master of Masters: 'Not yet. We'll plan on creating the 'Heart-Blade' soon, but we must let Xigbar carry out the plan to control Kingdom Hearts. I'm sending the 4 of you to different worlds. Each Keyblade Foreteller will team up with a enemy minion so they can control a World and he will gain power if you get defeated, and once all 5 of the worlds is saved by Sora & Kairi...Xigbar will gain power of his Keyblade'

Pete: 'You're telling me that we got ourselves an upcoming battle between the 13 Keyblade Wielders of Light against the 7 Wielders of Dark?'

Master of Masters: 'Correct. So when those 2 lovebirds confront Xigbar or I should say...Luxu, they're in for a Big Surprise'

Ira: 'We won't disappoint you, my Master'

Gula: 'We'll pair up with a Villain to gain the odds'

Maleficent: 'How did your survive during the final battle with Xehanort?'

Xigbar/Luxu: 'When I learn to survive, I learn tricks along the way...But I don't attend on dying soon'

Master of Masters: (He gives the 4 Keyblade Foretellers a Dark Magic Skill) 'Now that you're in control of Darkness, you'll be able to succeed'

Aced: 'It won't be easy...but I will not let you down'

Master of Masters: 'The 4 Foretellers will do well on completing Xigbar's Task'

Xigbar/Luxu: 'When the 7 Princesses of Heart is gathered to us within 5 days from now, the Keyblade Wielders won't win...but when I said about long stories...this will be one to remember'

Aced: 'But be weary, if Kairi is stronger than Sora...then she'll defeat us before we can use the Black Box'

Invi: 'Now it's time for us to start the mission'

Maleficent: 'And while you do that, we'll prepare the Black Box when the 13 Keyblade Wielders of Light is ready to battle us'

Xigbar/Luxu: 'Plus we'll bring Yozora to us and he'll be our 7th Dark Wielder'

Master of Masters: 'Now go. Prepare yourselves' (The 4 Keyblade Foretellers, Pete & Maleficent left by portal)

Xigbar/Luxu: 'There's something about Ava...she has the Heart of Light instead of Darkness'

Master of Masters: 'If word gets out that she is Kairi's alley and if they reawaken Queen Solerra, this won't be good'

Xigbar/Luxu: 'We shall see, my Master...We shall see'

(Ava walked to the Light Portal)

Ava: 'I have to find Sora & Kairi, they're the best Hope I have to destroy Luxu. Maybe I can Team up with the 13 Keyblade Wielders of Light, and we might have a chance to protect Kingdom Hearts' (Then she enters)

(On the Upgraded Gummiship, Sora, Kairi, Goofy & Donald Duck is approaching the first world)

Sora: 'We're approaching the first world, a Keyblade Foreteller is there'

Goofy: 'Gosh, Sora. You really think we have a chance on balancing the Light & Darkness?'

Kairi: 'We still have a chance, now that Sora and I am paired up with you & Donald'

Donald Duck: 'You said it'

Sora: 'Now let's go'

(Then the Gummiship enters Hawaii World)

(Sora, Kairi, Donald Duck & Goofy arrived to Hawaii in their hula shirt)

(Then the title 'Hawaii' appears)

Sora: 'So this must be Hawaii?'

Kairi: 'It looks tropical, but I don't see any Heartless...and it's warm here'

Donald Duck: 'There's something fishy going on here'

Goofy: 'We better keep an eye out for one of the Keyblade Foretellers'

Lilo: (She shows up) 'Help! There's someone chasing Stitch!'

Sora: 'Just take it easy, we'll help you out'

Kairi: 'It sounds like trouble, we better check the situation' (They head to the Beach)

(Sora, Kairi, Donald Duck, Goofy and Lilo see Stitch get cornered by a small wave of Heartless at the Beach)

Donald Duck: 'Watch out!'

Kairi: 'It's Heartless'

Goofy: 'Get behind us' (Lilo took cover)

Sora: 'We'll help Stitch right away' (He & Kairi pull out their Keyblade as Donald & Goofy prepare to attack)

(After taking out a wave of Heartless)

Lilo: 'Thanks, I thought Stitch was gonna be captured'

Sora: 'But at least we managed to give you help'

Nani: (She appears) 'I see you have met my young sister Lilo. I'm Nani'

Kairi: 'This is Sora, Goofy & Donald. And I am Kairi'

Lilo: 'Aloha and welcome to Hawaii'

Goofy: 'It must be a tropical location, but at least we get to meet Stitch'

Stitch: 'Naga-Keyblade Welders' (Then he hops onto Kairi's shoulder)

Kairi: 'He looks a little friendly'

Nani: 'We need your help. Gantu is planning to attack this island, and there's a Unown person who is helping him'

Sora: 'It must be one of the Keyblade Foretellers'

Donald Duck: 'Oh, brother'

Lilo: 'I want to help you keep this island safe'

Sora: 'Well, just leave it to us, Lilo'

(Sora, Kairi, Goofy & Donald Duck see the view of a small Hawaiian Town)

Kairi: 'I've never seen anything like this'

Sora: 'This is where we'll find the 1st Keyblade Foreteller'

Donald Duck: 'Now then, let's get started'

Goofy: 'We should start by looking at the Beach' (then they head for the Beach)

(Lilo, Stitch & Nani took Sora, Kairi, Goofy & Donald Duck to see David)

Nani: 'I want you to meet David, he's my friend'

Sora: 'Hello, I'm Sora'

Kairi: 'And I am Kairi. This is Goofy & Donald'

David: 'It's nice to meet you. I'm a Surfer and also dating with Nani'

Donald Duck: 'Aw, that's nice'

Sora: 'So you can teach me and Kairi to surf'

David: 'I can teach you how. It requires balance and teamwork'

Kairi: 'Sora and I'm up for it'

Sora: 'We'll start right away'

(Sora & Kairi begin their first Surfing Lesson)

Sora: 'Just use your Balance and let the wave flow on your board'

(Kairi surfs the small Wave following Sora)

Kairi: 'I'm getting the hang of this'

(Then she went into water with Sora as they both surfaced and laugh)

Sora: 'This place looks beautiful like Destiny Islands'

Kairi: 'And I can see the Dolphins' (They both see Dolphins swim pass them)

(5 minutes later, Sora and Kairi swim to shore)

Kairi: 'This is a warm-up to increase my skills'

Sora: 'At least we'll be able to surf a big Wave'

Kairi: 'We should let Riku try Surfing once we complete the Adventure'

(Stitch showed Lilo a view of the Ocean on the Island)

Lilo: 'It's a nice Island to live with no cities'

(After doing their 1st Surfing lesson, Nani asks Sora & Kairi something important)

Nani: 'There's something important I must tell you. Mr. Bubbles told me that I got 3 days to prove that I can help Lilo, and there's only 2 days remaining. So I think Stitch would help my young sister while I find a new Job'

Sora: 'We can babysit Lilo'

Kairi: 'This won't be difficult'

Nani: 'Thanks, my friends. At least I can count on you, now let's get you settled at my house'

(They explore the small Hawaiian Town)

Sora: 'So how can we find the first Keyblade Foreteller?'

Kairi: 'We should ask one of Lilo's friends, they can help us out'

Goofy: 'They're somewhere near'

Sora: 'So let's start looking' (Then they begin their job)

(At Lilo's House, Gantu & Pleakley meet Sora, Kairi, Donald Duck & Goofy)

Jumba: 'Welcome my new friends, I am Jumba & this is Pleakley'

Pleakley: (He sees Sora's Keyblade) 'Is that a Keyblade?'

Sora: 'Yes. I use it to defeat Heartless'

Pleakley: 'What is Heartless?'

Cobra Bubbles: (He appears) 'Actually, there's something I have to tell those 2 about this Foreteller. A member is working with this Xigbar AKA Luxu who wants to control Hearts'

Sora: 'And who exactly are you?'

Cobra Bubbles: 'I am agent Bubbles, and I keep a profile on Nani & her sister Lilo so they can do well'

Kairi: 'They're creatures who want to gather Hearts from anyone, but we confront them'

Goofy: 'So could you tell us about this Keyblade Foreteller?'

Jumba: (He looks up on the Computer) 'According to this Research, I learned about the 5 Keyblade Foretellers who wants to use this 'Black Box' to reconnect Kingdom Hearts, and I can sense that one of them is here somewhere on this Island'

Kairi: 'His name is Aced. We'll find him and be sure to prevent a disaster from happening'

Cobra Bubbles: 'It's critical that you must stop the Keyblade Foreteller before he collects a Princess of Heart'

Jumba: 'This won't be easy, he's paired up with Gantu.'

Sora: 'If we can have Stitch team up with us, we still have a chance'

(Later that afternoon, Sora & Kairi begins their 2nd Surfing Lesson, but with Lilo & Stitch)

Lilo: 'Now let's see if you follow Stitch's skill'

(Stitch & Lilo surf on a Surfboard across the twin Waves as Sora & Kairi followed)

Sora: 'Is it me, or is the Wave is getting big?'

(Then they surf on a big Wave avoiding the crest)

Kairi: (She succeeds on surfing the Twin Waves) 'Wow, now that's epic'

Sora: 'I gotta hand it to you, Kairi. This Surfing Activity is doing well'

Kairi: 'We should try it once we get back to Destiny Islands'

Sora: 'That would be great. Riku should do the Halfpipe Wave'

(Later that night, Kairi shows Stitch & Lilo a creation of a Mini-City)

Kairi: 'And that's how you use small items to create a new idea'

(Stitch did her monster attack by taking out a small paper building, bites a toy car and breaks a Mini Golden Gate Bridge in half)

Lilo: 'No more Decaf for you'

(Sora, Donald Duck & Goofy spy on Gantu's Ship)

Sora: 'This must be Gantu's Ship, he's in a safe location from anyone'

Goofy: 'I can hear him talking to someone'

Donald Duck: 'What?'

Sora: 'It must be someone important' (They walked to the entrance of Gantu's Ship)

(Sora, Goofy & Donald Duck see Gantu at a safe distance)

Gantu: 'I must find a way to stop Experiment 626 from succeeding my plan on this Laser-Vehicle'

Aced: (He Appears with Pete) 'Maybe I can help. I am one of the 5 Keyblade Foretellers and we work with Luxu, who is once called Xigbar'

Pete: 'He wants to open the Black Box to control Kingdom Hearts in his own Keyblade'

Gantu: 'If you can help me stop those Keyblade Warriors, I might catch Experiment 626'

Pete: 'Then those Keyblade Wielders must be stopped before Xigbar finds out'

Aced: 'This will make worth your while' (He uses his Dark Power to make Gantu stronger)

Pete: 'Better brace yourselves, because sometime the day after of the enemy's ally is about to gain the Upperhand'

(Sora, Goofy & Donald Duck ran to safety and got to Lilo & Nani's house)

Sora: 'Aced is a Keyblade Foreteller and now, he's pairing up with Gantu & Pete'

Donald Duck: 'What can go wrong?'

Goofy: 'We should tell Kairi right away'

Sora: 'But we'll wait until morning. Let's get some shuteye'

(The next morning, Sora, Kairi, Goofy, Donald Duck, Lilo, Nani & Stitch see Cobra Bubbles appear at the front door)

Cobra Bubbles: 'Heard you lost your Job'

Nani: 'Well, actually...I just quit that Job, because the hours are just not...'

Cobra Bubbles: (Stitch throws a book at him) 'Hey!'

Sora: 'Don't mind him, he's a little nervous'

Lilo: 'That's my puppy'

Cobra Bubbles: 'Really? (He fix his neck) Thus far, you have been adrift in the sheltered harbor of my patience. But I cannot ignore you being Jobless'

Nani: 'Perfectly'

Cobra Bubbles: (He ask Sora & Kairi something) 'I want you 2 to keep an eye on Lilo & that dog so they don't get into trouble'

Kairi: 'We'll do that'

Sora: 'If you say so'

Cobra Bubbles: (He tells Lilo) 'And the next time I see that dog, I expect him to be a Model Citizen'

Lilo: 'In other words...'

Cobra Bubbles: 'In other words...New Job, Out of Trouble, and Model Citizen. (He puts on his Sunglasses) Good day' (Then he left)

(Aced uses his Keyblade to create a Heartless Octopus near the Beach)

Aced: 'Now let's see if Sora & Kairi can prove that they're Keyblade Masters'

(The Heartless Octopus enters the water)

(Throughout the day, Sora, Kairi, Lilo, Goofy & Donald Duck helped Stitch to learn on how to be a Model Citizen while Nani looks for a Job, but no success)

Sora: 'So far, Nani haven't found a Job'

Kairi: (Sighs) 'This is gonna be tougher than I thought'

David: (He shows up with his Surfboard) 'Hello, Lilo... (Then he sensed something) What's with Nani?'

Lilo: 'We've been having a bad day' (Nani sighs)

Kairi: 'And we can't even make Stitch a Model Citizen'

David: (He has an idea) 'Hey, I may not be a Doctor. But I know there's no better cure from a sour face, than a couple of boards and some choice waves'

Nani: (She smiled) 'I think that's a great idea'

(Sora & Kairi begin their 3rd Surfing lesson with Lilo, Nani, David & Stitch)

Sora: 'We still have time before this Gantu shows up with the Heartless'

Nani: (She & Lilo shows up in their bathing suit) 'How about we do some surfing, it'll take your mind off of protecting Lilo'

Kairi: 'I think it's a excellent idea, let's put on our Swimsuits'

Sora: 'Great idea'

Lilo: 'Then let's do it'

(Kairi surfs with her Keyblade Board she formed as Sora, Lilo, Nani, David, Stitch, Goofy & Donald Duck surf. Then she does a spin as she lands in the water with Lilo & Nani)

Kairi: (Giggles) (She surfaces) 'This is fun!'

(Sora followed Stitch while surfing the big Wave)

Sora: 'Watch closely' (He does a Spin and lands on top of the wave)

(Then Lilo & Nani did a swim near Stitch)

Goofy: 'Wow! He's getting good at this'

Lilo: 'He is learning well about surfing'

Nani: 'But I'm glad they're helping us bond'

(Sora & Kairi rode the big Wave with Lilo, Nani & Stitch)

Kairi: (She sees something underneath) 'Sora, there's something beneath the waters'

Sora: 'Watch out!'

(But then they got knocked off the Surfboard and enter the water)

(An Unown creature knocked Sora, Kairi, Lilo & Nani off the surfboard and they surfaced in the water)

Kairi: 'Is everyone all right?'

Sora: 'Yeah, I'm fine'

Lilo: 'What happened?'

Nani: 'I think some Lolo just knocked us off the Barrel' (She swims to Lilo)

Sora: 'We're not alone, there's something coming towards us'

(A Heartless Octopus attacks Sora, Kairi, Goofy, Donald Duck, Lilo, Nani and Stitch)

Kairi: 'It's a Heartless Octopus!'

Sora: 'Lilo, watch out!' (But the Octopus grabs Lilo by the leg)

Nani: 'An Octopus is attacking us'

Kairi: 'You leave Lilo alone! Freezga!' (She fires the Freezga attack at the Octopus freeing Lilo and knocked Stitch out cold as he went underwater)

David: (He swims to Lilo & Nani) 'What happened?'

Nani: 'Stitch is being dragged down' (David went underwater to rescue Stitch)

(Then 3 minutes later, the Heartless Octopus is destroyed as Sora, Kairi and the others got to shore with Lilo & Nani as David rescues Stitch)

Sora: 'Is anyone hurt?'

Kairi: 'Yeah, we're safe'

Nani: (She checks Lilo) 'Lilo, look at me, baby. Are you hurt?'

Lilo: 'No'

David: (He got to shore with Stitch) 'He's unconscious, but I think he's alive' (Stitch recovers)

Nani: (She asks Cobra Bubbles something) 'I can explain everything...this isn't what it looks like'

Cobra Bubbles: 'I know you're trying, Nani. But you need to think about what's best for Lilo. Even if it removes you from the picture. (Nani becomes quiet) I'll be back tomorrow morning for Lilo...I'm sorry' (Then he left)

Sora: 'We really mess things up'

Nani: 'Sora...I think I better take Lilo home now. (Then she tells Lilo something important) We have a lot to talk about, Lilo' (Then she left with Lilo)

David: (He tells Stitch something) 'You know, I really believe they had a chance. Then you came along' (Then he left)

Sora: 'Aced tricked us by tearing apart the 'Ohana'.'

Goofy: 'Gawrsh, do you really think there's something we could do for them?'

Kairi: 'Not really. Their 'Ohana' is coming apart, and we can't do anything to help them. (Sighs) I'm gonna stay with Nani & Lilo for the night so I can give them comfort as an Ohana' (Then she head for Lilo & Nani's House)

(Kairi asks Nani something important about Lilo)

Kairi: 'It's time you know the truth...Lilo is the new Princess of Heart'

Nani: 'So who is this Keyblade Foreteller?'

Kairi: 'A Keyblade Foreteller is trying to make us bring the Princess of Heart to him. That is why I must protect Lilo from danger.'

Nani: 'There's something Lilo have to show you, it's important'

(Later that night in Lilo's Bedroom, Lilo & Stitch shows Sora, Kairi, Goofy & Donald Duck a photo of her, Nani & Lilo's Parents)

Kairi: 'Is that...your Family?'

Lilo: 'That's us was rainy and my Parents went for a drive. Our Family's little now, but Stitch can be a part of us and I might raise him to do Good things'

Sora: 'I felt the same thing when Riku went into the Dark Realm with King Mickey over 2 years ago'

Kairi: 'Well, we'll make sure that the Keyblade Foreteller won't capture you'

Lilo: ' I can be safe with help. Ohana means Family...Family also means nobody gets left behind'

Sora: 'That is a nice advice'

Kairi: 'I learned it from my Grandmother also'

(Then they went to sleep)

(The next morning, Kairi asks Sora about something important)

Kairi: 'Sora, I need to ask you something...What do you know about the Keyblade Foretellers?'

Sora: 'Before you, Riku and I were born, there was 5 Keyblade Foretellers in Daybreak Town balancing Kingdom Hearts with the 5 Unions and 4 of them was working with Luxu by being controlled of dark evil including the Master of Masters, but only 1 turn good with the Light, and it was Ava. She was 2 years older than she helped Solerra win a Keyblade battle against Luxu that started the Keyblade War for Xehanort'

Kairi: 'I've never knew about this...until now. I hope we'll stop the Foretellers'

Sora: 'But cheer up, Kairi. You and I will stop the Foretellers and find Ava'

Kairi: 'I better go check on Lilo' (She walks into the kitchen)

(Lilo walks to Nani & Kairi)

Nani: 'Lilo...I didn't hear you get up'

Lilo: 'Stitch left. He didn't want to be here anyway'

Kairi: 'He just need a little more time to clear his mind'

Nani: (She tells Lilo something) 'Lilo...sometimes you try your hardest, and things don't work out the way you want them to. Sometimes, things have to change. And maybe sometimes they're for the better'

(Then a door knocks as Nani answered it, and it was David)

Nani: 'David...what are you doing here?'

David: 'I think I found you a job. Old man Kuhkini's Store, but we gotta hurry'

Nani: 'Things are really turning around. (Then she tells Lilo something important) Lilo, this is really important. I need you to stay here for a few minutes, but I'm gonna be right back. (Then she ran outside with David) Thanks, David. I own you one'

David: 'No problem. You can just date me, and we'll call it even'

(Kairi sees Jumba and Pleakley get attacked by a 3-headed Heartless)

Kairi: 'Lilo, I want you and Stitch to head for Safety while I hold off the Heartless'

Lilo: 'Great idea' (Then she & Stitch escape)

Kairi: 'You want to get Lilo? You'll have to stop me!'

Gantu: (He captures Lilo) 'I just brought something for my Journey to the Grand Councilwoman'

Aced: 'Well done, Gantu. I think Luxu will pay you a reward'

Pete: 'I hate to break up the plan, but we better stall Sora & Kairi before they find us'

Goofy: (He, Kairi & Donald Duck shows up worried) 'Sora! We got a problem'

Sora: 'What's going on?'

Donald Duck: 'Lilo & Stitch are being caught by a large Alien named Gantu!'

Kairi: 'I managed to destroy the Heartless giving Jumba and Pleakley enough time to escape for safety. But Gantu captured Lilo and we better save them before something goes wrong' (Then they head towards a small area to save Lilo & Stitch from Gantu)

(Gantu destroys Lilo & Nani's house with a bomb as Sora, Kairi, Goofy & Donald Duck took cover)

Sora: 'Oh-no, he really wants to help the Keyblade Foreteller'

Kairi: 'Nani is not gonna like this'

(Sora, Donald Duck, Goofy, Kairi, Gantu, Pleakley and Nani saw Stitch worried)

Sora: 'Stitch, what's wrong?'

Nani: 'Lilo has been captured by Gantu & this stranger'

Jumba: 'If he has Lilo, then we're in trouble'

Kairi: 'It was Aced, a Keyblade Foreteller. He wanted to get one of the 7 Princesses of Heart'

Nani: 'Oh-no'

Goofy: 'We gotta do something'

Sora: 'Even if Gantu has Lilo, we might not stop the Keyblade Foreteller'

Kairi: 'Stitch, don't you remember Ohana? (Stitch agrees) It stands for Family, and it also means...'

Nani: 'Nobody gets left behind or forgotten'

Stitch: 'Stitch has plan'

Jumba: 'I think Stitch knows where the Keyblade Foreteller and Gantu is holding Lilo. Our plan is Rescue'

Nani: 'We're gonna get Lilo?'

Kairi: 'It's the only way for us because she is a Princess of Heart'

Sora: 'Then let's go rescue her' (Then they head for Gantu's Ship landing spot)

(Sora, Kairi, Goofy & Donald Duck confront Aced & Gantu)

Aced: 'So you managed to bring Sora back from the Final World Realm? Allow me to introduce myself...I am Aced, a Foreteller'

Sora: 'You created the Heartless Octopus and 3-headed Heartless to try and tear Lilo's Ohana apart'

Aced: 'Correct. Now that you & Kairi are Keyblade Masters, just face me...if you can'

Kairi: 'If you're going to deal with anyone, I suggest you leave'

Gantu: (He appears) 'Actually, I'm working with this Keyblade Foreteller and we're planning to take control with the Black Box'

Donald Duck: 'Oh-no!'

Aced: 'But for now, I want to battle you to see if your skills can match mine' (He pulls out his Keyblade)

Sora: (He, Kairi, Donald Duck, Goofy and Stitch prepare themselves) 'Aced & Gantu is about to attack us, so prepare yourselves. It's about to get Aloha Intense'

(After Sora & Kairi defeated Aced & Gantu...Stitch saves Lilo)

Lilo: 'You came to rescue me'

Stitch: 'Nobody gets left behind'

Aced: 'You win this match, but we'll meet again for the Ultimate Battle' (Then he escapes with Pete by the Dark Portal)

(5 minutes later, they arrived to safety after defeating Aced & Gantu)

Nani: 'Thanks for saving Lilo, I thought she was gonna get herself into danger'

Grand Councilwoman: (She shows up) 'You almost got yourselves hurt during Gantu's Attack...but you have proven yourselves worthy, and helped Stitch protect Lilo & the others'

Kairi: 'There's something else you must know...Lilo is one of the 7 Princesses of Heart'

Lilo: 'Luckily my new friends helped Stitch scare Gantu away'

Sora: 'But we're glad that we defeated Aced'

Kairi: 'Stitch wants you to meet Nani & Lilo...they helped us make him as part of Ohana'

Stitch: (He shows the Grand Councilwoman his family: Lilo & Nani) 'This is my Family. I found it on my own. It's little and broken...but they're still good'

Lilo: (She shows the Grand Councilwoman a Receipt with the Stamp on it) 'About 2 days ago, I bought Stitch at the Animal Shelter and I paid 2 dollars for him. If you take him, you're stealing'

Cobra Bubbles: 'I think Aliens must obey the Rules'

Grand Councilwoman: 'Very well, then take note of this...For helping Stitch defeat Gantu and also protecting the others from danger situations, he will live in exile that will be held with Lilo & Nani...on Earth. And finally, as caretaker of the alien life-form Stitch, this Family is now protected by the United Galatic Federation. We'll be checking in now and then'

(Then the Grand Councilwoman left with Gantu in her Spaceship as it takes off into Space)

(After the Grand Councilwoman left in her Spaceship, Sora, Kairi, Goofy, Donald Duck, Lilo, Nani, Stitch, Jumba, Pleakley, David and Cobra Bubbles rebuild Lilo & Nani's House, and it was completed)

Lilo: 'The House is completed'

Sora: 'Well, we could had done it without your help'

Nani: 'I'm glad you lifted our Ohana with yours'

Kairi: 'Now let's unlock the Keyhole'

(Sora & Kairi use their Keyblade to open the Keyhole)

Sora: 'Looks like it's time for us to get going'

Nani: 'Thanks for helping us. Lilo and I will be with Stitch as our new Family member, plus you got your Ohana cheering you on'

Kairi: 'Just take care' (Stitch looks happy)

(Then the title 'Hawaii' appears)

(At the Keyblade Graveyard, Xigbar/Luxu has the Black Box with him)

Xigbar/Luxu: 'Well, Xehanort...Once the Black Box is activated and the X-Keyblade I create...Sora and Kairi will have no chance of defeating me...the Dandelions Union Team will get the 'Heart-Blade' for the Master of Masters...And I will finish what you started'

(Then he left to make Preparations)

(At the Realm of Darkness, Riku takes out the large Heartless Creature with his Keyblade and finds a Light Portal)

Riku: 'There's my ticket out of here'

(He dives and enters the light portal)

(Then he arrives to 'Verum Rex' World)

Riku: 'This must be the 'Verum Rex' World, it's where Sora met this Yozora. I better find a way to get to Disney Castle' (He starts walking across the city)

(Riku finds Yozora's Friends after taking out a large Heartless Creature)

Riku: 'You must be Yozora's Friends. I'm Riku, a Keyblade Master'

Noctis: 'I've never seen your determination, but it's nice to meet you. I'm Noctis, this is Yozora's Girlfriend, Sarah. That's Ardyn and Ignis'

Riku: 'I need your help, I'm looking for Sora and he was revived by Luxord's Wild Card including the spirit of Kairi's Grandmother'

Sarah: 'If you're looking for Sora, then he must have won the Game & he left to Final World Realm so Kairi can rescue him with the Power of Revival'

Riku: 'What? I forgot to tell her that the Master of Masters might trick her when they enter Scala Ad Caelum'

Ignis: 'It's the only way she can become a Keyblade Master, and she already succeeded'

Riku: 'I can sense Kairi has already rescued Sora and right now, they are defeating the 5 Keyblade Foretellers to prevent Xigbar from using the Black Box'

Noctis: 'We did some research on it and he's planning to recreate the X-Keyblade, plus he's the Reincarnation of Luxu'

Ignis: 'If he recreates the X-Keyblade by absorbing energy from the 7 Princesses of Heart & the 13 Keyblade Wielders of Light, he's gonna open the Black Box to spread Darkness across Kingdom Hearts'

Sarah: 'And I am also the Princess of Heart. That is why I must be protective from Xigbar'

Ardyn: 'We'll do whatever we can to keep Sarah safe from the Foretellers'

Riku: 'I need to get to King Mickey and the others before Xigbar strikes us. Then I'm gonna have a talk with Kairi & Sora'

Ignis: 'We have a portal that'll take you to Disney Castle, but we can get you to the others right away'

(Then they head to the Portal)

(Before Riku enters the portal)

Riku: 'I hope the Foretellers don't plan on letting Xigbar take total control'

Ignis: 'Just tell King Mickey that Xigbar must be stopped before he uses the Black Box'

Ardyn: 'And we'll handle the Heartless in case more of them shows up'

Sarah: 'I'll be safe with my friends'

Riku: 'I better go now' (Then he enters the portal)

(Riku arrives to Disney Castle where Queen Minnie, Daisy Duck, Pluto, Aqua, Terra & Ventus is at)

Aqua: 'Riku. There you are, we were looking for you'

Riku: 'We got a problem...Xigbar is planning to control Kingdom Hearts with the Black Box, plus I learned something about the 'Heart-Blade'...and we need Sora & Kairi, they're our only hope'

Queen Minnie: 'Oh, dear. They're on a Journey to stop the 5 Keyblade Foretellers'

Isa/Saix: 'And the mission is critical to protecting the Realm of Light'

Daisy Duck: 'But Goofy & Donald are with them'

Riku: 'They can handle the Foretellers together, but I gotta warn King Mickey'

Terra: 'I can take you to him'

Aqua: 'Then do so, we must prepare Namine, Isa and Xion for the upcoming Battle against the Foretellers'

(On the Gummiship, Sora was remembering about the Nameless Star)

Sora: 'I've been learning about the Nameless Star of how she helped me save the others during the battle against Master Xehanort 3 Weeks ago'

Kairi: 'What if her real name was Ava, she might be the Nameless Star who helped you'

Sora: 'Maybe, but we'll find out'

Goofy: 'We're approaching the next world'

Sora: 'Strap yourselves in, we must prepare to face the 2nd Keyblade Foreteller'

(Then the Gummiship flies into Agrabah World)

(Sora, Kairi, Donald Duck and Goofy arrived to Agrabah)

Kairi: 'So this is where we'll find the next Keyblade Foreteller'

Sora: 'And I wonder what's happening at the Palace'

Goofy: 'There's a big Party going on'

Genie: (He appears) 'Sora, it's good to see ya. You're not gonna believe this, but Aladdin & Jasmine are getting married'

Sora: 'They're finally tying the knot

Donald Duck: 'Wow!'

Genie: 'And who is this person with ya?' (He sees Kairi)

Kairi: 'I'm Kairi...and I am a Keyblade Master'

Genie: 'I've never seen her with skills...I should introduce you to Al & Jasmine'

Goofy: 'We should go there right away'

Kairi: 'So what are we standing here for? Let's head to the Wedding'

(They head towards the Palace)

(Then the title 'Agrabah/Vanishing Isle' appears)

(Sora, Kairi, Goofy & Donald Duck arrived to the Palace and meet Aladdin, Abu, Iago, Genie & the Sultan)

Aladdin: 'Sora, I'm glad you came here to see me & Jasmine get married'

Sora: 'Aladdin, we came here for your Wedding...and I brought someone for you to meet. This is Kairi'

Kairi: 'Hi there, I'm really happy that you're tying the knot'

Genie: 'We're about to start now'

(Then the Wedding begins with the Sultan appearing by the 4 Palace Guards)

Sora: 'Hello, your highness'

Sultan: 'This is a happy day for us'

(As the curtains is removed, it shows Princess Jasmine in her Wedding Dress)

Aladdin: 'Wow'

Genie: 'oh, yeah!'

Kairi: 'She looks beautiful'

(Jasmine walked the aisle)

Sultan: 'I knew this day would never come, now it has come too soon'

Jasmine: (She hugs the Sultan) 'Oh, father'

(But at a indoor Animal Zoo, the King of Thieves including Sa'luk prepare to crash the Wedding)

Casiem: (Wearing the King of Thieves costume) 'You distract the Guards'

Sa'luk: (He makes his appearance) 'Is this a part of your plan?'

Casiem: (He shows him a large Elephant) 'A larger part. (Then he tells the 40 Thieves) It's time'

(The 40 Thieves prepare to rob the Treasure)

(Casiem uses his sword to signal the attack)

Sa'luk: 'Let me be the pointing man' (He scares the Elephant as it runs towards the Palace)

(In the Palace, rumbling is being heard)

Donald Duck: 'Is it me, or is the ground shaken?'

Genie: 'I thought the Earth wasn't suppose to move until the Honeymoon'

Sora: 'I don't like the sound of this'

Goofy: 'Sora, look!'

(Then the Elephant charges into the Wedding Ceremony)

Genie: 'Stampede!'

Kairi: 'Everyone, clear the area!'

(The people clear the area as Aladdin & Jasmine avoid the Elephant)

Genie: (He saves Abu from a large Elephant) 'Come here, monkey boy. You were almost Dumbo Toe-Jam. (Then the Elephant step on Carpet) Wow! He trample the Carpet!'

Kairi: (She sees Heartless appear) 'We got a problem. It's Heartless'

Donald Duck: 'Oh-no!'

Goofy: 'We got Thieves entering to steal Treasure!'

(Plus the 40 Thieves appear by helping the Heartless)

Sora: 'We better help Aladdin and the others' (He, Kairi, Goofy and Donald Duck prepare to attack)

Casiem (King of Thieves Costume): (He looks for the Staff) 'It must be there, somewhere'

Iago: (He appears with a holder) 'Meet your match, Zorro!'

Casiem (King of Thieves Costume): 'Good birdie. Polly want a little...'

Iago: 'Say 'Cracker', and I'll let you have it on principle!' (But he gets grabbed by Casiem)

Casiem (King of Thieves Costume): 'You have a lot of Spirit... (Then he placed Iago inside a Vase) and a lot of mouth'

(Jasmine punched a Thief while helping Kairi)

Jasmine: 'That is for ruining my Wedding'

(Casiem (Wearing the King of Thieves Costume) finds the Staff, but then Aladdin shows up and takes it)

Aladdin: 'Can I see your Invitation?'

Casiem (Wearing the King of Thieves Costume): 'Just stay out of my way, boy...And you won't get hurt! (He throws a small Statue at Aladdin and tries to grab the Staff) You don't stand a chance against the King of Thieves'

Aladdin: 'When I get up, I'll bow to you' (He regains balance and struggles to grab the Staff from him)

Sa'luk: 'Casiem said nothing about facing the Powers of a Genie. Get the others out of here, we'll leave the King to his Plan' (Then he & the 40 Thieves retreat as they escape)

(Aladdin grabbed the Staff as the King of Thieves avoid the Elephant and escaped)

Aladdin: (Sora & Kairi shows up) 'Where's the King of Thieves?'

Kairi: 'He got away'

Casiem (Wearing the King of Thieves Costume): (He got to safety) 'I will see you again, boy.' (Then he left)

Genie: (After the 40 Thieves attack, a few Columns crumble to small pieces) 'This was not my fault, this was not build to Code'

(After the attack by the 40 Thieves)

Jasmine: 'What were they after? The Gifts?'

Aladdin: 'Not all the Gifts...this is what the King of Thieves want' (He shows them the Staff)

Kairi: 'He wanted the Staff so he can find out about the Keyblade Foretellers'

Sora: 'If they need this item, then why does one of the Foretellers wanted it?'

(Then the Oracle appears from the Staff)

Oracle: 'Your question is mine to answer, Sora...I seek the King of Thieves is looking for the Ultimate Treasure'

Sora: 'I've never seen any Ancient ghosts except this one'

Aladdin: 'Is that the Oracle?'

Genie: 'Yes...and she is ancient'

Goofy: 'It looks real'

Iago: 'So how about you tell me where can we find this Treasure, the Ultimate One?'

Oracle: 'I am bound by the rule of One. One Question, One Answer'

Iago: 'But I only want one answer...where is the Ultimate Treasure?'

Oracle: 'You have already asked your Question'

Kairi: 'Sora, maybe we can know about our Destiny.'

Oracle: 'You have but to ask'

Jasmine: 'Aladdin, we could know about our lives, our Future'

Aladdin: 'My Future is you...but my Past is a blank. My Mother died when I was a kid, and I never knew my Father'

Oracle: 'Your question is your choice, but remember the rule of One...Choose carefully'

Kairi: 'I never had connection about my Family's History until I mastered the Power of Revival a few days ago'

Oracle: 'Actually, you & Sora can stop the Keyblade Foretellers by helping Ava' (She shows Sora and Kairi a image of Ava, a Keyblade Foreteller)

Kairi: 'Sora, there's something I need to know...Ava is my older Sister and also the Nameless Star?'

Sora: 'She still a member of your Family, but we should ask Aladdin for help'

Aladdin: 'I don't think you could help me. My Past isn't one question, it's a million'

Oracle: 'But mere questions of your Past can be answered by your Father'

Sora: 'What?'

(Then she shows them Casiem, Aladdin's Father)

Aladdin: 'My father is alive?'

(Later at Sundown, Jasmine, Sora & Kairi talked to Aladdin)

Jasmine: 'Aladdin, is there something wrong?'

Aladdin: 'I've never knew my Father exist until now. Did he really cared?'

Kairi: 'I felt the same way when Uncle Ansem became my Guardian when I was a child'

Sora: 'Now I think you should ask the Oracle about your Father's whereabouts'

Aladdin: 'If I'm gonna do this, I need your help'

Kairi: 'We'll help you out, Aladdin'

(Aladdin uses the Oracle's Staff and she appears)

Oracle: 'Have you chosen your Question?'

Aladdin: 'I have'

Oracle: 'Then ask'

Aladdin: 'Where is my father?'

Oracle: 'Follow the trail of the 40 Thieves, your father is trapped within their world'

Kairi: 'I also like to ask my can I find Ava?'

Oracle: 'Ava is captured by Sa' must save her and prove yourself as a Keyblade Master because she is the Nameless Star and also your older Sister'

Aladdin: '40 Thieves? But is he hurt?'

Oracle: 'I'm sorry, but I can only answer one question' (Then she disappears)

Aladdin: (He tells Jasmine something) 'It's up to me'

Jasmine: 'Just take as long as you need'

Kairi: 'We'll go with you, Aladdin. Maybe we'll find Ava along the way'

Sora: 'And with your help, we'll find your Father'

Aladdin: 'I'll be back in time for our Wedding, I promise'

(Then Sora, Kairi, Aladdin, Abu, Iago, Goofy & Donald Duck rides on Carpet heading for the 40 Thieves hideout)

(At nightfall, Sora, Kairi, Goofy, Donald Duck, Aladdin, Abu, Iago & Carpet find the 40 Thieves near the Hideout at a safe distance)

Sora: 'There's the 40 Thieves, but they're near the shoreline'

Aladdin: 'We got them trapped'

(Then the King of Thieves walked near the water)

Kairi: 'He's about to do something'

Casiem (King of Thieves Disguise): 'Open Sesame!'

(Then a pathway is made as the door opens to their hideout)

Kairi: 'So that's the Password on entering the 40 Thieves Hideout'

(The 40 Thieves rode on their horses and enter)

Aladdin: 'Let's move' (They flew into the entrance before it closes)

(Sora, Kairi, Aladdin, Abu, Iago, Carpet, Donald Duck & Goofy arrived to the 40 Thieves hideout)

Sora: 'The King of Thieves can't be too far from here'

Iago: 'Let's get this over with. I want to get in, get out, and go home'

Kairi: 'Sora, we found him...and he's not alone'

Sora: 'I better be careful, we don't want to get caught'

(At a meeting, Sa'luk blames Casiem for failing to get the Oracle Staff as Ava tries to explain)

Sa'luk: 'We could've had all of our loot from the wedding, but we had to follow the King's plan, and look what we have for our trouble in Agrabah, nothing! (He slams his Claw on the Table breaking it) Your time is drawing to a close, Casiem'

Ava: 'You don't know what you're planning, so I suggest you back off'

(At a safe distance)

Aladdin: 'Casiem is my Father?'

Kairi: 'I can't stand here and remain hidden, we must do something' (She rushes with Aladdin as Sora, Goofy & Donald Duck follow)

Casiem: 'If you're looking to spill blood, I don't see that happening'

Sa'luk: 'Then let me open your eyes!' (He prepares to attack)

Kairi: (She rushes with Aladdin) 'Wait, Ava! I brought someone to ask you something important...And I am Kairi, you're my Sister and also the Nameless Star who helped Sora!'

Aladdin: (He tackles Sa'luk as he tells Casiem something) 'I'm Aladdin, you're my father'

Sa'luk: 'I have no idea about your Father, but I will send you to meet your Ancestors'

Casiem: (He stops Sa'luk) 'Let him go, the boy is my son. I gave this Dagger to my wife years ago, I told her to give it to my newborn son...Aladdin'

Ava: 'I'm Ava, Kairi's older Sister and also a Keyblade Foreteller. I got my nickname the Nameless Star when I helped Sora saved his friends 3 Weeks ago'

Kairi: 'I also want you to meet Sora, Goofy & Donald, my friends'

Sora: 'You must be Ava, a Keyblade Foreteller'

Ava: 'Yes...I wanted to join you and the Keyblade Wielders against Xigbar & the 4 Foretellers, because I have the Heart of Light'

Aladdin: 'You are the King of Thieves?'

Casiem: 'We have our Family's Blood. I though I've never see you again'

Kairi: 'This is amazing'

Sa'luk: (He tells Casiem something) 'Blood or Mud, the boy is an intruder and we have Rules about intruders. He has found our Secret Lair...They must all die!'

Iago: 'Die? But Aladdin is Casiem's Son, I'm his friend. Cast a vote for Mercy here!'

Ava: 'Very well then, destroy them'

Casiem: 'Or...the boy could...yes...or the boy'

Sa'luk: 'What?'

Casiem: (Then he has an idea) 'The boy could face...the Challenge'

(The 40 Thieves agreed)

Ava: 'We'll let Kairi face a Foreteller's Test to see if she can prove herself trustworthy'

Casiem: 'Then that's that, my Son including Kairi shall face the Challenge'

Sa'luk: 'And I...shall be the one to test them'

Sora: 'I hope you know what you're doing, Kairi'

Kairi: 'Don't worry, Sora. I have completing my Power of Revival Training with Aqua, and earned the Rank of Keyblade Master. (Then he tells Casiem something) I accept the Challenge' (Sa'luk smiled)

(At the Outdoor Battle Area of the 40 Thieves Hideout, the Challenge is about to begin as Aladdin & Kairi stood with Casiem, then Sa'luk appears to battle as Ava prepares herself)

Sora: (He, Goofy & Donald Duck have Ropes tied on their hands with Abu & Iago in a cage) 'We gotta escape before the Heartless attack'

Iago: 'Escape? Not likely. Our ride home is grounded. And as for's been nice knowing him'

Aladdin: 'What's going on, Dad?'

Casiem: 'The Challenge is simple, only one man survives. (Sa'luk prepares to duel against Aladdin while Kairi prepares to begin her test with Ava) But you'll be that man...Knock him dead, seriously' (He hands Aladdin the Dagger)

Ava: (She uses her magic to create a Python Heartless) 'Now, Kairi...let's see if you can destroy this heartless'

Kairi: 'I'm ready, show me what you got' (She pulls out her Keyblade)

Sa'luk: (He slides onto the Cliff's edge as he prepares to attack Aladdin & Kairi) 'Looks like you're caught between a rock and a hard place'

Kairi: 'If I'm between a Rock and a hard place, then I'd say you're off to a rocky start!' (She uses the Thundera attack to stun him)

(Then Aladdin uses his Hi-Kick attack to send Sa'luk near the edge)

Sa'luk: 'Aah!!' (He falls into the water)

Kairi: 'Wow...that felt really good. Now I know what Sora felt'

Aladdin: 'You'll get used to it (Then a Rope appears) now let's climb up'

(Then they both climb up the Cliff to the top)

(After Aladdin defeats Sa'luk and Kairi destroys the Heartless Python)

Casiem: 'You killed Sa'luk. The code of the 40 Thieves is very clear of this're in'

40 Thieves: (Cheering)

Ava: 'Thank you, Kairi. You have earned my Trust' (She handshakes Kairi)

Kairi: 'I'm glad you're with us, Ava'

(Sa'luk survives the fall and swims to shore upset)

Sa'luk: 'It'll take more than skill or talent to dispose me'

Xigbar/Luxu: (He appears from the portal) 'Maybe I can help you out by finding the location of the Ultimate Treasure'

Sa'luk: 'I'm listening...'

(Casiem leads Aladdin, Sora, Kairi, Ava, Donald Duck, Goofy, Abu, Iago & Carpet to a secret room)

Casiem: 'I found my son and lose my enemy, you did your old man proud, Aladdin'

Aladdin: 'I was trying to stay alive'

Casiem: 'If you didn't fight, you would had been killed. So says the Code of the 40 Thieves'

Kairi: 'Well, Sora and I wouldn't want to join a band of thieves is something to be proud of'

Iago: 'Does this Code have any Rules that don't end in death?'

Casiem: 'It's a Strict Code. But there is one thing I added...we never harm the Innocent'

Sora: 'I followed the Rules as a Keyblade Wielder of Light'

Kairi: 'So what are you looking for?'

Ava: 'What we're about to show you is something important, so let's listen closely'

(They enter the Secret Room)

Casiem: 'There is a Treasure, the Ultimate One...and I am this close to it. But it's on an Island that was never in the same place twice...the Vanishing Isle'

Goofy: 'So it could be difficult to find this Island'

Aladdin: 'What is this Ultimate Treasure?'

Casiem: (He pulls out a large Picture of the Hand of Midas) 'The big one, son...The Hand of Midas'

Sora: 'It looks real to us, but it can turn anything into Gold'

Donald Duck: 'Really?'

Kairi: 'It's just a myth'

Ava: 'Not really...It was once right there. (She shows them a Boat made of gold) From Bow to Stern, the entire boat was made of solid Gold'

Iago: 'Adopt me, Daddy-O'

Casiem: 'A large boat was touched by the Hand of Midas'

Aladdin: 'And sunk by it'

Casiem: 'You don't know what it's like, to stare up to the Palace and knowing you deserved be called 'Street Rat'.'

Kairi: 'So you want me & Sora to make sure that this Hand of Midas must not fall into the wrong hands'

Casiem: 'I knew exactly what I wanted for my Family. I couldn't give up and go back empty-handed, but the Weeks turned into Months, and the Months turned into Years... (Then he tells them the Truth) I came back to Agrabah one night, but I couldn't find my Wife or my Son. I thought my Family was lost that moment, I would trade everything to get your mother back'

Aladdin: 'We never wanted Gold, we wanted you. I want a father, I still do. Come to my Wedding. This time, you have a Invitation'

Casiem: 'Aladdin, I don't know'

Aladdin: 'Dad, I'm not going back to Agrabah until morning, at least think about it' (Then he, Sora, Kairi, Goofy & Donald Duck walk out)

(At Agrabah's Streets, Rasoul sees Sa'luk)

Sa'luk: 'Maybe I can help you find the King of Thieves'

Rasoul: 'Everyone knows the King of Thieves cannot be found'

Sa'luk: 'I'll sleep better, now that he's out of the Thieves Hideout and heading towards the Execution's block'

Rasoul: 'What miracle do you suggest to capture him?'

Sa'luk: '2 Words that will make you Agrabah's greatest Hero....'Open Sesame'.' (Rasoul smiled)

(The next morning, Aladdin & Kairi rides on Carpet showing his father Casiem)

Aladdin: 'Hop on, Dad'

Casiem: 'Oh-no, it's a Rug. You sweep dirt under it, you don't ride on it'

Kairi: 'It's safe to ride, just give it a shot'

Aladdin: 'You don't have to be afraid. I trust Carpet with my life'

Casiem: 'I am not afraid. Now get off that thing before you break your neck'

Sora: (Aladdin & Kairi hops off Carpet) 'It looks like Casiem doesn't want to ride on Carpet'

Aladdin: 'Just give him time, he'll come around'

Casiem: 'We'll take Horses. Horses were good enough for my Father, and his father before him, and they're were good enough for me'

(5 minutes later, they are riding on Horses for Agrabah)

Aladdin: 'He seems to act as a Father'

(Xigbar/Luxu leads Rasoul and 3 Palace Guards to the shore where the entrance to the King of Thieves Hideout is at) )

Xigbar/Luxu: 'Now there must be a Password to open the entrance'

Rasoul: 'It must be...'Open Caraway!'.' (But nothing happen)

Xigbar/Luxu: 'The password is 'Open Sesame'.'

(Then the entrance opens up as Rasoul smiled)

(Sora, Kairi, Aladdin, Casiem, Ava, Donald Duck, Goofy, Abu, Iago and Carpet arrived to Agrabah at the Palace)

Aladdin: 'It looks like Genie has everything ready'

Casiem: 'You have a Genie? Have you used all 3 Wishes yet?'

Iago: 'Let's not go overboard'

Genie: (He appears) 'Al, you're back. I'm glad you are safe and sound'

Sora: 'So we want you to meet someone'

Iago: 'Allow us to introduce...'

Casiem: 'The King of Thieves'

Genie: 'Aah! (He contacts his Walky-Talky) All units, we have a Code Red'

(Some Genies appear in their SWAT Uniforms lockdown the entire Palace)

Genie SWAT: 'Do not attempt to move, or we will be shooting ourselves'

Kairi: 'Genie, wait a second'

Aladdin: 'I want you to meet my Dad'

Genie: 'Stand down, men' (Then all Genie SWAT Members disappear)

Aladdin: 'I can't wait for you to meet Jasmine and the Sultan'

Genie: 'I think we should lose the Agrabah's most Wanted look'

Casiem: 'What's wrong with the way I looked?'

Aladdin: 'When you're here, you're not the King of're my Dad'

Sora: 'This will be good if you introduce him to the Sultan'

Kairi: 'And he'll be accepted to Jasmine'

(At the Palace's Throne Room)

Casiem: 'My boy Aladdin must be born under a lucky find such a Treasure'

Jasmine: 'You really are Aladdin's Father'

Sultan: 'It must be dreadful, trapped by the 40 Thieves'

Genie: 'Uh-oh'

Casiem: 'I tried to block out the memories'

Sultan: 'Say no more, not another word on the subject'

Casiem: 'Let's turn our attention to happier thoughts. The blessed union of our children'

Sultan: 'Indeed'

Aladdin: 'It worked, Genie. They loved him'

Genie: 'I have the DNA to prove it'

Kairi: 'And we could had done it without Ava's help'

Aladdin: 'All he needed was a second chance'

(Sa'luk and Xigbar/Luxu tells Rasoul something after capturing the 33 Thieves)

Sa'luk: 'Why didn't you capture him?'

Rasoul: 'Because he was not at the Hideout'

Xigbar/Luxu: 'Now look, we can capture him if you can bring Casiem to us, but we must wait until tomorrow...because Aladdin & Jasmine are getting married'

Sa'luk: 'Aladdin? You didn't captured Aladdin with the others?'

Rasoul: 'But why would he be with the 40 Thieves?'

Sa'luk: 'Because his father is the King of Thieves!' (Rasoul smiled)

(At the entrance of the Sultan's Treasure Room, Iago hands Casiem a Lockpick)

Iago: 'Here's the monkey's Lockpick, you know how to use them'

Casiem: (He use the Lockpick to open the door and entered the Treasure Room) 'I promise you, bird. After this, I go straight...'

Rasoul: 'Straight to the Dungeon'

(Casiem uses his Sword to defend himself, but then a few Palace Guards aim their Bow & Arrow at him)

Rasoul: 'We been expecting you'

(Casiem tosses down the Sword as he gets arrested)

(Rasoul captured Casiem and tells the Sultan about this)

Sora: 'Casiem, what happened?'

Kairi: 'You let go of Aladdin's Father'

Sultan: 'Rasoul, what is the meaning of this?'

Rasoul: 'Your Majesty, meet the King of Thieves'

Aladdin: 'Dad!'

Rasoul: 'I caught him in the Treasure Room, he was after this...again. (He presents the Oracle Staff) And this is his sidekick.' (Iago is caught in chains)

Iago: 'It was a slap on the wrist thing, and a part of Community Service'

Kairi: 'Casiem, I thought you were on Sora's side...'

Aladdin: 'Now I know why you came back'

Sultan: 'Your father is the leader of the 40 Thieves?'

Sora: 'It's true, Sultan. Casiem was trapped by them, even Sa'luk made him not to help the others'

Jasmine: 'Aladdin, did you know?'

Aladdin: 'I thought I could change him...I had to try'

Goofy: 'But it's not enough'

Donald Duck: 'Oh-no'

Casiem: 'You can change my clothes, can't change of who I am'

Rasoul: 'And the Law is crystal clear on what we must do'

Jasmine: 'Father, is there another way?'

Sultan: (Sighs) 'I'm afraid there isn't. Take the Prisoners to the Dungeon...for Life'

Iago: 'Dungeon? Life?' (Then he & Casiem is escorted to the Dungeon by Rasoul)

Genie: (He asks Aladdin & the others something) 'There are some Wishes that I can't make them come true'

(Later that night at Aladdin's Den)

Aladdin: 'The Oracle was right, my father was trapped with the 40 Thieves'

Sora: 'I know you want to help him, but he is what he is'

Kairi: 'Maybe there is way to save Casiem, but I'm gonna need Aladdin's help.'

Aladdin: 'Genie, I need my father's clothes'

Genie: (He hands Aladdin the King of Thieves clothes) 'Wait a minute, Al. Is there a way to save your father that doesn't stands for Arrest Me!?'

Goofy: 'You don't have to do this'

Donald Duck: 'We must balance Order'

Sora: 'I think Kairi should rescue Aladdin's father without us getting caught'

Ava: 'If the Sultan finds out you and Aladdin break Casiem out of the Dungeon, he'll be upset'

Kairi: 'I don't want to take any chances, but it's the right thing to do...Now let's do this'

Genie: (He turns into an Oracle and changes back to normal) 'I'm seeing, I'm seeing...nothing for your Future if you dress like that!'

Aladdin: 'I'm breaking my father out of the Dungeon, the guards will never know I was here. Tonight, the King of Thieves will make his most miracle escape ever...out of my Life' (Then he & Kairi left for the Palace)

Sora: 'I hope this plan works'

(Casiem & Iago sees Aladdin & Kairi appear)

Aladdin: 'I've come to say good bye' (Then he frees Casiem & Iago)

Casiem: 'What's going on?'

Kairi: 'The guards will be here any minute, so I have a plan'

Aladdin: 'While the guards chase me, you get out.' (Then he left with Kairi)

Casiem: 'Well, he almost sounds like me' (He & Iago escapes)

(Aladdin is in his King of Thieves disguise surprising Rasoul, Xigbar/Luxu and the 3 Guards)

Xigbar/Luxu: 'This must be the King of Thieves. (Aladdin ran to the exit) Guards, bring him to me' (Then Rasoul & the 3 Guards ran outside)

(At the same time, Kairi followed Aladdin to a safe area in Agrabah)

Rasoul: (He tells the 3 Guards to control the area) 'Surround the block. He's close, I can feel him'

(Kairi and Aladdin is heading for the passageway of the rooftop when Pete blocks them)

Pete: 'If you're going to free Aladdin's father, you'll have to stop me first'

Kairi: 'I don't think so!' (She pulls out her Keyblade)

(After Kairi and Aladdin (King of Thieves Clothes) defeat Pete)

Pete: 'I'm not sticking around to find a Keyblade Foreteller against ya, I'm outta here!' (He escapes by going through a portal)

Kairi: 'He escaped, but for now, I gotta get you to Sora and the others'

Aladdin (Wearing the King of Thieves outfit): 'I found a shortcut' (He & Kairi leap and bounce upwards by a Market Cloth as they climbed a rug upwards on the Tower)

(Rasoul catches the King of Thieves)

Rasoul: 'The King of Thieves. Your charmed life is over, your majesty! (But when he struck the sword on the cloth, it reveals Aladdin) You broke Casiem out?'

Aladdin: 'Yes'

Kairi: (She also appears) 'And I also helped him'

Rasoul: 'Well, I'll just have to settle with the Prince of Thieves. We shall see if the Sultan wants you in his Family now'

(But then Sora & Casiem knocked Rasoul out cold)

Casiem: 'Keep your hands off my Son!'

Kairi: 'Let's hurry, We must get to safety' (Then she, Sora, Aladdin & Casiem escape)

(After Aladdin, Sora, Donald Duck, Goofy, Ava & Kairi broke Casiem out of the dungeon, they got to safety by riding Horses at a rock pass)

Aladdin: 'Did we lose them?'

Iago: 'I don't know, but I have lose my Lunch'

Kairi: 'We're safe for now. But that's not gonna last long because the Guards will find us'

Casiem: 'They won't pick up our trail until daylight. By then, we'll be long gone from Agrabah...I'm sorry for what you lost, but you can't go back now. (But Aladdin makes a decision) What are you doing?'

Aladdin: 'I'm not going with you...I can't'

Sora: 'But you broke your father out of the Dungeon, now the Heartless will be looking for all of us'

Casiem: 'Well, you can't go back. The moment they saw your face, your life in Agrabah was over'

Aladdin: 'I have to go back, Jasmine is there'

Iago: 'It's over, you're a criminal now'

Kairi: 'Aladdin, you are making a big mistake!'

Ava: 'Kairi's right, we must get you to safety before Xigbar finds us'

Aladdin: 'I won't do what he did, I won't run away'

Casiem: 'I've never ran away from anything in my life'

Aladdin: 'You ran away from my Family!'

Casiem: 'I've told you what happened. So what else can I do? What else can you do?'

Aladdin: (He pulls out his Dagger) 'The right should take this back' (Then he toss it to Casiem)

Goofy: 'Oh-no!'

Donald Duck: 'What!?'

Casiem: 'You can't!'

Aladdin: 'I won't walk out on Jasmine' (Then he hops on his horse)

Casiem: 'Aladdin...'

Aladdin: 'I'm your son, but I can't live your life'

Sora: 'But Aladdin, you don't have to turn yourself in!'

Kairi: 'Sora and I will share the blame also'

Iago: 'Al, they'll lock you up'

Aladdin: 'If there's a punishment, I'll take it'

Ava: 'But what about the Ultimate Treasure?'

Casiem: 'I had nothing to lose'

Aladdin: ' have' (He prepares to ride back to Agrabah)

Iago: 'It was suppose to be a father-son outing!'

Aladdin: 'Just go with him, Iago'

Ava: 'I'll protect Casiem and meet you at the Vanishing Isle'

Iago: 'Well...good luck, kid' (He goes with Iago)

(Then Aladdin, Sora, Kairi, Donald Duck and Goofy head back for Agrabah as Casiem heads back for the 40 Thieves Hideout with Iago & Ava)

(Casiem, Iago and Ava show up to the 40 Thieves hideout)

Casiem: 'I'm home'

(But then Sa'luk and the 7 Thieves appeared surrounding them)

Ava: 'Sa' you were working with Xigbar all along, and you want us to find the Ultimate Treasure'

Sa'luk: 'I'm glad you came...we are thrilled'

(After Sa'luk and the 7 Thieves captures Casiem, Iago and Ava, they sail on a large boat to look for the Ultimate Treasure)

Casiem: 'Hurry, little friend' (Iago is almost free from the ropes)

Sa'luk: 'I am growing impatient, Casiem. Ask the question'

Ava: 'We must be...'

Casiem: 'Further out to sea'

Sa'luk: 'No! Ask it now!'

Iago: 'Now's good'

Casiem: 'Where can we find...the Hand of Midas?'

Oracle: (She appears from the Staff as Iago escapes to warn Aladdin & the others) 'The Vanishing Isle will appear at dawn, I will show you the way' (Then she shows them a location in a beam of light)

Casiem: 'There's your setting, Captain'

(At the Palace's Balcony, the Sultan is upset for what Aladdin has done by saving Casiem)

Sultan: 'Your Actions were most disappointed'

Rasoul: 'It is tragic, your highness. Aladdin is a criminal.'

Genie: (He appears as a Judge) 'I object, your Honor. I object to that outrageous statement during my big courtroom scene... (Then he turns to normal) But if I enter a plea of insanity, because I'm crazy about this kid'

Aladdin: 'Genie, I can handle this myself. (Then he tells the Sultan about something important) Sultan, I convinced my father to come here. It was my fault...I would had been better off if I had never known him'

Kairi: 'Sora did the same risk when he used the Power of Waking to revive my Heart, but he didn't learn to control Balance...So I brought him back to me after I mastered the Revival'

Jasmine: 'Aladdin, you found your Father, a father who risked his freedom to see your Wedding, just as I would for my father'

Sultan: 'Oh, yes. did it out of love, and you came back to take Responsibility for your Actions. So let us put this matter behind us, I believed we have postponed the Wedding long enough'

Sora, Kairi, Goofy & Donald Duck: 'Thanks, your highness'

(Iago shows up panicked and out of breath)

Sora: 'Iago, what are you doing here?'

Iago: (Pants) 'We got...a problem'

Jasmine: 'Just take a deep breath, Iago. Now what is it?'

Iago: 'It's Sa'luk, and he's not beat...he's back, plus he has Casiem with him'

Goofy: 'What!?'

Sora: 'We gotta do something. Casiem needs our help and Ava has to redeem herself'

Aladdin: 'That's his problem, he chose to go back to that life'

Kairi: 'I know your father made mistakes, Aladdin. But a pure Heart can bond Families, Friends and Allies together, plus it can defeat the Darkness with the Light'

Jasmine: 'He risked his freedom so he can see us for the Wedding, what else can you do for him?'

Aladdin: 'Maybe I was stubborn than he was... (Then he smiled) show me the way'

Sora: 'Then let's do it'

(The Boat reached the position where the Oracle reveals the Vanishing Isle will appear)

Oracle: 'You have arrived' (Then she disappears as the small waved rocked the Boat)

Ava: 'This is where we'll find the Hand of Midas'

Sa'luk: 'I've had enough of your trickery!'

Casiem: 'No, this is it. The Vanishing'

(Then a huge ancient Temple rises from the water with a large Oracle Statue on top)

(Aladdin, Jasmine, Abu, Iago & Genie rode on Carpet while Sora, Kairi, Donald Duck & Goofy rode on the Keyblade gliders seeing the Vanishing Isle appear on a giant Turtle)

Aladdin: 'The Vanishing Isle...'

Jasmine: 'On the back of a Giant Turtle'

Kairi: 'That's where Sa'luk is with Casiem looking for the Hand of Midas'

Sora: 'And it was never in the same place twice'

Goofy: 'The Keyblade Foreteller Ava is there for us'

Aladdin: 'Let's get closer' (They enter the Vanishing Isle)

(Sora & Kairi is ready to duel with Ava)

Ava: (She pulls out her Keyblade) 'I want you to test your Skills against mine, and see if you're worthy'

Kairi: 'I will' (She and Sora pull out their Keyblade)

(After Sora & Kairi defeat Ava)

Ava: 'Well done. You both have proven yourselves worthy and I am free from the controlled Darkness that is controlling my Greed...I must be going now, but we'll meet again for the Ultimate Battle' (Then she disappears)

Kairi: 'We haven't seen the last of Ava, but for now, we gotta help Aladdin'

Aladdin: ' let's go' (They both head for the entrance of the Hand of Midas)

(Aladdin, Sora, Kairi, Donald Duck & Goofy appears by attacking Sa'luk and rescuing Casiem)

Aladdin: 'It took me years to find my father. I'm not losing him again' (Then he knocks Sa'luk out)

Sora: 'Well done'

Donald Duck: 'That was Heroic'

Casiem: (Aladdin frees Casiem from the Ropes) 'You came here to help me?'

Kairi: 'Well, you needed allies...So we arrived here to rescue you'

Goofy: 'And we wanted to keep ya safe'

Aladdin: 'Now let's get that treasure of yours'

Sora: 'Goofy and Donald, I want you both to guard Jasmine and the others. I'll go with Kairi to help Aladdin & Casiem collect the Ultimate Treasure'

Donald Duck: 'But Sora...'

Kairi: 'Don't worry about us, I can help Sora out whatever he goes'

Goofy: 'Just be careful'

Kairi: 'We will'

(As Donald Duck & Goofy guard the entrance with Jasmine & the others, Aladdin, Casiem, Sora & Kairi enter a hallway)

Casiem: 'This is...amazing. (They entered a huge Chamber with Statues in a circle) There' (They see the huge Gold Hand platiform turning)

(Then a rumbling sound is heard)

Sora: 'What's going on?'

Aladdin: 'It feels like Genie got carried away'

Kairi: 'I think it's an earthquake'

Casiem: 'No, it's the Vanishing Isle...The Turtle is diving, we must climb higher!' (The Water started to enter the Chamber)

(Aladdin, Sora, Kairi & Casiem climbed up a platiform and ran towards a staircase as the small stream of water enter from a fountain)

(Sa'luk recovers as the water floods the Vanishing Isle, then he sense something)

Casiem: 'We're almost there...don't you see, Aladdin? We were meant to do this together, now come on' (Sa'luk smiled as he heads into the Chamber)

(As Aladdin, Casiem, Sora and Kairi reached the center platiform of a Statue, they saw the Hand of Midas on a Stone Guardian)

Sora: 'There it is...we found it' (Kairi looks happy)

Kairi: 'So this must be the Hand of Midas'

Casiem: 'I never knew that looking for the treasure took many years...this would be much easier if I were much younger. (But then Aladdin & Kairi jumped across) Aladdin!'

(They both got onto the floating hand)

Aladdin: 'See? It pays to have a Junior Partner'

Kairi: 'It wasn't that hard to get across'

Casiem: 'Be careful, don't touch the Golden Hand'

(Aladdin grabs the holder with the Gold Hand on it)

Aladdin: 'Heads up' (Then he tosses it to Casiem)

Casiem: (He catches it with his cloth and the Hand of Midas turns it into Gold) (Laughs) 'The Hand of Midas' (Then he uses it to turn the huge room into Gold)

Kairi: 'The Hand of Midas can turn anything into Gold'

Sora: 'Wow!'

Kairi: (She & Aladdin sees the water burst through the Statue's mouth) 'Guys, this place is flooding fast!'

Casiem: 'Time to go, Aladdin'

Sora: 'Aladdin, watch out!'

Sa'luk: (He appears from a holding Statue and lands on the large hand platiform) 'No one is going anywhere. Now we end this'

Kairi: (She pulls out her Keyblade as Aladdin stood next to her) 'Let's finish off Sa'luk'

(After defeating Sa'luk)

Kairi: 'We defeated the Heartless Spell on Sa'luk, but he's still standing'

Sa'luk: 'Give the Hand of Midas to me, Casiem, or your son dies'

Casiem: 'Sa'luk, your battle is with me'

Aladdin: 'Don't worry, Dad. I can take him alone'

Casiem: (He looks at the Hand of Midas) 'But you're not alone, not anymore. (Then he asks Sa'luk) You want the Hand of Midas, Sa'luk? Take it!' (Then he tosses it as Sora watched in fear)

Sa'luk: (He catches it with his hand) 'The Hand of Midas is mine! (But what he didn't knew that he touched the Gold Hand)! Aah!' (Then he turns into a gold statue)

(Sa'luk's solid body fell into the water, then Aladdin uses his cloth to wrap the Hand of Midas secured)

Sora: 'The water's rising, we gotta go now!'

Casiem: 'Hurry, son. We're running out of time' (Then Aladdin & Kairi swim to the others as they climb to the top)

(Aladdin, Casiem, Sora & Kairi climbed a wall towards the top as Casiem struggles to keep up)

Aladdin: 'Come on, Dad. You can do it'

Casiem: 'Yes...but it would be a lot easier without this' (Then he removes his Gold Cape)

(Sora, Kairi, Aladdin & Casiem got to the top of the building)

Kairi: 'Well, we made it to safety.'

Sora: 'And we finally got the Hand of Midas to Aladdin & Casiem'

Aladdin: (He hands the Hand of Midas to Casiem) 'After all this years, you managed to find the Ultimate Treasure?'

Casiem: 'No. This thing almost cost me my treasure. It's you, son. You...are my Ultimate Treasure. I'm sorry it took so long to realize it'

Sora: 'So what are we gonna do with that item?'

Kairi: 'I think we should never use it, it's too much greed'

Casiem: 'She's right. The Hand of Midas...can take its curse to the bottom of the Sea!' (Then he throws it to the Sea)

(Aladdin & Casiem leap off the rooftop as Sora & Kairi hop on their Keyblade Gliders picking up Goofy & Donald Duck)

Casiem: 'Get up here, you blasted Rug!'

(Then Carpet catches Aladdin & Casiem as they pick up Jasmine, Abu & Iago)

Aladdin: 'You actually trust Carpet?'

Casiem: 'With my Life, son'

(After Genie escapes the mouth of a giant Turtle)

Sora: 'Well, we finally got everyone to safety and gained Ava's Trust'

Kairi: 'At least she's on our side'

Aladdin: 'Let's go home, we have some unfinished business'

(Then they head for Agrabah for Aladdin and Jasmine's Wedding)

(After Aladdin & Jasmine got married, a Keyhole appears)

Kairi: 'Well, Sora...we better open the Keyhole now that we took on Ava, a Keyblade Foreteller'

Sora: 'No problem' (He & Kairi opened the Keyhole with their Keyblade)

(5 minutes later)

Kairi: 'It's time for me & Sora to head for another adventure'

Aladdin: 'Thanks for helping me find my dad'

Sora: 'You & Jasmine will be great together'

Jasmine: 'Just visit us again sometime'

Kairi: 'And we will' (Then the gang laugh)

(Then the title 'Agrabah/Vanishing Isle' appears)

(At the Ancient Keyblade Temple's Throne Room)

Master of Masters: 'So, Luxu...How is Sora and Kairi doing?'

Xigbar/Luxu: 'They defeated 2 of the 5 Keyblade Foretellers, and to top things off...Kairi found Ava by freeing her from the evil control'

Pete: 'What?! They're planning to free the 5 Keyblade Foretellers from Dark Control? You're telling me a lot of rubbish'

Master of Masters: 'Now look, Pete. The 2 young Keyblade Masters are doing well to test their powers, but they haven't reached their full potential yet'

Xigbar/Luxu: 'It's a progress in the making, so when my Keyblade reaches Full Power, I'll be ready for Sora & Kairi to battle against me'

Master of Masters: 'This situation is getting out of hand. If they defeat the 3 Keyblade Foretellers, your plan of taking over the Realm of Light will fail. We must accelerate your attempt...prepare to launch an attack at Twilight Town & Destiny Islands. We'll lure Sora and Kairi to us...but we shall wait until they defeat the 5th Keyblade Foreteller. I leave that in your hands, Luxu...just don't fail me, or you'll suffer the same fate as Xehanort did' (Then he left for his hideout world)

Xigbar/Luxu: 'I'm planning to do that...Master'

Pete: 'I'll just have to stall Sora & Kairi a little longer before things get bad for us'

(At the Mansion in Twilight Town, Riku asks Namine, Isa and Xion something important)

Riku: 'I'm gonna need you to think this carefully, Namine & Xion...are you sure you both want to become new Keyblade Guardians of Light?'

Namine: 'I'm positive. I just want to help Sora & Kairi'

Xion: 'I'll help also'

Isa/Saix: 'Maybe I can protect the Princesses of Heart from Luxu'

Riku: 'Then it's settled. We begin your Training tomorrow morning with Terra'

Namine: 'That would be great, Riku'

Namine: 'Freezga!' (She uses the Magic attack to turn a water puddle into ice)

(On the Gummiship, Kairi got a phone call on her Gummiphone and she answer it)

(King Mickey): 'Hello, fellas'

Kairi: 'King Mickey. How's it going?'

(King Mickey): 'Riku told me that Xigbar, or better known as Luxu, is making preparations to open the Black Box'

Sora: 'Right now, we're heading to the next world where a 3rd Keyblade Foreteller is located'

Goofy: 'It won't be long until all 5 Foretellers are defeated, we might succeed before the 5 days are up'

(King Mickey): 'I have some bad news. Xigbar's Keyblade Powers is growing stronger every day, so we're training Namine, Isa and Xion to become new Guardians of Light for the upcoming battle'

Kairi: 'At least Ava is on our side'

(King Mickey): 'I better go, just stay together and do well' (Then Kairi hangs up)

Kairi: 'We must prepare ourselves when we confront Xigbar aka Luxu'

Donald Duck: 'Aw, rats'

(Sora, Kairi, Donald Duck & Goofy arrived to the city of Metroville in their Superhero Costumes without masks)

(A title appears that says 'Metroville/Island')

Sora: 'We're in a major City...and what are we wearing?'

Kairi: 'I'm wearing a Costume, but it looks stylish'

Goofy: 'We have an upgrade'

Sora: 'Before we find another Keyblade Foreteller, perhaps we should explore and find some help'

Donald Duck: 'This should be interesting'

(They test their powers)

Sora: (He uses his Flexible arms & legs) 'I can stretch my arms & legs'

Kairi: (She lifted a car with her Strength) 'I have the superpower of Strength'

Goofy: (He runs fast) 'I can run at fast speed'

Donald Duck: (He turns invisible) 'And I can turn invisible'

Sora: 'We should use those powers in case we find a Keyblade Foreteller'

(Then they see Heartless)

Goofy: 'It's Heartless!'

Kairi: 'Let's use this 'Superpowers' against them' (They prepare to attack)

(After defeating the Heartless)

Sora: 'This 'Superpowers' could be in handy'

Kairi: 'We should head to the City Park, we can find some help'

Goofy: 'Great idea, Kairi'

Donald Duck: 'Then let's head there' (They head for the City Park)

(Kairi throws a large City Bus with her Superhuman Strength at all 5 Heartless)

Kairi: 'I must be getting the hang of my Strength'

(Sora, Kairi, Donald Duck and Goofy walked to a City Park where they meet Elastigirl, Violet and Dash)

Elastigirl: 'You must be Sora and Kairi, I am Helen Parr also known as...Elastigirl'

Violet Parr: 'I'm Violet Parr, and this is my brother Dash'

Dash Parr: 'I can run at fast speed'

Kairi: 'Actually, I am now a Keyblade Master and we're on a Journey to stop the 5 Keyblade Foretellers'

Violet Parr: 'They look like Ancient Legends of the Past'

Goofy: 'But we have this Heartless that are trying to prevent us from finding them'

Sora: 'So can you help us find the 3rd Keyblade Foreteller?'

Elastigirl: 'This isn't gonna be easy. Ever since Supers became Illegal after the Relocation Program is made, my husband Mr. Incredible wanted to make things right'

Sora: 'I think there's a Foreteller at an Island confronting Mr. Incredible'

Donald Duck: 'That's why we must bring Order in balance'

Elastigirl: 'Well, there's a situation I need you to handle. I have to go find my husband Mr. Incredible. He could be in danger, so could you watch the Kids for a while?'

Kairi: 'That won't be a problem'

Goofy: 'How hard can it be?'

(Sora, Kairi, Goofy and Donald Duck meet Violet Parr & Dash Parr)

Violet Parr: 'You looked like new Superheroes'

Kairi: 'At least we're here to help'

Goofy: 'Elastigirl wanted us to keep an eye on you and both your brothers'

Dash Parr: 'But she didn't know that we're wearing this Superhero Costume' (He is wearing an Incredible Suit)

Sora: 'We forgot to tell you something, Violet. You're a Princess of Heart'

Violet Parr: 'Oh-no, don't tell me that I'm...'

Kairi: 'We need to protect the 7 Princesses since the Keyblade War against Xehanort ended 2 months ago'

Dash Parr: 'But how are we gonna save my Dad?'

Sora: 'Elastigirl isn't gonna like this, but we should help her save Mr. Incredible and stop one of the Keyblade Foretellers'

Donald Duck: 'Something tells me this isn't gonna be easy'

Kairi: 'Mr. Incredible knows something about 'Project Kronos'. and he wants to stop Syndrome from using it'

Goofy: 'With Teamwork, we'll unite our Hearts of Light'

Violet Parr: 'But we'll need a Babysitter to watch Jack-Jack'

Sora: 'Then we better go with Elastigirl. So here's the plan...'

(At a Mini-Airfield, Sora, Kairi, Goofy, Donald Duck, Violet and Dash snuck into Elastigirl's Airplane as it takes off into the skies)

Sora: 'So far, so good. Now to make sure we don't get seen'

Violet Parr: (She uses her Force Powers to make her, Sora, Kairi, Goofy & Donald Duck invisible) 'That shall do it'

Goofy: 'Gawsh. It looks weird'

Donald Duck: 'Keep it quiet'

Kairi: 'Right now, Elastigirl is piloting the Airplane. Once we get closer to the Island, we'll tell her that she's entering into a trap'

Sora: 'But don't forget, we still have to find the Keyblade Foreteller'

(At a Computer Room in Nomanisan Island, Syndrome sees Ira arrive by a dark portal)

Syndrome: 'This must be an entrance you made'

Ira: 'I am Ira, a Keyblade Foreteller. And I want to help you collect a New Princess of Heart'

Syndrome: 'Really? Then I can succeed. Now tell me the plan'

(On the small Airplane, Elastigirl sets it on Autopilot as she puts on her Incredible suit (Without Mask) when Kairi, Sora, Donald Duck and Goofy appears)

Elastigirl: 'Sora, Kairi. How did you got onboard my Airplane?'

Sora: 'We knew that you couldn't do this mission alone, so we're going to help you'

Kairi: 'We got a problem, A Keyblade Foreteller has teamed up with Syndrome & they're planning to use the Omnidroid V.10'

Elastigirl: 'Then we must get to the island and rescue Mr. Incredible before... (But then an item fell and land on Violet as she & Dash appears) Violet!'

Violet Parr: 'It's not my fault! I told Dash 'Something's up with Mom, we have to do something', and it's not my fault'

Dash Parr: 'It's 100% all yours, all the time idea!'

Sora: 'Kids, take it easy.'

Elastigirl: 'Wait a minute. Kairi & Sora has snuck you both into my airplane, and you left Jack-Jack alone?'

Violet Parr: 'Of course we got a Babysitter, do you think I'm totally Responsible?'

Goofy: 'If we're on the Airplane, then who's babysitting Jack-Jack?'

Sora: 'Not to worry, a Babysitter is watching him'

(Then a scene shows Elastigirl talking to the babysitter Kari)

Elastigirl: 'Kari, I'll pay you for your trouble, but I really need some help'

(Kari): 'I can handle any baby that dishes out'

(Alarm Beeping)

Kairi: 'We got a problem, someone has launched a Missile attack on us' (Elastigirl hangs up the phone and pilots the Airplane)

Sora: 'Better put on the Seat-Belt, it's gonna be bumpy' (They put on their Seat-Belts)

(The Airplane flies pass a few Missiles)

(The Missiles close-in towards Elastigirl's Airplane)

Kairi: 'At this rate, we're not gonna be able to reach the Island!'

Elastigirl: 'Vi! You have to put a Force Field around the Plane'

Violet Parr: 'But you said we weren't suppose to use our Powers'

Elastigirl: 'Just listen to what I'm saying now!'

(The Missiles get closer as Sora & Kairi becomes worried and Violet is trying to use the Force Field)

Sora: 'We're not gonna outrun them!'

Kairi: 'Sora, we have to bail out before the Missiles hit us'

Goofy: 'But the Missiles are heading right towards this Airplane!'

Donald Duck: 'Waah!'

Elastigirl: (Angry) 'Put a Field around us NOW!'

Violet Parr: 'I've never done anything that big!'

Elastigirl: 'Violet, just do it now!'

Kairi: 'We're out of time, I'm using my Shield Magic to protect us!' (She uses her Keyblade to make a Shield around her, Sora, Goofy & Donald Duck)

Elastigirl: 'Abort!' (3X) (Then she turns herself into a Shield protecting Violet & Dash)

(Then the Missiles destroy the Airplane as Sora, Kairi, Goofy, Donald Duck, Elastigirl, Violet & Dash skydive towards the water)

(Elastigirl, Sora, Kairi, Violet, Dash, Goofy & Donald Duck land in the water after the airplane got destroyed)

Kairi: (She surfaces) 'Are you guys all right?'

Donald Duck: 'Can someone give me a hand here?!'

Violet Parr: 'Yeah, I think so' (She rescues Donald Duck)

Sora: (He surfaces) 'Goofy, can you find Elastigirl?'

Goofy: 'I don't see her!'

Kairi: 'Elastigirl, where are you!?'

Dash Parr: 'Mom!'

Elastigirl: (She surfaces) 'Everybody calm down. Is anyone hurt?' (Then she swims to the others)

Kairi: 'Not really, we got out in one piece'

Elastigirl: 'Now I'll tell you what we're not gonna do. We're not gonna panic... (But then a Heartless Shark leaps upwards towards them) Look out!'

Goofy: 'I see a new kind of Heartless...It's the Shark Heartless!'

Kairi: (She & Sora hop on a floating Airplane Debris) 'Uh-oh, that's not good. Violet, Dash, clear the way!'

Violet Parr: 'Sora, Kairi, look out. There's another one!' (Sora & Kairi avoids the 2nd Shark Heartless as they stand on a Airplane's large platiform)

(Violet and Dash avoid the Shark Heartless as they swim to Elastigirl panicked)

Dash: 'Now what are we going to do!?'

Kairi: (She tries to calm Dash & Violet) 'Both of you, knock it off!'

Violet Parr: 'Oh my God, we're about to get eaten by a Shark!'

Elastigirl: (She splashed water at Violet & Dash) 'Stop it! We are not going to die. Now both of you will get a grip, or so help me, I will ground you for a month. Understand!?'

Sora: 'We gotta take out both Heartless Sharks'

Goofy: 'Here they come!' (The 2 Heartless Sharks close in)

Elastigirl: 'They picked the wrong day to attack us!' (She pairs up with Sora, Kairi, Donald Duck & Goofy)

Kairi: 'Sora, stay close and use your Magic Attacks'

(Then Sora and Kairi pull out their Keyblades to attack)

(After destroying 2 Heartless Sharks)

Kairi: 'Thanks for the help, Elastigirl. Now what's the plan to get towards the Island?'

Elastigirl: 'The Missiles were launched at that direction. If we can follow this path, it'll be our best bet'

Sora: 'The Keyblade Foreteller is there also'

Violet Parr: 'Let me get this you expect us to swim there?'

Elastigirl: (She smiled) 'I except trust me'

(5 minutes later, Sora & Kairi is riding on their Keyblade Glider as they pulled Elastigirl (formed into a boat with Violet, Goofy & Donald Duck on it) with Dash using his legs as speed, and they head towards the Island)

(They arrived to the Island at nightfall)

Kairi: 'That was a long ride, but we made it to the Island'

Sora: 'There's a Cave near us, so let's get settled'

Elastigirl: (She asks Dash) 'What a trooper...I'm proud of you'

Dash Parr: 'Thanks, Mom'

(They got settled in a Cave)

Sora: 'We're safe inside the Cave, so what's the plan?'

Elastigirl: 'I think Mr. Incredible is in trouble'

Violet Parr: 'If you haven't noticed, Mom. We're not doing so hot either'

Elastigirl: 'I'm going with Sora to find him, and that means you & Kairi are in charge until we get back, Violet'

Goofy: 'Donald and I'll stay here with Kairi just in case more Heartless shows up'

Donald Duck: 'Really?!'

Dash Parr: 'What!?'

Violet Parr: 'You heard them'

Elastigirl: (She hands Sora, Kairi, Goofy, Donald Duck, Violet and Dash a mask as she puts it on) 'Put this on, your identity is very important, protect it. And if anything goes wrong, use your powers'

Kairi: 'I can take a hero name...just called me 'Keyblade Girl'.'

Elastigirl: 'Just stay hidden and keep each other safe. I'll be back by morning' (Then she and Sora head outside)

Violet Parr: (She walks to Elastigirl) 'Mom...about what happened on the Plane, I'm sorry. I just wanted to help'

Elastigirl: (She gives Violet an Advice) 'I should had listen to you, but things are different now. You have more power than you realized. Just don't think, and don't worry. When the time comes, you'll know what to do. It's in your Blood' (Then she & Sora heads for the Base)

Elastigirl: (She sees her figure at the mirror) (sighs)

Sora: 'Well, you're still in shape as a Superhero'

Elastigirl: 'Thanks for the advice, Sora'

(Kairi, Donald Duck, Goofy, Violet & Dash see a Bird spying)

Goofy: 'There's gotta be a way to get us to Sora and the others'

Kairi: 'Maybe this bird can lead us to Mr. Incredible'

Donald Duck: 'We better not mess with the Bird'

Bird Device: 'Voice-Key incorrect'

Violet Parr: 'Wait a second... (Then the Bird Device trigger the alarm) let's get away'

Dash Parr: 'But where?'

Violet Parr: 'Anywhere!' (Then they run for safety)

Donald Duck: 'Sora! The alarm is triggered, and we're in trouble'

Sora: (Sighs) 'What am I gonna do with you 2?'

(Sora, Elastigirl, Goofy & Donald Duck found & rescued Mr. Incredible with Mirage's help)

Mr. Incredible: 'Thanks. I thought my Family got taken out'

Sora: 'But Kairi & Elastigirl has saved your kids, Mr. Incredible'

Elastigirl: 'I'm glad we found you'

Mr. Incredible: 'How can I ever help my wife?'

Goofy: 'We should get a move on, Kairi needs our help'

Mirage: 'The Security has been triggered, you better get to the kids'

Sora: 'Kairi is with them, we should get moving before the Keyblade Foreteller finds her'

Elastigirl: 'Now our kids are in danger?'

Mr. Incredible: 'If you suspected danger, then they need our help' (They run with Sora to find Kairi, Violet & Dash)

Mr. Incredible: (He & Sora runs with Elastigirl) 'I shouldn't told you that our kids wanted to help, but I don't want you to worry about me'

Elastigirl: 'You don't want me to worry? Now we're running for our lives in this god-forsaken jungle'

Sora: 'Just run now and talk later, we gotta find Kairi'

(Violet and Dash use their combined powers to protect Kairi, Goofy & Donald Duck as they run fast, and they find Elastigirl, Mr. Incredible and Sora)

Kairi: 'Sora!'

Mr. Incredible: 'Kids, we found you'

Elastigirl: 'You're all right'

Sora: 'Well, we got Supers with us'

Goofy: 'Now we're together with Teamwork'

Violet Parr: 'We were so worried about you'

Mr. Incredible: 'I thought I never see you again'

(Then they see Ira and a couple Heartless appear including Pete (Wearing a Villain costume)

Ira: 'Now that you managed to unite the Family, I want you to duel against us'

Kairi: 'Who is that?'

Ira: 'I am Ira, a Keyblade Foreteller. And I must have the Parents' daughter because she is a Princess of Heart'

Elastigirl: 'There's no way you're taking my daughter' (She guards Violet)

Pete: 'Prepare to get smashed and bashed'

Sora: 'Ready, Kairi?'

Kairi: 'Let's do this' (She and Sora pull out their Keyblade as Donald Duck, Goofy and the Incredibles team up)

Syndrome: (He arrives by using his powers to halt Mr. Incredible, Elastigirl, Dash, Violet, Sora, Kairi, Goofy & Donald Duck) 'Wait, time out. You married Elastigirl? And also got's a whole Family of Supers!'

Ira: 'Take them to the Prison Chamber, we'll revel our plan to take over Metroville'

Syndrome: 'No problem'

(Then they took Sora, Kairi, Donald Duck, Goofy, Mr. Incredible, Elastigirl, Violet Parr and Dash Parr to the Base)

(Inside the Prison Chamber, Syndrome reveals his plan)

Syndrome: 'When the Robot attacks the city, I'll show up and save the day. Then I'll be a better hero than you'

Kairi: 'You don't know what you're doing!'

Ira: 'Once the city is on control of Syndrome, I will tell Luxu about my success'

Sora: 'There's no way you're gonna take Hearts from the people'

Mr. Incredible: (He asks Syndrome something) 'You mean that you killed Supers back then, so you could pretend to like them!?'

Syndrome: 'I'll give them Heroics like anything before. And when I'm old, I'll sell my stuff so everyone can be super, and when everyone is one will be' (Then he and Ira left)

Mr. Incredible: 'I'm sorry. I had been a lousy Father, and I have caught up in my Past'

Dash: 'Uh, Mom?'

Elastigirl: 'Just don't Interrupt'

Mr. Incredible: (Kairi & Violet combined their skills to be released) 'You are my greatest adventure, and I've almost missed it. I swear I'm gonna get us out of this='

Violet Parr: 'Well, Dad has did some real progress for today, but I think it's time we wind down now' (She releases Mr. Incredible, Elastigirl, Sora, Donald Duck, Goofy & Dash)

Sora: 'Thanks, Violet'

(Then they run across a hallway)

Mr. Incredible: 'We need to get to the hanger'

Elastigirl: 'I saw a Aircraft on the way in'

Kairi: 'Then let's get a move on'

(Sora, Kairi, Donald Duck, Goofy, Mr. Incredible, Elastigirl, Dash and Violet runs to the large Hanger)

Sora: 'We should take the Jet'

Mr. Incredible: 'A Jet's not fast enough'

Goofy: 'We need something fast than a Jet'

Dash Parr: 'How about a Rocket?' (They walked to a large Rocket)

Elastigirl: 'Great, I can't fly a Rocket'

Violet Parr: 'You don't have to. Just use the Coordinates from the last launch'

Kairi: 'We got the Van and the Rocket, now we're all set'

Mr. Incredible: 'Wait. I bet Syndrome has changed the Password by now. How do I get into the main Computer?'

Mirage: (She appears) 'Say 'Please'.'

(Frozone looks for his Supersuit)

Frozone: 'Honey? Where is my Supersuit?'

(Honey): 'What?'

Frozone: 'Where is my Supersuit?!'

(Honey): 'I...put it away'

Frozone: 'You tell me where my Suit is, woman!'

(The Rocket turns into a flying device with a Van being held by Elastigirl)

Mr. Incredible: 'How are you doing, honey?'

Elastigirl: 'Do I have to answer!?'

(A flying device approaches Metroville)

Mr. Incredible: 'Ready, Violet? (Violet prepares to press the button) Now!' (Then she presses it)

(The Van detach form the flying device as Elastigirl enters the Van)

Sora: 'Brace yourselves!'

Mr. Incredible: 'This is gonna be rough' (He steps the Gas petal to increase speed on the Van)

(Then the Van lands on the Freeway at fast speed)

Mr. Incredible: 'The Robot is in the Financial District, what exit should I take?'

Elastigirl: 'Traction Avenue'

Mr. Incredible: 'That will take me Downtown, I'll just take 7th' (He drives toward the exit)

Kairi: 'Wait, don't take 7th!' (The van misses the exit)

Mr. Incredible: 'Great, we missed it'

Elastigirl: 'You asked me how to get there, and I told you, exit to Traction'

Mr. Incredible: 'But that will take me Downtown'

Sora: 'We're approaching the exit, now get off the Freeway'

Mr. Incredible: 'No, not Traction'

Elastigirl: 'You're gonna miss it!'

(Then the Van exits to Traction Avenue and parked in the Downtown Area where the Omnidroid V'10 and Keyblade Foreteller Ira is at)

Kairi: 'This is amazing'

Violet Parr: 'That was Super-Duper, Dad'

Donald Duck: 'Remind me to never go through Driving again'

(Sora, Kairi, Donald Duck, Goofy, Mr. Incredible, Elastigirl, Violet & Dash see the Omnidroid V'10 attacking the Downtown Area with Ira)

Mr. Incredible: 'Wait here and stay hidden, I'm going in'

Sora: 'Kairi, I'll help Mr. Incredible take on Ira while you guard Violet and Dash' (He and Mr. Incredible is about to enter the battle arena when Elastigirl & Kairi halts them both)

Elastigirl: 'While what? I watch helplessly from the sidelines? I don't think so'

Mr. Incredible: 'I'm asking you to wait here with the kids'

Kairi: 'And I'm telling you, we have to unite our Hearts of Light in order to remove the Darkness Control form a Keyblade Foreteller, but we must work together'

Sora: 'I have to do this alone'

Elastigirl: 'No, Sora. Kairi is helping us take on this Keyblade Foreteller, and we're with you, for better or worst'

Mr. Incredible: 'It's just...I'm not strong enough'

Elastigirl: 'Will this make you stronger?'

Mr. Incredible: 'No'

Elastigirl: 'That's what it is, some sort of Workout?'

Mr. Incredible: 'I can't lose you again! (Then he calms) I can't, not again...I'm not strong enough'

Elastigirl: (She kiss Mr. Incredible) 'If we work together, you don't have to be'

Mr. Incredible: 'I don't know what will happen'

Elastigirl: 'We're Superheroes, what can happen?'

(The Omnidroid V'10 prepares to attack Violet and Dash)

Violet Parr: 'Aah!!'

Elastigirl: 'Vi! Dash! No!'

(But then Sora & Mr. Incredible block the attack with their combined Strength)

Sora: 'We got your back!'

Mr. Incredible: 'Go!'

(Elastigirl & Kairi got Violet and Dash to a safe spot)

Kairi: 'I'll deal with the Keyblade Foreteller Ira, you take out the Omnidroid' (Then she and Sora prepares to battle against Ira)

Elastigirl: 'Just stay here' (Then she went to help Mr. Incredible)

(Frozone arrives to help the Incredibles as he fires an Ice Blast at the Omnidroid V10 Robot)

Ira: 'I'm glad you're here to battle me, since the City will soon be taken over by Syndrome' (He pulls out his Keyblade)

Kairi: 'Sora, let's defeat him'

Sora: 'Just cover my back' (He & Kairi pull out their Keyblade)

Dash: 'Dad, throw it!'

Mr. Incredible: 'Go long!' (He throws the Remote to Dash)

(Dash catches the Remote while running fast from the Omnidroid V10 attack)

Frozone: 'Dash...gotcha' (He grabs Dash as he uses his Ice Power to avoid the Omnidroid V10)

(Sora & Kairi fused the Keyblade & Oathkeeper Keyblade together)

Sora & Kairi: 'Take this!' (They fire a beam and it hits Ira)

Ira: (After being defeated by Sora & Kairi) 'Luxu won't be pleased when he finds out that I got beaten by those 2 Keyblade Wielders' (Then he escapes by a dark portal)

(After Ira got defeated)

Kairi: 'The only way to destroy the Omnidroid V'10 is... (She sees its metal arm) Itself'

Elastigirl: 'Just buy us some Time'

Frozone: 'Try the one next to it' (He uses his Skis to freeze the Omnidroid V'10)

Mr. Incredible: (Kairi holds the Omnidroid's Arm and aims at the robot) 'Just press the first button!'

Sora: 'We can't hold off the Robot much longer'

Elastigirl: 'Get out of here, Kids. Find a safe spot'

Violet Parr: 'We're not going anywhere!'

Kairi: 'Just do it!'

Mr. Incredible: 'Press the Button!'

Elastigirl: 'Not yet'

Frozone: (His Ice wall gets broken) 'Hang on!'

Mr. Incredible: 'What are you waiting for!?'

Elastigirl: 'A closer target, you get one shot!' (But as the Omnidroid V'10 breaks the last Ice wall, she press the button)

Mr. Incredible: 'Everyone, duck!' (Kairi releases the Omnidroid's arm as it spins fast, and it strikes the Robot destroying it)

(After destroying the Omnidroid V'10 & defeating Ira, the people cheered at the Incredibles, Frozone, Sora, Kairi, Donald Duck & Goofy)

Kairi: 'Now that's Teamwork to us'

Sora: 'You said it. Now all we gotta do is check on Jack-Jack'

(When they got to the Incredibles House, Syndrome is capturing Jack-Jack)

Kairi: 'Syndrome is capturing Jack-Jack!' (Syndrome starts to fly upwards with Jack-Jack)

Elastigirl: 'He's getting away, we have to do something now!'

(But then Jack-Jack uses his powers for the first time gaining the Upperhand on Syndrome, then he falls)

Sora: 'Just attack Syndrome before he escapes'

Mr. Incredible: 'I can't, I might hit Jack-Jack'

Elastigirl: 'Throw me!' (Then Mr. Incredible throws her as she catches Jack-Jack)

Syndrome: 'This isn't the end of it! I'll get your son... (But Mr. Incredible throws his Sports Car at him) oh-no'

(Then the explosion destroys Syndrome)

Elastigirl: 'Look my mommy, honey. (Jack-Jack becomes surprised) Everything is all right' (The Jet explodes as she parachutes to the ground)

(After Syndrome is destroyed by the explosion of his Jet, Violet shielded her Family including Sora, Kairi, Donald Duck & Goofy from the debris)

Elastigirl: (She smiled) 'That's my girl'

Sora: 'Look, guys. It's the Keyhole' (A Keyhole appears)

Kairi: 'Now let's open it' (She and Sora use their Keyblade to open the Keyhole)

(5 minutes later)

Kairi: 'Well, I guess we better be going...Sora and I have a new place to travel'

Mr. Incredible: 'You 2 will do great as Superheroes'

Elastigirl: (She hand shake Kairi) 'Just come back for a visit sometime'

Goofy: 'And we will'

Donald Duck: 'I'm glad we didn't fail'

Sora: 'At least Kairi and I are a pair of Keyblade Superheroes'

(Then the Gang laugh)

(The title appears that says 'Metroville/Island')

(At the Twilight Town Area, Namine, Isa & Xion has completed their Training)

Terra: 'Well done, Namine, Isa & Xion. You have completed your Keyblade Training and have become new Keyblade Guardians of Light'

Namine: 'It was rough, but our Skills have grown'

Xion: 'I can sense Sora and Kairi...they have defeated the 3rd Keyblade Foreteller'

Terra: 'We might have a chance to protect Kingdom Hearts from the Darkness, but you two will pair up with Kairi once she & Sora return here'

Namine: 'We'll be ready when Xigbar attacks Twilight Town'

(On the Gummiship, Kairi learns about the 'Heart-Blade')

Kairi: 'I've been learning about how the Heart-Blade works. To form this weapon, you need 7 Foreteller Heart Keyblades to create it'

Donald Duck: 'Really?'

Sora: 'If we can find a way, then we might defeat the Dandelions Union Team'

Kairi: 'And maybe, just maybe...we can free the Master of Masters from Dark Control'

Goofy: 'This might work, I think King Mickey should know about it'

Donald Duck: 'We're approaching the next world, and it's an ocean kind'

Kairi: 'We'll be landing shortly, so let's get ready'

(Sora, Kairi, Donald Duck & Goofy arrived to Atlantica near the entrance)

Kairi: 'Sora...I have a Fin' (She shows him her Mermaid Fin)

Sora: 'It's what you use for Swimming, you'll get used to it'

Goofy: (As a Turtle) 'I think we should look for King Triton, maybe he can help us'

Donald Duck: (As a half-Octopus) 'Then what are we waiting for?'

(Then they swim for Atlantica)

(The title appears that says 'Atlantica/Iceberg')

(Sora, Donald Duck & Goofy approached the entrance of King Triton's Palace when Ariel appears with Flounder and Sebastian)

Ariel: 'Sora'

Sora: 'Ariel, it's nice to meet you'

Flounder: (As an Adult Fish) 'How long has it been since you saw me as a Guppy?'

Sora: 'Well, you're not a Guppy anymore'

Goofy: 'Wow, you have grown since we last saw you'

Ariel: 'I have a daughter and her name is Melody...but we need your help. I'm afraid that she's gone missing since her 12th Birthday is ruined last night'

Donald Duck: 'You want us to find your daughter?'

Sebastian: 'There's no telling what danger she'll be in'

Sora: 'We can help. But she's the new Princess of Heart and we must protect her'

Ariel: 'My father will help you find Melody, but the Trident must not fall to Morgana'

Sora: 'Who is Morgana?'

Sebastian: 'She is Ursula's sister and wants to take over the 7 seas'

Sora: 'We'll make sure that Melody will be protective'

King Triton: 'Sora, it's nice to see you'

Sora: 'Your majesty, I want you to meet Kairi. She's a Princess of Heart'

Kairi: 'Hello, King Triton. I'm glad to see you personal'

Ariel: 'She's new here to know about something important'

King Triton: 'I think we need your help. We feared that Morgana is planning to find my Trident and take over the 7 Seas'

Sora: 'Just leave that to us, we'll prevent Morgana from getting that weapon'

(Kairi is swimming with her Fin when she meets Melody in her Mermaid form)

Kairi: 'Hi there, you must be Melody. I'm Kairi'

Melody: 'It's nice to meet you'

Kairi: 'Sora, Goofy & Donald Duck has sent me to find you'

Melody: 'Well...I appreciate to see them, but I have to take this Trident to Morgana'

Kairi: 'But why would you do that?'

Melody: 'My Mother was protecting me from Ursula's sister, and I wanted to be a Mermaid'

Kairi: 'I forgot to mention're a new Princess of Heart, and I must protect you from one of the Keyblade Foretellers'

Melody: 'As long as I have the Trident, I'll be well protected. But for now, just don't let my Mom know' (Then she swims across)

(Sora, Kairi, Ariel, Flounder, Sebastian, Donald Duck, Goofy and King Triton saw the Trident got stolen)

Ariel: 'Daddy, the Trident'

Sora: 'But who would take the weapon from the King?'

Sebastian: 'Only you or one of your descendants can use the Trident'

Kairi: 'Oh-no...Melody has it with her!'

Ariel: 'But how could she gotten here?'

King Triton: 'Morgana, if she gets her hands on my Trident... (He asks the Merpeople) Double the Search Parties. I want every Creature in the ocean on patrol!'

Sora: 'If we follow both small Matinal Rays, it'll lead us to Morgana'

Kairi: 'Melody can't be that far behind'

(Melody arrives to Morgana's Iceberg hideout with the Trident where Morgana, a tiny shark named Undertow and a Keyblade Foreteller named Gula is at)

Morgana: 'Well done. I can rule the 7 seas and avenge Ursula.'

Undertow: 'Let's get this over with, I'm tired of being a small fish'

Gula: 'Just be patent, little fry. She did the task to get the weapon to Morgana'

Morgana: 'Now, if you just hand it over...'

Ariel: (She, Flounder, Sora, Kairi, Donald Duck & Goofy) 'Melody, don't listen to her!'

Melody: 'Mom?'

Ariel & Melody: 'You're a Mermaid?'

Undertow: 'Who is that? A large guppy'

Flounder: 'The name's Flounder'

Kairi: 'Melody, you don't have to do this. She's using you to make a mistake'

Morgana: 'Your mother Ariel kept this secret from you'

Ariel: 'Please, give it to me, Melody'

Morgana: 'Don't listen to her, she's the one who's been lying to you'

Gula: 'So...the pair of Keyblade Warriors want to stop us from using her as a Princess of Heart?'

Kairi: 'You must be Gula, a Foreteller'

Gula: 'And that is why Luxu wants me to capture Melody'

Sora: 'If you give her the Trident, she'll take over Atlantica. Ariel was protecting you!'

Melody: 'By fencing me in!? You knew how much I loved the Sea. Why didn't you keep this Secret from me?'

Ariel: 'Melody, if there's one moment in my life that I could do over, I='

Melody: (She swims from her) 'Too late, Mom' (Then she hands Morgana the Trident)

Ariel: 'Melody, no!'

(But Morgana collects the Trident as Sora, Kairi and the others watched)

Gula: 'It looks like my plan is a success'

Kairi: 'Gula, so you teamed up with Morgana all along'

Undertow: 'Can we get with the program? It's still a small world down here!'

Morgana: (She captures Ariel with her tentacle) 'Not only I got the Trident, but I am going to rule all 7 Seas thanks to Melody, now that she stole the weapon from her Grandfather'

Sora: 'Don't tell me...'

Morgana: 'King Triton, ruler of Atlantica. What you done is that she did this with...Love.' (she touched Ariel's cheek)

Melody: 'You tricked me'

Morgana: 'But tell me this, being a Mermaid everything you dreamed? Was it worth it?'

Sora: 'Well, I'm not gonna let you ruin things' (He charges with his Keyblade)

(But Morgana uses her Tentacles to trap Sora, Flounder & Melody inside an Ice wall)

Morgana: 'Sorry to stay and witness Melody's time as a Mermaid expires, but I got bigger fish to fry' (Then she & Gula heads to the surface with the Trident in her hand)

Melody: 'This is all my fault, I made a mistake'

Sora: 'It's not your fault, we should had stop Morgana from taking the Trident'

Kairi: (She uses her Keyblade to open a Ice circle) 'Once I open a passage, you'll be able to escape'

(But then Melody starts to turn back to human)

Melody: 'Oh-no!' (She holds her breath)

Kairi: 'I'll get Melody to the surface, Sora. You stop Morgana' (She and Flounder carry Melody towards the surface)

(Sora, Donald Duck and Goofy head for the surface to stop Morgana)

(At a safe distance, Tip & Dash see Morgana's Iceberg hideout)

Dash: 'It might be best if we don't help the others'

Tip: 'We can spend the rest of our lives as healthy, coward worms. Or we can gather our Courage & Strength, and become Heroes'

(Then a flash appears at the Iceberg)

Dash: 'Melody is in danger, she might need our help'

Tip: 'So what's it gonna be? A lifetime as Worms, or 2 minutes as Heroes?' (They both head towards the large Iceberg to rescue Melody)

(Prince Eric is using his Ship to head towards the Iceberg)

Prince Eric: 'Ariel!' (He sees Ariel captured by Morgana)

Morgana: 'Hello, Prince Eric. Come to join the party? We're having a blast!' (She fires an energy beam from the Trident)

(Prince Eric escapes as the Ship got hit and sinks)

King Triton: 'Morgana! (He and the Mersoliders arrive) Release my Daughter, surrender my Granddaughter and I shall spare you'

Morgana: 'Face it, Triton. You're all washed-up!' (Then she uses the Trident to turn Undertow into a full-sized Shark as he scares Sebastian)

Sebastian: 'Aah!' (He avoids Undertow's bite attack)

Prince Eric: (He confronts Morgana) 'Where's Melody? What have you done with her?'

Morgana: 'So you want to join your Daughter? (2 Manta Rays use their tail to wrap Prince Eric's Shoes) Well, I can arrange that'

Sora: 'Look out!'

(Then 2 Manta Rays drag Prince Eric underwater)

Ariel: 'Eric!' (She escapes from Morgana and dives into the water)

(But then Kairi and Melody took 2 Manta Rays out and saved Prince Eric)

(Then Ariel carried Prince Eric to the surface)

Kairi: 'I got an idea, but I'm gonna need your help, Melody' (She changes back to human form)

Melody: 'Let's do it' (Then she and Kairi start climbing the Ice platiform heading towards Morgana)

(Morgana blasts the Trident at King Triton making him bow)

Sebastian: 'Your majesty! You mustn't'

King Triton: 'I'm sorry, Sebastian...I have no choice' (Then he bows)

Morgana: 'Wishes do come true. And now, Triton...I sentence you to Oblivion!'

(But then Kairi and Melody appear and confront Morgana & Gula)

Gula: 'You don't know when to quit, Kairi'

Kairi: 'If there's one thing about controlling the Trident, it's never using it for evil' (Then the Boss Battle begins)

(After defeating Gula & Morgana)

Melody: 'Grandfather, I think this belongs to you' (She tosses it to King Triton)

Gula: 'No!'

King Triton: (He uses his Trident after Melody hands it to him) 'From now on, never again will you, or yours threaten my family. There will be no escape for you...ever!' (Then he fires at Morgana)

Gula: 'I better escape before I get frozen solid'

(Sora, Kairi, Ariel, Melody and the others cleared the large Ice platiform before it crumbled as Gula escapes by the dark portal)

(After Morgana is vanquished and Gula is defeated)

Melody: (She was carried by Eric) 'Dad?'

Prince Eric: 'Melody'

Melody: 'I'm sorry, mom'

Ariel: 'Oh-no, sweetie. We're sorry, we should've told you the Truth'

Melody: 'I just want to be a better Mermaid than a girl'

Ariel: 'Melody. It doesn't matter if you have Fins or Feet, We love you for who you are on the inside, our very brave little girl'

Kairi: 'Thanks to your Courage and a brave Heart, you helped us defeat a Keyblade Foreteller'

(Then they see a Keyhole appear in the sky)

Sora: 'Time for us to open this Keyhole' (He and Kairi use their Keyblade to open the Keyhole)

King Triton: 'Since you have been a brave grandchild, I'm giving you the most precious gift...a Choice. You can either come to Atlantica with me, or you can return home on land...It's up to you'

Melody: 'I have an better idea'

(Then a scene cuts to Melody using the Trident to open the wall at Ariel's Kingdom)

Melody: 'Now we can be together' (Ariel is happy that Melody made the right decision)

Kairi: 'We still got time before we head to the next world'

Sora: 'I think we should relax by swimming'

(Then Sora, Kairi, Goofy & Donald Duck took a short Swimming Activity)

(Ariel & Melody float while swimming)

(Then the Gang laugh as King Triton uses his Trident to make a Rainbow)

(The title appears that says 'Atlantica/Iceberg')

(At the large Battle Arena at the Ancient Keyblade Temple, Xigbar/Luxu knows that the 4th Keyblade Foreteller is defeated)

Xigbar/Luxu: (He sees his Keyblade is growing power) 'Every Keyblade Foreteller got defeated by Sora & Kairi, but my power is still growing'

Pete: 'And it won't be long until the Black Box is ready to be used'

Xigbar/Luxu: 'Once the 5th Foreteller is defeated, we begin the attack at Twilight Town'

Maleficent: 'Just let them finish the job, time is short'

Xigbar/Luxu: 'We must make Final Preparations so I can control Kingdom Hearts...see to it'

Pete: 'I'm on the job' (Then he & Maleficent left)

Xigbar/Luxu: 'There's something about Sora & Kairi, they both have a strong connection about Solerra, but it has to be something important'

(On the Gummiship, Sora, Kairi, Donald Duck and Goofy is heading to the next World)

Sora: 'This adventure is really giving us some Confident to prepare ourselves for the upcoming battle against Luxu'

Goofy: 'Not to mention we'll be able to succeed'

Donald Duck: 'At least there is hope'

Kairi: 'We're coming towards the next World, let's be ready for anything'

(Then the Gummiship enters the Pridelands World)

(Sora, Kairi, Donald Duck & Goofy arrived to the Pridelands, but in their Lion form)

Kairi: 'Wow, I've become an Lioness'

Sora: 'It's the form of a Lion, but at least you have 4 paws'

Goofy: (As a Turtle) 'We should go see Simba, he'll help us know about the Keyblade Foreteller'

Donald Duck: (As a large Bird) 'Lead us the way'

(Then they head for Pride Rock)

(The title appears that says 'Pridelands/Outlands')

(They arrived to Pride Rock where Simba, Nala, Timon & Pumbaa is at)

Simba: 'Sora, it's nice to see you'

Sora: 'Simba, I'm glad that we came here. I want you to meet Kairi'

Kairi: 'You must be the new King of Pride Rock'

Nala: 'Now that you're here, we need to ask you a favor. Would you keep an eye on Kiara, our daughter? I think she's with Kovu, Zira's son'

Goofy: 'I think we could help them'

Simba: 'But be warned...Zira is planning to take over the Pridelands since I banished her after Scar was destroyed'

Sora: 'We'll do everything we can, plus we also need to find the Keyblade Foreteller because Kiara is one of the Princess of Heart.'

Kairi: 'And there's no telling what plan the enemy is using'

Timon: 'This Foreteller could be on Zira's side'

Pumbaa: 'That could mean big trouble'

Kairi: 'Well, I can make sure the Pridelands stay safe'

(Sora, Kairi, Goofy & Donald Duck meet Kiara & Kovu)

Kiara: 'You must be new here, who are you?'

Sora: 'I'm Sora, this is Kairi, Goofy & Donald'

Kovu: 'They look strange to me, but allow me to introduce myself. I'm Kovu'

Kairi: 'And you must be Kiara, Simba's Daughter'

Kiara: 'That'll be me. So what are you doing?'

Sora: 'We wanted to spend time with you and keep you both safe, Simba assign us'

Kiara: 'So my father wanted you 4 to keep an eye on Kovu and myself? (Then she laugh) That would be great'

Goofy: 'Could you show us the Pridelands?'

Kovu: 'Sure, just follow us'

(At the Outlands, Zira meets Invi, a Keyblade Foreteller)

Zira: 'So who are you?'

Invi: 'Allow me to introduce myself. I am Invi, a Keyblade Foreteller...and I work with Luxu'

Zira: 'Welcome to the Outlands...I could use your help, we need you to gain control of the Pridelands so I can have revenge on Simba'

Vitani: (She & Nuka shows up) ' that a strange person?'

Zira: 'Actually, Vitani...he's going to help us take the Pridelands and avenge Scar'

Nuka: 'Really? This would be excellent'

Invi: 'Then it's settled. Tomorrow, we strike Sora & the others'

(Later that night, Kiara & Kovu saw the stars with Sora & Kairi including Goofy & Donald Duck)

Kiara: 'My father and I do this all the time. He once said to me...'All the Great Kings of the Past look down on us from these Stars'.'

Kovu: 'You think Scar is up there?'

Kairi: 'He was consumed by darkness, and Simba had no other choice but to end the nightmare'

Kovu: 'Maybe there is a Darkness inside me'

Sora: 'Simba will bond with you in time'

(At a hill, Simba was watching Kiara, Kovu, Sora, Kairi, Goofy & Donald Duck when he looked up to the Stars)

Simba: 'Father...I am lost. Kovu is one of them, Scar's can I trust him?'

Nala: (She walked to him) 'Simba...did you seek counsel of the Great Kings?'

Simba: 'They're silent as stars'

Nala: 'Kovu isn't as bad...just get to know him, and you'll see'

(After looking at the Stars in a night sky, Sora, Kairi, Kiara, Kovu, Goofy & Donald Duck settled for the night)

Simba: (He tells Kovu something) 'It's quite cold tonight. Come on in'

(Kovu & Kiara enters with Simba as Vitani, Kovu's young sister watched that he didn't attack Simba, and then she left upset to tell her mother Zira)

Zira: You're sure?'

Vitani: 'I saw it with my eyes'

Zira: 'No...Kovu cannot betray us'

(Then she & Invi plan to trap Simba & Sora's Team for tomorrow morning)

(The next morning, Kovu makes a decision to tell Kiara something)

Sora: 'So, Kovu...when are you going to ask Kiara something?'

Kovu: 'I have to tell her today. I might say 'Kiara...Zira had a plot, and I don't want to be a part of it because I love you.' She'll never believe me...but I gotta try. (Then he walked to Kiara) Kiara, I need to talk to you'

Simba: (He appears) 'Kiara, I don't want you talking with him... (Then he asks nice) I want to talk with him' (Then they both head to the Pridelands Field as Kiara watched)

Sora: 'We better keep an eye on Simba, so he doesn't get hurt'

Kairi: 'He'll be fine, and he's bonding with Kovu'

(Simba talks with Kovu as they walked across the burned part of the Savannah with Kairi & Sora including Goofy & Donald Duck watching at a safe distance)

Simba: 'Scar wouldn't let go of his hate. And in the end, it destroyed him'

Kovu: 'I've never heard the story of Scar, he was a true killer'

Simba: 'Fire is a killer. Sometimes what's left behind can grow better than the Generation before... (He uses his paw to reveal a new grown plant) if given the chance'

Zira: (She, Nuka, Vitani and a few Outlands Lioness appear by surrounding Simba & Kovu) 'Simba...'

Simba: 'Zira'

Zira: 'What are you doing here, and so alone? (Then she tells Kovu something) Well done, Kovu. It's just like we planned'

Simba: (He knows that Kovu planned a trap) 'You!'

Kovu: 'No, I didn't had anything to do with this!'

Zira: 'Attack'

(Simba uses his Paw attack to knock Nuka and 2 Outlands Lioness down)

Kovu: 'No!'

Sora: 'We gotta help Simba!' (He, Kairi, Goofy & Donald Duck move in to help Simba)

Invi: (He shows up to confront Sora, Kairi, Goofy & Donald Duck) 'So you came here to Balance Order for the Pridelands?'

Sora: 'You were working with Zira all along'

Invi: 'Correct. I am Invi, a Foreteller...and Simba's daughter is the Princess of Heart'

Goofy: 'What?'

Kairi: 'Kiara is not going with you, Invi'

Invi: 'With my help, Zira will take control of Pride Rock after she destroys Simba'

Kairi: 'We're not gonna let you succeed on doing that!'

Invi: 'How unwise...very well then, let's begin the duel'

Simba: (He teams up with Sora, Kairi, Goofy & Donald Duck) 'I'll assist you'

Invi: 'You win this round, but I'll be back to battle the 13 Keyblade Wielders of Light at Daybreak Town to determine the fate of Kingdom Hearts' (Then he left by entering the Dark Portal)

Sora: 'He got away...and what is Daybreak Town?'

Kairi: 'We'll deal with him later, but we better get out before Zira attack us'

(They run to the branch dam with Simba as Zira, Nuka and Vitani close in)

(After Simba, Sora, Kairi, Goofy and Donald Duck escaped, Zira finds Nuka in the tree branch rubble)

Zira: (She sees Nuka injured badly) 'Nuka...'

Nuka: (Last words) 'I'm sorry, Mother...I tried'

(Then Nuka dies from his Injuries)

(Sora, Kairi, Goofy and Donald Duck got Simba to safety after Zira's attack)

Kiara: (She, Timon & Pumbaa rushed to Simba) 'Father'

Kairi: 'We got attacked by Zira, but at least Sora helped us escape'

Timon: 'Simba, talk to me, what happened?'

Simba: 'Kovu...ambushed' (Then he fell on the ground with an injury)

Timon: (He & Pumbaa carried Simba) 'It's all right, buddy. We're still here for you'

Kairi: 'I'll heal him... (She uses her Keyblade and cast a Healing move that healed Simba) now he can walk'

Simba: 'Thanks, but we better get to Pride Rock so we can tell Nala that Zira forced Kovu to betray us'

(Then they head for Pride Rock)

(Back at the dried River gorge)

Zira: (After Nuka dies) 'Scar...Watch over my poor Nuka. (Then she turns at Kovu) You!'

(She hits Kovu with her paw)

Zira: 'What have you done!?'

Kovu: 'I didn't mean to, it wasn't my fault. I...I did nothing!'

Zira: 'Exactly! And in doing so, you betrayed your pride...betrayed Scar!'

Kovu: 'I want nothing more to do with him!'

Zira: 'You cannot escape that. Nuka is dead because of you!'

Kovu: 'No...'

Zira: 'You killed your own brother!'

Kovu: 'NO!' (Then he storms off)

Zira: 'Let him go. Simba has hurt me for the last time, now he has corrupted Kovu. Listen to me, Simba is injured and weak, now is the time for us to attack! We will take his entire Force!' (Evil Laugh) (Her Outland Lionesses roared)

(Kovu walked near Pride Rock where Simba and the others are at)

Simba: 'Why have you come back?'

Kovu: 'Simba, I have nothing to do with='

Simba: 'You don't belong here'

Kovu: 'Please...I ask for your forgiveness'

Simba: 'When you first came here, you asked for Judgement. And I pass it now'

Kairi: 'What?'

Simba: 'Exile!'

Kiara: 'No!'

(Kovu ran off as the animals is upset at him)

Sora: 'I won't let Kovu get banished because of Zira' (He and Kairi including Goofy & Donald Duck left to follow Kovu)

(Rafiki saw Kovu walked away from Pride Rock)

Rafiki: (He becomes worried)

(Shortly after Kovu got banished, Kiara tries to ask Simba something)

Kiara: 'Father, please reconsider'

Simba: 'You will not go anywhere without an escort from now on'

Kiara: 'No, that's not='

Simba: 'But he used you, so Zira can get to me. You will not leave Pride Rock. You will stay away from Kovu, so I can keep an eye on you'

Kiara: 'You don't know him!'

Simba: 'I know he's following in Scar's pawprints...and I must follow my Father's'

Kiara: 'YOU WILL NEVER BE MUFASA!' (Then she ran off crying as Simba became worried)

(Sora, Kairi, Donald Duck & Goofy finds Kiara)

Kairi: 'Kiara, there you are. We've been looking for you'

Kiara: 'I was just clearing my mind, after what my father did to Kovu'

Sora: 'Zira is the one who attacked Simba, and Kovu is innocent'

Goofy: 'How about we find Kovu and you can get together'

Donald Duck: 'Just use the Heart of Light'

Kiara: (She smiled) 'Thanks, I really need that advice'

(Then they head to find Kovu as the sun sets)

(At Nightfall after Kiara & Kovu got reunited by Sora, Kairi, Goofy & Donald Duck)

Kovu: (He & Kiara saw a reflection of them together) 'We are One'

Sora: (He & Kairi saw a reflection of them united) 'Plus Kairi and I am together also'

Kovu: 'Let's get out of here, we'll run away together...and start a Pride on our own'

Kiara: 'Kovu...we have to go back.'

Kairi: 'But you're together now, even with Light united to grow with bond'

Kiara: 'Our place is with our Pride. If we run away, they'll be divided forever'

(Then they head for the Pridelands)

(At Pride Rock, Zazu wars Simba about Zira & the Outlanders)

Zazu: 'Simba, the Outsiders are on the Attack and Zira is heading this way!'

Timon: 'Sora & Kairi went to find your daughter including Kovu'

Pumbaa: 'Then we better warn them before they get hurt!'

Simba: 'Zazu, find Kiara while Timon & Pumbaa look for Sora, Kairi & the others. I'll assemble the Lionesses, now let's move!' (Then they plan to attack Zira & the Outlanders)

(Sora, Kairi, Goofy, Donald Duck, Kiara and Kovu see Simba, Nala & the Pridelands Lioness preparing to attack Zira & her Outlands Lioness)

Sora: 'There's Simba, and he's about to attack Zira'

Kairi: 'We gotta stop them before it gets worst'

Sora: 'Then let's move' (Then they rushed for the Battle)

(Before Simba attacks Zira during the climax of the battle for the Pridelands)

Simba: 'Last chance, Zira. Go home'

Zira: (Growls)

(Kiara and Kovu appears by halting Simba and Zira from attacking as Sora & Kairi including Goofy & Donald Duck joined)

Simba: 'Kiara?'

Zira: 'Kovu...move'

Simba: (He tells Kiara) 'Stand aside'

Kiara: 'Daddy, this has to stop'

Sora: 'She's right, Simba. If you can use the Heart of Light to make peace, we can fight the Darkness'

Zira: (She tells Kovu something) 'You're even weaker than I thought. Get out of the way!'

Kovu: 'You'll never hurt Kiara or Simba...not while I'm here'

Simba: 'Stay out of this'

Kiara: 'A wise King once told me...'We are One'. I didn't understand back I do'

Kairi: 'She's right. We must put the Past behind us and become united by balancing Order'

Simba: 'But they...'

Kiara: 'Just look at them, they are us. What difference do you see?'

(As the rain stops and the Sun started to rise, Simba agrees to Kiara)

Zira: (She sees the Outlander Lioness join Simba including Vitani) 'What? Where are you going? Get back here!'

Vitani: 'No, mother. Kira's right...enough'

Zira: (Upset) 'If you will not fight, then you will die as well'

Simba: 'Let it go, Zira. It's time to put the Past behind us'

Zira: 'I'll never let it go! (Simba sees the wooden dam about to break) This is for you, Scar' (Then she leaps up to attack)

(But then, Kiara & Sora tackle Zira as they fell downhill on the Cliff's side)

Simba: 'Kiara!'

Kairi: 'Sora!' (She & Simba go after Kiara & Sora)

(The Tree Dam breaks as a rush of Water flows fast across the Canyon's river)

Nala: 'Simba, the river!'

(Simba & Kairi quickly leap across to the rocky platiform where Sora & Kiara are at)

Kairi: (She pairs up with Sora & Simba) 'Let's end this, Zira!'

Zira: 'Your friend helped Simba destroy Scar, and now you want to save the Pridelands?'

Sora: 'It ends here'

Zira: 'Then I will face you so you'll join him!'

Simba: (Roars)

Sora: 'Bring it' (He & Kairi pull out their Keyblade as they begin battling Zira)

(After Sora, Kairi and Simba beaten Zira, she falls off the cliff and hangs onto its ledge with her paw with the raging water flowing on the river)

Kiara: 'Zira...give me your paw. I'll help you'

Zira: 'No!'

(Then Zira falls into the River, never to be seen again)

(After Zira is destroyed)

Simba: 'Kiara...'

Kiara: (She is rescued) 'Daddy...I tried'

(Simba, Kiara, Sora & Kairi climbed back up to the others)

Pumbaa: 'Wow, that was brave'

Kairi: 'Thanks, Sora...for helping us defeat Zira'

Goofy: 'We almost lost against the leader of the Outlands'

Sora: 'At least Simba has given us a little hand'

Simba: 'Kovu...I was wrong, you belong here. Let's go home...all of us'

Sora: (He sees a Keyhole appear) 'Looks like it's time for me to head to another location'

Kiara: 'Sora & Kairi...thank you for helping my father restore order in the Pridelands'

(Sora & Kairi opened the Keyhole with their Keyblade)

(Then the title appears that says 'Pridelands/Outlands')

(The Master of Masters and Xigbar/Luxu see Sora, Kairi, Goofy & Donald Duck traveling on the Gummiship heading for Twilight Town)

Master of Masters: 'So, long until the Black Box is ready to be opened?'

Xigbar/Luxu: 'There's about 2 days remaining and now we got another problem'

Master of Masters: 'You don't have to me about it, Luxu. They have succeeded of defeating the 5 Keyblade Foretellers, and right now, they're on their way to Twilight Town to tell King Mickey'

Xigbar/Luxu: 'The Black Box won't be ready to open until the day after tomorrow. I must stall them a little bit longer... (Then he pulls out his Keyblade and points it at the sky) I'll just send them to a Gaming World to train for the upcoming Battle'

(Xigbar/Luxu fires a beam from his Keyblade into the sky)

Xigbar/Luxu: 'Now let's see if you can prove your skills, Sora & Kairi'

(Sora, Kairi, Donald Duck and Goofy arrived to Game Central Station)

Sora: 'We're in a different world'

Kairi: 'And this looks like the same size of Twilight Town's Station'

Goofy: (He sees Wreck-It-Ralph) 'There's someone heading straight for a Game area'

Donald Duck: 'Something is getting to test out a new Game'

Sora: 'We should follow him' (Then he, Kairi, Goofy & Donald Duck follow Wreck-It-Ralph towards a Game called 'Hero's Duty')

(The title appears that says 'Game Central Station')

(Sora, Kairi, Donald Duck & Goofy find their Soldier's Gear, and they put it on as they prepare to start a Game called 'Hero's Duty')

Kairi: 'I think we should see what he's up to'

Sergeant Calhoun: (She appears) 'We are Humanity's last hope. You're ready, rookie? Let's find out' (Then the large door opens revealing a huge Walkway that leads to the Tower)

Wreck-It-Ralph: 'Sweet Mother Hubber'

Sora: (He sees Cy-Bugs in Heartless Form) 'It's Heartless, just stay close and protect him' (Then they charged into the battle walkway)

(Kairi & Sora use the Keyblades the take out Cy-Bugs as Wreck-it-Ralph grab the First Person Shooter, then the Cy-Bug hits it triggering a 'Game Over')

(Then the Cy-Bugs flew into the blue beam as it gets destroyed)

Kairi: 'That is...strange'

Sora: 'The Beam destroys the Cy-Bugs and keeps the Game from getting a Virus'

Sergeant Calhoun: (He hits Wreck-it-Ralph with a helmet) 'What's the first rule of Hero's Duty?'

Wreck-it-Ralph: 'No cuts, no butts, no Coconuts?' (Then Sergeant Calhoun hits him with the helmet again)

Sergeant Calhoun: 'Never interfere with the First-Person Shooter. Our job is to get that Player to the top of the Tower, so they can get a Medal and that's it. So stick to the Program, solider!'

(Then as Wreck-it-Ralph runs for the tower, Sergeant Calhoun sees Sora, Kairi, Donald Duck & Goofy)

Sergeant Calhoun: 'What in the sweet June bug is this?'

Sora: 'We're new members of Game Central Station, and we want to help Wreck-it-Ralph find an enemy that is trying to control the Arcade'

Kairi: 'This is Sora, Goofy & Donald Duck, and I'm Kairi'

Sergeant Calhoun: 'You must be new here, I need to check out the Tower to make sure the Cy-Bug isn't hatched'

(After Wreck-It-Ralph flew in a Mini-Pod towards 'Sugar Rush')

Sora: 'The Cy-Bug is hatched and it's a Heartless Kind'

Kairi: 'Wreck-It-Ralph went into an Arcade Game called 'Sugar Rush'.'

Goofy: 'We should check out the place'

Sora: 'But let's be on alert, the Heartless might pop out'

Sora: 'How about I help Wreck-It-Ralph prep Vanellope's Race Car while you find the Cy-Bug Heartless'

Kairi: 'With Sergeant Calhoun and Fix-it-Felix on my side, this won't be a problem'

(Sora, Goofy, Donald Duck and Wreck-it-Ralph arrived to 'Sugar Rush')

Sora: 'This must be 'Sugar Rush'.'

Goofy: 'This place has Candy in shapes and sizes, it also has a Racetrack'

Wreck-it-Ralph: 'I gotta check this place out'

Donald Duck: 'Me too'

Sora: 'At least we'll find another Princess of Heart'

Vanellope: (She sees Wreck-it-Ralph, Sora, Goofy & Donald Duck) 'Who are you, guys?'

Sora: 'I'm Sora, this is Goofy & Donald'

Wreck-it-Ralph: 'And I'm Wreck-it-Ralph'

Vanellope: 'I am Vanellope...maybe you could be my big help by letting me race, but first, I need to build a Racecar'

Goofy: 'Maybe we could help you out'

Sora: 'I have a friend named Kairi, and she's with me. So we'll build you a Racecar'

Vanellope: 'Thank you! I really needed help, and I found it'

Sergeant Calhoun: (She sees the entrance of 'Sugar Rush') 'Sugar Rush. This Cy-Bug will chew up this game faster than a Chicken hawk in a coop of cripple roosters'

Fix-it-Felix: 'What are you talking about?'

Kairi: 'She's asking us about a Cy-Bug, but it's also a Heartless Kind'

Sergeant Calhoun: 'Do you know what a Cy-Bug is? Cy-Bugs are a Virus, even if they're in a game. All they know is eat, kill and multiply. Without a beacon to stop them, they'll consume 'Sugar Rush'. But you really think they'll stop there?'

Fix-it-Felix: 'Not really'

Sergeant Calhoun: 'Wrong! Viruses do not stop. Once those Cy-Bugs finish off 'Sugar Rush', they'll invade every game until this Arcade is nothing but a smoking husk of forgotten Dreams'

Kairi: 'Then while Sora helps Wreck-it-Ralph stop an enemy, I'll help you destroy the Cy-Bug'

(Then they enter 'Sugar Rush' to help Sora and Wreck-it-Ralph)

(Sora, Goofy, Donald Duck & Wreck-it-Ralph surprises Vanellope her Race Car)

Wreck-it-Ralph: 'Surprise!'

Vanellope: (She sees her Race Car) 'WOW! That's exactly what I need to complete in the Race'

Sora: 'We also added a small picture of me, Kairi & Wreck-it-Ralph on the back'

Goofy: 'Now you can complete in the Race'

Vanellope: 'But first, let's do a test run'

(After using Vanellope's Race Car on a Test Run)

Sora: 'The Race Car worked well, so you are ready for the big Race'

Vanellope: 'I'm all set for anything'

Wreck-it-Ralph: 'At least I get to see her complete her Test Run since she knows how to drive'

Kairi: 'I can smell Candy Canes...there's Strawberries & also Gumdrops'

Sergeant Calhoun: 'There's no cy-Bug Activity in this area, but who could done such a thing?'

Fix-it-Felix: 'I think I better tell you about Turbo who tried to take over the Arcade'

(Fix-it-Felix tells Kairi and Sergeant Calhoun about Turbo)

Fix-it-Felix: 'When the Arcade first opened, 'Turbo Time' was the most popular game. So when 'Road Blasters' got plugged in, Turbo became so jealous that he abandoned his game and tries to take over the new one. Turbo ended up putting both games and himself out of order, for good'

Kairi: 'He wanted to take over Game Central Station, and now he gained Dark Heartless Power from Xigbar.'

Sergeant Calhoun: 'He's a selfish man acting like a mangy dog chasing a cautionary tale'

Fix-it-Felix: 'And that's why I have to get Ralph home, or the same thing is gonna happen in my world'

(Kairi walked across a walkway with Sergeant Calhoun and Fix-it-Felix looking for the Cy-Bug Heartless)

Sergeant Calhoun: (The small walkway disappears and they land into quicksand) 'What is this? Nesquik Sand?'

Kairi: 'And I thought this Journey is going to be filled with dangers'

Fix-it-Felix: (He tries to hop out but sinks to his waist) 'This is bad, we're gonna drown!'

Kairi: (She sees her waist sink) 'Felix, just stay still or we'll sink fast!'

Sergeant Calhoun: 'Stop thrashing, stop moving! You're making us sink faster. Get a hold of yourself!' (Then she slaps Fix-it-Felix in the face)

(The Taffy vines start to laugh)

Kairi: 'If we can make the Taffy vines to laugh, we might escape'

(Fix-it-Felix uses his hammer to heal himself and as Sergeant Calhoun hits him in the face, the Taffy Ropes laughed as they reached them)

(Then Kairi, Sergeant Calhoun and Fix-it-Felix escape the Nesquik Sand with the Taffy Ropes)

Kairi: (She sees Fix-it-Felix & Sergeant Calhoun in love mode as the Taffy did a song note) 'This is strange'

Sergeant Calhoun: (She uses her gun to stop the Taffy's song note) 'All right, enough with the Google-Eyes, we got work to do. (As they got to the path, she looks for the Cy-Bug with her device) We lost the Cy-Bug, but we'll get a better view on my Shuttle'

(After Sora, Wreck-it-Ralph, Goofy, Donald Duck and Vanellope completed building the Race Car)

Vanellope: 'It looks epic. I'll have no problem winning the Race with my Car'

Sora: 'I also added a Turbo Boost as a last resort'

Wreck-it-Ralph: 'But I'm glad to build this Vehicle for my new friend'

Goofy: 'Plus we'll be there cheering for Vanellope'

Donald Duck: 'Yeah'

Sora: 'I wonder how Kairi is doing on finding the Heartless Cy-Bug?'

(The Mini-Shuttle flies across a Terrain)

Kairi: 'Now if we can find King Candy's Castle, we'll find Sora'

Fix-it-Felix: 'You are one Dynamite Gal'

Kairi: 'Wait, don't say that!' (But then Sergeant Calhoun had a short flashback of her Wedding being crashed by a large Cy-Bug)

Sergeant Calhoun: (Screaming) (Then she pilots her Mini-Glider and lands near King Candy's Castle) 'Get out'

Kairi: 'He didn't mean to say 'Dynamite Gal'.'

Sergeant Calhoun: 'I said Get Out!'

(Then Kairi and Fix-it-Felix head for King Candy's Castle)

Kairi: 'This path will take us to King Candy's Castle'

Fix-it-Felix: 'At least we'll find the Cy-Bug Virus'

(King Candy arrives with Pete)

Sora: 'Pete! What are you doing here with King Candy?'

Pete: 'I just came by to ask you fellas something important'

Wreck-it-Felix: 'I'm not interested in anything you have to say'

King Candy: 'I wanted to give you this. (He hands Wreck-it-Ralph a Medal) If you keep the Medal, then I need to ask you a favor'

Sora: 'What's your point?'

King Candy: 'The point is this, Vanellope cannot be allowed to race'

Goofy: 'But she has to'

Wreck-it-Ralph: 'Why are you against her?'

King Candy: 'If Vanellope wins that race, she'll be added to the race roster. When the gamers choose her as her avatar, and when they see her glitching, they'll think our game is broken. We'll be put out of order for good, all my subjects will be homeless. But there's one who cannot escape because she is a glitch. And when the Game's plug is pulled...she'll die with it'

Wreck-it-Ralph: 'You don't know that will happen, the gamers could love her'

Pete: 'And what if they don't? You must understand that Heroes make the tough choices'

Sora: 'She will win that Race, and I'm gonna help her'

King Candy: 'I'll just give you time to think about it' (Then he and Pete left)

Sora: 'Now what are gonna do if Vanellope finds out that she can't race because of her Glitch Situation?'

Goofy: 'Well, we can't put herself in danger by Pete or King Candy'

Wreck-It-Ralph: 'I'll tell her when she shows up, but it won't be pretty'

(When Vanellope returns and gave Wreck-it-Ralph a small heart-shaped gift, she's ready to race)

Vanellope: 'Now that my Race Car is set, let's head to the race. But I want to give you something. (She hands Wreck-it-Ralph a Mini-Heart that says 'To: Stinkbrain' and the other side that says 'You're my Hero') You should keep it, just in case we don't win'

Sora: 'There's something that Ralph has gotta tell you, and it's're not gonna like it'

Wreck-it-Ralph: 'It's fun to build you a new Race Car...but maybe you shouldn't do it'

Vanellope: 'Uh, hello? Is Ralph in there? I want to speak to him'

Wreck-it-Ralph: (Then he decides to tell Vanellope the truth) 'All right, look. I'm gonna be straight to you, I've been talking to King Candy and agreed that you shouldn't race'

Vanellope: 'King Candy? You sold me out?' (She grabs the Medal from Wreck-it-Ralph)

Sora: 'Look, you don't understand what we're dealing with'

Goofy: 'You're in great danger because you have been glitching'

Vanellope: 'I understand plenty, Traitor!' (She throws a Medal at Wreck-it-Ralph)

Donald Duck: 'Watch it!'

Wreck-it-Ralph: 'I'm not a traitor, just listen='

Vanellope: 'You're a rat! I don't need you, and I can win the race on my own'

Wreck-it-Ralph: 'But I'm trying to save your skin! (He stops Vanellope from entering her vehicle) Do you know what's going to happen when the players see you Glitching? They're gonna think the game's broken'

Vanellope: 'I don't care, you're a liar!'

Wreck-it-Ralph: 'You better care, because if your Game goes out of order, you'll go down with the ship, little sister'

Vanellope: 'I'm not listening to you, now get out of my way! I'm going to that Race'

Wreck-it-Ralph: 'No! (He place Vanellope on a Candy Cane) I'm doing this for your own good'

Vanellope: 'No, Ralph! NO!'

(Then he smashes Vanellope's Race Car with his large fists)

Sora: 'Now look what you done! That was our only chance for Vanellope to win the Race'

Vanellope: (Sobbing) 'You really are a bad guy' (Then Wreck-it-Ralph left)

Goofy: 'Oh-no, if Pete made King Candy to ask Ralph not to have Vanellope complete in the Big Race...then that means he kidnapped Kairi and Fix-it-Felix!'

Sora: 'We better get to King Candy's Castle and rescue them before its too late'

(They head for King Candy's Castle so they can save Kairi and Fix-it-Felix)

(Kairi and Sergeant Calhoun search the Field for the Cy-Bug)

Kairi: 'Now if the Cy-Big Heartless is somewhere in this Field, where would I look?'

Sergeant Calhoun: 'It's on this spot, but not on this device'

(Then Sergeant Calhoun fell into a huge cave, but grabbed a rope as her Tracking Device reveals a massive amount of Cy-Bug Heartless Eggs)

Kairi: 'There's over 100 of them and it's about to hatch, we gotta warn Sora!'

Sergeant Calhoun: 'Doomsday and Armageddon had a baby, and it is ugly'

(Sora, Donald Duck, Goofy, Wreck-It-Ralph and Fix-It-Felix find & rescue Vanellope)

Vanellope: 'Ralph, Sora, Goofy & Donald Duck, you came to save me!'

Sora: 'I know Wreck-it-Ralph has made a mistake, but we fixed your Racing Car...and we agreed you should race'

Wreck-it-Ralph: 'It's the only way you can save 'Sugar Rush'.' (Then he frees Vanellope)

Vanellope: 'Thanks, guys. Now we got ourselves a Race to catch'

(Then they head to the Racetrack)

(Sora, Kairi, Wreck-it-Ralph, Sergeant Calhoun and Fix-it-Felix see King Candy change to Turbo on the Racing screen)

Fix-it-Felix: 'Is that?'

Sora: 'You gotta be kidding me!'

Wreck-it-Ralph: 'No way!'

Kairi: 'It's Turbo'

(After King Candy/Turbo got eaten by a large Cy-Bug, Vanellope drives towards the Finish Line, but then Mini Heartless Cy-Bugs knock her off the track)

Wreck-it-Ralph: 'We gotta get out of here'

Vanellope: 'But I didn't cross the finish line'

Wreck-it-Ralph: 'There's no Finish Line' (They run for the Exit)

Wreck-it-Ralph: 'Now let's finish the Race without anymore surprises' (But then Sergeant Calhoun appears by hitting him in the head as Kairi and Fix-it-Felix shows up)

Sergeant Calhoun: 'I hope you're happy, junkpile. This game is going down and it's all your fault'

Kairi: 'Sora, we have a massive Cy-Bug Heartless approaching'

Wreck-it-Ralph: 'But it got destroyed in the Taffy Swamp' (But then over 100 Cy-Bug Heartless pop out attacking the Racetrack)

Sergeant Calhoun: 'Bullroar'

Sora: 'We gotta get the Sugar Rush players out before the Cy-Bug Virus spreads across' (He and Kairi pull out their Keyblade)

Sergeant Calhoun: 'Without a Beacon activated, 'Sugar Rush' is done for'

Sora: 'I got an idea. There's a Beacon at Soda Mountain, if we can remove the opening and activate it, we'll destroy all the Cy-Bug Heartless'

Kairi: 'This could work'

Wreck-it-Ralph: (He hops on Sergeant Calhoun's Hoverboard with Sora) 'I'll meet you at the Finish Line' (Then they both glide for Soda Mountain)

Kairi: 'Just be careful, guys' (She attacks a Cy-Bug Heartless)

King Candy/Turbo: 'Welcome to the Boss Level' (He appears in a fusion Cy-Bug Heartless with Pete) Because of you, Ralph. I am the most powerful Virus is the Arcade'

Sora: (He pulls out his Keyblade: 'Not unless we destroy you'

Wreck-it-Ralph: 'I'm gonna Wreck it!'

Pete: 'It depends of how long you can survive in order to save 'Sugar Rush' from being wiped out'

(King Candy/Turbo grabs Sora & Wreck-it-Ralph as he flies upwards)

King Candy/Turbo: 'It looks like it's Game Over for you both'

Wreck-it-Ralph: 'No...just for me.' (Then he breaks free from Turbo as he & Sora freefalls towards the Cola Mountain's Peak)

(Then Kairi uses her Keyblade Powers to glide fast towards Soda Mountain with Goofy & Donald Duck)

Wreck-it-Ralph: 'I'm bad and that's good. I will never be good, and that's not bad. There's no one I've rather be...than me' (He uses his fist to target the Peak's floor)

(Then the Soda Mountain's crater falls by Wreck-it-Ralph's Fist including Sora's Keyblade strike attack as the Beacon is activated)

Kairi: 'Don't worry, Sora. I'll save you and Ralph' (She uses her Powers to rescue Wreck-it-Ralph and Sora with help from Vanellope)

(Then King Candy/Turbo and the Heartless Cy-Bugs are destroyed by the Beacon)

(After King Candy/Turbo & the Heartless Cy-Bugs are destroyed, Sora, Kairi, Goofy, Donald Duck, Wreck-it-Ralph and Vanellope land into a pond of Hot Chocolate)

Kairi: (She tastes it) 'It's Hot Chocolate'

Vanellope: 'Wow!'

Goofy: 'And it's warm also'

Sora: 'It's like completing a Mission with a warm Refreshment'

Wreck-it-Ralph: 'I love Chocolate!'

Donald Duck: 'Oh, boy!'

(At the same time, Sergeant Calhoun kiss Fix-it-Felix)

(5 minutes later)

Wreck-it-Ralph: 'Thanks for saving Game Central Station, guys'

Kairi: 'Maybe we'll come back for a visit'

(Then a Keyhole appears)

Sora: 'It's time for us to be heading for another world'

(Sora and Kairi opened the Keyhole with their Keyblade)

Wreck-it-Ralph: 'Take care of yourselves'

Kairi: 'At least you're not the bad guy'

(The Gang laugh)

(Then the title appears that says 'Game Central Station')

(At the huge Battle Arena on the top of the Ancient Keyblade Temple, Xigbar/Luxu talks to the 4 Keyblade Foretellers)

Aced: 'Luxu...your Dark Keyblade is at full strength'

Xigbar/Luxu: 'At last, the time has come for me to battle Sora & Kairi. (The 4 Keyblade Foretellers arrived) Since you failed to succeed, I'm giving you another chance. (He hands them the Dark Keyblade) Use this to battle the 13 Keyblade Wielders of Light, It'll give you new skills'

Gula: 'Sora and Kairi must be stopped at all costs'

Invi: 'There's no telling what will happen if you attack Twilight Town'

Ira: 'But for now, just capture the 7 Princesses of Heart so Luxu can create the X-Keyblade'

Aced: 'We'll conquer Kingdom Hearts, even if we fail'

Pete: (He shows up) 'Sora and Kairi will be arriving to Twilight Town any minute'

Xigbar/Luxu: 'Excellent. The Black Box will be ready to open tomorrow morning...Now it is time to capture the 7 Princesses of Heart and control Kingdom Hearts with the palm of my Hand' (Evil Laughing)

(At Disney Castle, King Mickey senses something is wrong)

King Mickey: 'I can sense Xigbar...He has captured all 7 Princesses of Heart and his Dark Keyblade is at full Strength'

Isa: 'He's planning to lure Sora & Kairi into a trap'

Aqua: 'His Dark Keyblade is at Full Power now, and the 4 Foretellers are helping him making a final preparation to open the Black Box'

Dilan: 'So the Book of the Keyblade Prophecy might become real'

Namine: 'If he opens it, the Darkness will spread across worlds'

Even: 'But the New War has started...the War of the Keyblade Foretellers'

Terra: 'Our only hope now is Sora and Kairi'

Roxas: 'They'll get here anytime now'

Ava: 'We can't let him open the Box, or Kingdom Hearts is doomed'

Riku: (He sees the Gummiship arrive) 'It's Sora & Kairi, they're here'

Yozora: 'There is still Hope for us'

Terra: 'You said it'

(Sora, Kairi, Donald Duck & Goofy arrived to Disney Castle where King Mickey, Yozora, Riku, Aqua, Terra, Ventus, Axle/Lea, Ansem the Wise, Even, Dilan, Isa, Ienzo and Ava is at)

King Mickey: 'Sora, Kairi. You got here in time, we have sense that you defeated the Keyblade Foretellers'

Kairi: 'But they got away with Xigbar'

Riku: (He walks to Sora & Kairi) ' got some explaining to do about entering Scala Ad Caelum with the Master of Masters without my permission'

Kairi: 'Can we discuss this later? We have big problems such as Xigbar planning to strike Twilight Town'

Sora: 'We need to know about his plan to use the Black Box'

Ansem the Wise: 'It's time you should understand the secret from Ava'

(Then 3 minutes later inside the large Throne Room)

Master Yen Sid: 'We're dealing with an enemy who is stronger than Xehanort...his name is the Master of Masters'

Aqua: 'What is his plan?'

Isa: 'Xigbar has been using his Dark Keyblade to make the Master's mind go into Dark Control'

Even: 'And we have found out that the new War has begun'

Ava: 'This is the situation I feared the most. For nearly 13 years, we have guarded the Black Box from falling into the wrong hands of the Master of Masters'

Yozora: 'And now, thanks to Xigbar also known as the Reincarnated Luxu, he has stolen the Black Box with help from the 4 Keyblade Foretellers and we have failed'

Dilan: 'Xigbar is working on something huge for the Black Box'

Sora: 'He's planning to gain control of Kingdom Hearts by recreating the X-Keyblade so he can open the Box'

Axle/Lea: 'And you wanna know how he can make the X-Keyblade?'

Terra: 'By absorbing energy from the 13 Keyblade Wielders of Light and the 7 Princesses of Hearts'

Kairi: 'We're not going to let him spread the Darkness, we'll defeat this Luxu and protect our worlds'

Aqua: 'And we're gonna need all the help we can get...time is short and his Power is growing'

Queen Minnie: (She rushes to Sora, Kairi, Riku and the others) 'Sora, we have a problem! Twilight Town is under attack!'

Sora: 'Xigbar...or better name, Luxu. He's luring me and Kairi to face him'

Riku: 'You can't go after him, Sora. The enemy is leading you both into a trap, and Kairi hasn't finished her Keyblade Master Training'

Kairi: 'But Twilight Town will be attacked and the people will get hurt if I don't do something'

Ansem the Wise: 'You don't know that...even Namine cannot see the prediction'

Sora: 'But Kairi and I can help the others'

Ansem the Wise: 'This is a dangerous time for you both, when you will be tempted by Xigbar's Dark side'

Kairi: 'But Aqua and Master Yen Side has taught me much since then. Ansem, I will return and Finish my Keyblade Master training, you have my word'

King Mickey: 'Well,'s time to see if your Power of a Keyblade Master has grown'

Terra: 'Kairi, I don't want to lose you to Xigbar, the way Master Eraqus & I nearly lost to Xehanort'

Sora: 'That's why Kairi and I have to go'

Kairi: 'Sora, Goofy, Donald...let's save Twilight Town and our friends'

Riku: 'Fine. But when you get done, Kairi. We're gonna have a long talk about you rescuing the revived Sora'

Aqua: 'If you & Sora including Yozora choose to face Xigbar, then the 3 of you must do it alone.'

Kairi: 'I understand'

Sora: 'Everyone, let's head for Twilight Town and save those people from the Heartless'

Donald Duck: 'You said it'

Ventus: 'There's one more thing I forgot to mention. Whatever happens, Kairi...just don't give in to Anger, it'll lead you to Darkness'

King Mickey: 'Be sure to learn what we taught you, it can save yourselves'

Sora: 'We will' (Then all 4 of them depart for Twilight Town)

(On the Gummiship, Namine, Xion & Yozora have a plan)

Namine: 'We'll help Kairi out whatever we can, Yozora'

Yozora: 'And I'll give Sora a hand also'

Xion: 'We'll be reaching Twilight Town shortly, so prepare yourselves'

(Sora, Kairi, Goofy and Donald Duck arrived to Twilight Town and saw the city is under attack by 1,000 Heartless)

(The title appears that says Twilight Town')

Sora: 'It's Heartless!'

Goofy: 'This looks bad'

Kairi: 'Well, Xigbar has launched an attack in the city. We're not gonna let them take control'

Namine: (She, Yozora and Xion shows up) 'Sora, Kairi'

Kairi: 'Namine, Xion. You came'

Xion: 'We thought you could use some help'

Namine: 'And we're both half-pints with ya'

Yozora: 'But you need some backup, so I should help you take out the Heartless'

Kairi: (She sees Namine use her Force to bring out her Keyblade) 'I liked this one'

(Then Kairi tells something important)

Kairi: 'There's something you must know. Ever since Sora got faded into 'Verum Rex' World after reviving me 3 weeks ago, he almost forgot about us. But I was wrong...and I'm sorry I snapped at the others about planning to bring Sora back with me using the Power of Revival because of my guilt. He's the only boyfriend I have...So all Sora & I another chance to prove ourselves as a Keyblade Master. Just one more shot at success...just trust me'

Xion: 'Wow, Kairi. Maybe you & Sora can do anything'

Yozora: 'If we're gonna stop the Heartless, we better do it now'

Sora: 'It looks like we're gonna need a Team's Name'

Kairi: 'Well, Namine & Xion...since you're both pairing up with me, we shall be known as...the Keyblade Oathkeeper Team'

Namine: 'It's a catchy name, but I like it'

Sora: 'Let's do this' (He, Namine, Yozora, Xion & Kairi pull out their Keyblade as they begin the attack)

(After Sora, Kairi, Namine, Xion, Yozora, Goofy & Donald Duck defeat the 1,000 Heartless)

Sora: 'That takes care of them'

Kairi: 'But who would attack Twilight Town?'

Riku: (He, Ava, Aqua, Terra, Roxas, Ventus, King Mickey, Isa, Even, Dilan, Ansem the Wise & Ephemer shows up) 'I'm afraid that Xigbar is the reincarnated Luxu who did this so you both can confront him'

Ansem the Wise: 'I think you better here what King Mickey, Ava & Yozora should say'

(5 minutes later at the Mansion)

Sora: 'So Xigbar is working with the Dandelions Team, he controlled the Master of Masters' mind through Dark Powers, and he wants to use the Black Box to open a portal to Kingdom Hearts'

King Mickey: 'But to do so, he & the Keyblade Foretellers needs to capture the 7 Princesses of Heart & absorb energy from them and all 13 of us to create the Dark X-Blade, except Sora & Kairi'

Ephemer: 'He wants to finish what Master Xehanort has started, and we can't let that happen'

Ansem the Wise: 'Xigbar wants to control Kingdom Hearts, and he will not rest until he succeeds'

Kairi: 'About 1 Year ago, Xehanort succeed by forming the X-Keyblade, and we nearly lost when he almost use Darkness to control Kingdom Hearts...but we're not gonna let Xigbar succeed this time'

Aqua: 'That's why we must protect Ava before the Foretellers knows we have her'

Kairi: 'Luxu is going to control Kingdom Hearts with the Black Box...It's up to me and Sora to stop the enemy from succeeding with the 5 Keyblade Foretellers'

Yozora: 'Actually, Xigbar aka Luxu is about to perform the Keyblade-Apocalypse Ritual with the Black Box'

Sora: 'Keyblade-Apocalypse Ritual? How is he going to succeed?'

Xion: 'Aqua didn't read the secret information of Eraqus's Book of Prophecies. (She opens the Book and knows the secret) It says 'The 5 Keyblade Foretellers needed to absorb energy from the 13 Guardians of Light & the 7 New Princesses of Heart to form the Dark X-Blade as an Energy Source, and they must use it to open the Black Box in order to complete the Ritual'

Yozora: 'Legend has it that once the Keyblade-Apocalypse Ritual is performed, the 5 Keyblade Foretellers including Xigbar & the Master of Masters will rule the Realm of Light for 10 years'

Namine: 'They're going to take over Kingdom Hearts? They can't do that'

Riku: 'Well, if they captured the 7 New Princesses of Heart, then who is the 13th & final Guardian of Light?'

Terra: 'It didn't say Sora & Kairi'

Aqua: 'I'm guessing it has to be none other than...'

Kairi: (She knows that Ava is the new 13th Guardian of Light) 'Oh-no...Ava'

Xion: 'So if Xigbar is behind his plan needs Ava...'

Namine: 'Then the 4 Foretellers are the ones who need Ava the most'

Riku: 'If Xigbar needed Ava, then why did he asked the Master of Masters to help Kairi bring back the revived Sora?'

Roxas: 'That doesn't matter, and we must stop Xigbar from winning'

Sora: 'So what's our plan?'

Ienzo: (He arrives) 'I know where Xigbar & the Foretellers are at. They're located at a Keyblade Temple on a Tropical Island near the ruins of Daybreak Town. It's the new gateway to Kingdom Hearts, that's where he'll plan to create the X-Keyblade and the attack is tomorrow morning'

Terra: 'We knew this day would come...the 13 Keyblade Wielders of Light and 7 Princesses of Heart VS 7 Wielders of Dark'

Kairi: 'With me, Sora, Riku and our new friend Yozora, there's a chance we'll beat Luxu'

Aqua: 'And we'll save Kingdom Hearts from being spread into Darkness again'

Terra: 'We must prepare ourselves for the upcoming battle'

Isa: 'But be warned, Luxu is planning to complete Master Xehanort's work...that is why I'm sending Even & Dilan to assist you'

King Mickey: 'Sora, you & Kairi go with Ava, Ienzo & Ephemer, and plan for Tomorrow's attack on Luxu. Namine & Xion will team up with us once they make their final preparation. It looks like we're gonna need to work together if we have any chance of winning'

Sora: 'We'll get to it, your Majesty'

Riku: 'But first, I'm gonna have a word with Kairi, Sora & Aqua' (Then he, Sora, Aqua & Kairi walked to the outdoor Park)

(At the Outdoor Park, Riku talks to Sora, Kairi & Aqua)

Riku: (Serious) 'Kairi, I'm disappointed with you. Not only did you went on a assignment into Scala Ad Caelum with the Master of Masters, but you almost got yourself hurt while rescuing the revived Sora. Not to mention, you put Namine & Xion in danger'

Kairi: 'But I can't be alone without Sora, not even for 1 more second. I wanted to become a stronger Keyblade Master than you, or King Mickey, or even Aqua'

Riku: ' to become a Keyblade Master, doesn't mean you might go looking for trouble. That is why I'm only strong enough when I need to be. (But he becomes nice) But I was worried today. I thought I might lose Namine & Xion'

Sora: 'At least Kairi & I managed to defeat the Heartless and saved Twilight Town'

Kairi: 'And the best part is this...I bet those Heartless are scared of my Keyblade'

Aqua: (Laughs) 'Because no one messes with the Keyblade Master such as you & me'

(Then Sora, Kairi & Aqua did a jog across the Water Fountain, then they relax on the grass)

Kairi: 'Aqua, we're like Sisters. And we'll always be together with Sora, Riku & the others'

Aqua: 'Let me tell you something what Master Eraqus has taught me. (Then she sees the sunset with the evening stars appearing) The Lost Keyblade Masters of the Past look down on us from these Stars. So if you & Sora are in dangerous situations against the Dandelions Union, just remember that the Spirit of Master Eraqus will always be there to guide you both...and so will Riku'

(At the Lab in Radiant Garden, Sora, Kairi, Ava, Ienzo, Isa and Ephemer see the 2 completed Keyblades made)

Ephemer: 'I've made some finishing touches, but this will protect you both from Xigbar'

Kairi: (She and Sora collect their new Keyblade) 'This must be the Light Keyblade'

Sora: 'And it looks strange'

Ienzo: 'Just wait until you use it, this will give you both some new skills to battle against the 4 Keyblade Foretellers once you enter the Keyblade Temple'

Isa: 'Xigbar is the reincarnated Luxu and there's no telling when he'll unleash his Dark Powers of the Black Box'

Kairi: 'We're gonna do whatever we can to protect Kingdom Hearts'

Sora: 'And this time, we'll do this together without getting captured'

Ienzo: 'Now get some rest, you have a big day tomorrow'

Ava: 'And prepare yourselves, Sora & Kairi. The Future of the Realm of Light is in your hands'

(King Mickey sees the view of Twilight Town at sunset)

King Mickey: 'So this is before the battle against the Foretellers. The future of the Realm of Light will be decided by Sora and Kairi'

(Spoiler Scene: Kairi begins training on the Power of Revival)

(At the Mysterious Tower, Kairi asks Master Yen Sid)

Kairi: 'I made a decision, Master Yen Sid...I want to learn the Power of Revival, so I can bring back Sora'

Master Yen Sid: 'Since the threat of Master Xehanort is gone, you lost your confidence. But there is still another way to bring Sora back to the Realm of Light.'

Kairi: 'Just tell me something'

Master Yen Sid: 'So far, we know that yourself, Princess Jasmine, Belle, Cinderella, Aurora, Snow White, Ariel, Anna, Elsa & Rapunzel are the Princesses of Heart, but we need a few more for the upcoming battle against the Keyblade Foretellers'

Kairi: 'I felt like I didn't do much since the battle against Xehanort...if I haven't been taken by Xemnas...'

Master Yen Sid: 'It's not your fault. You fought just as hard and bravely as everyone else there. What happened to Sora was not your fault, he made a choice to save you'

Kairi: 'Once Aqua trains me to learn the Power of Revival. I will begin the Journey to bring Sora back to me, and I learned something...'Follow the Heart, and you'll find the Way'.'

Master Yen Sid: 'Are you sure you want to do this?'

Kairi: 'Yes. I made a promise that I will bring Sora home...and I'm gonna keep it. It's time for me to do the Revival Training'

Master Yen Sid: 'Very well. We must begin preparations at once. The sooner you bring Sora back to the Realm of Light, the better. It's time to begin your Training now, but you'll need an Upgrade Keyblade' (He hands Kairi her upgraded Keyblade called the 'Lost Memories' with Mini-Roses on it)

Kairi: 'Thanks, Master'

(Kairi enters a room where Aqua, Riku, Axle/Lea, Terra, Ventus, Namine, Xion and King Mickey heard about Kairi's plan to do Training called the Power of Revival)

Kairi: 'You guys heard about my preparation to learn the Power of Revival?'

King Mickey: 'It might be best if you unlock the Revival Power, and you could save Sora'

Kairi: 'I remembered in a Dream I had last night, I was in a strange World and saw the 104 Building near it. I'm guessing Sora wants to get there because it has a large portal that will take him to the Final World Realm'

King Mickey: 'What you're telling us is that Sora is in a world called 'Verum Rex'. He's planning to return to the Realm of Light by winning a game so he can reunite with you'

Aqua: 'If we're gonna help Kairi, then we have to let her take the Mastery Exam and have her travel to Scala Ad Caelum. Maybe the Master of Masters can help her'

Riku: 'But it's too dangerous. When Sora used the Power of Waking to bring me, Aqua, Axle, yourself and Ventus including Goofy & Donald Duck back to us, he didn't know Young Xehanort's warning of overusing it. And when he brought Kairi back to us after destroying Master Xehanort, he got erased. I thought I would take Sora's place to sacrifice my life to bring back Kairi, but it's already too late because Sora won't let me lose the others again'

Kairi: 'Now look, Riku. The odds are great, but I gotta do this. What if Xigbar attacks us and destroy our homes by then? We'll have no chance of saving our Worlds...Sora and I are the only hope we have left'

Aqua: 'She's right. If what Kairi has told us is true, then she has to learn the Power of Revival. Just let me teach her how'

Riku: (He stands up serious) 'I won't let you take that risk, Kairi. You only just got back. Xehanort has used you to form the X-Keyblade, and he almost covered Kingdom Hearts in darkness. But what we needed was a Army of Keyblade Wielders of Light instead of a Team to defend yourself'

Axle/Lea: 'But Sora has defeated him and revived Kairi at the cost of his life'

Namine: 'Kairi has gotta do something, she's our only hope to bring back Sora'

Terra: 'Unless she uses the Revival Power to rescue Sora, Kingdom Hearts is at risk by Xigbar...that is why she won't accept her nightmare to become real'

Kairi: 'I'm tired of being Kidnapped, Unconscious and being held Prisoner, now it's my turn to rescue Sora. (The she tells Aqua something) Aqua, you'll train me to learn the Power of Revival?'

Aqua: 'Kairi will learn something and this time, she won't be weak or vulnerable'

Ventus: (He walks to Kairi upset) 'And Riku said we'll lose, but there's no other way to bring back Sora to us because you're useless and I got nothing left, Kairi. I got no Clues, no Plans, no Solutions, and no Options except this...Revenge on Xigbar'

Ansem the Wise: 'You have only 1 Choice...Sora must be brought home to the Realm of Light, and only one of you must do this'

Terra: 'Even if one of us finds Sora, the chances of bringing him home are massive'

Namine: (Upset) 'Have you heard what Ansem just said? Sora must be brought back to us!'

Aqua: 'Ventus, just let me train Kairi!'

Xion: 'But she's not ready for this'

Axle/Lea: 'And we can't lose one of Sora's Friends again!'

Terra: 'And if we fail, what happens then? What will happen if Xigbar claims the Worlds where Xehanort has failed?'

Ventus: 'I will be destroyed before we make Xigbar form the Heart-Blade!'

(Then Terra, Ventus, Roxas, Axle/Lea, & Saix/Isa argue of what they should do)

Riku: 'Didn't you understand? While you argue on who can bring Sora home, Xigbar's power grows stronger every day and no one can outrun him!'

Isa/Saix: 'You will all be destroyed!'

(Kairi's heart starts to glow pink and now she knows what she must do. Then she slams her fist on the table angry stopping the argument)

Kairi: (Angry) 'DON'T! Don't leave me behind again! I don't care the odds are great or the situation is bad, if I don't do this now...then Xigbar is gonna take over Kingdom Hearts later... (Starts to break down sad) we used to do everything together. Riku, me & Sora. But now all Riku wants me to do is leave me behind. He leaves me behind because they think I'm safe, but I'm not. Nowhere is safe for me and all of us, and Sora needs me more than anyone who is too afraid to try. So I'm going!'

Namine: (She slaps Kairi in the face) 'You think you lost Sora? I was your Nobody when Roxas was inside him...And now, I'm going to need you to unlock the Power of Revival with your true Love, stop feeling sorry for yourself and do the right thing!'

Kairi: (Soft Crying) 'I'm sorry, Namine. But the only way I'll be able to protect myself is if I become stronger...But if Riku keeps leaving me here, I'll never get the chance! (Then she calms) If I became stronger then maybe Sora would still be...'

Riku: 'Kairi, none of this is your fault. Don't you think that for a second'

Kairi: 'Than let me prove it to myself! Let's find him together. Please, Riku...I have to save him because I love him'

King Mickey: (He smiled) 'Kairi is finally growing up, and now she's ready to take her Keyblade skills to a new level'

Riku: (Sighs) 'Kairi's mind has already made up...then I guess I can't stand in her way'

Namine: 'She has guessed'

Kairi: (She wipe the tear from her eye and smiled) 'Thanks, Namine...for giving me Confident'

Riku: 'Then let's start looking for that hopeless goofball'

King Mickey: 'I agree with you, Kairi. It's time for you to master the Power of Revival with your true Love to Sora...Aqua, teach her how. She is ready'

Aqua: 'Let's take you to the Land of Departure' (Then she takes Kairi to the Land of Departure)

Riku: 'Axle didn't meant to snap at her...but we were trying to protect her from making more mistakes'

Namine: 'I felt the same thing...but she can do this'

Terra: 'She is going to become a Keyblade Master...I can see it in her eyes'

Ventus: 'And she'll reunite with Sora, since she has the Heart of Light'

(In the large chamber at the Land of Departure, Kairi and Aqua enter the Pool with water up to their chest)

Aqua: 'Now I want you to go underwater, focus your hidden energy with me, and see if you can sense Sora' (Then Kairi went underwater with Aqua)

Kairi: (She focuses her energy and can sense Sora) (Thinking) 'I can sense him...he's in the different World called 'Verum Rex' with a Keyblade Wielder of Light named...Yozora, and he's trying to get to the 104 Skyscraper with the large Portal on the rooftop by attacking a Heartless Dragon on a Skyscraper'

(Then Kairi & Aqua surfaces)

Aqua: (She smiled) 'You found the revived Sora, he's trying to get to you'

Kairi: (She hugs Aqua) 'Thank you for helping me out, Aqua. Now that Sora is on his way to the Final World Realm, I'll complete my Revival Training'

(After Kairi has completed her Revival Training with Aqua and pass the Rank of Master Exam with Roxas)

Master Yen Sid: 'Your training of the Revival Power is complete and you passed the Rank of Master Exam, Kairi. Now you're ready to enter Scala Ad Caelum as a Light Seeker so you can find Sora in order to boost your confidence as well as to take your mind off your loss'

Kairi: 'Once I do this, there's no turning back. (Then she sees her Gummiphone beep) I have a message on my phone, so I wonder who sent it to me? (She sees 1 video message and as she plays it, it shows the revived Sora on screen and she becomes happy) It's Sora! And he got Revived'

(Sora): 'Hello, Kairi. If you find this recorded message, just don't feel bad about me. I promise the others I'm coming home to help you confront Xigbar AKA Luxu, and agreed there's little chance you'll complete the Revival Training. (Kairi made a happy tear) So when I find a way to make it home, I'll always dream about you, Riku and the others.' (Then the Video Message ends Kairi wipes her Happy Tear off her cheek)

Kairi: 'Sora is at 'Verum Rex', and he's on his way to the large Portal so he can get to Final World Realm'

Jimmy Cricket: 'Now I know how Sora got revived. When Luxord gave Sora the Wild Card during the final battle against Master Xehanort in the Keyblade Graveyard, the Wild Card has revived him with help from your Grandmother's Spirit after he used the Power of Waking to restore you, Kairi.'

Kairi: 'My Grandmother's Spirit and Luxord's Wild Card has revived Sora?'

Jimmy Cricket: 'That's correct, now you must go rescue him'

Kairi: 'Maybe this time, I won't be conscious, kidnapped or even held prisoner. (She sees the Wild Card she holding with her hand) Sora left me the Wild Card, there is hope'

Master Yen Sid: 'Now that we know Sora is heading there, It's time for you to begin your Journey to the ancient city of Scala Ad Caelum. You'll unlock the Power of Revival to open a portal into the Final World Realm. Just use this Item, (He hands her an Defense Ring Item) It'll protect you. Plus I'm sending Riku on a mission for him to know about the 5 Keyblade Foretellers and the Heart-Blade'

(Then Kairi, King Mickey and Riku shut their eyes and they appear to the Station of Awakening on a giant panel of Sora's friends)

Riku: 'Well, Kairi...I'm going to the Realm of Darkness to know about the 5 Keyblade Foretellers, then I'll get Sora back to us'

Kairi: 'Just be careful, Riku'

(Then as Riku & King Mickey enter the Realm of Darkness, Kairi opened her eyes and she's in Master Yen Sid's Study)

Kairi: 'I can feel Riku & King Mickey'

Master Yen Sid: 'The time has come, go forth into Scala Ad Caelum and unlock the Power of Revival'

Kairi: 'Just wish me luck' (Then she heads for the Gummiship)

(Before boarding the Gummiship for Scala Ad Caelum)

Kairi: 'Just be sure to train well, Ventus & Roxas'

Roxas: 'We'll do well once you bring back Sora in tow'

Namine: 'Here's something for the mission' (She hands Kairi a Food Package)

Kairi: 'Thanks, Namine. (Then she tells Goofy & Donald Duck something) You have looked after me & Sora, now it's time for me to look after myself'

Goofy: 'Be careful on your mission, Kairi. Remember your Training and you'll succeed'

Kairi: 'See ya' (Then she boards the Gummiship)

(In the Verum Rex World at Yozora's House, Sora pulls out his Gummiphone)

Yozora: 'So what message are you sending?'

Sora: 'I'm sending a message to my Girlfriend, Kairi.'

(Then Sora starts recording the Video Message)

Sora: (He starts the Video Message) 'Hello, Kairi...this is Sora. If you find this recorded message, just don't feel bad about me. I promise the others I'm coming home to help you confront Xigbar AKA Luxu, and agreed there's little chance you'll complete the Revival Training. So when I find a way to make it home, I'll always dream about you, Riku and the others.' (Then he ends the message as he sends it to Kairi's Gummiphone and then he turns off his Gummiphone)

(A view of the Final World Realm appears with a bright sun)

(The title 'Final World' appears)

(After Mastering her Revival Power, traveled across Scala Ad Caelum with the Master of Masters and arrived to the Final World Realm, she sees a few photos of Sora's Memories)

Kairi: 'This must be Sora's Memories of his childhood' (She sees a picture of 4 year-old Sora and her as a 4 year-old girl)

(She sees another photo of her, Sora and Riku as three Teenagers bonded, another photo of them a year older sharing a Sea-Salt Ice Cream, and another photo of her & Sora at age 16)

Kairi: 'I'll never forget those happy memories'

(Then Chirithy, a Dream Eater appears)

Chirithy: 'You must be Kairi, it's nice to meet you. I am Chirithy, a Dream Eater'

Kairi: 'I never seen a Dream Eater before, but you're the one who helped Sora save us when he used the Power of Waking during the attack at the Keyblade Graveyard'

Chirithy: 'Aqua, Terra & Ventus sent me here to help you find the revived Sora'

Kairi: 'I can sense him, but he's somewhere'

Chirithy: 'And I sense that Sora is revived by Luxord's Wild Card and your Grandmother's Spirit'

Kairi: 'Sora left me the Wild Card after he used it to revive my Heart. He must be very close, I can help you lead me to him'

Chirithy: 'I'll take you across the clouds to him, now follow me' (Then he flies across as Kairi followed him)

(Spoiler Scene: Kairi reunites with Sora)

(As Kairi and Chirithy glides to a cloud, they both see Sora on top)

Chirithy: 'We found Sora'

Kairi: 'Sora? (She sees him) SORA! I found you!' (She runs to him happy)

Sora: 'Kairi? (He sees Kairi running to him) KAIRI!'

(Sora and Kairi embrace as they hugged)

Kairi: (Giggles) 'You can let go now, you lazy bum' (Sora released her)

Chirithy: 'Well done, Kairi. You have finally found Sora'

Sora: 'It's been 1 year since I used the Power of Waking to rescue you & defeated Master Xehanort together, but after I got faded... (He starts crying as he comforts her) I thought I've never seen you again. (Then he calms) How did you managed to find me?'

Kairi: (She dries Sora's Tear) 'I completed the Power of Revival Training with Aqua, I had help from the Master of Masters, and I answered your Video Message that you sent me. Now I finally found you because I am a Light Seeker'

Sora: 'Riku and the others knew that I didn't came back after I defeated Master Xehanort nearly 3 Weeks ago...but thanks to this Wild Card I was saving by Luxord, I got revived by your Grandmother's Spirit and then I woke up in Verum Rex World where I met Yozora, he's a Keyblade Wielder of Light'

Kairi: 'He looks determined'

Sora: 'Plus he wanted me to give you a message. He said 'Sora, if you see Kairi, tell her I'm coming to team up with the Keyblade Wielders to stop Xigbar AKA Luxu from opening the Black Box'.'

Chirithy: 'How did you know that Xigbar has it?'

Kairi: 'Master Yen Sid told me about it, and right now, we're looking at a new Keyblade War against the Foretellers that are been led by Xigbar who is working with the Master of Masters'

Sora: 'I can sense that you became a Keyblade Master, and there's no telling what everyone is gonna say when they know that you saved me'

Kairi: 'I'm here for you, Sora...reunited together so I can stand on your side as always, and I won't lose you again...Because I...I love you'

Sora: 'Kairi...That is the nicest thing I ever heard' (Then he kiss her in the lips)

Kairi: 'I almost forgot...I have passed the Mark of Mastery Exam'

Sora: 'That're a Keyblade Master'

Chirithy: 'Now that you're both reunited, I'll open up a door to send you home. (He opens up the Door of Light) I'll assist you just in case something goes wrong'

Sora: 'Thanks for helping Kairi find me, Chirithy...I'm glad you're on our side'

Kairi: 'So let's head back to the Mysterious Tower, everyone is gonna be very happy when they see that I brought you home'

(They enter the Door of light for the Mysterious Tower)

(Spoiler Scene: 'Sora reunites with his Friends')

(Kairi & Chirithy shows up in Master Yen Sid's large Room from the Light Portal after completing her mission in the Final World Realm)

Kairi: 'Everyone, I got a big surprise for you'

Namine: 'What is it?'

Sora: (He appears) 'Hello, everyone'

(Aqua, Namine, Terra, Ventus, Roxas, Xion, Axle/Lea, Goofy & Donald Duck become happy)

Sora: 'So...are you gonna stand here all day, or surprise me?'

Donald Duck, Goofy, Aqua, Namine, Xion, Axle/Lea, Terra, Ventus & Roxas: 'Sora!' (Then they embrace him)

Terra: 'Welcome back'

Donald Duck: 'You had us all worried'

Goofy: 'We thought that we've never saw you for a while'

Xion: 'I'm so glad you're back, Sora. We were beginning to lose hope'

Namine: 'But you're home now'

Kairi: 'Ok, guys. Let's give Sora some room here' (The others back up from Sora)

Sora: 'I'm glad that Kairi has mastered the Power of Revival with her true Love to me, and I'm back'

Aqua: 'It's good to see you again'

Ventus: 'And so, the Hero of Light returns'

Kairi: 'You guys are not going to believe this, but Sora has met a new friend named Yozora. He helped him get to the portal that led to the Final World Realm, and I used my Revival Power to bring Sora home'

Yozora: (He arrives by portal) 'It's nice to meet some allies'

Sora: 'Kairi, I want you to meet Yozora. He helped me get to the Final World Realm when I took out that Heartless Dragon'

Kairi: 'It's nice to meet you, Yozora.' (She handshake Yozora)

Chirithy: 'He's nice, once you get to know him'

Master Yen Sid: 'Now that Sora has returned to us, let's get down to our plan for the new journey'

King Mickey: (He appears from the Portal) 'Fellas, we got a problem! Riku and I got attacked by Heartless that was sent by Xigbar...he survived during the final battle against Xehanort and he's the Reincarnation of Luxu!'

Donald Duck: 'What!?'

Goofy: 'Oh-no!'

Sora: 'King Mickey, that's impossible'

Master Yen Sid: 'It's time you know the truth, Sora'

(Spoiler Scene: 'Sora & Ava asks Kairi to be the strong Keyblade Master')

(Sora & Ava walked to Kairi after having a talk with Riku)

Sora: 'Kairi, we need your help to defeat Xigbar'

Kairi: 'I can't help...I can't help anyone since he attacked Twilight Town earlier today, and Namine & Xion almost got hurt'

Ava: 'Sure you can. You can help us free the 4 Keyblade Foretellers from Dark Control, then we can defeat Xigbar and save Kingdom Hearts'

Kairi: 'Luxu or Xigbar, what's the difference. All I did was put my friends in danger'

Sora: 'Kairi...I can't defeat him without you'

Kairi: 'No, Sora. For the first time of my life, I have been thinking clearly. You were right all along and I was wrong of who I am, I'm not a strong Keyblade Master, I'm just a Keyblade Guardian of Light who is a damsel-in-distress'

Ava: 'Now wait a minute, Kairi. Being a Keyblade Master is better than a Guardian of Light. King Mickey has told Riku, Aqua, Xion, Namine and the others that you are the greatest, and it's not only you're a Keyblade Master, you are Sora's Girlfriend'

Kairi: 'But why would Sora want to be with me more than Riku or Namine?'

Sora: 'You just said 'Why would I want to be with you?' Look at you. You're a Keyblade Master. Anyone can give up their Keyblade just to be like you. You mastered the Power of Revival, you & I have a very strong Connection, you formed your Team called the 'Oathkeeper Team', plus we traveled across Worlds together, you & I defeated the 5 Keyblade Foretellers, found the 7 New Princesses of Heart and also learned Swimming as a Mermaid including Surfing with Lilo, Nani and Stitch. You are an amazing Keyblade Master'

Ava: 'As a matter of fact, you are a strong Guardian of Light since the Lingering Will told me about this. I mean, what would I have a chance to match my Powers against yourself? I'm a Keyblade Foreteller of Light, and I should had gone with you both.'

Kairi: (She smiled and asks her & Sora something) 'Thanks, Sora & Ava. That's the Confidence I needed'

Ava: 'I shall take you to your Grandmother, Kairi. She can give you the Courage in order to confront Xigbar'

Kairi: 'Then take me there' (Then they both enter a Light Portal for the Memory Pond)

(Kairi sees her reflection at the large Memory Pond by Ava)

Kairi: 'That's not my Grandmother, it's my Reflection'

Ava: 'Just look harder... (She placed her finger on the water and it reveals Kairi's Grandmother) she lives in you'

(Then Kairi's Grandmother appears in the clouds through a clear night sky)

(Kairi's Grandmother): ' have forgotten about me'

Kairi: 'No, I haven't'

(Kairi's Grandmother): 'You have forgotten about your Destiny. Just look inside yourself, Kairi. I have revived Sora and he came back to you. That is why you are more than what you have become're a Keyblade Master and you & Sora have a strong Connection. You must confront & defeat Xigbar'

Kairi: 'How can I stop him? I'm not strong enough, even if I gained the Rank of Master'

(Kairi's Grandmother): 'Remember your Destiny. Sora needs you more than ever, and your Heart will always be your Guiding Key...just Remember' (Then she disappears)

Kairi: 'Grandma! Don't leave me!' (But everything become clear)

Ava: 'Now you know what you must do. You're the Light Seeker'

Kairi: 'Yes, Ava. I must help Sora and the others face Xigbar & the 4 Keyblade Foretellers, it's time for me to face my Destiny' (She smiled)

Ava: 'Let's be off, Sora and the others are waiting for us' (Then they head for Sora & the others)

(At a Crystal Lagoon at nightfall, Sora and Kairi are spending some time together with Riku & Namine before tomorrow's final battle with Xigbar/Luxu, Pete, Maleficent & the 4 Keyblade Foretellers)

Riku: 'I think I'll leave you two here while Namine and I head inside for some shuteye'

(After Namine & Riku went inside, Sora & Kairi went for a quick swim)

Kairi: (She enters the water with Sora up to their chest) 'Tomorrow we fight against Xigbar'

Sora: 'Kairi, there's something I have to tell you. (Kairi pauses) I failed to protect you from Master Xehanort and I'm sorry I broke your promise. I wanted to be together forever...' (Then he embrace her)

Kairi: 'I'm here for you, Sora. And nothing is gonna prevent us from succeeding'

(Sora and Kairi kiss as they swim in the Crystal Lagoon with the stars in the night sky shining, then they got out and saw the night sky)

Sora: 'I gotta hand it to you, Kairi. We're together now, and there is still hope for us'

Kairi: 'Master Yen Sid said my advice you should always follow...'May your Heart be your Guiding Key'.'

Master of Masters: (He sees the view of Daybreak Town before sunrise) 'Now we shall see the fate of Kingdom Hearts be played out with the 13 Guardians of Light VS the 7 Dark Foretellers'

(The next morning, the Keyblade Wielders of Light are about to board the Gummiship)

Namine: 'I think you'll need some extra help, Sora & Kairi' (She, Ava & Yozora arrived)

Yozora: 'I figure you might need a hand against Luxu & the 4 Foretellers'

Kairi: '13 against 7 are better odds'

Ava: 'I can't promise I won't destroy him'

Riku: 'A Keyblade Foreteller has gotta go their own way. A friend taught Sora about it'

Ava: 'Not just a friend...'

Sora: 'A partner' (Then he handshake Ava)

(Then they took off on the Gummiship for Daybreak Town)

(They arrived to Daybreak Town near the entrance of a huge Ancient Keyblade Temple on a Tropical Island with the gateway of Kingdom Hearts as the Gummiship is about to land)

(The title 'Daybreak Town/Ancient Keyblade Temple' appears)

Namine: (She sees the view of Daybreak Town) 'There's Daybreak Town'

Riku: 'Xigbar and the 4 Foretellers are waiting for us...the time has come to face them'

Ava: (She gives the others a reminder) 'Once we enter the Keyblade Temple, all bets are off'

Terra: 'We'll be landing shortly'

Yozora: 'If you got anything to say, Kairi...then it's time to give them a last-minute advice'

Kairi: (She gives the Keyblade Wielders of Light a last-minute speech) 'Xigbar and the 4 Keyblade Foretellers knows we're coming. If we make it through the first Wave, we'll take the next chance, then another until we win...or all our chances are spent'

Aqua: 'Prepare yourselves'

Sora: 'Everyone...It's time to protect Kingdom Hearts'

(Then Sora, Kairi, Riku, Donald Duck, Goofy, King Mickey, Yozora, Ava, Aqua, Terra, Ventus, Roxas, Namine, Xion, Even, Dilan & Axle/Lea enter Daybreak Town)

(The 13 Keyblade Wielders of Light reached the entrance of the Keyblade Temple)

Sora: 'This must be it...the Entrance to the Temple'

Aqua: 'This is where the first Keyblade War has started years ago'

Kairi: (She senses something powerful) 'I can sense something that is on top of the Temple'

Yozora: 'It's Xigbar...he has the Black Box and now, he's getting ready to open it'

Riku: 'If we don't stop him from completing the Keyblade-Apocalypse Ritual, he'll succeed where Xehanort has failed'

Sora: 'Then let's go' (They enter the Temple)

(As the 13 Keyblade Wielders of Light, Dilan & Even enter the large room, Pete & Maleficent blocks them)

Maleficent: 'So you managed to arrive here to confront Xigbar & the Keyblade Foretellers?'

Sora: 'Now look, Maleficent. We have no idea what you & Pete are trying to do, but we got to stop Xigbar from opening the Black Box'

Pete: 'Sorry, fellas...But I won't let you pass' (He prepares to battle)

Maleficent: 'Fine, then I'll stop you from saving Kingdom Hearts!'

(Then Maleficent transforms into a Dragon)

Yozora: 'Our battle is about to get bigger'

Kairi: 'I have an idea. Sora, Yozora, Aqua, Ava, Namine, Xion and I'll stop Maleficent. King Mickey, I want you, Riku, Ventus, Axle, Terra & Roxas stop Pete'

King Mickey: 'It's a Game Plan to use our Advantage, but let's do it' (They pull out their Keyblade as the battle begins)

(After Pete and Maleficent are defeated)

Pete: 'No fair! I was this close'

Maleficent: (She stands up after being defeated) 'You might have won the battle, but the real fight against the Keyblade Foretellers will soon begin'

Kairi: 'It doesn't matter how many times the Foretellers will face us, but we will free them from Dark Control'

Sora: 'And Friendship makes the Light stronger than Dark'

Yozora: 'So you can go retreat for now, or else'

Pete: 'Fine. But we will be back to face ya, fellas' (Then he & Maleficent escape by a portal)

Kairi: (She senses something) 'The Keyblade Ritual is about to start, we must hurry'

Sora: 'Then let's stop Xigbar'

(Then the Guardians of Light enter the next Stairwell heading for the next large Chamber where the 4 Keyblade Foretellers are at)

(The 13 Keyblade Wielders of Light including Dilan & Even are about to confront the 4 Keyblade Foretellers in a large Chamber inside the Keyblade Temple)

Aced: 'Welcome to the end of the world Ceremony, Keyblade Wielders of Light. We have been expecting you'

Even: 'It's the Keyblade Foretellers'

Dilan: 'And they work with the 4 Unions'

Kairi: 'Tell me where's Xigbar?'

Invi: 'He'll be here shortly, but there's something we must ask about Luxu's plan'

Gula: 'Right now he has already captured the 7 Princesses of Heart, and he must absorb energy from all 13 Keyblade Wielders of Light to create the Dark X-Keyblade'

King Mickey: 'Using the Black Box isn't gonna change anything!'

Xigbar/Luxu: (He appears) 'I'm going to settle the score with Kairi...for letting her save Sora with the Power of Revival and confronting the Keyblade Foretellers'

Sora: 'Xigbar...whatever plan you're creating, it's not gonna happen'

Xigbar/Luxu: 'All I wanted to do for you, Right the Wrongs and start over, so everyone can get a second Chance. But thanks to Kairi saving you after you got revived by her Grandmother...the 4 Keyblade Foretellers failed to stop you both. And now, I'm taking this Final Battle to a new level!' (Then he went to the top of the Keyblade Temple)

(The 4 Keyblade Foretellers circle the 13 Keyblade Wielders of Light including Sora, Kairi, Dilan and Even)

Ira: 'We're glad to have you join us, Sora & Kairi. You will now witness Master Luxu opening the Black Box with the Dark X-Blade once he creates it'

Kairi: 'That's not gonna happen. We will defeat him, no matter how high the stakes get'

Gula: 'Once Kingdom Hearts gets taken over by Luxu, the Dandelions Union will have total command and Master Xehanort's work will finally be done'

Ava: 'I won't let that happen!'

Ira: 'Ava, you just don't know when to stop us. But now we will stop you from attacking Luxu'

Yozora: 'I don't think so!'

Kairi: 'Here we go' (She & the others pull out their Keyblade)

Sora: (He pulls out the Light X-Keyblade) 'I've been saving this for the battle against the Foretellers'

Aced: 'We are so going to enjoy this' (He, Invi, Gula & Ira prepare to attack)

Aqua: (She gives Kairi an advice) 'Just don't let Aced fool you, avoid his attacks and get him out of the way'

(Then Kairi charged as she dodges Aced's Keyblade energy attack and she hits him with a slash)

Riku: (He asks Namine something important) 'You'll get the hang of your attacks, but remember. It's you against your Mirror Clone, now use your Magic Attack on the Foreteller'

Sora: 'All right, Gula. Try this on for size' (He & Yozora fuse their Keyblades)

Yozora: 'Bomb's away!' (Then they fire the Rainbow Beam at Gula)

Gula: (He gets hit) Aah!'

Namine: 'Just keep your guard up, Xion'

Xion: 'I can handle this'

Kairi: 'Final Strike!' (She uses her Special Attack at Aced)

Aced: 'Aah!' (He gets hit)

(After defeating Aced, Gula, Invi and Ira, the 4 Keyblade Foretellers are freed from Dark Control)

Aced: 'Your skills has surpass us, Sora & Kairi. Thank you for saving the Foretellers including myself, but now, you must stop Luxu'

Kairi: 'What is he planning with the Black Box?'

Ira: 'Right now, he has started the plan to control Kingdom Hearts into Darkness. And now he will see his work be a success'

Namine: 'I will never allow that to happen!'

Aced: 'This is why Luxu must be defeated before its too late'

Invi: 'Once you proven yourselves against Luxu, you will unite 4 Unions with the 13 Keyblade Wielders of Light for the Ultimate Battle against the Master of Masters and the Dandelions Union for the future'

King Mickey: 'Riku & I learned about the Prophecy picture in the Dark Realm, but we haven't readied the message since the Heartless attacked us'

Gula: 'The Prophecy says 'The 2 Keyblade Masters of Sky & Sea, can only defeat the Dandelions Union with the Heart-Blade and set Queen Solerra free'.'

Sora: 'Who is Queen Solerra?'

Aced: 'You'll figure this out in time. But for right now, Luxu is your only concern. We must go now, but we'll meet again to assist the 13 Keyblade Wielders of Light. Farewell'

(Then Aced, Gula, Invi & Ira enter the light portal and it closes)

Ava: 'He asked me about this Queen Solerra. I think we should study this Prophecy later, but we gotta stop Luxu'

Aqua: 'There's no telling what is going to happen if he opens the Black Box'

Kairi: 'So we must stop him, no matter what'

Sora: 'Now let's hurry' (They head to the flight of Stairs)

Xigbar/Luxu: 'Now...the real Final Battle begins'

King Mickey: 'Xigbar is waiting at the top of the Keyblade Temple, it's the calm before the Storm'

Ava: 'Once we reach the top floor, all bets are off'

Namine: 'Now what's next?'

Riku: 'Now we listen to Sora & Kairi give out a speech'

(Then Sora & Kairi did their Speech)

Sora: (He makes a speech before heading to the top of the Keyblade Temple for the Showdown against Xigbar/Luxu) 'The fate of Kingdom Hearts is in our hands, we came this far to succeed and together, we're going to combine our Light to erase Xigbar's Darkness. And no matter what comes next, my friends are my Power.'

Kairi: 'If we start today, then we can secure the Realm of Light tomorrow'

(Then Riku, Yozora, Aqua, Terra, Ventus, Roxas, Namine, Xion, Axle/Lea, Even, Dilan, Ava & King Mickey raise their Keyblade as Donald Duck & Goofy raised their Weapon)

Sora & Kairi: 'May our Hearts be our Guiding Key!' (Then they head towards the top of the Ancient Keyblade Temple)

(Sora, Kairi, Riku, Yozora, Donald Duck, Goofy, King Mickey, Ava, Aqua, Terra, Ventus, Roxas, Namine, Xion, Even, Dilan and Axle/Lea arrives to the top of the Keyblade Temple on a large Battle Area seeing Xigbar/Luxu with the Black Box)

Xigbar/Luxu: 'Welcome, everyone. You're just in time for the Main Event, I'm about to start the Keyblade-Apocalypse Ritual' (He pulls out his Keyblade as the 7 small holes opened up and a column rises)

King Mickey: 'Prepare yourselves'

(It reveals Jasmine, Kiara, Violet Parr, Lilo, Vanellope, Stella and Melody chained on a column)

Kairi: 'Oh-no'

Aqua: 'Is that the 7 Princesses of Heart?'

Yozora: 'That's my girlfriend!'

Namine: 'What have you done?'

Axle/Lea: 'He captured them right after Sora & Kairi defeated the 5 Keyblade Foretellers'

Sora: 'What did you do, Xigbar?!'

Xigbar/Luxu: 'Actually I'm Luxu, and you must learn it. After you & Kairi defeated the 5 Foretellers and freed them from Dark Control, I have captured the 7 Princesses of Heart. Now all I need is to absorb energy from the 13 Keyblade Wielders of Light so I can create the Dark X-Keyblade and open a portal to Kingdom Hearts'

Kairi: 'There's no way you're gonna stop us. I may have been hold back, and it won't happen this time. So what will my Grandma know about the dangerous plan you're doing?'

Xigbar/Luxu: 'She'll never forget my plan to control Kingdom Hearts and I will finish completing Xehanort's plan'

King Mickey: 'We won't let that happen!'

Even: 'Luxu, your days of conquering Kingdom Hearts into Darkness stops here!'

Dilan: 'And you're the one who betrayed Ava!'

Xigbar/Luxu: 'But first. I want to see what Sora and Kairi's skills can do against my Dark Powers' (He pulls out his 'No Name' Keyblade and prepares to duel with Sora & Kairi)

Riku: 'If we're gonna save the 7 Princesses of Heart, you both must battle against Luxu'

Ava: 'Now work together and save them'

Aqua: 'You're our only hope of protecting the Future'

Yozora: 'It is time'

Sora: 'This is it, Kairi. You're ready to face Luxu?'

Kairi: 'Let's do this' (She and Sora pull out their Keyblade and the battle begins)

(After Sora and Kairi beaten Xigbar/Luxu)

Xigbar/Luxu: 'You both managed to win this first round, but that was a Warm-up'

Kairi: 'A warm-up?'

Sora: (He senses something) 'Look out!'

(Then Sora and Kairi see Riku, Donald Duck, Goofy, King Mickey, Yozora, Namine, Xion, Aqua, Terra, Ventus, Roxas, Axle/Lea, and Ava get chained on 13 small spots surrounding the 7 Princesses of Heart)

Sora: 'Riku, Mickey, guys!'

Kairi: (Upset) 'You're planning to destroy the 13 Keyblade Wielders of Light?!'

Xigbar/Luxu: 'No, I'm not going to destroy them...I just need to absorb some energy so I can create the Dark X-Keyblade, and then I can control Kingdom Hearts in Darkness' (Then he pulls out his Dark Keyblade and stuns Even & Dilan)

Yozora: 'I will not let you!' (He tries to break free)

Aqua: 'Sora, Kairi, get out of there!'

Riku: 'Don't do this!'

Ava: 'Xigbar, you'll pay for what you done!' (She struggles to break free)

Terra: 'Xigbar, stop!'

Xigbar/Luxu: 'Ladies and Gentlemen, the moment you're been waiting for, I will succeed where Master Xehanort has failed!' (Evil Laughing)

(Then he activates the Keyblade Temple's energy device to absorb energy from 13 Keyblade Wielders of Light to create 13 Keyblades as the 7 Princesses of Heart get their energy absorbed)

Sora & Kairi: 'NO!' (They both watched in horror)

(The energy from 7 Princesses of Heart fused with 13 Keyblades, and the Dark X-Blade is formed)

Aqua: 'Xigbar has finally done it'

King Mickey: 'This cannot be happening!'

Sora: 'Oh-no...he created the Dark X-Keyblade!'

Dilan: 'You Traitor!'

Xigbar/Luxu: (He collects the Dark X-Keyblade) 'At last, it is time for me to rule Kingdom Hearts and complete what Xehanort has started. But don't worry, your Friends will be fine, they just need time to recover...Just enter my Palace and confront your Destiny, if you dare!'

Even: 'STOP!'

(Then Xigbar/Luxu opens the Black Box as its Dark Powers opened a portal to Kingdom Hearts and enters it before Dilan & Even can stop him)

Sora: 'We gotta free the others' (He and Kairi free the 13 Keyblade Wielders of Light and the 7 Princesses of Heart)

Jasmine: (She is freed) 'Thanks, Kairi'

Violet Parr: (She is released by Sora) 'I though we lost hope'

Melody: 'I'm scared about the Realm of Light being threaten'

Lilo: 'Don't worry, there is hope for the Guardians of Light'

Kiara: 'We just need to trust them'

Vanellope: 'I agree with you on that one'

Stella: 'I'm glad Yozora has come to my rescue'

(Before the Final Battle)

Ava: (Sad) 'This is all my fault! I should have finished him off when I had the chance'

Kairi: 'It's not your fault, Ava. Xigbar is the Reincarnation of Luxu, he did all this and started the new Keyblade War'

Aqua: 'Now what can we do?'

Sora: 'If Xigbar gains control of Kingdom Hearts now and spread the Darkness, the Ritual will be complete & all is lost. I have to go in and defeat him before its too late'

Kairi: 'Riku and I am going with you. You can't do this alone, Sora'

Namine: 'Are you sure you want to do this, Kairi?'

Kairi: 'Just trust me...Sora & I'll stop Luxu'

Aqua: 'You'll do amazing in the final battle against the enemy...whatever it takes'

King Mickey: 'It's going to be dangerous, so I'll help you out'

Yozora: 'You're gonna need an extra hand if we're going to defeat him, whatever it takes.'

Namine: 'Just attack the enemy with your combined skills'

Sora: 'Even with the 5 of us, our chances for victory are small. But we will stop Luxu, whatever it takes.'

Xion: 'I hope so'

Kairi: 'If we work together...we can save Kingdom Hearts, whatever it takes.'

Goofy: 'Donald and I'll help'

Riku: 'We're a Trio and together, Kingdom Hearts will be in the Light...whatever it takes'

Donald Duck: 'Let's finish this'

Sora: 'Everyone ready? Then let's do it'

(Sora, Kairi, Riku, King Mickey & Yozora raise their Keyblade and opened a portal for Kingdom Hearts, then all 5 of them including Goofy and Donald Duck enter)

(Sora, Kairi, Riku, Yozora, Donald Duck, Goofy and King Mickey arrived to Kingdom Hearts in the night sky, then they saw the Heart-shape Moon)

(Then the title 'Kingdom Hearts/Palace' appears)

Sora: 'So this must be Kingdom Hearts, but it looks like it's been controlled by Xigbar'

Kairi: 'Is that a Palace?' (She & the others see the Palace near them)

Yozora: 'We should head there. Luxu is where he is'

(They walked on the path across the Kingdom and reached the Palace near the entrance)

Kairi: 'He must be inside the Throne Room of the large Palace...once we enter, there's no going back'

King Mickey: 'It's either Victory or Defeat'

Riku: 'The Odds are massive, but it's now or never'

Yozora: 'Sora & Kairi, are you're ready?'

(A screen message that says 'Entering the Palace's Doors will start the Final Battle. What do you want to do?' Then 2 Options that says 'I need to Train a little more', and the other 'Let's finish this now')

Sora: (He, Kairi, Riku, King Mickey & Yozora pull out their Keyblade as Goofy & Donald Duck prepare themselves for the Final Battle) 'Let's wrap this up and go home'

(Sora, Kairi, Riku, King Mickey, Goofy, Donald Duck and Yozora reached the large Throne Room where Xigbar/Luxu is at)

Xigbar/Luxu: 'Congratulations for making it this far, Guardians of Light...but you're journey ends here'

Kairi: 'No more tricks, Luxu'

Xigbar/Luxu: 'Very well then...let's get it on'

Sora: 'Luxu, your plans of controlling Kingdom Hearts into Darkness ends now!'

Xigbar/Luxu: 'I'm just getting started. Once the Darkness completes its spread across every World in the Realm of Light, I'll have Light & Dark together in total control'

Kairi: 'If you think you can control everyone's Hearts across the Realm of Light, you got another thing coming'

Yozora: 'I have a suggestion...Let's take you to Ansem the Wise, and we'll let him be the Judge...because I'm the Keyblade Foreteller of Light'

Xigbar/Luxu: (He knows and asks Yozora something) ''re using the Light instead of using Darkness? You Traitor! (Then he punch Yozora in the face) I thought we take you in to be our 7th Dark Foreteller and the Master of Masters have big plans for you...but no. You refused to join the Dark Side!'

Kairi: 'That is why Yozora is on our side'

Xigbar/Luxu: (He pulls out the Dark X-Blade) 'So you wanted to risk your lives to save Kingdom Hearts? So be it, now let's see what you can do against my Full Power of Darkness!'

King Mickey: 'We came this far and now, let's defeat Xigbar'

Sora: 'Everyone, let's attack' (He, Kairi, Riku, King Mickey and Yozora pull out their Keyblade as they begin the Battle)

(Sora, Yozora & King Mickey struggles to break free but no effect, Kairi watched in fear knowing that she must fight)

Xigbar/Luxu: 'Did you really think you & your friends can confront me? Not really. Now I'm gonna give you a choice, Kairi. Join me & the Dandelions Union...or watch your friends be destroyed. You have 1 minute to give me your answer, starting now.'

(Then he sends electricity on the chains to injure all 3 of them)

Kairi: 'Please help me' (she meditates and holds her Keyblade)

(Then in a instant, she can hear voices in her mind as her power grows)

Aqua: 'This is your final step, Kairi. Rise, and awaken your Master Form'

Master Eraqus: 'Save the Realm of Light, Sora & I did against Master Xehanort'

Terra: 'The light. Unlock the Light, Kairi'

Roxas: 'You are not Alone'

Xion: 'Every Keyblade Wielder now lives with you'

Ventus: 'You have the Courage to save us, Kairi.'

Axle/Lea: 'Let it help you...As it helped us'

Yozora: 'Feel the energy of Light flowing through you, Kairi'

Ava: 'You can do this'

Even: 'Now rise up, Kairi'

Dillan: 'We stand behind you, Kairi'

Namine: 'Help Sora defeat Xigbar, or all is lost'

Isa: 'Rise as a Keyblade Master'

Ienzo: 'In the heart of a Keyblade Wielder, lies her strength'

13 Guardians of Light: 'Rise'

King Mickey: 'Kairi...May your Heart be Sora's guiding Key'

(Then Kairi unlocks her Ultimate Form and she deflects Xigbar's Energy attack freeing Sora, Riku & Yozora from the dark chains)

Xigbar/Luxu: 'That's impossible!'

(Kairi unlocks her Ultimate Form during the battle against Xigbar/Luxu, and she deflects Xigbar's Energy attack saving Sora, Riku & Yozora)

Kairi: 'I may not be the best Keyblade Master, and I nearly learned everything as the Guardian of Light, but I will tell you this...No one messes with my boyfriend Sora!' (Then she hits Xigbar/Luxu with a Keyblade energy attack)

(After beating Xigbar/Luxu in the Palace's Throne Room, he retreats)

Sora: 'Luxu won't know when to stop running'

Yozora: 'But he'll be back'

Kairi: (She sees the portal open up) 'Guys, a portal is opened. Now we can go home'

King Mickey: 'Guess it's time for us to head back to Daybreak Town'

Riku: 'We'll introduce you some of our friends, Yozora'

Yozora: 'Thanks, guys'

(As Riku, Donald Duck, Goofy & King Mickey enter the portal that'll lead them back to the large Battle Area, Xigbar/Luxu uses his Dark Keyblade to close it before Sora, Kairi and Yozora can head towards it)

Sora: 'Luxu, not you again'

Xigbar/Luxu: 'This fight isn't finished yet, now we settle this on the rooftop of the Palace!'

(Then they got teleported to the Palace's Rooftop as Xigbar/Luxu controls the Kingdom Hearts's Power)

Sora: 'Luxu is gaining power by Kingdom Hearts, if we don't stop him now, he'll spread the Darkness across the Worlds!'

Yozora: 'It's up to the 3 of us'

(Then Sora, Kairi & Yozora feels Light Energy growing inside them and they gained Master Armor)

Kairi: 'The 7 Princesses of Heart have sent us power to gain an Upgrade'

Yozora: 'We still have a chance'

Sora: 'Now let's defeat Luxu and restore Kingdom Hearts. This is it, the Final Battle' (He, Kairi and Yozora pull out their Ultima Keyblade)

Xigbar/Luxu: 'There is one Sky, one Destiny!' (Then the Final Battle begins)

Xigbar/Luxu: 'It's time for me to finish the battle once and for all' (He leaps up)

Sora: 'Xigbar, look out behind you!'

(But it was too late, the Other Dark Mini-Lighting Bolt strikes Xigbar/Luxu injuring him)

Xigbar/Luxu: (Groans) 'Not my own attack'

Kairi: (She tells Xigbar/Luxu something after he got injured by his Dark Mini-Lighting Bolt attack) 'You fought in a struggling battle, and you lost to Sora. I wanted to help you, Luxu. But now you must suffer your own fate, the same to Master Xehanort'

Xigbar/Luxu: (He struggles to stand up) 'No...'

Sora: 'We're done battling you. I'm going home'

Xigbar/Luxu: 'Wait, must spare me, just don't leave me here alone. (Sora starts to get upset) Please have Mercy'

Yozora: (He yells at Xigbar/Luxu) 'Luxu, how many times have people asked you to spare, and you destroyed them! Did you show Sora mercy when he asked you not to hurt Namine & Ava!?'

Xigbar/Luxu: 'If you leave now, then the Master of Masters will be upset of my failure! Don''

Kairi: 'After what you did to the 4 Keyblade Foretellers, you want us to spare you? Why shouldn't I give you the chance you never shown anyone!?'

(Then without hesitation, Kairi gives Xigbar/Luxu a Hi-Potion and he makes a recovery)

Kairi: 'I gave you one of my Hi-Potion, just go back to your Master of're on your own'

Xigbar/Luxu: 'You actually think you have won the battle? Then you must understand this...I am Xigbar, the only survivor of the Organization 13, I'm also the Reincarnation of Luxu...and you can't win because I am stronger than Xehanort, and you 3 are not'

(As Sora, Kairi and Yozora prepare to leave, Xigbar/Luxu prepares his Dark X-Blade at Maximum Power and aims at the 3 Keyblade Master)

Xigbar/Luxu: 'Now remember this lesson...and learn what happens when you mess with the leader of the Foretellers!!' (Then he fires a Dark Beam)

Kairi: (She sees the Dark Beam heading towards them as she, Sora & Yozora pull out their Ultima Keyblade and aim at the enemy) 'YOU FOOL!'

(Then they fire the Light Beam sending the Dark Beam backwards)

Xigbar/Luxu: 'You cannot stop me. I am Luxu and I am powerful! (But the Light Beam approaches towards him) NO!!'

(But he got hit and the Dark X-Blade is destroyed in one powerful attack)

(Spoiler Scene: 'Sora and Kairi defeat Xigbar/Luxu')

(After Sora, Kairi & Yozora defeats Xigbar/Luxu)

Xigbar/Luxu: (He stands up injured) 'How many times are you going to understand that I can't be beaten!'

Kairi: 'That's where you're wrong, Luxu! I don't need a Keyblade to defeat you...Sora's love is my greatest power'

Sora: 'And we will protect our Friends from the Darkness'

(Kairi & Sora combined their Ultima Keyblades as it turns into a Super Ultima Keyblade and aims at Xigbar/Luxu)

Sora & Kairi: 'Kingdom Light!' (Then they opened fire)

(The Beam hits Xigbar/Luxu sending him to the ground and Kingdom Hearts is restored from control)

Xigbar/Luxu: 'You have won the Major Battle, but it's a small taste of what's to come when you both battle against the Dandelions Team. Farewell!' (Then he leaves by entering his portal)

Sora: 'It's over, Luxu is defeated...but he escaped'

Yozora: 'I'm glad to protect you both...I'll be expecting great things for the 2 of you'

Kairi: 'Now let's get back to the others and close the Black Box so Kingdom Hearts get restored into the Light'

(Then a light portal opens up)

Sora: 'Is that a Light Portal?'

Kairi: 'It's the same one that Sora and I entered to the Mysterious Tower after I rescued him with the Power of Revival'

Yozora: 'Let's go home' (Then all 3 of them enter the Light Portal)

(King Mickey, Donald Duck, Goofy, Riku, Aqua, Terra, Ventus, Namine, Xion, Roxas, Axle/Lea, Ava, Even, Dilan, Jasmine, Kiara, Melody, Violet Parr, Lilo, Stella, & Vanellope see Sora, Kairi & Yozora arriving from Kingdom Hearts by the light Portal after Xigbar/Luxu is defeated, the Black Box is closed shut, and the large heart-shape moon is restored into Light)

King Mickey: 'Congratulations, Sora & Kairi'

Xion: 'They defeated Xigbar'

Aqua: 'Sora, Kairi, you finally did it! Your true Love have saved Kingdom Hearts' (She hugs Sora & Kairi)

Sora's Friends: (Cheering)

Sora: 'Your majesty, we combined my power with Yozora's & Kairi's to defeat Luxu'

King Mickey: 'But we're glad you made it back in one piece'

Yozora: 'Xigbar we'll be ready for him & the 4 Unions if he shows up'

Ava: 'Kairi, we'll be expecting incredible things for Sora and yourself'

Kairi: 'And from now on, I'm going to spend more time with you, Sora' (Everyone looked surprised)

Namine: 'It looks like you 2 are gonna be together for real'

Kairi: 'Here's the Lucky Charm you made for me, I kept it for a while' (She hands Sora back his Lucky Charm)

Sora: 'I almost forgot. There's something amazing we need to tell you, Kairi'

Kairi: 'Really. What's that?'

Sora: 'Just close your eyes... (Kairi closes her Eyes) now you can open them'

Sora's Friends: (They present Kairi a Birthday Cake with 17 candles lit as she opened her eyes) 'Surprise! Happy Birthday!'

Kairi: 'You guys remembered by 17th Birthday? Thank you!' (Then she kiss Sora in the lips)

Sora's Friends: (Cheering) (Kairi blows out the candles on her Birthday Cake)

Kairi: 'Now who wants to cut a slice of Cake?'

Sora's Friends: (Laughing)

(Last Lines of the Final Scene)

(At Twilight Town, Sora, Kairi, Riku and the others enjoy their victory Party in the town's square)

Kairi: 'Sora, you think Xigbar survived?'

Sora: 'Yes, but he'll be back soon...and we'll be ready for him'

Kairi: 'But for now, let's relax and enjoy our Vacation, that is by best Birthday Wish I granted' (Then she rest on Sora's shoulder)

(The people and Keyblade Wielders including Disney Characters cheered with Sora and Kairi together as a bond as the sun brightens across Twilight Town)

(Epilogue Scene: 'Sora, Kairi and Riku received a letter from King Mickey')

(The next day, Sora, Kairi and Riku find a Letter with a Mickey Symbol on it inside the bottle and reads it)

Sora: 'It's a letter from Ava, Yozora & King Mickey'

Kairi: 'They want us to come to Disney Castle and help us train so we can collect the 'Heart-Blade', find the 4 Unions, free this Queen Solerra from her sleep & also defeat the Dandelions Team'

Riku: 'It won't be easy, since the Master of Masters will battle us...'

Sora: 'Then we'll train together to keep Kingdom Hearts in the Light'

(Then the scene shows a view of Twilight Town on a warm afternoon)

(Secret Movie: 'Sora and Kairi, the Future King & Queen of Kingdom Hearts')

(It begins with the Master of Masters (MoM) waking across an opened Volcanic Island with a large Castle on a huge rocky platiform above the Lava Lake)

(Then 5 Words appear during the scene)

'Queen Solerra...Heart-Blade...Family...Dandelions Union......Light'

(A scene shows the moon of Kingdom Hearts, and a final shot shows Sora and Kairi in their Keyblade Master Armor teaming up with 4 Union Teams to face the Master of Masters, Xigbar/Luxu and 5 members of the Dandelions Team)

'Reunite Kingdom Hearts'


Surfing with Lilo & Stitch- Surf with Lilo, Nani & Stitch as you collect Munny with music songs from the Lilo & Stitch Movies.

Swimming with Dolphins- Swim with Melody and a few Dolphins as you collect Munny & Items.

Catching fallen Gold Coins- Catch Gold Coins with Aladdin while riding on Carpet across Agrabah.

Taking out Mini-Omnidroids- Battle a few Waves of Mini-Omnidroids with the Incredibles.

Collecting Bugs- Help Timon & Pumbaa collect Bugs while it's being scattered.

Racing in 'Sugar Rush'- Race in 3 Tracks on 'Sugar Rush'

Songs for Surfing with Lilo & Stitch

He Mele No Lilo- Sora & Kairi's first Wave Surfing (Tutorial lesson)

Hound Dog- Sora & Kairi surf with Lilo & Stitch (2nd Lesson)

Hawaiian Roller Coaster Ride- Surfing with Lilo, Nani & Stitch (3rd Lesson)

Burning Love- Team Surfing with Lilo, Nani & Stitch (Final Lesson)


Violet & Dash- They combined their Powers into an Incrediball and deflect Heartless in all directions.

Genie- He uses his Magic Attacks to take out Heartless.

Timon & Pumbaa- They use the Warthog Charge attack to defeat Heartless.

Elsa- She can fire Ice attacks and freeze Heartless.


Large Heartless- A tall Heartless Creature

Water Heartless- A Water Heartless Creature that can fire Water Attacks.

Aced- A Keyblade Foreteller who teams up with Xigbar/Luxu and pairs with Gantu in Hawaii World.

Gantu- An large Alien from Space who wants to find Stitch (Experiment 626) and help Aced, a Keyblade Foreteller to capture Lilo who is one of the 7 Princesses of Heart

Ava- A Keyblade Foreteller who tried to stop Luxu, but he triggered the Keyblade War. Now she teams up with Sora and Kairi to prevent the enemy from creating the X-Keyblade.

Sa'luk- An enemy of the 40 Thieves and his goal is to find the Ultimate Treasure.

Ira- A Keyblade Foreteller who teams up with Xigbar/Luxu and pairs up with Syndrome in the Incredibles World.

Syndrome- A Superhero Villain who was once Buddy Pine, but plans to take over Metroville.

Gula- A Keyblade Foreteller who pairs up with Xigbar/Luxu and pairs up with Morgana in Atlantica World.

Morgana- She is Ursula's Sister and her plan is to get the Trident from King Triton so she can take over the 7 Seas.

Invi- A Keyblade Foreteller who Teams up with Xigbar/Luxu and pairs with Zira in the Pridelands World.

Zira- Leader of the Outlands and her plan is to take over the Pridelands from Simba.

King Candy/Turbo- Ruler of 'Sugar Rush' and what he didn't know is that he's Turbo'

Maleficent- A Female Witch who transforms into a Dragon and battles against Sora, Kairi, Aqua, Namine, Xion & Ava at the Keyblade Temple.

Pete- A Disney Classic Villain who teams up with Xigbar/Luxu, the Master of Masters (MoM) and the 5 Keyblade Foretellers so they can use the Black Box.

Xigbar/Luxu- Xigbar is the only survivor of the Organization XIII to Master Xehanort and he's the Reincarnation of Luxu from the first Keyblade War, now his plan is to recreate the Dark X-Blade by the 13 Keyblades of Light & the 7 Princesses of Heart.

1st Teaser

(It begins with Kairi standing next to a Palm Tree seeing the Sun as Donald Duck & Goofy walked to her)

Kairi: 'Maybe Waiting...just isn't good enough for me anymore' (She reveals her look with a hair ponytail)

(Disney logo)

(Square Enix logo)

(Kairi does her Power of Revival Training with Aqua)

(Sora teams up with Yozora in the 'Verum Rex' World)

(Ava appears to test Kairi's Keyblade Powers)

(Xigbar/Lulu shows the Black Box to the 4 Keyblade Foretellers)

(Then the Main Title appeared)

Kingdom Hearts IV

(A short clip shows Sora and Kairi reunited at the Final World Realm)

Kairi: 'Sora! I found you!'

Fall 2020

2nd Teaser

(Disney logo)

(Square Enix logo)

(It starts with Sora sending a message to Kairi with his Gummiphone in the Verum Rex World at Yozora's House)

Sora: (He starts the Message) 'Hello, Kairi. If you find this recorded message, just don't feel bad about me. I promise the others I'm coming home to help you confront Xigbar AKA Luxu, and agreed there's a little-to-small chance you'll complete the Power of Revival Training. So when I find a way to make it home, I'll always dream about you, Riku and the others.' (Then he ends the message as he turns off his Gummiphone)

(A short clip shows Xigbar/Luxu is holding a meeting with the 4 Keyblade Foretellers, Pete, Maleficent and the Master of Masters at the huge Battle Arena in the large ruins on a big Tropical Island)

King Mickey: 'We're dealing with Xigbar who is the Reincarnated Luxu who was an apprentice to Master Xehanort, and he's the one who started the very first Keyblade War'

(Twilight Town is being evacuated before Luxu & the 4 Keyblade Foretellers launch the attack with over 100 Heartless Creatures)

Kairi: 'Everyone has moved on without hope of bringing Sora home...but not me'

(A Clip shows Ava showing up to help Sora, Kairi, Donald Duck & Goofy)

(A Clip shows Kairi earning herself the Rank of Keyblade Master)

(A scene shows the Vanishing Isle rising from the Sea)

(A scene shows Sora teaming up with Yozora as they battle against the Heartless Dragon)

Aqua: 'Your Power of Revival is gonna work, Kairi'

Kairi: 'And I know it will...because I don't know what I'm gonna do if it doesn't' (Then she pulls out her Keyblade)

(Then the main title appears)

Kingdom Hearts IV

(A scene shows Sora, Kairi, Donald Duck & Goofy meeting the Incredibles)

Sora: 'Who are you guys?'

Elastigirl: 'We're the Incredibles'

Reconnect the Hearts

Fall 2020

1st Trailer

(A scene shows Kairi at the Station of Awakening)

Kairi: (Narrating) 'Sora...ever since you used the Power of Waking to bring me home, you had problems reconnecting our Hearts. But if you ever get lost...then I will be your Guiding Key Home'

(A view of the Ancient Keyblade Temple at Sunrise)

(Disney logo)

(Square Enix logo)

(Sora and Kairi are reunited at the Final World Realm after Kairi mastered the Power of Revival & destroyed Xehanort's Clone created by the Heartless at Scala Ad Caelum with the Master of Masters)

(Xigbar/Luxu and the 5 Keyblade Foretellers had a meeting with the Master of Masters (MoM) )

Xigbar/Luxu: 'If word gets out that Ava is Kairi's Guardian, this won't be good'

Master of Masters: 'With your strong Skills as a Keyblade Master and a survivor of the Organization XIII, you will succeed'

(Kairi helps Aladdin battle against Sa'luk in the Challenge at the 40 Thieves Hideout)

(Sora and Kairi climbed a pillar to the top with Aladdin and Casiem as they plan to collect the Hand of Midas)

(Kairi did her Surfing with Lilo & Stitch in the Hawaii World)

(Gantu and Aced prepare to battle against Sora, Kairi, Goofy, Donald Duck and Stitch)

Ava: 'The time of saving Kingdom Hearts has come for you, Sora & Kairi' (Sora & Kairi looked determined)

(Xigbar/Luxu pulls out his Keyblade before battling against the 13 Keyblade Wielders of Light)

Sora & Kairi: 'Kingdom Light!' (They both attack towards Xigbar/Luxu)

(Then the main title appears)

Kingdom Hearts IV

December 2020

2nd Trailer

(It starts with a Flashback of Sora, Kairi, Riku, King Mickey, Goofy, Donald Duck, Aqua, Ventus and Axle/Lea battling against Xehanort, Xigbar/Luxu, Xemnas, Ansem's Evil Clone, TerraNort and Riku's Evil Clone at the Keyblade Graveyard)

Kairi: (Narrating) 'It was like yesterday...We fought in the Final Battle against Master Xehanort and I became a Keyblade Warrior of Light...'

(A clip shows Terra, Roxas & Xion including Namine returned)

Kairi: (Narrating) 'Sora has defeated Xehanort and brought Namine, Roxas, Terra & Xion back to us...'

(Another clip shows Sora rescuing Kairi by using the Power of Waking as she enters the portal for Destiny Islands)

Kairi: (Narrating) 'But there was a terrible price...Some people move on without hope of bringing the revived Sora back...but not me... (Sora fades in the sunset on Destiny Islands as Kairi became worried) and now, I'm gonna bring him home'

(Kairi appears with her ponytail hair she's wearing including her new Keyblade Battle Gear)

(Disney Logo)

(Square Enix Logo)

(The scene shows Xigbar/Luxu, the 5 Keyblade Foretellers and the Master of Masters (MoM) at the Keyblade Temple)

Master of Masters: 'Nearly 2 months has passed since Master Xehanort is destroyed by Sora, but now we can finish what he started and clam Kingdom Hearts'

Xigbar/Luxu: 'With my completed Training, I will not fail'

(A clip shows Yozora meeting Sora for the first time in Verum Rex World)

Yozora: 'I am Yozora, a Keyblade Guardian of Light'

Sora: 'You can take me to the Final World Realm?'

Yozora: 'I can do that'

(Sora and Yozora battle against the Heartless Dragon on top of the Skyscraper)

(A clip shows Kairi in the Final World Realm after mastering the Power of Revival and traveled across Scala Ad Caelum)

Kairi: 'Sora! I found you!' (She finds Sora)

(Then she hugs Sora as they both got reunited)

Master Yen Sid: 'Sora and Kairi, the time has come for you both to begin your Journey to defeat the 5 Keyblade Foretellers'

(Sora, Kairi, Goofy and Donald Duck use the upgraded Gummiship to travel to new Worlds)

Ava: 'The Master of Masters wants to create the 'Heart Keyblade' and take over Kingdom Hearts with the Dandelions Union'

(Maleficent transforms into a dragon at the Keyblade Temple)

Sora: 'We will defeat Luxu...Whatever it takes'

(A clip shows Sora and Kairi helping Aladdin and Casiem collect the Hand of Midas on the Vanishing Isle while battling against Sa'luk)

Riku: 'Whatever it takes'

(A clip shows Sora, Kairi, Goofy, Donald Duck and the Incredibles battling against the Omnidroid V10 in Metroville)

Aqua: 'Whatever it takes'

(A clip shows Kairi and Melody battling against Morgana on the Ice Platiform)

Yozora: 'Whatever it takes'

(A clip shows Yozora pulling out his Keyblade upset after Xigbar/Luxu created the Dark X-Blade)

(Another clip shows Sora and Kairi pairing up with Yozora before battling against Xigbar/Luxu on top of the Kingdom Hearts Palace)

Kairi: 'Whatever it takes'

(A scene shows Sora, Kairi, Riku, Yozora, Aqua, Namine, Xion, Terra, Ventus, Axle/Lea & Roxas in their Keyblade Armor as King Mickey, Ava, Goofy and Donald Duck walked with them as they head to the Ancient Keyblade Temple for the Ultimate Battle against Xigbar/Luxu & the 4 Keyblade Foretellers)

Kingdom Hearts IV

(A short clip shows Namine & Xion testing her Keyblade in front of Sora and Kairi)

Kairi: 'I liked those 2' (Namine smiled)

The Foretellers/Light Seeker Saga begins...

January 2021

Final Trailer

(It starts with a view of the Ancient Keyblade Temple as a portal opens to Kingdom Hearts by Xigbar/Luxu)

Kairi: 'Xigbar is going to control Kingdom Hearts with the Black Box...It's up to me and Sora to stop the enemy from succeeding with the 5 Keyblade Foretellers'

(A scene shows Sora and Kairi reunited at the Final World Realm after Kairi mastered the Power of Revival)

(Disney Logo)

(Square Enix Logo)

(Sora, Kairi, Namine, Xion, Yozora, Goofy & Donald Duck take on 1,000 Heartless in Twilight Town)

(Kairi and the Master of Masters takes on the large Heartless in the Final World Realm)

(Sora, Kairi, Donald Duck & Goofy help Elastigirl, Violet and Dash take on 2 large Heartless Sharks in the water)

(Kairi teams up with Sergeant Calhoun and Fix-it-Felix in 'Sugar Rush')

(Sora and Kairi team up with Aladdin & Casiem as they plan to get the Hand of Midas on the Vanishing Isle while battling against Sa'luk)

(Sora and Yozora battle against the Heartless Dragon on the Skyscraper's Rooftop in 'Verum Rex' World)

(Kairi and Sora are surfing with Lilo, Nani & Stitch)

(Sora & Kairi in their Lion Form battle against Zira & the Outlands Lionesses)

(A scene shows Yozora meeting Sora, Kairi, Aqua, Namine, Xion, Goofy, Donald Duck, King Mickey, Axle/Lea, Terra, Roxas and Ventus at Master Yen Sid's Tower)

Yozora: 'Xigbar is the Reincarnation of Luxu and wants to use the Black Box to control Kingdom Hearts'

(The Master of Masters held a meeting with Xigbar/Luxu and the 5 Keyblade Foretellers at the Ancient Keyblade Temple)

Kairi: ' and I will defeat Xigbar together' (A clip shows Sora & Kairi kiss in the water while swimming)

(Namine uses her Keyblade to defeat some Heartless)

Namine: 'I must help Sora, Kairi & the others'

Xion: 'And we will, no matter what'

(The 13 Keyblade Wielders of Light confront the 4 Keyblade Foretellers)

(Sora, Kairi and Ava team up during the battle against Pete & Maleficent)

(Xigbar/Luxu forms the Dark X-Blade and uses the Black Box to open a Portal to Kingdom Hearts)

(Sora & Kairi battle against Xigbar/Luxu in their new Keyblade Master Armor)

(Then the Main Title appears)

Kingdom Hearts IV

(A scene shows Sora, Kairi and Yozora in their Keyblade Master Armor are about to battle against Xigbar/Luxu on the top of the Palace in Kingdom Hearts)

Xigbar/Luxu: 'Now confront your Destiny'

The Keyblade Foreteller/Light Seeker Saga Begins

January 2021


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