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Frisk (known as the [insent players name] or Player) is an ally and a party member in the Kingdom Hearts game where he was been originally appear in UnderTale, his home world is Mount Ebott.


Frisk falling

Frisk falling off the barrier in UnderTale

Frisk is depicted as a young human child of ambiguous age, gender, and ethnicity, with medium length straight brown hair, short bangs, and a blank expression. They wear a striped light magenta-and-blue shirt, blue pants, and plain brown shoes.

While their sprites always show Frisk with a blank expression, the game often describes them making other expressions. For example, when Frisk cheers Napstablook in their battle, they are described as giving "a patient smile".

It should be noted Frisk is a "silent protagonist", designed so that the player is able to put themself in their shoes. For this reason, their personality is not shown very well in the game by canon alone, and it is up to the player to fill in the blanks. Frisk talks to other characters, but unless the player receives a prompt on what to say, their dialogue is not shown. During battles, the flavor text describes what Frisk says. Outside of battle, when Frisk speaks on their own, often another character's dialogue box will display "..." to show that they are listening to Frisk.

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Jimmy Journal

An young boy where he was accidentally fell to the barrier until he meet Sora and the others where their can help him to find the way to leave the Mountain Ebott, but he never talks which he can nod of response.

He was an great determination in "UnderTale" (2015)

In Battle

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