Kingdom Hearts Re:coded (Loonatic Stories) is a Side Story Game from Kingdom Hearts.


After the World's has been Restored. Something got so Strange in Loonatic's Journal. So their Friends will have to find out about the Journal. And they create a Data-Ace, Data-Duck, Data-Lexi, Data-Tech, Data-Rev and Data-Slam. So they need them to destroy the Bugs inside the Datascape.



  1. Unaccountable Accounts
  2. Our Home
  3. The Door The Place
  4. Restoring Acmetropolis

Traverse Town

  1. An Unfamiliar World
  2. Memories of a Past Adventure
  3. Into The Door

Crash Bandicoot World

  1. Under Animal Arrest
  2. Cortex Ship
  3. Inklings
  4. Memories Regained
  5. Dr Cortex
  6. Beneath the Hood

Dragon Ball World

  1. Scoping Out The Area
  2. I'm no Friend of Heroes
  3. The Definition of a Hero
  4. A Shady Character

Xioalin Chronicles

  1. Ghost Temple
  2. Dojo
  3. Questions and More Questions
  4. Our Last Wish
  5. Black Doom's Designed

Hollow Bastion

  1. Where's Our Power?
  2. The Chase Is On
  3. Rescued!
  4. You Have Us
  5. Our Friends Were Our Power
  6. Why Can't You Hear Me?
  7. What Friends Are For
  8. Deuce's Datascape
  9. The Other Acmetroplis
  10. The Other Traverse Town
  11. The Other Crash Bandicoot World
  12. The Other Xioalin Chronicles World
  13. The Enemy Within
  14. See You on the Other Side
  15. Back to the Real Looney Tunes Castle
  16. To The Rescue
  17. The Light is Inside You
  18. Friends Forever
  19. A Fairy Tale?
  20. Thanks

Castle Oblivion

  1. One Last Mystery
  2. A Strange Place
  3. Hidden Truths
  4. The First Question
  5. Heartache
  6. The Hurt Is The Key
  7. The Hurt And The Darkness
  8. Lost And Confused
  9. An Unexpected Bond
  10. Hidden Memories
  11. Epilogue
  12. Signs of What's Next
  13. The Destiny
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