King Parazit is the main antagonist of the Disney/Pixar film Inside Out 2: King Parazit´s Revenge. He is voiced by Josh Brolin (who portrayed Thanos in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.) He is a powerful alien warlord and the archenemy of Riley´s Emotions.



When Riley Anderson was born, he was implanted as the future king of deceases and parasites. He was always watching from the subconcious the events that occured in Riley´s past life in Minnesota. When he first met Joy, he acted like a jerk at first, but as he planned to implant a decease in her brain for the first time, he has grown out to be the villain he is.

Inside Out (2015)

It is somewhat told that he was responsible for the prevention of Joy and Sadness returning to Headquarters. He was also responsible for Bing Bong being forgotten and vanished, resulting Joy´s broken heart at this tragic moment. But sometime later, he is outraged when Joy and Sadness successfully returned.

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