King Kong is an epic computer-animated monster adventure film produced by Netflix and CGCG Inc. Its an animated remake of the 1933 film of the same title. Set in the 21st century, an ambitious film director who coerces his film crew, a beautiful out of work actress and hired crew to embark an expedition to the mysterious Skull Island, an ancient uncharted landscape to film his latest picture. Upon arrival, Carl's leading lady, Alicia Torres was abducted by the island's natives and offered her up as a sacrifice to their god, a legendary giant gorilla known as Kong. NYC investigator, Jason Brody and the rest of the crew launch a perilous rescue mission across the jungles of the island to save Alicia, along the way they encounter strange creatures and evolved Dinosaurs.


Characters and Cast

Main Characters

  • Alicia Torres (voiced by Laura Vandervoort)
A beautiful struggling stage actress who was desperate for work when she recently loses her job after theatre was closed down. Carl meets her on the streets when she tries steal an orange at a fruit stand and then offers her to his leading lady in his latest film he is directing. Further on the voyage she meets and falls in love with Jason Evans and forms a special bond with Kong. . Alicia is a beautiful and attractive Caucasian woman in her early 30s with a slender voluptuous yet athletic body, fair skin, long mid-back wavy Malibu blonde hair w/h a widows peak, brown eyes, toned broad shoulders, buxom breasts, long legs, and wears pink lipstick. Alicia is based on Ann Darrow.
  • Jason Brody (voiced by Matt Lanter)
A former investigator who falls in love with Alicia. He becomes part of the voyage whe followed Carl Denham on the Venture to get a story on his Denham's film. Jason is based on Jack Driscoll.
  • Carl Denham (voiced by Jack Black)
A film director who possessed a map to find Skull Island and plans to shoot his picture there then show it's existence to the world.
  • Abram Thornburg (voiced by Graham McTavish)
The captain of the merchant ship, the Venture. Abram is an old acquaintance of Carl and often ferried Denham on his globe-trotting moviemaking expeditions. He's a very laidback and seasoned world-weary sea captain.
  • King Kong
An enormous Gorilla known as a Megaprimatus Kong and the ruler of Skull Island. He bares a burly physique with brown, dark brown fur that covers the majority of his body except his face, chest, abs, hands and feet and has olive toned skin. Kong is approximately stands an all four pose is 24 and in a bipedal pose is 30ft tall in height and 20 tons. He either walks on two legs or occasionally knuckle walks.
  • Theo,
A 10 year old Cabin boy of the Venture. Theo was a street urchin that was taken in by Abram 2 years ago when he found him in the cargo haul looking for food. Theo later meets Alicia and befriends her
  • Rayne Caruso (voiced by Michelle Rodriguez)
A female member of the Venture crew. She a though as nails kind of woman who reluctantly befriends Alicia when she came aboard. Velvet is has long black hair tied in a ponytail and olive eyes. She is tough, sassy, cunning, sarcastic, snarky, quick-witted, helpful, resourceful, patient and loyal.
  • Niles Serone (voiced by Steve Valentine)
An experienced and professional big-game hunter in live animal capture from Australia and the hidden main antagonist. He always travels with his team, Rourke, Briggs and Snyder.

???, a larger Vastatosaurus Rex who has a life-long rivalry with Kong. This V-rex is much older and bigger than the rest of it's kind. It's been battling Kong for dominance over the island.

Crew of the Venture

There were over 70 crew members who worked on the Venture.

  • Aleksey Petrovich (voiced by ???), Thornburg's Russian helmsman and first mate.
  • Shepard, lookout
  • McSweeny, the Venture's chef, barber.
  • Samuel Brackett, a medical doctor.
  • Kafi Saluja, an Indian crew member who is also a chef aboard the Venture.
  • Ishiro Shamada (voiced by Paul Nakauchi), A Japanese sailor and skilled swordsman who works as a janitor.
  • Travis Kuttner (voiced by Tyrese Gibson),
  • Virgil "VD" Davis (voiced by Chris Rock), a young technician/electrician.
  • Miguel Rivera,
  • Mateo Rivera, young brother of Miguel
  • Flynt (voiced by Jeff Bennett), lookout
  • Jean-Pierre LaRoche (voiced by Jonathan Roumie)
  • Carmine
  • Michael Rigby (voiced by Keegan-Michael Key)
  • Edward O'Neil (voiced by Gideon Emery)
  • Rourke, a hunter
  • Briggs, a hunter
  • Snyder, a hunter
  • Other unnamed crew members


  • Jasper (voiced by David Cross), Carl's honest assistant who questions Carl's ambitions.
  • Gordon McEwan, Carl's loyal Scottish cameraman.
  • Jared Blake, Carl's sound editor and recordist.
  • Chester Lockwood, Carl's screenwriter.
  • James Ryder (voiced by Seth MacFarlane), an adventure film actor.
  • Reginald Hamilton (voiced by Jonathan Hyde), a world renowned biology professor in zoology and paleontology who was paid by Carl Denham to familiarize the hazardous wildlife when they reach Skull Island.
  • Christopher Caldwell, a college student and assistant to Professor Hamilton
  • Rachel Fisher, a college student of Professor Hamilton
  • Shenice (voiced by Tika Sumpter), an African American castaway who was shipwrecked on Skull island over four ago before the Venture. She was almost chosen to become a sacrifice for Kong before the Skull Islander's shaman chooses Alicia instead.

Skull Islanders

The natives who inhabit Skull Island that live in a village outside the 100ft stone wall and near the coastal beach through the rocky caverns. Every once a month they perform a ritual to choose a victim as a human sacrifice and offer them to their god, Kong.

  • The Chieftain, the leader of the tribe.
  • The Shaman, the tribe's elder and blind priest who chooses promising women for their sacred sacrificial ritual and offer them to Kong.

Skull Island

A long-forgotten uncharted island which is situated somewhere in the middle of the Pacific Ocean and it's blanketed in a thick veil of fog that conceals itself from the outside world and affected with magnetic anomalies that causes radio interference and violent sea storms. The island's coastal shores are covered with jagged rocks and ruins alike and a sandy beach at the shoreline. The first sight of Skull Island was a massive 100 foot stone wall that surrounds the small village on the lower south-east from the vast jungle interior. The wall was built over thousands of years ago and behind is a broken end of a stone bridge and across the chasm is an alter with two wooded columns on the other side. Beyond the wall is in both thick jungles, barren plains, grasslands and mountainous areas. It distinctive a gigantic mountain with skull-shaped rock formation. This version of Skull Island has the elements based off the 2005 and 1933 incarnation.


  • Vastatosaurus Rex, an evolved descendent of Tyrannosaurus rex.
    • Height and Length: 40-50ft long, 21ft at the hip.
  • Brontosaurus
  • Ogreceratops, a large species of ceratopsid dinosaur that is an evolved descendent of the ancient Triceratops.
    • Height and Length: 27-38ft, 15 at the hip.
  • Venatoraptor
  • Venatosaurus impavidus, a sub-species of Venatoraptor that are relatively smaller than normal Venatoraptors and live in valleys
  • Ligocristus
  • Ferrucutus
  • Pugiodorsus
  • Carnophagus, a these large tyrannids are equal parts scavengers and predators much like their island relatives, V-Rex. Their larger size is useful in both driving away other carnivores from a kill and overpowering small-to-mid-sized prey. Males have thick-skinned hides and razor-sharp mane of feathers that affords them protection.
    • Height and Length: 46ft long, 20ft tall at the hip.
  • Spinosuchosaurus, an evolved descendent of the Spinosaurus that is the second largest apex predator on Skull Island next to V-rex in it's own environment.
    • Height and Length: 52ft long, 23 feet tall at the hip
  • Feather Devil
  • Pteravenatus, a large Pteranodontid pterosaur
  • Thunderdome, an evolved descendent of Pachycephalosaurus
  • Echinosaurus,
  • Cerahadrusaur, a hadrosaur
  • Foatodon
  • Stegolith, a 26-37 feet long, 14ft tall species of stegosaurid dinosaur that is an evolved descendent of Stegosaurus. It's
  • Udusaur
  • Piranhadon
  • Hebeosaurus
  • Emperor Cobra, a prehistoric monstrous snake that's up to 45 feet long. These enormous serpents are closely related to the king cobra on mainland Asia, the emperor is significantly longer, more heavier body and can be founded in the island's highland areas and mountainous regions. They primarily live in caves to conceal themselves in the darkness ambush prey. They are black in color, with a hood having a crimson underside w/h yellow/black eye symbol on each side. They have yellowish orange underbellies and red markings running down the back to the tail. They have fiery red eyes w/h black slit pupils and two sharp fangs.
  • Insect pit
    • Weta-rex
    • Hydruscimex
    • Carnictis
    • Arachno-claw
    • Decarnocimex



  • This film will be set in the year 2014.
  • The Venture is a hybrid expedition vessel of a Tramp Steamer and a Merchant ship that is 185ft in length and 36 feet in height. It has six lifeboats, 2 storage holds with cargo hatches, 2 masts w/h crow nests front and behind.
  • Skull Island is not geologically unstable in this film.
  • The character designs are based on Star Wars: The Clone Wars and Overwatch.
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