Kimberly Jordan (aka Kimberly AJ): Since I've been growing up with all the good past days which I liked, I found out that there is more than one type of eggplant and so far, different types are sorted and classified. Even shapes count like some eggplants shape like eggs themselves.

Kamui Gakupo: Did I hear the Great Crossover master say shapes? *approaches* I haven't seen so many shapes of eggplants for years, Kimberly.

Kimberly: Why, Gakupo, I can see you came in your time. Did you know that some eggplants shape like eggs themselves, due to the pictures different people in my real world had taken?

Gakupo: I guess they've grown that way. I'll have to see for myself. Meanwhile, there's one I really want to show you.

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