The Killer whales or Orcas is are antagonist in Your Big Dinosaur episode "Ice Water".


Zedus and Gyaos are talk about a water, that take fishing with a Orcas eating a fish bark. He is about to eat the steak, but he follows it to the river and got lured by Barugon.

Killer whales attack on a Gyaos, a fly chased by two orcas a sounds, to their own male orca eat me Gyaos, said she had Orcas punched by Jiger, on a Guiron and Gyaos hitting three orcas, for a Orca away.

The Orcas mawshots and chasing a Barugon and Guiron is get angry, is the only Two orcas punched by Barugon and Guiron, the only way Male orca killed by Guiron was a orca swim away.


  • Orca sound from The Pebble and the Penguin.
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