Keyblade Vocaloid Princess is a video game crossover to be made by Crypton Future Media, SEGA, Square-Enix and other 3rd right companies.


Electric Angel - opening song 1

Drop Pop Candy - opening song 2

Candy Candy - opening song 3

Yellow - end credits song 1

Happy Synthesizer - end credits song 2

Honey - end credits song 3/Final song


Hatsune Miku is given her own keyblade and is asked to help a few other keyblade weilders to defeat a group of evil music makers who want to steal the creativity and inspiration from other musicians.


  • Tutorial
  • Miku's House
  • The School
  • Cat Town
  • The Synthesizer Studio 
  • The Music Stoppers' Hideout (Final boss level)
  • Main Stage 


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