Track listing

  1. "I'm Alright" (Lead vocal: Kenny Loggins)
  2. "Only the Lonely" (Lead vocal: Roy Orbison)
  3. "Your Mama Don't Dance" (Lead vocals: Kenny Loggins with Roy Orbison)
  4. "Blue Angel" (Lead vocal: Roy Orbison)
  5. "This is It" (Lead vocal: Kenny Loggins)
  6. "Running Scared" (Lead vocal: Roy Orbison)
  7. "I'm Free (Heaven Helps the Man)" (Lead vocal: Kenny Loggins)
  8. "Oh, Pretty Woman" (Lead vocal: Roy Orbison)
  9. "Whenever I Call You "Friend"" (Lead vocals: Kenny Loggins and Roy Orbison)
  10. "Love Hurts" (Lead vocal: Roy Orbison)
  11. "You Are So Beautiful" (Lead vocal: Kenny Loggins)
  12. "Dream Baby" (Lead vocals: Roy Orbison with Kenny Loggins)
  13. "Heartlight" (Lead vocal: Kenny Loggins)
  14. "The Crowd" (Lead vocal: Roy Orbison)
  15. "Vox Humana" (Lead vocal: Kenny Loggins)
  16. "Leah" (Lead vocal: Roy Orbison)
  17. "Danger Zone" (Lead vocal: Kenny Loggins)
  18. "In Dreams" (Lead vocal: Roy Orbison)
  19. "Almost Over You" (Lead vocal: Kenny Loggins)
  20. "Crying" (Lead vocal: Roy Orbison)
  21. "Forever" (Lead vocal: Kenny Loggins)
  22. "Unchained Melody" (Lead vocal: Roy Orbison)
  23. "A Long and Lasting Love" (Lead vocals: Kenny Loggins and Roy Orbison)
  24. "After All" (Lead vocals: Roy Orbison and Kenny Loggins)
  25. "Mean Woman Blues" (Lead vocal: Roy Orbison)
  26. "Nobody's Fool" (Lead vocal: Kenny Loggins)
  27. "Working for the Man" (Lead vocal: Roy Orbison)
  28. "We've Got Tonight" (Lead vocal: Kenny Loggins)
  29. "What About Me?" (Lead vocals: Kenny Loggins and Roy Orbison)
  30. "Playing with the Boys" (Lead vocal: Kenny Loggins)
  31. "Ooby Dooby" (Lead vocal: Roy Orbison)
  32. "Keep the Fire" (Lead vocal: Kenny Loggins)
  33. "Blue Bayou" (Lead vocal: Roy Orbison)
  34. "A New Way to Say I Love You" (Lead vocals: Kenny Loggins and Roy Orbison)
  35. "Wanna Give My Love" (Lead vocals: Kenny Loggins and Roy Orbison)
  36. "Falling" (Lead vocal: Roy Orbison)
  37. "Still Willing to Try" (Lead vocal: Kenny Loggins)
  38. "I Drove All Night" (Lead vocal: Roy Orbison)
  39. "Don't Fight It" (Lead vocals: Kenny Loggins and Joseph Williams)
  40. "Lana" (Lead vocal: Roy Orbison)
  41. "Heart to Heart" (Lead vocal: Kenny Loggins)
  42. "Go Go Go (Down the Line)" (Lead vocal: Roy Orbison)
  43. "Meet Me Half Way" (Lead vocal: Kenny Loggins)
  44. "A Love So Beautiful" (Lead vocal: Roy Orbison)
  45. "I Know Her So Well" (Lead vocals: Kenny Loggins and Roy Orbison)
  46. "It's Over" (Lead vocal: Roy Orbison)
  47. "Footloose" (Lead vocal: Kenny Loggins)


  • Kenny Loggins – lead and backing vocals, electric guitar, acoustic guitar
  • Roy Orbison – lead and backing vocals, acoustic guitar, electric guitar


  • Joseph Williams – backing vocals, lead vocals on "Don't Fight It"
  • Steve Lukather – electric guitar
  • David Paich – keyboards, synthesizer
  • Steve Porcaro – synthesizer
  • Mike Porcaro – bass guitar
  • Jeff Porcaro – drums, percussion

Additional musicians

  • Tom Kelly – backing vocals
  • Joe Porcaro – percussion
  • Lenny Castro – percussion
  • Jerry Hey – horn arrangements
  • Tom Scott – horn arrangements
  • Marty Paich – orchestral arrangements
  • James Newton Howard – orchestral arrangements
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