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Feature films
Television programs Duo-Franchise
Video games
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Portrayed by
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Performance model
Honors and awards
Character information
Full name
Other names
Personality Temperamental, unhinged, power-mad, deluded
Appearance Same as Loud House Coach
Occupation Right-Hand (formerly)
Alignment Bad/Neutral
Goal To have the Myles Bots dead and select an elite army of villains to overthrow Duo-Franchise Perry and eventually take over the world using the power Mizar obtained in death (all failed)
Home Linden City
Minions Angry Tourists
Enemies Zachary Delightful, Ono, Lloyd Garmadon, Spider-Man Noir
Likes Agnes, killing for pleasure
Dislikes Ono, death
Powers and abilities
Weapons Knife
Fate Killed by a snake controlled by the T.T.G. Farmer therefore showing how more dangerous others are compared to him
Quote "Hope you birds like push-ups!!"

Kenny is a minor villain of the Sing It Live arc who was one of the final victims of the Witchpire before her death.


His role is simply known as cannon fodder; his one and only major role is purely writed for how dangerous the Witchpire and other villains are. When he is tricked by Ono into pranking his friend Agnes and called out, he simply goes the easy way round and decides to murder him in cold blood. After a lengthy chase and hiring a mob in the process, he and the gang retreat from the scene thanks to the arrival of Aquamarine and Topaz on the planet Earth and reveals his plot afterwards. He was immediately shot with a Boglodite dary though wasn't killed. He then loses all restraint and completely tries his best to kill everyone that stands in his way using a mech but thankfully he was electrocuted and has his mech short-circuited causing it to blow up in his face by shutting down and shocking his spinal system much to his dismay and shock. Kenny was knocked unconscious by the blast, and he and his suit tumbled into the generator, which caused an explosion that nearly weakened him and destroyed the mech. Kenny suddenly wakes up from his fall, shouts after his henchmen that he doesn't need them anymore and starts gathering the treasure himself, only to notice the bystanders are silent. The farmer from the T.T.G. Skit suddenly appears and uses a brainwashed serpent to scare Kenny into falling into the water below them. While Kenny is dragged underwater by the weight of the treasure in his backpack, he notices a few skeletons of people whom the Witchpire had killed in the past. Kenny joins them while screaming in terror when the snake unexpectedly appears and strikes the evil man, killing him and giving him comeuppance for committing animal cruelty and planning his own elite corporation to take over the world. Kenny's death was later covered up when the Myles Bots released a story that he had disappeared while on vacation, and was aboard a cruise ship of questionable engineering.

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